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This year’s theme, “Protecting Our People Protects Our Mission,” continues to reinforce the idea that our people are our most important strategic resource extended Day that operational success depends on supporting our personnel, protecting our shipmates, and safeguarding team cohesion. Bellinger, in the Burgess-Dunne AH-10 seaplane, establishes a United States altitude record for seaplanes by ascending to 10,000 feet over Pensacola, Fla.

Stewart drops two depth charges and the explosions bring oil to the surface and the sub is declared a kill at the time, but it survives to surrender at the end of World War I. 39 off east central coast of Formosa, while the enemy warship is screening the towing of the wrecked Nisshin Maru. Bat missiles against Japanese shipping off Balikpapan, Borneo in the first combat use of the only automatic homing missile to be used in World War II. German submarine U 183 in the Java Sea. Warmer than normal daytime highs, dry conditions and light winds will be the weather story across Arizona for the next week. High pressure will dominate the west coast this week. A weak disturbance late Monday will bring a few high clouds into the state Tuesday but no relief from our climbing temperatures.

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We could see some cities in the Valley hit a high of 100 by midweek. For the high country expect your afternoons to be in the mid 70’s. This stagnant weather pattern will allow ozone levels to rise. Arizona Department of Environmental Quality has issued a Health Watch for Ozone Sunday, with a High Pollution Advisory possible Monday and another Health Watch for Tuesday.

Those who have respiratory issues or are especially sensitive to the effects should limit prolonged outdoor activity in Maricopa County during this time. You’re also encouraged to reduce driving and the use of gas powered equipment. Click to learn more about Ashlee. He worked as the morning meteorologist and host of the CBS morning show for eight years.

He has done more 1,000 live shots in our state and is considered by many as the concierge of the Valley. Royal Norman and his wife, Nancy, moved to Arizona in the summer of 1981. Click to learn more about Royal. Meteorologist Kim Quintero joined 3TV in February 2013. Click to learn more about Kim.

An Arizona native, born and raised in Mesa, and graduate of Arizona State University, Ian Schwartz is thrilled to be back in the Valley of the Sun. Click to learn more about Ian. Emmy Award-winning meteorologist April Warnecke joined 3TV in 2005. Click to learn more about April. It’s a big weekend here in the Valley as we celebrate the life of Pat Tillman and honor him and raise money for military members. I will be running with pride this weekend, after my brother Erich’s promotion that took place in Washington DC.

Rain is pretty much non-existent in Phoenix in May and June as we patiently await the arrival of the monsoon. The start of this year has been pretty rough when it comes to rain! Do you know what to do in an Arizona dust storm? It isn’t quite the monsoon season but that doesn’t mean we won’t see nasty dust storms in Arizona.

So if you are caught driving in a dust storm, do you know what to do? This week, we saw our first triple-digit day, about three weeks earlier than average. So what does that mean for the summer season ahead? On Tuesday, April 10, the thermometer at Sky Harbor Airport reached 100 degrees at 2:48 p. Like to keep an eye on the sky? Love to keep an eye on the sky? Just in time for the start of the monsoon season here in Arizona, there are some great opportunities to get involved in the meteorology community.

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Your browser’s Javascript functionality is turned off. Please turn it on so that you can experience the full capabilities of this site. Wedding favors are small gifts given as a gesture of appreciation or gratitude to guests from the bride and groom during a wedding ceremony or reception. Wedding Favors Collection is a lovely way to say thank you to your family, friends, and loved ones on your special day. Mikasa is a Lifetime Brands company. Second 60 Degree High of 2018? Blown Up Reloading and obstructed barrel warnings!

PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE! Subj: Shooting results Remington 750 Free Float Forearm. Hello from NC did finally get a chance to test out the new rigid front forearm for my new Remington 750. With out the solid forearm it would shoot about in a 1 foot circle, you could cover the groupings with a basket ball. Now with the new forearm is shoots 1 inch or better all day long. It took awhile to get the scope to get even close to hitting the paper.

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I had to install paper and more paper spacers under the scope to get in to bring the shoots up. All and all I am thrilled with the forearm, and I will send pictures of the grouping as soon as I get the new shims from Burris and get them installed and head back to the range. And they said the Remington 750 won’t shoot, also never had a jam or any malfunction as of yet. Have not shot it, but dry fired and I am impressed. I have two more 7600 triggers I plan to send to you for the same treatment.

PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITH OUT NOTICE! Balances the harmonics created by the bullet passing through the thinner factory barrel. The muzzle blast is directed forward. The stabilizer gives the appearance of the heavier bull barrel and the effect but not the added weight. 11 degree target crown when installing the barrel stabilizer and check the barrel for trueness.

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This option alone makes a big difference in the accuracy of these Remington rifles. The free float forearm is made of high grade aluminum and is hard anodized for strength. It includes two swivel studs one for a bi pod the other for your sling. Removes creep, Lightens trigger pull and includes a over travel take up screw. This is the Cadillac package and your rifle will shoot unbelievably better! Our satisfied customers are our proof! You asked for the tool and we now have it.

Offered in Matte Black or Matte Silver. 7600 Full rail arrived today, thanks again I am very happy, hope you guys get some time off these holidays. Thanks for supplying me with an awesome piece of equipment hope too and look forward to dealing with you guys in the new year. Will shoot better than factory accuracy.

Free Floats the barrel to remove pressure points which effect the barrel’s harmonics. These forearms will close your group size in most rifles drastically, Assuming that your barrel is not shot out. Machined from 6061 Aluminum Alloy then hard anodized for superior rigidity unlike cheap plastic forearms. These forearms allow for the most important part of the rifle, which is to mount the optics securely to a solid base. We have redesigned and added from our previous model more lightning cuts which reduce weight for a better balanced rifle. We have added more attachment points to the bottom and both sides of the forearm for accessory rails, sling swivel studs and bi pods.

Comes in a standard Overall length of 15. 5″ that is long enough to cover the factory gas block. Top rail’s come in two lengths which are integrated and machined into the forearm as one complete part for strength. The Full top rail is 15. 5″ for those who need more room for night vision scopes, Flip up open sights and more. 2″ higher than the stepped down portion of the forearm’s top. This allow’s for more clearance for the front objective of scopes.


One for the Bi-pod and one for the sling to attach to. Includes: One Allen wrench, 4 mounting screws and one rear trim screw for elevation adjustments. NOTE: The model 742 will require some minor fitting. It is very easy for the do it yourself type of person. Order Screw and Tap kit below. Our product will not fix a worn out, shot out, out of spec bore dimension or defective barrel. There are times when a new barrel replacement would be warranted.

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Left front side rails and 4″ bottom rail. Left front side rails and 6″ bottom rail. The model 742 requires some minor fitting. They fit bottom or sides of forearms. I was a little skeptical about the price of the for-end, but when I received it and looked it over I was instantly happy with my purchase. Tight tolerances and generous wall thickness in the for-end was something I wasnt expecting. Although it is much heavier than I expected – it is definitely worth the extra weight for the rigidity it offers.

It fit my rifle perfectly with no slop or play whatsoever. I tried again with Hornady Superformance 165gr. After installing everything I headed to the range. Just for fun I fired 6 rounds at 100 yds using a 2X doubler on the red dot. I couldn’t believe it when I approached the target – all six rounds were in a 2. This instantly made my purchase worth while.

It was disturbing to me that now my rifle was more accurate with a red dot than it was with a 9x scope and the old for-end. I can only assume that the new for-end coupled with a decent scope would perform 1 MOA without strain. I was actually thinking of getting rid of this gun before I found your product – it was not accurate at all. Semi auto is no advantage if they are spraying into the bush.

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I couldn’t be more happier with the performance and results. My gun looks like a different rifle all together. I am very please with my purchase and i will be doing business with your company again in the near future. I must say I couldn’t be happier with your product.

The install was easy and the results, even with the factory barrel, have been great. Looking at the pictures on your web site gave me a couple of ideas of my own. I had a spare Mesa Tactical High Tube adapter for my 870 laying around and put it on my 7400 along with a CAA adjustable butt stock. I’m quite pleased with the result but I am going to swap out the high tube setup with a low tube adapter so I can mount an adjustable cheek piece on the butt stock. I’ve attached a couple of pictures so you can see what I’ve done.

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Complete bolt handle just re-use your factory retaining pin. Replaces the factory Operating Handle that bites into your hand when cocking the bolt. Gives the shooter a comfortable feel and larger surface area for easy cocking of the bolt. Operating Handle Retaining Pin is Not included. If movies do not play your browser does not support the Video Tag.

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You can update your browser or click on the link below the movie to watch it in a different formate. Warning All Brakes Should be Installed by a competent gunsmith! If not you will get a bullet strike which we are not responsible for! Is the side view above left. Is the angled side view with the small 3 top ports visible. Is Looking down at the top of the muzzle brake with the 3 small top holes fully visible.

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There are no bottom holes which makes the muzzle brake a good choice for prone shooters. 293″ at the front and . 950″ at the rear tapered end. This brake not only nullifies the rearward motion, But also keeps the muzzle linear so your target stays in the sight picture in your scope. 8 x 24 TPI Threads Only. Brake must be indexed for proper alignment of holes. Offered in bullet exit hole size of.

340″ for 30 calibers which can be opened for larger calibers. Please specify size when ordering below. We can open up the exit hole here for other size calibers or you can have your gunsmith do this for you will when they install your brake. If you are not sure of the caliber call before ordering. 750 or less at the muzzle.

925″ at the front and . 710″ at the rear tapered end which can be faced off to fit a . 16 x 24 TPI Threads Only. Offered in bullet exit hole sizes of. Which can be opened for other calibers by your gunsmith.

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We can open up the exit hole here for other size calibers for or you can have your gunsmith do this for you will when they install your brake. 32 – 360 Degree Counter opposing exhaust ports. Brake does not have to be Timed or indexed so it can be screwed right on the existing threads with no additional gunsmithing. This brake not only nullifies the rearward motion but adds comfort to the shooter.

If Gunsmith installation is required to thread your barrel we do offer that service. Bullet exit hole sizes of . 250″ for 223 calibers can be opened for larger calibers . 340″ for 30 caliber’s can be opened for larger calibers as well. Can be Special ordered by phone, in which we will open to the desired caliber.

The existing bullet exit ports can be opened by your gunsmith when they are installed. NO added noise like other muzzle brakes. Minimum OD the brake can be turned down to is . 750″ the larger front OD is . For those wanting to shoot prone and no dust imprint. 2 Small top ports for downward thrust. No dust for those wanting to shoot prone.

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