143 Kids Yoga Instructor jobs

143 Kids Yoga Instructor jobs

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What can I do to prevent this in the future? If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. Check out the browser extension in the Firefox Add-ons Store. Liegi Bastogne Liegi 2018 Liegi Bastogne Liegi 2018, Jungels sorprende tutti.

Matrimonio con Tomaso Trussardi in crisi? Allegri Allegri dopo Juve-Napoli: “Inter-Juve sarà decisiva”. Poi si sfoga in Juventus, Allegri: “Partita bruttissima. Vacation time: Unlimited vacation days after one year. Perks: Forum Phridays team-building events: Take a Friday off to hit the slopes, go biking, or do a hut-to-hut trip.

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500 bonus after that new hire’s 90-day review. We have a Forum Phitness Club where staff get together and workout during lunch. It can take many forms—hiking, biking, climbing, gym, skiing. Our facilities are all around us in Aspen.

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All salaries listed are averages for exempt employees. Vacation time: Unlimited PTO after one year. Perks: Annual Outward Bound and other offsite team-building events. Perks: Annual paid month-long sabbatical to travel, in addition to an annual all-expense-paid trip to Moab to hike, bike, and climb in the desert. We actively build partnerships with and recruit through numerous organizations that are resources to help us grow a diverse staff population, including: Summer Search, Latino Outdoors, Be Visible, Outdoor Afro, and SW Conservation Corps.

Vacation time: 16 days of PTO available after one year. 110 rewarded to someone on staff who is deemed to have given 110 percent. This year we closed the office to race go-karts during tax season. Peak Design has set its sights on a workplace utopia. Vacation time: 10 vacation days after one year.

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Whether at lunch, afternoon, or early evening, playing a game in the common area is a great way to de-stress and spend some quality time with your coworkers. Three-tap kegerator with bi-weekly voting on what new local brews we should stock it with. No matter how high up the chain you are, if you’re no fun to work with, you don’t last long. How I Work The Salmon Sisters These two fisherwomen are ocean advocates and clothing designers during the off-season.

Perks: In-office culture of giving back to the community, including pro-bono work, volunteer events, and fundraising for nonprofits. Fun events, including Movie Wednesdays in a conference room, or an afternoon running club, or Barre-and-brew nights. Perks: Yoga offered twice a week for stress relief and refocusing. Company social hours are planned monthly and sometimes happen naturally. We gather away from our desks, enjoy a cold beer, glass of wine, or turn on the margarita mixer and enjoy some not-necessarily-work-related conversation. There is not a day at Power Digital where there are not at least two to three dogs running around. Vacation time: 15 vacation days after one year.

Perks: Annual week off between Christmas and New Year’s. Perks: On Friday mornings, CCA provides a healthy breakfast by Whole Foods so that folks can eat and enjoy the TECH talk before going into their workday. People are encouraged to take any trip or adventure they can dream up, regardless of time of year or length of trip. We want our employees to pursue experiences that will make them happy and help them lead exciting and fulfilling lives. Vacation time: 18 PTO after one year. Perks: Company ski house in Summit County, Colorado, for employees and their families and friends to use throughout the ski season. Site inspection does not count towards PTO and each employee is given a handsome annual travel budget that covers most expenses.

Breaking down where the best companies are located, whether or not you can bring dogs with you, and how many of them have kegerators. Perks: Periodic company outings and teams—bubble soccer, bowling, go-karting, indoor soccer team, tennis team, gym group. What they say: Carbs be damned! We have a life coach for goals.

Perks: They regularly send employees on trips to such destinations as Rio, Park City, Mammoth, Mt. Hood, Daytona, and Big Bear to test products. We have massive Nerf gun fights. It gets everyone up and moving, which promotes creativity and bonding. Perks: Subsidized employee wellness, including healthy snacks, yoga classes, outdoor fitness classes, and meditation-based stress reduction classes.

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We have a Cocktail Cart that makes the rounds in the office from time to time, plus an employee curated kegerator. Vacation time: 12 vacation days after one year. Perks: Bluetent sponsors a weekly HIIT class led by a private instructor and tailored to individual skill levels, as well as a Friday morning yoga class. Flexible time is encouraged to use as needed, such as to walk the dogs, pick up children, take a hike, go for a run, mountain or road bike, fly fish, ski, or snowboard. These are the resources you need.

What they say: Annual Halloween costume contest and lunch. Halloween is a big deal here. Vacation time: 15 days of PTO after one year. Perks: Professional certifications are fully funded, including books, certification fee, prep classes, and paid time off to study. 40 days of kindness’ leading up to Easter. Each of us drew the name of a team member and secretly did four nice things for them over 40 days.

At the end, we celebrated with a team lunch and guessed who our secret person was. Perks: Makers and builders are allowed to use 10 percent of their time to work on projects that excite and challenge them. Some even end up on our product roadmap. The Pacific Northwest is beautiful and we want to encourage our people to get out and enjoy it! What they say: Cook-offs are big.

We have had contests for salsa, guacamole, and other office-wide events built around food and drink. Perks: Free ski pass to Crested Butte Mountain Resort. We’re allowed to come into work late on powder days. Vacation time: 20 days of PTO after one year. Perks: Annual TTD Palooza: the entire company is flown in to Ventura, California, for a week-long retreat—think company-mandated fun built around battle-of-the-bands, karaoke, field trips, and workshops. Ventura office and have regular surf outings.

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Everyone is trusted to do their jobs however they feel most capable. One-minute workouts are a regular thing, where people in HQ take a break to do an exercise. Perks: Weekly Share the Love meetings to update staff and get feedback, a monthly chat with the CEO, and an annual offsite one-day planning session. Our office is located on downtown Boise’s primary bike path.

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We have office bikes and a silver medal from the League of American Bicyclists for our promotion of biking. We randomly provide the team with fun treats like frozen fruit bars, cocktails, or pizza. Perks: Company sponsored hike and ski days, catered lunches three days a week, and a training, education, and conference budget for employees to expand their learning. Our awesome team is rapidly building connections to the most popular cloud applications that your customers are using. We were named APEX Technology Startup of 2013! How I Work Adventure Filmmaker Aidan Hailey The Boulderite went from knocking on doors in Paris to editing a feature film.

143 Kids Yoga Instructor jobs

Perks: Twelve weeks of 100 percent paid parental leave for primary care givers, three weeks 100 percent paid for secondary. 7,500 to go off of the grid and go on vacation! Every employee has the opportunity to take every other Friday off provided they work 80 hours in the 14 days leading up to it. Vacation time: 17 vacation days after one year. Perks: Company-sponsored athletic and charity events, such as Bolder Boulder, the Ragnar Relay Race, and the B Strong Ride. Our wellness program, SRGThrive, looks at health through a holistic lens that encompasses the physical, financial, mental, and community aspects of health by providing resources in the workplace, such as yoga, massages, and stress-reduction sessions. If the meetings don’t require the use of technology, we take them outside and straight down to the beach that’s just a few blocks away.

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We cater in healthy lunches and one person shares with the team what their day-to-day looks like and how their work adds value to the company’s mission. Perks: Free fitness classes on-site, free nutrition counseling, and a Care Team for emotional support. Each holiday season our company shuts down for two weeks so our team can spend uninterrupted time with loved ones. The weeks leading up to this end-of-year closing can be very busy, though, so we provide free massages to everyone during this time.

It’s not uncommon to find a pug or English bulldog roaming around the office. Old Fashioned Friday’ where we end work early and the entire company participates in a cocktail party. Vacation time: 21 vacation days after one year. Perks: Families are welcome at the office and basecamps, fostering a deep sense of community across generations.

Course send-offs: When a course leaves base, all staff participate in a creative send-off with a quick costume change, reading, water balloons, noisemakers, or something else funky to send the crew on their way with a smile. Perks: Daily organized stretching in headquarters and flex hours to allow exercise during work hours. Our mission statement is to provide our employees with unique jobs, impressing customers in cool places. Our primary work has been as a subcontractor to CH2M Polar Services which serves the U. National Science Foundation’s Arctic Research Program. Fitbits, and subsidized vacations at top resorts around the world.

143 Kids Yoga Instructor jobs

We encourage people to exercise during work hours. We have ski days, raft days, and golf trips. On powder days, work is optional. We have a snack wall employees are encouraged to use. In the same room there is a big screen TV equipped with video games. Vacation time: 16 days of PTO after one year.

Perks: Company pays for advanced training, such as Wilderness First Responder, Wilderness Symposium, Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician, etc. In the field, staff and clients participate daily in Mandatory Fun Time—games and activities that highlight different therapeutic aspects that could not otherwise be seen. We have a full-time, professional culinary team that prepares world-class meals for the company throughout the week. Cooked on a Traeger, of course. On site masseuses offer free 10-minute massages, periodically. How I Work National Park Ranger Perri Spreiser Elk sightings and waterfall hikes are all part of a day’s work.

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Vacation time: 14 days of PTO after one year. Every year we trek up to Eldora ski resort for a ski day. Team members choose to ski, snowshoe, or clink drinks and eat lunch after playing with snow. Vacation time: 18 days of PTO after one year.

Perks: Allagash allows a four-day work week for many departments. Employees can submit recipes and brew them for our Pilot Beer Program. Many of these go on to a larger brew production. Who doesn’t want to hold a baby? From organized rock climbing classes to ice fishing derbies, we share our love of the outdoors with one another.

We like to recognize and celebrate our team, whether it is their birthday or recognition from a client. Our team brainstorms a custom, creative gift or gathering for each person. Bi-annual meetings with river rafting, skiing, and other outdoor activities! Life Balance is a core value. Vacation time: 5 days of PTO after one year. We closed the office at noon and rented out a movie theater for the rest of the day! We can’t think of a better way to start or end the day than in the water.