Coming To College Made Me Appreciate My Friends More Than I Already Did

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If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. Check out the browser extension in the Firefox Add-ons Store. Easily clip, save and share what you find with family and friends. Easily download and save what you find. His departure from this world left a tremendous hole in the lives of many people, including mine.

After having curiously similar paths in ways, our lives had various intersections for 20 years. In 2008, I helped edit his last book, The Energy Solution Revolution. In 2009, we did a joint interview. I initially planned to write an essay of my memories of Brian, but it quickly became something else. Baby Boom, as I also was. Brian was imbued with American Revolution mythology, which can be seen in his books, such as his playing the Paul Revere of free energy.

His teenage visit to Washington D. Brian was precocious and had a gift for mathematics. A visit to the Harvard Observatory when he was eight years old, on the night that Truman beat Dewey, glimpsing the planets through a telescope, helped set his path to becoming an astronomer. In his senior year in high school in 1956, the year before Sputnik launched, Brian wrote a paper on space satellites, which puzzled his class and teacher, as it was such a strange topic.

Brian was slightly ahead of his time. Catholic, Republican, no liquor, no sex, and obedient to authority. Life at Williams College changed all of that. Brian was a middling student during his early collegiate years, but was busy exploring adult life. Goddard Space Flight Center near Washington D.

In 1964, Brian and his new wife moved to California and he began his doctoral studies at Berkeley, where he matured as an astronomer. Brian performed experiments with his mentor Donald Rea and wrote scientific papers regarding Mars, Venus, and Mercury. The publisher of Science, The American Association for the Advancement of Science, made Brian one of its Fellows in 1975. The questions startled Brian, but they were serious, and Alan Shepard was adamant that Brian had better be willing to accept the Mars mission. The American invasion of Vietnam had to be paid for somehow, and NASA was on the losing end of a budget battle in Washington, D. Brian often wrote critically about the astronaut corps’s test-pilot culture. 3,000 per year from the contract.

Time-Life could censor anything that it did not want the astronauts divulging for public consumption. The contract was not compulsory, but no astronaut dared to refuse to sign it, and Brian complied like the rest of them. While Brian passed through the selection process, his peers were concerned about what Brian would sacrifice to become an astronaut. Brian would not be spending them performing science, but learning how to execute space missions that had rather obscure scientific goals. Brian came from radical Berkeley, of all places, to the cowboy culture of Texas. Mars, were being scrapped to pay for the invasion of Vietnam. Brian began to believe that he would never get into space.

T-38, and was expected to log many hours per month flying it. Three astronauts died in T-38 crashes before Brian joined the astronaut corps, and a couple of months after Brian joined NASA, another astronaut died while flying a T-38. With the Mars program canceled and astronauts regularly dying in T-38s, and those were test pilots dying, Brian the astronomer calculated the odds of dying in a training accident. Even if he had a test pilot’s background, Brian calculated that he had a one-in-five chance of dying in a plane accident before he ever went on a space mission. Not only did Brian quickly discover upon joining NASA that he was prone to airsickness, but within a month of flight training, on his second solo flight, he had a bad experience, cut the flight short, and quit NASA a few days later, in April 1968. Brian was the only planetary scientist in the astronaut corps during the Apollo program. Brian met Carl Sagan in 1965 at Harvard, where Sagan had a huge globe of Mars in his office.

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Brian immersed himself in scientific study in those heady early days of lunar and planetary exploration, as the first probes gave humanity close-up views of the planets and the moon. Brian studied lunar mascons with Sagan, and made predictions about how mascons would affect Apollo mission trajectories as they orbited the moon. While Brian pursued his scientific work, he became politically active and somewhat of a NASA gadfly. He protested the war in Cambodia in 1970 and began criticizing NASA publicly even before publishing the book about his NASA days. One of Brian’s most memorable moments from those politically active days was his participation in the May 9, 1970 protest of the American invasion of Cambodia. Brian was a regular Op-Ed contributor to The New York Times, and was often openly critical of NASA, both in print and in testimonies in the U. NASA critiques, even calling him out publicly.

Udall ran for president for the 1976 election. Nixon advocated putting one thousand nuclear reactors in the USA by 2000, but Brian helped craft the renewable energy policy that had looked remarkably like what Carter unveiled when he became president. Brian also brought his skillset as an atmospheric scientist to the hydrocarbon fuel issue, and was one of the early voices on the perils of global warming. They also advocated space-based solar collectors. They were advocating a kind of space-based Utopia. 40, as several of them were Nobel laureates. 1979 when Brian took a human potential course and had what is today called a remote viewing.

Coming To College Made Me Appreciate My Friends More Than I Already Did

My mystical awakening began while performing the same exercise in 1974. Neill, and eventually lost his well-paying career. In late-life interviews, Brian said that if he knew what he was in for, he would have kept sipping sherry in his soft berth at Princeton. I know the feeling, but his willingness to explore the unknown made him an astronaut, and is what made him a great man in my eyes. Although Brian fled Princeton, he was not quite finished with the scientific establishment. Buzz Aldrin a job at SAIC and shared an office with him.

“But I want…”

While Brian stayed true to his convictions and refused to work on military applications at SAIC, he had extensive military contact. Star Wars project and was laid off in 1987, just before his retirement benefits would have vested. SAIC marked the end of his scientific establishment days. He approached the paranormal as a scientist, not a mystic. Brian also became involved in peace efforts with the Soviet Union, including traveling to Moscow in 1988 to promote a joint American-Soviet mission to Mars. Dnieper River with the first fellow Westerners to visit the area in decades. Beginning around 1990, Brian visited laboratories across the world and spent quality time with leading-edge scientists.

Coming To College Made Me Appreciate My Friends More Than I Already Did

In 1990, Brian and his son successfully performed an informal psychokenesis experiment there. In 1990, Brian worked with Marcel Vogel and reproduced his experimental results of subjecting juice samples to crystal-based energy and preventing decay. Brian also visited psychics who provided incredible demonstrations of their skills, including Sathya Sai Baba and Thomaz Green Morton. In the early 1990s, Brian began examining the free energy issue.


Brian had always been quite an international traveler, and for the next several years he intensively traveled across the globe, visiting laboratories, ashrams, crop circles, and so on. He always approached those situations as a scientist, but it was a challenging stance to maintain when incredible events transpired. In 1994, Brian visited free energy and exotic technology inventors, and eventually more than a dozen free energy labs. India, while other labs wished to remain anonymous. Brian also visited Yull Brown, for another one of many overlaps in our journeys. Miracle in the Void, published in 1996, which was when our relationship really began, but I need to back this narrative up to when we first met, in 1991. A few months before I moved to Ohio in 1990, a close associate told me about his visit with a free energy inventor with the goods.

The International Tesla Society contacted my associate and arranged the meeting. I did not like, but it came with the territory. When I was told about that free energy inventor, I was not told his name or the location of his laboratory. After my mystical awakening at age 16, I became a devoted mystical student and thought that I had just about seen it all by age 30.

In those days, I joined meditation groups and other mystical efforts, and in 1990 I joined the U. In July 1991, I was unemployed and volunteered to work at the national USPA conference held in Yellow Springs, next to Dayton. New Science conference a couple of years earlier. I ferried back and forth in my Pinto. When I picked him up, we hit it off immediately. By that time, I was pursuing the research that became my website and knew that Wright-Patterson was the reputed home of captured extraterrestrial craft and even alien corpses. As we drove past Wright-Patterson, Brian and I joked that we should drive to the Wright-Patterson front gates with a couple of busloads of USPA conference attendees and innocently state that we were there to tour Hangar 18 and the Blue Room.

I always smile when I think of that scenario. I did not talk with Brian at the conference after I delivered him. I cannot remember quite how I thought of him in those days, other than he was pretty hip to the free energy and UFO milieus. I did not attend as I was busy with my duties, was about the need for a new science.

I soon landed my next career position and continued reading incessantly on the subject matter that my site addresses. I got it and was impressed. Dennis emerged from prison in 1994, visited me in 1995, and in early 1996 began his legendary barnstorming tours. Brian called me one day and said that he and Dennis were speaking at the same New Agey expo, and asked me to connect him with Dennis, and I did.

In Miracle in the Void, Brian wrote about becoming the Paul Revere of free energy. Ventura, and several years of making my own attempts to interest various parties in free energy, I had serious doubts whether anybody was going to open their sleepy eyes as Brian rode through their town. Losing a well-paid steady income and comfortable retirement was part of his pain. He pounded on every door that he could. He looked up his environmentalist pals.

Coming To College Made Me Appreciate My Friends More Than I Already Did

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With almost the sole exception of Alden Bryant, who was the hippest environmentalist that I ever met, Brian found no takers. Brian liberally cited in his books. Brian once called home during his scientific establishment days. Brian was a visiting faculty member at Cal Tech in 1970-1971, while taking a sabbatical from Cornell.

Brian also was on the Mariner 10 TV Science Team as the deputy team leader, and the team leader was a Cal Tech professor. They won awards from NASA for their work. In 1998, a Cal Tech honors graduate student in physics asked Brian to speak at the commencement about new energy, new science, and their suppression. Brian had other incidents like that in which he was disinvited, or projects were killed due to high-level intervention. Soon after SAIC dumped Brian, Wally Schirra publicly questioned whether Brian was really an astronaut.

For many years, Brian was the only former-astronaut without an official NASA biography. Martian credentials were challenged by prominent ex-NASA personnel. I then asked Brian for anything that could bolster his Martian credentials, and Brian provided his Shepard and von Braun anecdotes. Brian told me about it in 2001, and everybody who knew him well heard about the string of incidents, and there were similar events, but I do not have the details for them. Brian publicly alluded to the events numerous times but would not discuss them in detail, for reasons of self-preservation. It was a cloak-and-dagger operation and Brian wanted nothing to do with it.

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UFO issue, and its public denials are official lies. Nearly everybody whom I respect in the free energy field knows or believes that the situation is conjoined with the extraterrestrial issue. In 1984, Brian still worked in the scientific establishment but was drifting toward its fringes, and Richard Hoagland and professional image analyzers persuaded Brian that the Face on Mars might be artificial. Brian called for scientific investigation of the Face, to determine whether it might have an artificial origin.

The Face on Mars issue was one of many in which Brian himself became a political football, because of his stature as an ex-astronaut and prominent astronomer, as people used him to gain credibility for their causes. They were extraordinary encounters, but Brian approached them as a scientist, not a devotee. However, his relationship with Sai Baba became the focus of rancorous battles over the years as people used it for their personal crusades. While many controversies that dogged Brian became maddening for him, the area that may have caused him the most grief was the Apollo moon landings controversy. I had about the moon landings.


There are cover-ups and skullduggery regarding space exploration. A few weeks later, Brian invited me to meet him in Sacramento. As I drove Brian around, we traded notes. I asked Brian about that old guy with the free energy device that got coated with ice when it ran. Sparky received death threats and other harassments in those days, but Brian said that that was only the warm-up. They made it clear that they could watch him use the toilet, and he was given his final ultimatum: quit or die.

Sparky was closely involved with Tom Bearden in those days, and they were apparently trying to work with General Motors. Sparky fled into the Mojave Desert. 85, and his journey became far more than he bargained for. Then Brian proceeded to tell me about his health incident. So, he got a show from the spooks.

That show was unremarkable to Brian. I did not press Brian about it, but it seemed like my friend was in good company to witness a show like that. We also talked about environmental issues and solutions. Brian said that the camera crew ambushed him and took those aired ten seconds out of context.

Brian saw the issue at the time. I explained why it nearly did for me. To set the record straight, there is no doubt in my mind that the capsules went into orbit around the Moon, because of the photographs, signals received on Earth, and the capabilities of the enormous Saturn V rocket booster. Regardless, the Apollo program was a great success. It gave me a valuable reference point for what we must do now. But, Brian would never enjoy peace on that issue.

That FOX TV show largely wrecked what little remaining relationship that Brian had with his fellow astronauts. The moon hoax crowd kept trying to drag Brian into their cause. Brian did not want to be remembered as the astronaut who doubted that we landed on the moon. During our note-trading sessions, I also heard how his ride as the Paul Revere of free energy went. During our conversations, Brian questioned if humanity was really a sentient species. I have no doubt that it was a direct result of playing Paul Revere and finding out that virtually nobody was home, anywhere on Earth. When I heard it and read it, my heart hurt for him.

It is not fun to discover that grim truth. Brian repeatedly stated late in his life that the free energy journey is a lonely one. Brian was one of their yoga instructors and lectured at their centers around the world, and I first experienced Brian the Rock Star. We had lunch there, and Brian was treated with great veneration. Brian was a man of the people, in the same way that Dennis is.

During the 1990s and early 2000s, Brian gave more than a thousand lectures all over the world, on his New Science topics. I got pretty angry with the voice, and do not want to hear from it again, unless it first plans to do a lot of explaining. In retrospect, I should have declined the invitation. Simply listening to the Bush junta’s evil drum beat since the summer of 2002 was a nightmare in of itself.

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In June 2003, several of us founded NEM. My most pleasant memory of Brian was the day after our first board meeting, when Brian invited me to his house to relax. He rented a house that had the Yuba River literally in his back yard. Meredith and a neighbor played in the river. Brian also talked about his substance abuse issues, which also comes with this territory. I was forced into drinking early in my career and wrestled with the bottle for 20 years.

Brian only quit alcohol a couple of years before he died, and an ayahuasca ceremony precipitated his second heart attack. A month after NEM’s first board meeting, I found work after being unemployed for nearly a year, and resumed my high-stress career. Most of my career has been working at high-stress jobs in which the 50-to-60-hour workweek is normal, and it was no exception when I resumed my career. We had another NEM board meeting in December 2003, and I got to hear more free energy war stories from non-NEM members who attended. But, I was the only NEM board member who had really been through the free energy meat grinder. I saw the organization heading to painful places where I had already been, and I did not want to see that territory again, not when it could be avoided. Most of the NEM board knew Eugene Mallove, and he was the first person who committed to speaking at the conference, and Brian later said that he intended for Mallove to be the keynote speaker.

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As I began buying professional assistance for NEM, the next week we had some technical issues with the help that I brought in. I was working 12-hour days at the office and coming home to try to get things straightened out at NEM. Sometimes, the best projects try to be psychically sabotaged in its early stages. We all heard about his murder the next morning. Brian figured that he was next. I will never know what Brian was alluding to in that email, he was feeling the vibe, and I was too. AWOL in South America as we organized the conference, which made it difficult.

John Mack was killed the day after the Portland conference ended, and Brian later cited that as part of his motivation for moving to Ecuador. Those were terrible times for some of us, but throughout it, I always loved to hear Brian talk and write about free energy and related issues. I have yet to meet anybody whose perspective was closer to mine. Some of my Internet stalkers are probably professionals, and Brian was treated similarly. In his last years, we traded stalker notes. Brian had a high-profile stalker that dogged him when he spoke at conferences, and one was coming up that the stalker would attend. Brian was not looking forward to the experience, but accepted it as coming with the territory.