31 Playful Things to Do with Your One-Year-Old

31 Playful Things to Do with Your One-Year-Old

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High school is the place where the dreams of childhood become shaped and focused into something more tangible by inspiring teachers and hours of practice. Good luck buying a home in California! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. How do you decide the best things to do on a little island so vast as Tasmania? Well, you go out there and explore it of course! For years I have been re-visiting and re-exploring Tasmania, now having finally compiled a list of the absolute best things to do in Tasmania.

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Wineglass Bay, Freycinet National Park Surely nothing beats this view. This is a private rental right on the coast of Tasmania, offering complete seclusion and of course that bath tub. Run Through the Lavender Fields at Bridestowe Estate If you’re visiting Tassie at the beginning of the year, be sure not to miss these impressive lavender fields in the North of Tasmania at Bridestowe Estate. Bay of Fires What better name for a bay that truly looks as if it is alive with fire, ideally set beside the ocean on Tasmania’s East Coast! Bay of Fires is a short drive from the township of St Helens, on the East Coast of Tasmania. A great itinerary is to drive from Hobart through the East Coast and onwards to Launceston to end your trip. Read more: A quick guide to Tasmania’s East Coast.

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Northwest Coast of Tasmania comes to life in full bloom. Cradle Mountain National Park As one of Tasmania’s most visited and most renowned attractions, a visit to the main midlands National Park, Cradle Mountain National Park, is an absolute must. The Overland Track Seeing Cradle Mountain is one thing, but to traverse that vast landscaped of the Tasmanian wilderness over the course of a 6-day trek is quite another. Tessellated Pavement There are a few hidden gems located on the rugged coast line of Tasmania, one of these being the tessellated pavement located in the Eagle Hawk Neck region.

Recently this uber-luxe resort, Saffire Freycinet, was dubbed the world’s best boutique hotel. If you’ve been lucky enough to stay there, you’ll understand exactly why! This artsy building is even more impressive on the inside when you view the controversial, quirky and sometimes just downright crazy exhibitions on offer. Plus if you’re a Tasmanian, you enter for free! Visit the exclusive Satellite Island This small private island is home to one of Tasmania’s most exclusive accommodations on offer and is one of the most remote locations on earth to find yourself. Its such a secret that most locals don’t even know it exists!

31 Playful Things to Do with Your One-Year-Old

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Because who wouldn’t want to stand here! Bruny Island is a short ferry ride from the mainland, with the departure point at Kettering just an hours drive from Hobart, Tasmania’s capital. Is this even real life now? Totem Pole Hiding away in the distance is Tasmania’s Totem Pole, inside the Tasman National Park.

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Traverse the Tamar Valley Wine Region What could be better than sipping a glass of Sauvignon Blanc amidst the rolling hills of the Tamar Valley? Here you will be spoiled with an array of award winning wineries with inviting cellar doors. Become a Giant For a Day If there’s one thing we could all call the Tasmanians at this point, its creative. A visit to the Tazmazia Village will have you feeling larger than life in no time! I’m talking raspberry Eggs Benedict, raspberry scones, raspberry meringues, and much more. The Raspberry farm is a great pit stop between Launceston and Devonport for the roadtrippers out there!

Where yes, there is a town mascot. Admire Nature at the Tasman Arch Tassie is a true testament to the wild and whacky wonderfulness of nature. A road trip is without a doubt the best way to get around, as you’ll find many worthy stops along the way. The Tasman Arch is located on Tasmania’s Southern Peninsula, around the Eaglehawk Neck region. Signs will point the way to this and a number of other attractions in the immediate area. Enter the Wilderness via Railway The West Coast Wilderness Railway is perhaps as close as one will get to a trip on the Hogwarts Express without actually travelling to Scotland to hop on board the real deal.

31 Playful Things to Do with Your One-Year-Old

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Check yourself into the Pumphouse Point Hotel This hotel has quickly become one of the world’s most instagrammable hotels. I mean, who couldn’t see themselves here! Visit Switzerland in a Day Yep, you heard it here first. But you needn’t have a jet to play here! This course is in fact a public course and anyone can play here, although you might want to brush up at the driving range before tackling it in public! 2015 and has been a real hit the Aussies visiting from overstate and is slowly drawing an international crowd. Believe me when I say it is worth every step for those coastal views!

See the Southern Aurora Australis Forget travelling thousands of miles in search of the Northern Lights when you have the Southern Aurora Australis right here! Hunt for Ghosts on a Spoooooky Port Arthur Night Tour If you dare, Port Arthur is rumoured to have one of the spookiest night ghost tours on offer inside the remains of what was once a convict prison. See a Tassie Devil up Close! See them at one of the many wildlife parks around the island: in the North and in the South. The market offers some fantastic local produce, handicrafts, and local talented artists. Tahune Forest airwalk to really get a grip on Tassie’s wildlife and wilderness.

There are over 100km of mountain bike trails in the network and you can even stay inside a pod for a 3-day ultimate tour if you’re really keen to hit the trails hard! Someone was feeling equally playful and inventive the day they said they were going to build a huge slide through the forest. Check it out at dismal swamp on the North West Coast. Marvel at Russel Falls This picture says it all. Russel Falls aren’t one of the most known waterfalls to visit in the state, but this picture certainly suggests otherwise!

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Strathgordon Dam Care for a quick abseil down! The dam is a two hour drive from Hobart if you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary. You can reach the Hollybank treetops adventures from Launceston by car, in about 20 minutes. Montezuma Falls Make your way into the wilderness, traverse a rickety swinging bridge, and find yourself at the glorious Montezuma Falls. They’re located in the West of the island, so be sure to pair with a visit to Strahan and Queenstown. Kayak Bathurst Harbour What better way to experience untouched beauty than to glide along with it!

Visit Roaring 40s Kayaking to learn about more of their one-day and multi-day kayaking adventures! Visit the Tasman Peninsula Many of the locations named are in and around the Tasman peninsula, but have you considered just how equally beauty the area is in itself! Because where else in the world could you feel so completely off the grid than the rugged West Coast! As if you needed any more convincing to get yourself down to Tassie! What are your favourite places in Tasmania? Brooke Saward Brooke founded World of Wanderlust as a place to share inspiration from her travels and to inspire others to see our world.

She now divides her time between adventures abroad and adventures in the kitchen! Just a footnote about the Bloomin’ Tulips festival on the north west coast. It is held in Wynyard, a town with a population of around 5,000 people. The attendance at the 2015 one-day festival totalled over 18,000 people- quite an achievement! Where is the one with the bathtub taken ?

Tasmania hiking in July is a bit extreme in the mountain areas, you can get snowed in, but in saying that, it can happen in summer as well. We probably will be there in the beginning of July. I live in Tasmania and love it! To Darcy, there is poverty everywhere in the world, but I have seen far worse places than Tassie, look at the poverty in India and Africa. At least poor people here get welfare and free health care.

You don’t have to be a rich tourist to see the delights of the Island, there is beauty eveywhere and most of it is free. The cataract gorge is on Launceston’s doorstep and and you are free to go and swim in the pool or gorge at no cost, up the river from here is the old duck reach power station and there is a walking track to get to it. Tasmania has some of the best and cleanest beaches in Australia and maybe even the world. The samon fishing you can do down the east coast off St Helens beach is great or for deep see fishing you can charter a boat. Walking through the central highlands, Cradel Mountain, Walls of Jeruselam national parks are an experience not to be missed. I have seen a lot of Tasmania, but I have plenty more to see.

WE are planning our trip to Tasmania now but haven’t decided to go in July or Xmas. We are a family of 4 with 2 boys, 8 and 10. We love outdoor, and love hiking. We want to avoid the peak crowded in Xmas, but not sure if the hiking road will be OK for the boys.

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Any suggestions from you will be appreciate. These place are just absolutely amazing. Now, Tasmania has moved up to the top of my bucketlist. I can’t wait to go there and visit these wonderful places. Tasmania is good of you’re a rich tourist but if you live here it is the worst possible place to be becuse you are trapped in an endless cycle of poverty.

31 Playful Things to Do with Your One-Year-Old

I’m going in May this year! Sadly, we’re only in Hobart for 3 days. Thanks Brooke for the mention, so many awesome ideas on this list! There is nothing like the sunsets.

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The murals in Sheffield, Hastings caves, South Cape Bay, Agfest, Tasmanian arts and craft fair. Have been to Tasmania 5 times and still haven’t seen all of this Beautiful Place. A Par Avion flight to Port Davey is absolutely amazing. The scenery is stunning and the the crisp clean air is unbeatable. The walk to Snug Falls is beautiful as well. A must see is the historic mining town of Queenstown. Not only does the Abt railway have its home there it is worthy of a day or two to wander, photograph and explore.

Have a fabulous time and help boost the local economy. Yes Tasmania is that impressive and we haven’t even started telling you all our secrets. Here you catch the biggest flathead, ride, run or walk around the spectaular walking tracks, swim in pristine waters and we even have a secret Tassie Tiger! Hope you all enjoy your visit. Which photo are you refering to? All of it looks and sounds so amazing!