Don’t Miss Out on These 20 Software Options for Students with Learning Disabilities

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Don’t Miss Out on These 20 Software Options for Students with Learning Disabilities

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Don’t Miss Out on These 20 Software Options for Students with Learning Disabilities

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11, 2017, file photo shows a sign at a Wells Fargo bank location in Philadelphia. 4, 2018, file photo, the interior of the New York Stock Exchange is shown. FILE- This March 26, 2018, file photo shows a home for sale in San Francisco. 21, 2018, file photo, a credit card advertisement decorates a bank’s window in Atlanta. FILE- In this April 5, 2018, file photo, the facade of the New York Stock Exchange is shown. Sarah Palin is promoting ‘skinny tea’ on Instagram. A proposal to rename a Palo Alto middle school after Fred Yamamoto, a Japanese-American Palo Altan who enlisted in the U.

Army and died in battle in World War II, has sparked intense protest among community members who associate his name with Isoroku Yamamoto, an unrelated Japanese admiral who planned the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. Parents, particularly those of Chinese descent, took to online networks and email late last week and over the weekend to voice fierce opposition to the name, which a district committee proposed with five other individuals’ and two geographic features as possibilities for replacement namesakes for Jordan and Terman middle schools. Fred Yamamoto — a second-generation American who graduated from Palo Alto High School, attended a local Methodist church and was forced into an internment camp in Wyoming after the attack on Pearl Harbor — is not related to the Japanese naval officer. Yamamoto is a common Japanese surname. But the parents are arguing that the Japanese surname would be a disrespectful choice for a school district that serves many Asian students and families. Like many other educational institutions across the country that are reckoning with the complicated histories of people their facilities are named after, the school board decided unanimously last year to rename the two middle schools. A district committee presented their suggestions for new names to the school board last week after narrowing down more than 1,600 public submissions.

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The school board is set to vote on the recommendations next Tuesday, March 27. More than 30 parents and students addressed the committee members at a meeting on Monday night — many to protest the name Yamamoto but others to defend it. One father who came to Palo Alto for the public schools said he would not have moved here had he known one of the middle schools would carry the name Yamamoto. Encyclopedia Britannica describes Isoroku Yamamoto as Japan’s most prominent naval officer during WWII and the commander-in-chief of Japan’s Combined Fleet. Pearl Harbor,” the Britannica entry states. 1940 Tripartite Pact with Nazi Germany and fascist Italy,” according to Wikipedia.

Some news articles describe him as the “mastermind” behind Pearl Harbor, while also detailing his opposition to going to war with the United States. The renaming committee’s report on Fred Yamamoto to the board notes the shared surname with Isoroku Yamamoto and more than 60 other “notable Yamamoto’s, including artists, athletes, scientists and politicians. Meanwhile, other community members have galvanized around Fred Yamamoto, launching their own letter-writing campaign before last week’s board meeting. One of those people, Brad Shirakawa, called the fears about the name confusion “unfounded” and voiced his support for Fred Yamamoto on Monday.

Pearl Harbor, he decided to fight for the U. That’s why we’re all here today talking about it. The Recommending School Names committee has expressed a strong preference for naming the schools after people, and in particular for Yamamoto. The other names proposed are Ellen Fletcher, Frank Greene Jr. William Hewlett, Edith Johnson, Fred Yamamoto and Anna Zschokke.

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The geographic alternatives are Adobe Creek for Terman and Redwood Grove for Jordan. A majority on the school board — three out of five members — agreed last week that the schools should honor people rather than places. Todd Collins and Ken Dauber preferred places. In an email to a parent on Sunday, board member Melissa Baten Caswell wrote that using a “guilt by association” argument in opposition to Fred Yamamoto “is exactly the action that was used to remove Fred Yamamoto and his family from their home in Palo Alto and place them in a prison camp in Wyoming. Some parents have criticized one board member’s role in the divisive debate.

Don’t Miss Out on These 20 Software Options for Students with Learning Disabilities

Collins, who opposes using individuals’ names, wrote in one email that he was “disappointed” that the committee and perhaps other board members “seemed unaware” of the impact the Japanese surname could have on Chinese and East Asian families. Fred Yamamoto of course was a second generation Japanese-American, and Yamamoto is a common Japanese name, it is hard to explain to a child why that particular name is honored when our schools have so many ethnic Chinese students and families,” he wrote. It was also “unfortunate,” Collins wrote, that there were no Chinese or ethnic Asian members on the renaming committee. After reading this message, parent Michelle Higgins wrote to the board and interim Superintendent Karen Hendricks asking them to publicly censure Collins at the next board meeting. Collins is conducting himself in a way that will stir up resentment within a segment of the Chinese community and create further division within and between communities,” she wrote. Suggesting that a name is unacceptable because of its national origin is not a position that I would expect any board member to endorse.

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In an interview, Collins said that this was neither his intent nor position. This will bedevil us on any name,” he said. Whatever little upside there might be from inspirational names is in my mind wildly outweighed by the potential downsides and the divisiveness of the process. Out of seven secondary schools, five have been named after white men in district history: Terman, Jordan, Gunn High School, the now closed Cubberley High School and Wilbur Junior High School, which is now Jane Lathrop Stanford Middle School. People on both sides of the issue have said they feel saddened by the fissures in the community renaming has exposed. I encourage those of you in this room and I encourage the Board of Education to do something affirmatively about having these conversations so we can confront what it is we’re feeling.

Don’t Miss Out on These 20 Software Options for Students with Learning Disabilities

Eugenics is alive and well in Palo Alto. The essence of eugenics is to judge people by their heredity rather than their potential or contributions. An ancient form of this is to judge people by their tribe, clan, parentage or surname. The board decided to remove Fred Terman’s name from the school because of his name and now-disgraced father. Now, we find that a portion of the community is objecting to Fred Yamamoto on account of his surname shared with a Japanese admiral. The underlying truth here is that we should be treating these people, and everyone else, as individuals and not based on their heredity. Both Fred Terman and Fred Yamamoto are fully worthy of being honored with the their name on a school, or any other honor we might choose to give them.

Let’s recognize that this is eugenics in action and honor both of these individuals. TTurner Thank you for pointing this out. The story has been updated to reflect the correct year. The whole discussion about renaming the schools is a waste of time. The PAUSD should be concentrating on educating the students, and not discussing a name given to a school years ago. How can any student or person feel that a name of a school associated with a person who had biased beliefs affect their ability to learn. The history of this country is just that, our history.

There are good and honorable parts, and there are disgraceful parts. It is totally a waste of resources to change the school names. There is more important issues need to be addressed in PAUSD other than changing school names. WWII, are you going dump those cars? Why can’t you live with the schools that named after Lewis Terman, Fred Terman, David Starr Jordan? Racism–the community killer is a registered user. Let’s know and judge people as individuals who each make their own unique contributions to community.

Don’t Miss Out on These 20 Software Options for Students with Learning Disabilities

Surname or race does not define a individual. If we take nothing else away from this discussion, I hope we will take that. This is precisely why it would be better to not name the schools after people. Someone’s feelings will always get hurt and the only people happy will be the small special interest group behind the chosen name.

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Yamamoto for many in Asia is like choosing the name “Hitler” for a school attended by jewish students. Same argument applies in both cases. Charade, time to pull out the grammar textbook. Please stop name calling and start listening to what the real concerns are.

The whole renaming drama and others have stirred the community. No more divisions in Palo Alto please. Dan, can you explain why “Yamamoto” is viewed like choosing the name “Hitler”? According to the article, Isoroku Yamamoto planned the attack on Pearl Harbor, but was against the war in China and had no role in events there such as the Nanking massacre. What did he personally do in Asia that gets him, and his name, put on the same level as Hitler?

Real question, I don’t understand this. Wowthis is a huge waste of time! Just name the schools after a geographical feature. Redwood Grove, Adobe Creek or whatever.

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Look at the mess this whole renaming thing has created and then the Board wants to go and pick names that stir up such controversy. There are so many pressing issues that the PAUSD needs to address and this renaming schools fiasco is not one of them. And if we do go through with this waste of time and money let’s also consider, as you would when naming a child, how it “works” in daily use. It won’t just be on a sign somewhere. I go to Zschocke” or “GO ZSCHOCKE!

I say this from experience as someone with a less difficult name than that! GO YAMAMOTO” not really so great either. Both Fred Terman and Fred Yamamoto were admirable people whose contribution to Palo Alto and to society deserve to be memorialized in the name of the school. And who can forget the famous J. Fred Muggs, the chimp whose creative antics were featured on TV for many years. So the school would have a ready made mascot! This is why Chinese in particular will feel strongly against this choice which is associated with the Japanese Military circa WWII.

My view is NOT to name after ANY person if they feel the need to rename the schools. Never heard the story before about Fred Yamamoto. However it sure seems like a lovely and richly deserved honor to have our middle school named after him. It would also honor our wonderful and patriotic Japanese-American citizens who were treated so unfairly treated during WWII. He is a Paly grad, survived an internment camp, and has a purple heart. To prevent renaming a school because of someone’s last name is ridiculous.