Here’s even MORE work lunch ideas from fellow bloggers.

Here’s even MORE work lunch ideas from fellow bloggers.

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It says right in the blog that he does construction here’s even MORE work lunch ideas from fellow bloggers.. Also he manages his own rental houses. That doesn’t sound like retirement to me.

I think he’s making it all up. Yes, he has a nice nest egg. But I suspect he’ll be working for a good part of the year. That’s what I asked more than a year ago, when first alerted to the presence of a large number of people who I’ve never met, who were carefully and yet completely inaccurately speculating about the life and times of Mr.

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In principle you can only participate in certain pre-approved retirement activities such as beach-sitting, staring out the window, and receiving visits from your grandchildren. Think twice before doing anything that’s not on this list! The IRP does grant one exemption should you become bored with the activities above. You can work for a nonprofit organization. Make sure you’re not getting paid though even if you have to plead your case with the CEO to put in special exemptions.

Accepting money obviously means you didn’t do your retirement-math and that you ran out of money a couple of years after retiring. After all, what other obvious explanation could there be? Just to be clear: You’re most definitely NOT allowed to be a kayak-instructor in your retirement. While it may sound like a fun job that you picked yourself even if you didn’t have to, the keyword is J-O-B. You can, however, spend a Saturday morning dressed up as an elephant handing out fliers and free lemonade at the entrance.

Next, I feel like I should warn MMM readers lest they stumble into the retirement pitfall of saving money by living frugally. According to the IRP saving money IS a full time job and—try to follow this—since you can’t have a job and be retired, you are not allowed to save money in retirement. You see, if you save money by doing your own cooking, you’re now WORKING as a cook, thus no longer retired. The IRP would like you to take this to its extreme logical conclusions, e.

Disclaimer: All examples are taken from real world cases as presented to me by the IRP. I immediately Tweeted out a link to it, sending a warning shot across the bow of the Early Retirement Police Boat. And now, at long last, we are going to sink it for good. If I can somehow suppress my urge to build things and sit inside, THEN will I be retired? What about if I work only on my own house? What if this is less fun?

What if I subsequently do a bunch of research on REIT funds and allocate my investment across several, rebalancing occasionally? If I take down the remaining ads, THEN can I be retired? Or is the work involved the issue? Would I be retired if I had a robot that wrote the blog for me, but I collected the revenue?

Or what if I still did the writing, but I did it only while sitting on the beach while being fed intravenously? Would I be more retired than if I wrote it from my couch at home as I do now? It’s a shame we don’t have a better name for all this stuff we’re doing as Mustachians. Can we invent a new word for it? News Flash: the perfect word has already been invented.

Are you ready to hear it? It’s perfect just as it is. You can then proceed to do whatever you want, as long as you do it consciously and of your own accord. If you meet this condition, and you feel retired, congratulations, you are.

Early Childhood Education (Birth – Age 5)

Retired probably does not mean you sit at home watching TV, venturing out only for medication or a motorized-cart-aided round of golf. This is a subset of retirement, but only a very special case of it, for those with very advanced age or limited mobility. Retired means different things to different people. But one of the rules of Mustachianism is that if someone tells you they are retired, you do not question them. There may be times of extreme productivity and late nights, and other times of  dormancy. Or it can be completely different.

You don’t actually have to live off the income, it just has to be there. Retirement, of which Early Retirement is just a special case. Money Mustache get to define it? Because I have the biggest Early Retirement blog. Only at this point would the torch be passed and the definition of Retired be up for discussion. Thousands of the Mustachians who read this blog are already Retired.

And all of them have fists brandished in case the Internet Retirement Police dare to show their faces around the Internet again. Next Post: Weekend Edition: Why are you Writing this Blog, Anyway? An Interview with Matt Cutts: Can the Government grow a Money Mustache? Retired: the ability to tell assholes to go fuck themselves and not worry about getting evicted because you do.

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7 kids and tutor at the homeless teen center on the weekends. Our national psyche would be far better if we could get over this idea that what you DO and what you get PAID for are always one and the same. J Collins calls it that and he guest posted here on MMM awhile back with that in his post. I picked up the term from an old James Clavell novel a couple of decades back.

Here’s even MORE work lunch ideas from fellow bloggers.

Haha that domain name is going to be registered faster than I can post this comment! Nope, it’s still available, but I’m sorely tempted, for a laugh! Domain still available, I give it an hour! Yeah, I get quite a bit of that myself although my site is not quite as popular as MMM.

Here are some of the usual comments I get from the IRP. You wife still works so you can’t be retired. You are a stay a home dad so you’re not retired. Anyway, I usually just ignore most of them, but perhaps I’ll brandish a fist of fury to the next IRP who shows up my way.

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I’m way too mellow for that. I think it’s really that people want an excuse for why they haven’t retired. I have to be honest with you retire by 40, I strive for early retirement but I really don’t think we are there yet because my wife stays at home and we aren’t yet able to live without my income, completely forever, though we could for a long while. So it’s hard for most people to call one spouse staying at home retirement, when that has been going on like normal for decades. I’m with Erica on this one. It seemed like Jacob had a problem with so many complainypants talking about it. Really, let these assholes go fuck themselves.

Reminds me of when I gave up drinking for six months. The hardest bit was justifying to people why you weren’t drinking, not the actual no drinking bit itself. I can switch my job to part time and I only need to do one day a year to keep it active, which I will likely do. So to anyone that asks, I have just switched to part time work. I am retired, but feel free to substitute Financially Independent instead if you prefer. Either way it’s pretty darn great for us. We wake up daily to an alarm clock at 5:45 AM, because getting our workouts in before we start our busy days is of paramount importance.

“Are you Bluetooth?”

While many of our friends are beginning to experience declining health due to poor habits, we are not. I would assume there is a correlation between our eating and exercise habits and our good health! We attend lifelong learning classes at a nearby university 24 weeks of the year, because continuing to grow our minds is also a priority. I’m madly looking for a way to give back to the university, but the people we attend classes with are almost all smarter than me, so it’s been a challenge. I may be smarter than, so that might fit well with my Marketing background. We travel on the cheap because it’s fun, and allows us to be on the road the remaining 28 weeks of the year we are not attending classes. I couldn’t care less if people look down their noses at us because we are frugal when we travel.

Here’s even MORE work lunch ideas from fellow bloggers.

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They are most likely returning to a job when their vacation is over, while we are not. Because we are Financially Independent, we can choose to work or not. We’re exploring the idea of becoming teachers for a portion of the year in a developing country. I would imagine we would draw some sort of modest salary, but that would be the last thing on our list of concerns. And most of the naysayers are not.

Sensory Painting Activities

There is no end to naysaying jackasses on this particular subject. I retired at 54 and am unusually young looking, people act like it’s some kind of tragic mistake. Prior to that I took intermittent periods of 6-12 months off from work whenever I had the opportunity, the resentment that engendered was unbelievable. So many folks who are retired around here have side businesses of varying sizes that they run for all sorts of reasons, but the big ones seem to be to stay happy, healthy, and mentally challenged. So what if they throw off a few dollars into your pocket in the meantime?

Here’s even MORE work lunch ideas from fellow bloggers.

Since I want to get us to the point where the path we choose is out of want not necessity. I got a lot of yeah but but but and what if and its not possible , everyone works , you have to work ! I’d advise keeping a low profile with what you’re up to with the co workers , you won’t get many shit well done and good lucks. Matrix is mostly what people see on TV.

When did your child learn to ride a bike without training wheels?

People can be so resentful and close-minded. I think that’s all it boils down to. You are independent and doing what you want to do. What could be better than that?

I agree- who cares what others think? Take the eye rolls and laugh! MMM: you’re still building your stash with your hobbies. It simply states that you no longer need to work to pay the bills. And carries no connotation about what you’re actually doing post FI. I can keep working at my corporate job or be a beach bum. Since I haven’t worked out what exactly I’m going to do after FI, I figure it’s a more appropriate term for me.

Sadly, financially independent has far more syllables than retired, and doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. I think the mind conjures up seniors in Florida driving gold carts. As you said, FI means that you don’t have to work, but you still may choose to. You’re doing it because you want to, not because you have to. Maybe we need a new word altogether? I do think we need a new term.

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I’m the least creative person on earth though, so don’t ask me to come up with it. MMM contest similar to the the logo? I think the main point of MMM’s post was that we don’t need a new word. Money Mustache or is your Reading Comprehension just not up to the level of the article? Nope, not trying to piss anyone off and my reading comprehension isn’t lacking. Its an old word with old connotations.

Here’s even MORE work lunch ideas from fellow bloggers.

I’m not trying to be hostile here, and I definitely support this project. People get the wrong impression because of how the word is typically used. This is my impression as well. I admire your measured and refined reply.

Wall Street circa 1985 repurposed the word in order to build the 401k into the cash cow it has become for the finance industry. I do not tell people I’m retired because that word now means too many things in opposition. This intrigues them and opens a positive conversation without inducing memetic bends. I can pretty much do whatever I want. Sucks to be those IRP people, doesn’t it? An excellent source of Kit Kat and Coffee Crisp during my youth?