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Feathertouch International forward this error screen to 204. Bad Request There was an error in your request. Celestron 93515 Catalog Canon binoculars instruction manual.

Page 2: Table Of Contents ABLE OF ONTENTS Accessories — General AC Adapters . 93512-A This useful adapter attaches to the center hinge of most high quality binoculars, allowing you to mount them to any tripod equipped with a standard vibration-free viewing, this adapter conveniently sets your hands free for other tasks while observing. 18769 the cigarette lighter receptacle of your car, for a quick and easy DC power source in one step. 93513 This durable, heavy-duty mount is carefully designed to attach easily to your car window and provide stable, vibration-free support for binoculars, telephoto lenses and spotting scopes.

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Page 6 YEPIECES Economy Eyepieces: . 96″ and Celestron offers these very economical eyepieces to expand your viewing options. 96″ and 1 In a recent Sky and Telescope review, Celestron’s . 96″ and 1 ” Plössl eyepieces were rated as top ranking, and found to outperform many similar, but more expensive eyepieces. Celestron offers these premium eyepieces at affordable prices, yet they’re among the best designed and corrected eyepieces available.

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All focal lengths have a comfortable 20mm of eye relief. Page 9: Ultima Spotting Scope, Eyeguard Set Ultima Spotting Scope Eyepieces Extremely high quality eyepieces designed exclusively for the Ultima line of spotting scopes. Page 10: Barlow Lenses ARLOW ENSES Barlow lenses offer an easy, economical way to increase the magnification range of your eyepieces, and Celestron carries an assortment of these highly useful lenses. A Barlow lens doubles the magnifying power of your eyepiece by doubling its effective focal length. Page 11: Diagonals IAGONALS Diagonals: . 96″ and 1 Celestron’s Erect Image Diagonals are an Amici prism design. Page 12: Finderscopes INDERSCOPES Finderscopes are secondary scopes, used to help locate objects in the main telescope.

The larger the finderscope, the more you’ll see, to an upper limit of 50mm. Units larger than 50mm have too narrow a field of view to be useful. Finderscopes mount onto the main telescope tube and are an invaluable tool in locating objects for viewing. Page 13 Star Pointer can be used during daytime observing as well. It’s also a handy guide when using binoculars. Star Pointer for use on different telescopes. Page 14: Eyepiece ILTERS Eyepiece filters are an invaluable aid in lunar and planetary observing.

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They reduce glare and light scattering, increase contrast through selective filtration, increase definition and resolution, reduce irradiation and lessen eye fatigue. Celestron’s filters are made of high quality, solid plane parallel glass with excel- lent homogeneity. Improves the Martian maria by reducing scattered light from blue areas, while allowing passage of more green light for studying yellow dust clouds. Increases visibility of the Great Red Spot.

Useful for observing the low-contrast hues of blue and red that exist in the Jovian atmosphere. Excellent for increased contrast of Martian polar caps, low clouds and yellowish dust storms. 93608 Ambient daylight is normally comprised of multiple wavelengths of light, vibrating in multiple planes. The Eyepiece Polarizing Filter Set transmits only light moving along a specific plane, thereby increasing the contrast between surfaces with different planar transmissions.

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You can see sunspots and the mottled areas known as granules with these filters. In addition to reducing the intensity of the sun’s visible light, they also block 99. Filters are designed to selectively reduce the transmission of certain wavelengths of light, specifically those produced by artificial light. This includes mercury, and both high and low pressure sodium vapor lights. 2x and 4x sidereal speeds are available through the included hand controller. They keep a guide star stationary during long exposures to avoid star trailing.

94175 This combination focal reducer and field corrector lens accessory works with all Celestron C5, C8, C9 , C11 and C14 telescopes. This clever accessory makes it possible to have a dual focal ratio instrument, without sacrificing image quality. Celestar 8, both for astrophotography and CCD imaging. It’s also great for observing, where it serves to make centering objects easier. Provides easy centering and guiding on both axes. Page 24: Counterweights, Lens Shades Counterweights Using accessories such as cameras, Lens Shades, Tele-Extenders and the 2″ Diagonal will affect the balance of your Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope.

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Counterweights restore proper balance, increasing ease in handling and improved tracking accuracy. You don’t need perfect balance to operate your telescope. Page 25: T-adapters And T-rings Celestron T-Adapter. Models available: Canon Canon EOS Minolta Minolta Maxxum If you own an older camera with a thread mount, it will probably accept the Pentax Universal Thread Mount T-Ring.

93643 The Deluxe Tele-Extender for Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes is a hollow tube that allows you to attach a camera to your telescope, with an eyepiece installed. By using the Deluxe Tele- Extender in combination with an eyepiece, you can increase your instrument’s effective focal length to well over 10,000mm! This pointing system contains a database of over 10,000 objects. Once aligned, it will guide you to any one of these objects.

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The Celestron Planisphere makes it easy to locate stars for observing and is a great planet finder as well. The result: a fantastic three dimensional effect when observing many celestial objects. The Stereo Binocular Viewer greatly improves contrast and definition on lunar, planetary and solar subject matter as well as on deep sky objects. Page 30 ” x 20 threaded hole. The Photo Tripod provides stable support for video cameras, telephoto lenses, spotting scopes and binoculars.


93591-A Designed for Celestron’s C5 telescope, this rigid, metal tripod weighs less than 10 lbs. It can be used with the Celestar 8 telescope when high portability is required. Page 32: Equatorial Wedges QUATORIAL For optimal performance in astronomical observing that involves setting circles or motorized tracking, Celestron’s telescopes with a fork mount and motor drive must be mounted on an Equatorial Wedge. 91503 A durable, rigid, German equatorial mount with a wooden tripod, offering both affordability and high quality. Designed as an excellent and inex- pensive upgrade option when you’re ready to move to a sturdier mount for your beginning telescope.

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4″ to Length of Base The riser is attached to the OTA side of the focuser Use with  2. 5″ DRAW TUBE TRAVEL, BRAKE, AND COMPRESSION RING Draw Tube Travel 1. Never should you worry about achieving razor sharp focus again! Takahashi 1:7 Micro Edge Focuser upgrade for achieving finer focusing adjustment. Recommended for both visual and imaging applications.

William Optics Diffraction Spikes is an ultra high optical transmission Bahtinov mask which produces the clearest, brightest and longest diffraction spikes facilitating focusing with ease and accuracy. We produce any customised PVC articles such as ringbinders, folders, mousepads, diaries, menu covers, bill folders, travel wallets and many more. Manufacturing of mill spouting, equipment and machinery. Manufactures pieces in practically any shape or size. We are also able to offer a number of different surface finishes and colours depending on the shape and size. A South African manufacturing firm which supplies most industries with metal pressed products, ranging from piano hinges to belt buckles. Manufacturer of a large range of refractory products.

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South African clothing manufacturer of knitwear and sportswear garments. We design and manufacture Switchboards, Motor Control Centers, AC Variable Speed Drives, Programmable Logic Controllers, SCADA and systems. The leading supplier of electrical and mechanical carbon products to all facets of industry. Manufacturers of industrial, protective and medical clothing, as well as hospital linen and karate suits. Located in East London, South Africa. Product mould supplier to strong brands in the pharmaceutical, food, industrial, beverage and personal care markets.

Blent plant manufacturing industrial and automotive lubricants using virgin base oils and additives. SA based company that sources its most essential raw materials locally, and matches international standards and requirements. Manufactures of stainless steel products such as stainless braais, stainless catering and health equipment, stainless furniture and household products. Producers of flexible polyurethane foam and processed polyester fibre for the furniture, bedding, packaging and insulation industries. Manufacturers and refurbishers of mini sub stations and fibreglass metering boxes. Vital Engineering have established a reputation for quality and service in the manufacture of all types of gratings, stair treads, pressed floors and safety handrails.