Definition of draw in US English:

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Latin definition of draw in US English: to lead off, equivalent. From the given specifications, our engineers derive? Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.

The drawdown in the water table has alarmed local officials. Il calo di livello freatico ha allarmato gli ufficiali locali. The army will gradually draw down the troops in the war-torn region this year. Vedi la traduzione automatica di Google Translate di ‘drawdown’. She would sit there drawing with the pencil stub. Draw a rough design for a logo.

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He starts a painting by quickly drawing simplified shapes. I like dancing, singing and drawing. Claire had seen the taxi drawing away. A carriage door struck him as a train drew into Basildon station. She drew away and did not smile.

When we drew level, he neither slowed down nor accelerated. He drew his chair nearer the fire. He put his arm around Caroline’s shoulders and drew her close to him. Wilson drew me aside after an interview. After drawing the curtains, she lit a candle. Mother was lying on her bed, with the blinds drawn. He drew his dagger and turned to face his pursuers.

He paused, drawing a deep breath. He drew on an American cigarette. Her cheeks hollowed as she drew smoke into her lungs. Villagers still have to draw their water from wells. Any practice that draws blood could increase the risk of getting the virus. She was drawing out cash from a cash machine.

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Companies could not draw money from bank accounts as cash. For the first few years I didn’t draw any salary at all. He is moving ever closer to drawing his pension. We delved through a sackful of letters to draw the winning name.

Aston Villa have drawn a Czech team in the first round of the UEFA Cup. I draw strength from the millions of women who have faced this challenge successfully. The students are drawn from a cross-section of backgrounds. He draws two conclusions from this. He says he cannot yet draw any conclusions about the murders. Interesting distinctions can be drawn between the two populations. He was waving his arms to draw their attention.

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He just wants to draw attention to the plight of the unemployed. Such a policy would inevitably draw fierce resistance from farmers. The club’s summer signings have drawn criticism. The game is currently drawing huge crowds. What drew him to the area was its proximity to central London. The ambassador would not be drawn on questions of a political nature. No, he refuses to be drawn.

We drew with Ireland in the first game. Egypt drew two of their matches in Italy. We were happy to come away with a draw against Sweden. Webster’s New World College Dictionary, 4th Edition. The move draws a line under long negotiations during which the player rejected at least one offer.

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The last four home games we had two wins and two draws. The potential for making lots of money is one of the draws for former spies. The city was also a huge draw for journalists. The moon moves into your own sign and gives you that special something that draws people to you. Again, he was drawn away from the pace and did well to finish fourth.

At a stroke, the entire draw game was changed beyond recognition. Passengers and Rogue One are expected to draw large audiences. I’ve seen it happen to many youngsters that have been drawn into something that they don’t want to. He moved closer and drew back his spear.

This will balance your features and draw attention away from your nose. Waiting for the winning ticket to be drawn in a lottery has its own excitement. Yet more and more people are being drawn to its challenges. But my contacts in the village are recommending we back something drawn in the shallow end. Suppose that you keep a reservoir of cash that is steadily drawn down to pay bills.

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They are thereby drawn away from doing things they are better at and enjoy more. Winners will be the first six entrants drawn at random. They are on again today and he is also well drawn in stall two. Simply enter your details for the free draw at competitions. Look for one drawn in the middle. We also draw attention to some interesting aspects of the behavior of firms issuing these securities. The audience is drawn to him because he has a sense of humour about himself.

In the centre he drew the game but revolving around it were other products. But the draw takes us out of the relegation zone and that is a massive boost. We were instinctively drawn to one another. The age of cheap money could be drawing to a close.

The momentum is now regained and the final stage of the embroidered contest draws near. It capped off a goalless draw which was a belter. They will get a shock when they come to draw benefits. Tottenham drew first blood against the run of play.

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Not that she wanted to draw attention to it. We want people to be drawn to the church because of our confidence. The move would draw flak, but would be defensible. Then they asked him if he would do the half-time lottery draw. When you draw, or when you draw something, you use pens, pencils, or crayons to make a picture. In a game, if one person or team draws with another one, or if two people or teams draw, they finish with the same number of points. You can use draw to indicate that someone or something moves somewhere or is moved there.

We saw the taxi drawing away. The modal verb would is commonly used as follows: to make a polite request. Would you mind moving your bag? Would you give me a hand with this ladder, please?

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To cause to move in a given direction or to a given position, as by leading: The teacher drew the children into the room to see the decorations. To move or pull so as to cover or uncover something: draw the curtains. To extract or take for one’s own use: draw strength from one’s friends. To select or take in from a given group, type, or region: draw clients from all levels of society. To receive on a regular basis or at a specified time: draw a pension.

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To take or receive by chance: draw lots. To make tense or taut: drew the rope across the ravine. To distort the shape of: He drew his face into a scowl. To formulate or devise from evidence or data at hand: draw a comparison.

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To compose or write out in legal format: draw a deed. To proceed or move steadily: a ship drawing near the shore. To attract customers or spectators: The new play is drawing well. To pour forth liquid: The patient’s veins don’t draw easily. To take in a draft of air: The flue isn’t drawing. To steep in or as if in the manner of tea.

To pull out a weapon for use. To contract or tighten: material that draws when it dries. The chess players drew in 32 moves. Something drawn, especially a lot, card, or cards drawn at random.