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47 0 0 0 13 6. There’s bento Inspiration to admire than the passing scenery. Up ahead, turrets frame a dome above a grand hall finished in marble, glass, and gold.

But this isn’t another European cathedral. You’ve arrived at Belgium’s Antwerp Central Station. Whether neo-Baroque or contemporary, the world’s most beautiful train stations were designed to make a big impression. Many were constructed during the late 19th century, a golden era when train travel was new, intriguing, and glamorous. Today, stations from every era continue to impress, attracting travelers who aren’t even catching a train. It’s not surprising that these stations have withstood everything from wars to urban development.

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Train travel has since fallen in and out of favor. Recently, the growth of high-speed rail has been accompanied by interest in restoring and building iconic train stations. In London, for instance, workers cleaned 300,000 pounds of dirt from the neo-Gothic red brick façade of St. Pancras and restored 8,000 glass roof panes. And in Melbourne, a thorough overhaul has converted Southern Cross Station into a cutting-edge landmark whose undulating glass roof also serves a practical purpose: ventilating the train platforms by drawing train exhaust through the pitched domes.

Bento Inspiration

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It’s a welcome change after years in which train travel more often took a backseat to cars and planes, particularly in America, where some stations fell into decline or faced the wrecking ball. Detroit’s Michigan Central Station was abandoned in 1988, although broken windows and graffiti give its Beaux-Arts exterior an eerie beauty. New York has wrestled with concepts for a majestic new Penn Station and Madison Square Garden for more than a decade, so far without success. But elsewhere, cities are embracing their train stations. After all, even fliers often arrive via airport trains, which means the station is their introduction to a new destination. Still other travelers appreciate the benefits of a scenic, hassle-free train ride. You don’t need to show up at the station hours in advance to go through airport-like security.

But we recommend arriving early for a more pleasant reason: to take stock of these gorgeous cathedrals to locomotion. The façade is sculpted with 23 statues representing Amsterdam, Vienna, and other destinations served by the Chemin de Fer du Nord company. The interior is just as lovely, especially when the sun filters through the panels of the glass and cast-iron roof to the platforms below. How to See It: Gare du Nord looks especially fine when you pull in from Charles de Gaulle airport or from London via the Eurostar.

If you can’t make it overseas, look for this Neoclassical station in movies such as Amélie and The Bourne Identity. And it’s in the news again. Workers cleaned 300,000 pounds of dirt from the bricks and restored 8,000 panes of glass in the roof of the immense train shed. How to See It: Book the Chamber Suite at the newly restored St. Pancras Renaissance London Hotel for a view of the blue Barlow train shed. Reportedly designed by Gustave Eiffel in the early 20th century, the station showcases several historic steam locomotives.

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Modern-day trains bring passengers through here daily. How to See It: On the weekends, catch some of the city’s best live music at Ka Mfumo Jazz Café, located within CFM Railway Station. Swaths of red brick surround the wide entrance, and stained-glass windows provide colorful splashes of light inside. How to See It: The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express retraces the historic train route once a year in restored coaches from the 1930s.

It’s never too early to book your seat—passage is already sold out for the 2011 and 2012 rides. The undulating roof, which stretches an entire city block, has been compared to a gigantic air-filled blanket floating on a forest of Y-shaped columns. How to See It: Head to the western end of the station to admire the colorful details on the History of Transport mural. Originally installed in 1978, this 27-panel mural was removed and restored as part of the renovations. The station’s wooden hand-drum-shaped Tsuzumi Gate and glass umbrella-shaped Motenashi Dome were controversial because they clashed with the traditional architecture of this old castle town—one of Japan’s best preserved as it was spared in WWII bombings.

How to See It: After admiring the futuristic design of the entrance, stop by the ultra-cool fountain out front that displays time like a digital clock. The new station is accessed through the old terminal, where passengers can buy tickets and wait for their trains. How to See It: Pay your respects at the memorial to victims of the March 11, 2004, bombing. The 36-foot-tall glass cylinder, just outside the station, is inscribed with messages of condolences from the days following the attacks.

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The tall white bell tower of the station’s exterior is reminiscent of California’s missions while its main waiting room is sumptuously finished with a painted wood ceiling and multicolored marble inlays on the floor. How to See It: On a sunny day, you can wait outdoors in the meticulously maintained rose-filled gardens and courtyards with mosaic-tiled fountains. Stevens worked with local craftsmen to blend Indian architectural traditions with the Victorian Gothic Revival style. Originally named for Queen Victoria, the Empress of India, the station has endured as a Mumbai landmark—and a vital resource for the three million commuters who use it daily. The walls are covered with 20,000 splendid azulejo tin-glazed ceramic tiles, which took 11 years for artist Jorge Colaço to complete. How to See It: Zero in on the blue and white tile panels, which depict the history of transportation as well as historic battles and artistic renderings of 14th-century King João I and Queen Philippa of Lancaster by the city’s cathedral. Built in the Beaux-Arts style in the early 20th century, this grand train station was modeled after the Arch of Constantine and the Baths of Caracalla and Diocletian in Rome and finished with white granite and solid mahogany woodwork.

How to See It: Union Station has hosted several presidential inaugural balls. If you can’t snag an invite, dine at the two-story Centre Café in the middle of the main hall for the best views. But it’s proven tough to resist the station’s eclectic, opulent style and enormous arched dome. How to See It: After a large refurbishment project there are now three levels of train tracks, but the best views of the glorious iron- and glass-vaulted ceiling are from the original upper platform. Hubback went for a Moorish style when designing this terminal in the early 1900s. How to See It: This station serves local commuters more than tourists, but it’s worth stopping by to take in the minaret-like towers of the building and the similarly designed Railway Administration Building across the street. How to See It: People-watch while sipping cocktails at one of the bars on the palatial mezzanines, or take a self-guided audio tour to spot lesser-known gems of the terminal.

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You can change the location at any time. It’s nearly impossible to go online these days and not come across videos of cats swinging from ceiling fans or being scared by cucumbers. Cats litter Facebook and Snapchat and appear on social media accounts boasting hundreds of thousands of followers. The most successful Internet cat entrepreneurs can make tens of thousands of dollars each year from advertising and merchandising. For those who watch these videos, however, it’s not about the money. For some, it’s about that warm fuzzy vibe that makes feel them “more positive” about life than they otherwise might, according to one academic study.

Bento Inspiration

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One of best-loved of these celebrity cats was Bento, an affable orange tabby more commonly known by his Internet moniker Keyboard Cat. Bento lovers are now in mourning, however. He succumbed to liver cancer on March 8, his owner Charlie Schmidt told The Washington Post. The first Keyboard Cat video – shot on VHS in 1984 then later digitized – features the musical talents of Schmidt’s other cat, Fatso, who passed away more than 20 years ago.

Bento Inspiration

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I wasn’t aiming for anything except relieving my boredom,” he said in a phone interview Monday. In fact, Schmidt said the inspiration for the video came from things he found lying around his house, which just happened to be his cat, a keyboard and an infant T-shift from JC Penny. Having no baby, he still can’t explain why he had an infant shirt at home. In any case, it’s now framed and hanging in his office. So he was surprised when a video he describes as “low-resolution, poorly produced, badly framed improvised,” became an overnight Internet sensation. The original video has since amassed more than 50 million views. The meteoric rise of Fatso as the first Keyboard Cat inspired him to see if he could create more videos with another cat and “keep the spirit of Fatso alive.

Adopted from a shelter in 2010, Schmidt said Bento, who bears a striking resemblance to his predecessor, shouldered the enormous responsibility of Internet fame without blinking an eye. Three days after his adoption, Schmidt got out the keyboard and camera, and Bento became the star of “Keyboard Cat REINCARNATED! Trust me, not every cat in the world can do this or everybody would be and there would be a million Keyboard Cats,” Schmidt said, adding that Bento craved the attention. Schmidt also runs a merchandise store stocked with paraphernalia ranging from branded mugs to an animatronic stuffed toy. The loss of such a prolific Internet celebrity has sent people around the world into a tailspin. Since the tribute video was posted, Schmidt said Keyboard Cat’s social media channels and his own personal email have been inundated with condolence messages from around the world.

I got an email today from people in South Africa who were asking me, ‘What do I do with my 6-year-old, he won’t stop crying,'” he said. Many also took to Twitter to express their sorrow, resulting in their reactions being curated into a trending moment yesterday. Users remembered Keyboard Cat, eulogizing him as a “hero” and a “legend. Countless tweets included GIFs or photos of the cat playing the keyboard, or as one user described it ” the ivories with his gifted kitty paws. Even fellow Internet-famous cats expressed sympathies.

Bento Inspiration

Rest in Peace Keyboard Cat,” said a Twitter post from the Grumpy Cat account. Although the Internet is grieving the loss of a treasured meme, Schmidt said he lost a piece of himself. If I was on the computer, was on the computer. If I was in the shower, he’d be on the bath mat,” he said. It’s just like a legend, ‘Bento will not be without Charlie. Bedtime, he said, is when he misses Bento the most.

I’d just get in and he would snuggle up,” Schmidt said. He would come really close and then put his paw on your arm. That was a good way to end a day. While he would prefer to just make a cup of soup, watch TV and process Bento’s death, Schmidt said he knows he has a responsibility to Keyboard Cat’s fans to carry on Bento’s legacy. But, he has not yet decided if that means starting the search for a Keyboard Cat 3.

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I’m not doing any dating right now with cats, but it can happen,” he said. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Advance Media New York. Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. Today’s party is full of Outdoor DIY Projects for your spring to-do list! The weather is getting warmer, and if you’re like me, your Outdoor DIY Projects are adding up. We’ve got the perfect features to inspire you this season. Check out all of the Outdoor DIY Projects selected by my co-hostess below.

Bento Inspiration

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Welcome to the popular Inspiration Monday Party! Come visit and be inspired with fabulous home decor, crafts, recipes and more! These six projects are pretty fantastic and are sure to give you some spring inspiration for your outdoor areas. Be sure to link up your own fantastic inspiration at the end of this post, too. Kindly pin from the original source. These post for Free Printable Graduation Cards contains affiliate links.

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Grab either of these designs for my free printable graduation cards below. These Six Nurses Week Printables are just in time for celebrating some of our favorite healthcare workers. Nurses Week is just around the corner. These make fantastic and inspiring giftsor even decor in a common area. My biggest request is to create more printables in this specific watercolor block lettering look. Last week, I had a reader ask for nurses week prints in this popular format.

I actually had been toying around the idea of nurses week printables, so it worked out perfectly. Or see the details of each printable below. Today’s Eight Farmhouse Decor Ideas will knock your socks off! They’re this week’s party features and they’re fantastic. Hope you can check out these farmhouse decor ideas and link up your own inspiration below. Farmhouse seems to be all the rage right now. Jo, so I feel like it’s super farmhouse-y around these parts.

While I have a bit more of an eclectic style, I certainly appreciate the sweet look of farmhouse decor. The below features were selected by Christy from Our Southern Home. These Free Printable Mother’s Day Coupons are perfect for all the moms on their special day. They are available in two color options.

A kid’s wrong answer to this riddle went viral. It shows a lot about how we process death.

These Mother’s Day Coupons have a spot for kids to fill in what the coupon will be good for. I think gifts that my boys take part in are my favorite. Even something as simple as filling in an item on a coupon can tug at my mama heart. These free printable Mother’s Day coupons print four to a pageso they’re perfect for every family member to fill in a special task for mom. The 2018 Teacher Appreciation Printables are SO FUN and come with free coordinating bonus tags!

Please do not sell my printables for your own profit or feature them as your own design. The Rule of Saint Benedict has been used by Benedictines for 15 centuries, and thus St. Benedict is sometimes regarded as the founder of Western monasticism due to reform that his rules had on the current Catholic hierarchy. Christian monasticism first appeared in the Egyptian desert, in the Eastern Roman Empire a few generations before Benedict of Nursia. Within a generation, both solitary as well as communal monasticism became very popular which spread outside of Egypt, first to Palestine and the Judean Desert and thence to Syria and North Africa.

In the West in about the year 500, Benedict became so upset by the immorality of society in Rome that he gave up his studies there, at age fourteen, and chose the life of an ascetic monk in the pursuit of personal holiness, living as a hermit in a cave near the rugged region of Subiaco. In time, setting an example with his zeal, he began to attract disciples. In chapter 73, Saint Benedict commends the Rule of Saint Basil and alludes to further authorities. Rule also shows influence by the Rule of St Augustine of Hippo and the writings of Saint John Cassian. The Rule opens with a hortatory preface, in which Saint Benedict sets forth the main principles of the religious life, viz. Cenobites, those “in a monastery, where they serve under a rule and an abbot”. Anchorites, or hermits, who, after long successful training in a monastery, are now coping single-handedly, with only God for their help.

Sarabaites, living by twos and threes together or even alone, with no experience, rule and superior, and thus a law unto themselves. Gyrovagues, wandering from one monastery to another, slaves to their own wills and appetites. Saint Benedict delivering his rule to the monks of his order, Monastery of St. Chapter 2 describes the necessary qualifications of an abbot, forbids the abbot to make distinctions between persons in the monastery except for particular merit, and warns him he will be answerable for the salvation of the souls in his care.