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2018 Sporting News Media and its licensors. Your boat will be added asap. 6″ Atlas hydraulic, Helix9 DI, Helix9 SI, MK Ulterra. 19 Merc Spitfire X7, Helix 12si Chirp, Hook4x, MK Ulterra. Great boat except for front livewell, should have been storage.

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Propshaft is 6″ below the pad. A great river boat and fun to fish out of. Looking for a little more speed, have played with engine height some, got to be some left. If anyone has this combo and has info that will help please let me know.

Just picked it up a couple of weeks ago, only had time to clean it up, not in the water yet. I can’t find a scratch anywhere, not even on the keel. Looks like it was never used. Tires don’t look like they have many miles on them. My first “real” bass boat and I’m in love.

Jon boats are great but I didn’t know what I was missing. Boat was a wedding present from my grandfather. I fully intend to pass it down to my boys when the day comes. I need to install a tach to get the setup right and I believe there are a couple more mph in her. Wanna get a bigger boat soon though. It needs a jackplate because you can only trim the motor up a little.

If I had a jackplate I’m sure this boat would run 36-38 mph. 24 Raker, 6″ CMC jackplate, Eagle 642, Humminbird 565, OMC TM. The most custom Bass Tracker you will ever see. Every accessory or upgrade done by owner.

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Love this boat, fishes great and hauls serious ass for a 18′ aluminum. Found this boat at a garage sale. The buy bought it new and got too old to fish out of it. Had to do a little cleaning and a carb rebuild. Project boat, swapped  motor and trolling motor from previous boat, increased rod storage length, added carpeting to storage areas and other things will be done as time and money allow. Good solid fishing rig with lots of room and storage. 2000 and it looked like it just rolled off the showroom floor.

Guy I bought it from was the only owner and it sat in a garage a long time. I changed the TM for the new I-Pilot and it was worth every penny! Boat planes fast and can move around in about a foot of water. Brand new boat and trailer with swing tongue.

Boat never on water, it is a factory replacement for defective 2006 Tracker Targa SC 17. 25 Trophy Plus, Garmin 430, 535. I started with a 23 Tempest Plus. I tried several 4 blade props and found that I gained about 2 mph with the 25 Trophy Plus. It also helped with steering and stability at top speeds.

Got one of the last ones ever built! Great boat, originally bought the boat with a 2008 150 EFI, but after the first time on the water brought it back to Bass pro Shops and had them repower with the 2009 Optimax, then I changed the prop from the original 24 Laser to the 25 Tempest, what a difference, gained 10 mph. I just bought this rig for my wife and I to have some safe fishing trips in our old age. I don’t have a book and the trim at the console is not working. It looks like it had the wires cut as they are laying under the seat.

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Can anyone direct me to a book or tell me how to check and fix trim at console. Trim on the motor works fine. Easy to trailer by myself, gets into shallow areas with no worries. Wish it was faster with a better holeshot but what should I expect from a 40 horse.

First boat, free as a result of me and partner winning a tournament. Partner got a 2010 Ranger and I got his old boat. 33 mph not that fast but I smile ear to ear every time I look at it. Merc prop, Humminbird 727, Motorguide TM. Just got this rig handed down to me from the father in law when he ran across a deal on a Blazer 202 ProV. Looking to maximize the setup, any info would be great. I’m looking for any info on same model Tracker that had dual consoles.

I’d like to add one on mine. Couldn’t ask for a better first bassboat! Excellent boat as I grow older – had big glass before. Love the huge decks and accessories. Also love the 60 hp 4-stroke. 22″ Laser II, Humminbird 596C, Motorguide TM. Not a fast boat nor is it big.

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Great boat, looking to upgrade soon. I love this tournament walleye edition of this boat. Great boat for fishing leisure to tournaments. 23″ Tempest Plus, Garmin 535, 430, Motorguide 6700. 19″ Evinrude prop, Humminbird 575, Motorguide TM. If so, are you propped differently?

Starting to think I need a new ride. 12″ Merc prop, Lowrance 522C, X37, Motorguide. It sat in a garage for 7 years unused. Great outfit, just like it came from the dealer.

Any info about this boat would be appreciated. It is a Tracker 23 fiberglass cuddy cabin 23. It is a beautiful boat but I can’t find any info. SS prop, manual jackplate, Eagle depth finder. I bought the boat in March. Also added a 2nd and 3rd battery and charger.

I fish a lot of tournies from this boat and love it! Not expensive and has everything that I want in a boat. Propshaft is 4″ below the pad. 17″ Merc prop, Eagle Cuda 250 GPS, Motorguide 46.

Needs some TLC to get in fishing shape. I am looking for an owners manual for my boat. Any ideas on a new prop? I’m running a stock tracker 19″ aluminum.

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Has anyone else had this problem? It does not seem like a very reliable setup. Propshaft is 2″ above the pad. 4ing, best boat in my club. Upgraded trolling motor and the livewell.

20 yrs old when I bought it. It is definitely the most fun boat to drive. Great boat wouldn’t trade it for nothing. 52 on the speedo – one of them is probably right. Has been a great boat since I bought it new. Runs about 30-31 WOT with the 50 Merc on it.

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An actualy better ride with the TV18! 2000 Pro 175SE for this boat. 21″ Trophy Plus, jackplate, Lowrance X47 EX. Unbelievable condition for a 16 year old boat. Normal full load speed is 44. I have totally rebuilt this boat.

1983, I grew up fishing in this boat. Motor is mounted in 2nd hole. Excellent boat for the money, few minor complaints. Leaks BADLY but I love it anyways. I love my boat but it leaks. I told them I want a new hull.

Beautiful boat that runs very smooth. 42″ livewell, single console, lighted compass. I fill the front livewell with approx. 2nd owner of this boat, love the engine. The boat seems to take on a lot of water. My stock stereo just went out.

Please send me an e-mail and let me know when your boat is sold. Lowrance LMS522, Mark 5X Pro at bow, charger, hot foot, butt seat. Side View bow and indash, hot foot, powdercoated trailer and too much more to list. Boat looks like new and has approx.

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Call Tommie: 386-328-4510 or 904-295-4608 cell. Too many details to list, please call or email. Call Gary: 276-365-6050 or email for more information. Lowrance X52 at console, X50 at bow, hot foot, charger, bike seat, Triton cover. Call Carl: 251-327-2388 or email for more details. Fury prop, Hi Jacker manual jackplate, MG Digital 36V, two HDS12 Gen3’s with Point1 antenna. They are ready for the new fish reveal update.

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Both units set up by FLW Pro Brandon Hunter. All batteries either new or 1 year old. New brakes and pads on trailer in last year. Call Craig: 618-967-8528 or email for more information. XM ready, lighted rubrail for night fishing, custom cover. Call Brian: 804-721-9957 or email for more details.

Motorguide 24V, HDS10 console, HDS7 Gen2 bow. Boat is in overall good condition and clean. 300 hours, most of which are mid to low rpm. Call Nick: 706-650-7706 or email for more information. HB998 SI at console, HB958c at bow, Lowrance Elite5 indash, 8′ Power Poles, KVD Hydrowave, 3 bank charger. Boat is in good shape and runs excellent! Call Keith: 515-681-9978 or email for more information.

Helix10 Gen2’s at console and bow, HB transducers, AGM 31 group batteries, Smartcraft, keel guard. Motor currently has 30 hours with 3 years warranty left. Garage kept and in perfect condition. Text Tommy: 205-412-8871 or email for more details. HDS12 Gen2 dash, HDS7 bow, 12′ Talons. Call Sales: 936-465-5551 or email for more information.

Motorguide TM, HDS7 at console, Elite5 at bow, led lights in compartments. Boat is in good condition, always garage kept. Carpet is in decent shape but not perfect. Motor has 426 hours, 5 hours on new powerhead with 1 year warranty.

Everything works and is ready to fish. Call Chris: 409-748-5657 or email for more details. Call Randy: 918-935-6818 or email for more information. XM, MK Talon, 4 bank charger, 2 butt seats, 2 folding seats, full cover. Only 150 hours, no time to fish.

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Call Bob: 724-366-2906 or email for more details. HDS5’s front and console, bike seat, folding seat. New tires, oil bath floating hubs. Carpet and all seats in excellent condition. Call Terry: 251-591-4506 or email for more details.

Foot Locker KY

Pilot link, Humminbird 10 SI Mega, Humminbird 9 sonar, 5 port box, all linked together, padded deck, bike seat, 10′ Black Talon, tournament livewell, MK PC 3 bank charger, retractable rod straps, keel guard, Black boat cover. Call Sales: 715-247-2460 or email for more details. Brand New never registered, full warranties. HDS12 Carbons at console and bow, Bassmaster Classic Edition, dual pro trim, custom colors, 4 bank charger, oxygenator, Rockstar blacked out wheels, upgraded trailer package.

Call Cody: 501-815-3058 or email for more information. Call Jimmy: 256-771-3794 or email for more details. Call Sales: 704-764-3910 or 704-238-7032 cell. Brand New, never been in the water. Call Debra: 409-622-0109 or email for more details. Call Rose: 973-229-9795 home, 973-905-1823 cell. 3 trolling batteries 1 year old, charger, remote oil fill, Attwood travel cover, 2 sit down seats, pro pole.