Hand and Feet Activities & Fun Ideas for Kids

Hand and Feet Activities & Fun Ideas for Kids

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This is a fun game to play with one of your friends at lunch or just on a boring day when there is nothing else to do. One of you draws 5 dots in any pattern that you want. Your friend then has to somehow figure out how to draw a hand and Feet Activities & Fun Ideas for Kids out of those 5 dots. This will bring on a ton of laughs.

Prepare the picture before you meet up with your friends. Use white crayon on white paper or yellow crayon on yellow paper, etc. This way the drawing will be invisible. Give your friends some watercolor paints in several colors.

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Tell them that the magic picture will appear when the picture is painted over with the wet brush. Your friend will love when the picture appears. If you have a tablecloth on your table, a glass, and a few coins in your pocket, then today is the perfect day to try a trick out on your friends. Turn a glass upside down and have it stand on top of 2 coins, as you can see in the picture above.

Hand and Feet Activities & Fun Ideas for Kids

Put a 3rd coin under the elevated cup. Ask one of your friends to try to get the coin out without touching the glass. When none of your friends can figure out how to do this. The first player places a toothpick on top of a bottle. The object of the game is to keep on piling toothpicks on the bottle without knocking any off. If a player disturbs the pile so that a toothpick rolls off, he loses the round and his opponent scores 1 point.

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All the toothpicks are then removed and a new toothpick tower is started. The player who scores 10 points first, wins the game. You can start this trick out by balancing a playing card on the tip of your pointing finger. Now hit the card with a pencil or a ruler and the card will fly away quickly, leaving only the nickel balanced on your finger. If you are able to do this, next try to just snap your finger directly forward to fling the card away. It is a hard thing to master. This is a lot of fun to do.

Ask your parents if it would be okay to draw on your hand before playing this game though. If they are okay with it, then clench your hand into a fist. With your knuckles facing up and your thumb covering your other fingers, draw a face on your hand. Draw the mouth on the thumb and pointer finger, as pictured above. Draw the nose and eyes right above the mouth.

CRAFTS FOR KIDS : Fun Art Activities Below you will find some fun crafts ideas that are all quick and easyfor kids to make with materials that you most likely have just sitting around the house. None of the following crafts will take your children a lot of time to do, and they are all great boredom busters for those rainy days when your youngsters are just stuck inside watching tv. You will need the following crafts materials. 2″ x 8″, scissors, pencil, , crayons, 1 small pad of paper, one 10″ piece of string, 1 small pencil, and paste. Find a lid, such as a jelly jar lid. Use the cap to trace around the kids’ faces.

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Then glue it into the cap. Tape a safety pin to back of cap or if Mom is around ask her to help you hot glue a pin to the back of the pin. Your Dad can then put this on his shirt to show off his kids all Dad. Your Dad will love this ‘Best Dad’ Trophy for Father’s Day.

Hand and Feet Activities & Fun Ideas for Kids

He will feel like he is the best Dad in the entire world. All you have to do is find 2 plastic cups and glue them together. To make the handles, all you have to do are cut 2 circles. Fold them in half and then cut a half circle out of one of the sides of the circle. Then fold the solid side in half. That is the part that you glue to each side of the cup. This is a great gift to give to Dad for Father’s Day.

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He can put this handprint paper weight on his desk to hold down his papers. Roll the clay out flat and then just press your hand down into the clay firmly. With a toothpick you can write your name and age as well as a message to your Dad or you can do that in paint later when you paint the hand print. Do your children disappear as soon as the last present is unwrapped? Dreaming of a Christmas day doing fun activities as a family? The editors of My Kids’ Adventures have searched the web to find 12 perfect pastimes that can be packaged up and presented under the tree.

In this article, I’ll show you how easy it is to give the gift of time spent together with a dozen ideas for fun-filled activities. Pick one your kids will love, print it out, package it up and play! What do your kids really need from you this Christmas? Their lists may be filled with overpriced electronics and noisy plastic toys, but half of those will probably be abandoned before the ball drops on New Year’s and the other half may cause your children to abandon you to a beeping screen. A gift that would strengthen your family’s relationship and create fun memories without breaking the bank would be so much better. And many prepackaged craft or experiment kits look great on the outside of the box, but are pretty lean on instructions and materials when you look inside. Our prepackaged terrarium kit was disappointing and expensive.

It was easy to make our own. On a whim, I investigated terrariums online. I was able to learn what supplies we’d need to make one ourselves so I purchased the supplies, cut and pasted some photos and instructions to make a cute card and wrapped it all up with a bow. Of all the presents he received, this was my son’s favorite! And I don’t think it’s because he loved the terrarium. He loved that we created it together a few days later.

Wouldn’t it be great to make the holidays memorable and create something together with your kids? Give your kids activities to do together as gifts. They may like those presents best of all. It’s easy—My Kids’ Adventures has done the legwork for you.

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12 activities your family can do together that can be packaged as gifts. You’ll have everything you need to play or create or experiment together. Hint: When you print instructions to include with a gift, be sure to check the website for a beautiful image of the finished product. Copy and paste the image onto your instruction card.

When your child sees what they’re going to make, they’ll get more excited. Marketers do this all the time with their packaging, and so can you! 1: Paper Dolls Remember playing paper dolls as a kid? We fell in love with these fun 3-D cone-shaped paper dolls from Mr. You can download them for free and introduce the joy of unlimited wardrobe and accessories to your kids—no tabs required! Cone Girls paper dolls are fun to make.

Hand and Feet Activities & Fun Ideas for Kids

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Print out several different outfits and accessories for hours of dress-up fun. You’ll find links for downloadable dolls and lots of different outfits. The Winter Cone Girls collection is shown here. Be sure to check out their spring clothing and special holiday collections for hours of dress-up fun all year long. Print out the dolls and dresses in advance and wrap them up in a shallow gift box with lots of tissue paper. Put a note inside to let your kids know how much you’re looking forward to playing paper dolls together.

2: Constellation Night Light Kids young and old are fascinated by the stars in the night sky. Bring the constellations to their bedrooms with this fantastic star jar night-light shared by Gabrielle Blair of Design Mom. Kids will love sleeping under the stars with a constellation night-light you make together. Check their website for easy-to-follow instructions. Wrap the Gift-It materials in a large gift bag. You could also cut the base of the pan out in advance, roll it up and put it in the jar with the other materials and wrap the jar in some festive paper for a cylinder-shaped gift that will keep them wondering. Include a note to tell your kids how excited you are to make the star jar light together and a promise to read a bedtime story under their new starry ceiling!

Hand and Feet Activities & Fun Ideas for Kids

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In addition, you could include some age-appropriate facts and activities about stars. Note: Punching in actual constellations is awesome, but not required to have a wonderful experience. 3: Slime What kid doesn’t like slime? Make slime together with a recipe from Steve Spangler Science. My Kids’ Adventures first published Steve’s 5 great slime recipes for Halloween, but the gooey stuff is just as fun for Christmas. Slime is sticky, gooey fun any time of year.

Print out the holiday slime instructions and wrap them up with the glue, borax and a container to store the slime in when it’s finished. You can order these cute miniature garbage cans online, use a container you’ve already got at home or recycle a butter tub. Idea: Put all of your slime ingredients in a plastic tub or mixing bowl and wrap in a clear bag. Put tissue paper in the bag to obscure the items inside.

Punch a hole and attach the gift tag to a wrapping ribbon on the outside. When your kids see they get to make slime with you, they’ll be feeling the joy. 4: Bracelets Bracelets are so much fun to make, wear and give that we’ve included two styles: choose either classic friendship bracelets or the thicker survivor paracord bracelets that are all the rage right now. Your kids will love either style. Friendship bracelets are an old classic your kids will love as much as you did.

We love that these instructions we found at Design Mom were written by a kid—Gabrielle’s daughter, Mimi. That’s proof that this is a fun and kid-friendly activity your children will enjoy. If you’d like a larger-sized gift, clip the thread to the clipboard and wrap it in a box. Include a note telling your child what you’ll be making out of this floss together. Hint: Give more than four colors of floss and this could keep your kids engaged designing bracelets all day! You’re sure to be the recipient of a few for giving such a fun gift!

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You could also include some decorative paper and modgepodge to decorate an inexpensive, plain clipboard. This video shows you how to easily make a paracord bracelet. Paracord bracelets use the same knot as the friendship bracelets above, but different materials result in a much different-looking bracelet. We found this how-to video from Ms. Your kids will get a kick out of learning from another kid. Wrap the paracord and buckle in a small box with a note explaining what you’ll be making together.

Be sure to bookmark the video on your computer or mobile before the big day. 5: Robots With Moveable Parts If you want a boutique-quality activity gift, this is for you. Caravan Shoppe comes up with consistently beautiful designs. You’ll love these professional downloads designed by Melanie Burke and your kids will love to play with the Ollibot Robots long after you make them together. Since the PDF includes designs for six robots, consider this activity if you have multiple children or are looking for an activity to do at a family party. Make these cool movable robots with your kids. Download the printables for six different robots, buy the supplies from the list provided with the download and follow their detailed instructions to connect the movable robots with your choice of snaps, magnets or Velcro.

If you are giving this activity to multiple children, divide up the blocks and connectors for each robot. Put the printable, blocks and connectors for each robot in its own box or gift bag and wrap it up. Be sure to include an image of this cool robot project in the gift! Tip: Be sure to order early enough for the blocks to ship before Christmas. 6: Sewing Kit and Sewing Projects Got kids who might be interested in sewing? Boys and girls love to create things from fabric.

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Here are ideas for a sewing kit and some simple sewing projects you can do together from Jessica at Sew Homegrown. Inspire a love of sewing by making a sewing kit together. You can make this simple sewing kit with a clever built-in pincushion to reflect your child’s favorite colors or style. Place all the sewing notions in the mason jar, wrap it with some fabric your child will like, and tie with a fabric ribbon.

The wrap is part of the gift! Include a note about a sewing project you’ll work on together. Maybe one of the projects below. Help your child pursue his or her interest in sewing by finding some projects to work on together. Tip: You can customize the mason jar with supplies for a project you choose in advance.

Either way, it’s an adorable gift! Teach your kids to stitch with a simple stuffed animal project like this Friendly Fox from Boulder Bear Works on Etsy. They have lots of animals to choose from. Kits include all the materials needed to teach kids age 6 and up to sew. Made with fabric scraps and stuffed with old cut-up t-shirts, this project is a lesson in recycling as well as machine sewing.