20 Tricky Riddles That Will Exercise Your Brain

20 Tricky Riddles That Will Exercise Your Brain

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I have 20 Tricky Riddles That Will Exercise Your Brain been great at solving riddles. When faced with a question or problem, I tend to use a logical and methodological approach, and, while this works well for many circumstances, it does little to help solve a riddle.

Some people, with a different personality and way of thinking than my own, can solve riddles in a snap. Puzzles like these are fun, and always a big hit here at Wimp, but experts say that doing these kinds of activities are much more than just a form of entertainment. Thinking outside the box, whether it be in math or language, exercises your brain, keeping it young and nimble. So, grab your thinking cap, and be sure not to peek at the answers until you’ve given your brain a great workout!

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Don’t forget to SHARE these riddles with your friends and family! Click the LIKE button below to get updates on top trending Wimp. To give your brain the daily mental exercise that it needs, here are 10 tricky riddles for you to try out. They come in various degrees of difficulty, but they’ll have your brain cells flexing and strutting about in no time at all. Once you have tried them out, send them to your friends to see how they fare.

Can You Solve These 9 Challenging Riddles? TEST: Do You Know These Famous Works of Art? Challenge: Can You Solve These 10 Tricky Riddles? If you love yourself a riddle, you’re in for a treat as we have 8 challenging riddles right here for you. See how you fair in these 5 popular logic riddles – they start out easy, but be prepared, the last one is pretty tough.

4. When Mathematicians Speak, What Do Poets and Musicians Hear? [2017]

If you love riddles, here are 10 tricky ones that will give you the challenge that you’re craving. Due to both political correctness and modern technology, certain pastimes from days gone by wouldn’t be acceptable in today’s world. These 12 fun riddles will show just how sharp your mind is. Is Your Mind as Sharp as a Knife?

These addictive brain teasers will really get the cogs in your head turning! Watch yet another astounding André Rieu performance! The 17 parents in the following pictures should be awarded the best parent award, if only for the way they deal with their silly kids! May You Be Blessed with a Day of Joy and Happiness! Wishing You a Day Full of Smiles and Bright Cheer! May Your Morning Be a Blissful One!

20 Tricky Riddles That Will Exercise Your Brain

Every Day Holds the Possibility of a Miracle! TRIVIA: Are You a World War Two History Buff? World War Two was probably the most epoch changing war in human history. So, how well do you know the events that changed our history forever? QUIZ: What Do Other People Think of You?

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We all have a mental image of ourselves in our heads, but how close is this self-perception to the way people actually perceive us? QUIZ: How Well Do You Remember the Lingo of the 1950s? This quiz will test your knowledge of the slang and common phrases of the 1950s. We challenge you to give it a shot! Take Our Test: What’s the Source of Your Emotions? Emotions are a big part of our psychological make up.

20 Tricky Riddles That Will Exercise Your Brain

How do your emotions affect you personally? All will be revealed in this smart personality test. Take Our Test: Can Your Memory Overcome Your Funny Bone? You’ve never tested your memory like this before. Watch these 4 comedy videos and test whether your memory can overcome your funny bone!

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TEST: Do You Speak Modern or an Older Form of English? Quiz: How Good is Your General Knowledge? The following questions come from all different areas of life. So test yourself, and see how good your general knowledge is!

Take Our Quiz: Is it All Ancient History to You? How much do you know about the ancient people who came before us? This Microscope Quiz Will Test Your Powers of Observation! Take a close look at each of these microscopic pictures, and see if you can work out exactly what they show!

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QUIZ: Can You Guess What These Fancy English Words Mean? It’s time to find out just how fancy your range of vocabulary really is! Anyone Who Loves Earth Should Be Able to Ace This Quiz! This trivia quiz will test your knowledge of some of the most marvelous and unusual facts about our spectacular planet. Take Our Test: Do You Understand Technology?

Computers are everywhere these days, but how much about them do you really know? Put your technological prowess to the test with this computer basics quiz! Quiz: Your Cleaning Habits Reveal a Lot About You! The way you clean can say so much about you. Will you take our quiz and find out for yourself?

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By using symbolism we can find out a whole lot about our hidden subconscious. Take this test to learn more about yourself. QUIZ: Where Should You Retire, Based on Your Personality? This quiz will help you work out exactly which stunning country could be the perfect place for you to retire to. What Path Does Your Life Take? There are so many paths in life. Take Our Test: Are You Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter?

20 Tricky Riddles That Will Exercise Your Brain

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Everyone has their opinion about which season is the best, but do you actually know which season you are most like? Let’s see if we can tell you! Discover Yourself: What Kind of Dog Would You Be? Dog breeds exhibit wildly different characteristics, rather like us people. So, if you were reborn as a dog, which breed would you be? In the world of today, anyone who is unable to make use of a computer or the Internet is at a severe disadvantage.

Discover how proficient you are here. QUIZ: How Well Do You Know These Famous Quotations? Here are 15 of the most important quotations in literary history. Do you know how they go? Let’s put your learning to the test!

QUIZ: If You Were a Teacher, What Kind Would You Be? This test will assess your personality from a number of different angles, and will let you know exactly how you’d end up acting in a classroom. What Movie Should You Watch This Halloween? This personality quiz will help you choose the perfect movie for you to watch this Halloween, based entirely on your own deepest fears and darkest instincts.

Take Our Test: What Time Period Should You Be From? Everyone dreams about time-travel, but it’s hard to know which era we would best belong in. This personality quiz will decide just where it is you ought to be. QUIZ: Could You Still Pass a Driving Test Today? Do you think you’ve still got what it takes to pass a US driving test if you were to go through another one today? Although we are complicated people with many complex traits, we each have something that motivates our relationships.

How well do you remember the events of the past? Give this quiz a shot and find out for yourself! PERSONALITY QUIZ: How Old Do You Behave? Yes, you might well think you are pretty old by now, but the question is – do you act your age? Take our quiz and find out how old you behave! PERSONALITY TEST: Is This Who You Really Are? This test has been painstakingly designed to teach you the truth about yourself.

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Answer as quickly as you can. Trivia Quiz: How Much Do You Know About the Vikings? Test your knowledge of all things related to the Vikings with this fun and family-friendly trivia quiz. This quiz will test your knowledge of some of the weirdest words that you’ll ever come across. Give it a try, and see how many you can get right! TEST: Can We Predict Your Age from Your Color Perception?

Did you know that your age can be told from how your identify and distinguish between various colors? Let’s see if we can guess your age. Think you’ve got what it takes to go head-to-head with some challenging brainteasers? If so, put on your thinking cap and give this quiz a shot. Trivia: Can You Identify These Famous Historical Photos? These photos have shaken the world during the 20th century – can you identify them? Test Yourself: What Musical Instrument Are You?

Musical instruments have their own personality, just like us. Take Our Quiz: How Good Are You at History? Can you defeat our history quiz? Take This Quiz to Find Out!

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Answer these questions to discover whether we can manipulate your way of thinking. Challenge: Connect the Writers to Their Most Famous Work! Challenge: Can you match these authors to their most famous books? Can You Beat Our Geography Quiz? In order to pass this test you need to be a real man or woman of the world.

QUIZ: Can You Name These Iconic Men From the 1960s? This quiz will test your knowledge of the many male icons of the 1960s Give it a try here. VISUAL MEMORY TEST: Can You Name All These Objects? There’s nothing better for your memory that some fun exercise.

Boost your powers of recall by taking this simple object naming test. Can You Pass This Memory Test? Take this test to find out. Did you know that there are different types of memory? Take our test to see what kind of memory your brain makes use of!

TRIVIA: Can You Identify These Classic Movie Scenes? In this fun quiz, you’ll be asked to watch a clip from a movie and then choose the correct classic film it’s from! TEST: Can You Identify These Scrambled Faces? It takes a special kind of genius to work out whom these faces belong to.