A Beka Reviews

A Beka Reviews

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I switched from MFW to A Beka in the middle of my son’s K school year and am much happier. I just didn’A Beka Reviews feel MFW was challenging enough and A Beka covers much more than MFW.

I will say there are a lot of “drill and kill” type worksheets but that’s exactly what my son needs to learn so it works fine for us. I have used the full A Beka curriculum with my three children and I think it is excellent. My oldest just completed the video accredited program, tested ACT composite of 30, and was accepted to Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo for pre-vet. This program delivered these excellent results one step at a time, each lesson building on the previous lesson. This year, we pulled dd out of public school because of the negative peer influences and enrolled her in a Christian program that provides two days of classroom work and three days of homeschooling.

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We initially chose the program because it employed the A. However, they switched to A Beka this school year. In public school, dd was a straight-A student and tested above grade level in all subjects except reading, where she was exactly at grade level. She is struggling tremendously with A Beka, however.

Most days she’s in tears, particularly over math, which was formerly one of her best subjects. She’s lost all of her enthusiasm for learning under this curriculum. The amount of “desk work” every day is just too much. For a hands-on learner who appreciates creativity, this curriculum is both boring and exhausting.

The assignments miss the mark on critical thinking, as well, in my opinion. The general quality of the materials is good, however. The Biblical messages are well integrated and the difficulty of the work is appropriate–neither too simple nor too challenging, at least in terms of core facts. My daughter attended public school for Kinder and 1st grade. She was an advanced reader and excelled in all subjects as well as conduct wise. We purchased the complete set of A Beka for 2nd grade on DVD for our first year of homeschool. She enjoyed the new journey until about 3-4 weeks in.

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She quickly be came bored of the screen and frustrated at the work. I stepped in and began to teach traditionally at this point. I quickly began to find what I consider to be problems with this entire curriculum. It butchers and chops and dissects words to a point of annoyance. Maybe for a reader who really struggles, this is necessary?

Phonics exposure IMO is much better mixed into actual reading, spelling lists and even actual English. The English has no real rhyme or reason for the order the material is presented IMO. It teaches suffixes in one lesson, and about 5-8 lessons later it presented prefixes. Something to that affect, I maybe a little off, but I recall creating our own overview of each subject to make a binder and realizing that the order made no sense! Like the objectives were put into a hat and then ordered based on random draw. Dramatic but really, I was astounded!

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It provides nothing more then a page of work for each week’s words. Just read a chapter and have about 5 questions. No worksheets or anything to help reinforce the learning or test or quiz or review. Science is the same story as history. WEAK- read a chapter and answer about 5 questions. The math was another one I had issue with.

I believe the methodology used for it is the “spiral” method. I think this is definitely up to each individual kid- but I will say, unless your child just really enjoys the subject- its not a pleasant curriculum to teach with. I say this because it never really allows for practice and learning. I found myself doing lots and lots and lots of supplementing to make sure my daughter got a quality education. I promise I don’t rescue or aid! So it’s not like she has any learning problems- but she didn’t enjoy learning one bit.

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I am currently enrolled in the 11th grade with A Bela Academy. I have never be in the public or private school system, so I thought this is what every other child had to deal with. You write college level papers starting in the 8-9th grade I had to get tutored with Algebra II. This is a great product for parents who don’t have the time or skill to actually teach each subject or are teaching multiple kids. My husband and I share the teaching of our kids with another helper.

This product has greatly helped the transition. It allows for multiple people to facilitate and be on the same page. Prior to this, we had used Abeka for Phonics and Arithmetic and were therefore quite familiar with their materials. We have found the Abeka Videos to be a tremendous blessing to our family. Please allow me to humbly convey thoughts. Abeka has been an academic stalwart for many years. Children instructed using Abeka for core subjects such as Phonics, Reading, Writing and Mathematics have an excellent foundation upon which to build additional learning.

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The developers of the Abeka program have a love for God and have incorporated this into their materials. Families who value Biblical emphasis in their studies will appreciate this. The Abeka Video program includes Bible Lessons with lovely hymns and a Bible story daily which are very appropriate for the classroom. Abeka has provided a wonderful option for families through this program. Families who are beginning their homeschool journey and have no idea how to do it. Families who have pulled an older child out of school and prefer to use an established curriculum instead of piecing one together. Families desiring a private Christian education for their children but find the tuition costs for schools in their area to be prohibitive.

Moms who are burnt out trying to keep up with academic planning, preparation and teaching of multiple children. Families where both spouses must work but still desire to teach their children at home. They have a strong curriculum, and professionally printed materials. They’ve done most of your lesson planning for you and have even provided someone who can teach the lessons if you are unable to. Your child will participate but obviously not to the extent as the children in the video.

You can choose to fast-forward, rewind, or not watch a certain subject on certain days. You as the parent have the ultimate say-so in what your children do each and every day. Regardless of who the video instructor is, you are still overseeing every aspect of your child’s education. That’s a privilege you would never have if your children were enrolled in a traditional school.

The videos were taped in a classroom setting, and the teacher is instructing many more children than are in your homeschool. There is a lot of drill and a lot of repetition which is completely appropriate for the classroom If your child has fully grasped the concept, just omit the video for that day or move him ahead to the next lesson. Children love being rewarded in this way. There are ways to incorporate fun and creativity. That, however, is your job as a parent to figure out.

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Abeka has provided the basics and has done an excellent job in doing so. With this program, you are limited only by your imagination. Overall it is a wonderful program and a blessing to our family. Your browser is out of date. Please update your browser for increased security and the best site experience.

Your browser is out of date. Please update your browser for increased security and the best site experience. Grade 12 Textbooks, Video Lessons, and More! Biblical Shape not just what children know, but who they become with character-building content that reinforces biblical values. Comprehensive Tackle every year knowing you have what you need to succeed—and your students do, too.

Abeka makes homeschooling easier and certainly more complete. I feel like my kids are getting a great education and most importantly learning critical thinking skills just not available in public education in my state. Tools You Can Count On You can count on Abeka for quality, time-tested materials for every subject, every grade. Want to focus on your kids and enjoy the learning journey? Captivating, thorough materials for learning and clear, step-by-step tools for teaching will help you do just that. After using your first grade curriculum for six months, I am most satisfied.

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My child transformed from a frustrated, weak reader to a proficient, eager one. A Firm Foundation How do you avoid learning gaps? Where do you start each year—or each day? Since you’ll have a firm foundation with Abeka, you’ll never have to guess. You’ll also be building from the firm foundation of a Christian perspective in English, math, science, health, history, geography, and even electives. I have used it in my school since we opened in 2004. I am using it with my grandchildren and encourage everyone I know to do the same.

Value You don’t have to choose between products you can trust and competitive prices. Get captivating textbooks, clear lesson plans, engaging video lessons, and more at budget-friendly prices. Glassdoor will not work properly unless browser cookie support is enabled. Tune in: How to Get a Job LIVE! This employer has not claimed their Company Profile and is missing out on connecting with our community.

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Get a free employer account to respond to reviews, see who is viewing your profile, and engage with your candidates. Your trust is our top concern, so companies can’t alter or remove reviews. Friendly environment with plenty of autonomy. Unstructured in many areas and lack of internal controls. Everyone is basically paid the same.

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Create better internal controls and more employee monitoring. So much to do at once that it will train you to act immediately but responsibly. With the proper experience it can be well worth it. A Beka Book was a great entry level customer service job, especially for a college student.

Every position had a job description and dedicated training time. Getting answers from different departments often took physically walking over to that person’s desk area. Good job going nine to five in an office work environment. None that I can think of at the moment.

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