Kid-venture Course – 9:50am

Kid-venture Course – 9:50am

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Finding a new deposit is tough, but here’s how to better your odds. 35 Minerals Absolutely Critical to U. There is a staggering amount of plastic debris swirling around our oceans. Dollar Bills Are There in Circulation? How many ultra rich people live in each country and continent? Which state could be hit hardest by a trade war? A Forecast Of When We’ll Run Out of Each Metal Here is one interpretation of when we’ll run out of each metal or energy source.

Kid-venture Course - 9:50am

While the technicalities of some of this information can be debated, I think the general theme runs the same. Technically speaking, there are small concentrations of gold everywhere. It is just not usually viable to mine 0. If the gold price doubles, then suddenly it is economic to mine more.

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This chart is a reminder that something has to give. Either prices are going to have to go up, or new amazing discoveries have to be made to keep prices down. It’s basic economics, and either way it seems that there are many opportunities in the mining industry for investors and speculators on both fronts. In this 90 page report, Tickerscores covers in-depth the 10 resource companies worth buying this fall. Jeff Desjardins is a founder and editor of Visual Capitalist, a media website that creates and curates visual content on investing and business.

Kid-venture Course - 9:50am

LOVE your work, but dread having to try and print out these infographics. Thanks for checking out the infographics. Many of the graphics on our site are tricky to print due to their dimensions. This piece, however, would probably work well.

My suggestion would be to save the image to your computer and print from there. Word is also a fine option for something like this. This is one of our syndicated infographics, so that’s not really the label we would have chose for that section. Sorry dude silver does the job you think gold does in 99. Gold is a monetary metal minus precious few circumstances.

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The author of this article aleady conceded that they were wrong here in a reply to me long ago. What would nickel look like on this graphic? It’s supposed to run out at the end of 2014. How can you say we will run out of gold? It is still mostly available from even that mined thousands of years ago.

Yes, we will be OUT of oil and gas, but gold will still exist in MASS quantities. Since all metals are recycable a supply will still be available, just not from new production. Technically correct BUT on a practical basis incorrect. ALL silver held for investment today equals about 11 months of industrial usage at current industrial usage rates. 2 to x10 that but a computer with zero silver would run so slow to be useless in today’s world.

ALL destroyed as it is placed into computers etc. The deeper one digs, the MORE gold there is. Gold is typically kept in large connected amounts. But barring some very unlikely discovery of a huge amount of untapped silver virtually all silver is now gone FOREVER. But it was not and there is no sign of that happening. It is to the economic advantage of too many individuals, companies, etc. FORCED to increase due to actual and permanent scarcity Only then will silver increase in price based on demand compared to available.

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BUT that has been done for decades even when silver was much cheaper. As an engineer, inventor, forecaster, etc. 50 million ounces, it is highly recoverable. I’ve worked on it for decades and top metallurgist Ph. D scientists in the world have done the same. Yes, gold is all over the place. It’s in just about all metals.

It doesn’t become economical to move 10 tons of rock to get 1 gram of gold. UNLESS the price is doubled or whatever. Then it becomes slightly more economical. Even then Earth is running out and will run out of all of these metals, material, whatever within the next 100 years TOPS. All materials our entire industry is based on. When all other sources are exhausted, there is always the vast quantities of minerals dissolved in seawater, of course.

It’ll be exciting to see that option becomes feasible in the near future. Gold production set an all time record at 2982mt in 2013, up 4. 1970s were certain we would run out of oil by the mid 1980s. Two oils prices shocks and new technologies changed all of that.

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The US might become the top oil producer in the world, No one saw that coming ! In my mind speaking with the gentleman on the phone SI a small office with him and a lady as secretary answering the phone and taking care of correspondence. I had hoped it was a large well funded organization but it is not. The membership of SI can be found on their Web site. Made up of producers, users and other companies and organizations who have some interest in silver. So often the least qualified is the first one chosen and such was the case with the AEC.

Kid-venture Course - 9:50am

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As one with a personal interest in physical silver several years ago I decided to try to find out. As critical as silver is to such products as MOST military items that include electronics or even conductivity of electricity knowing just how much silver exists it seems to me is pretty darn important! After many telephone conversations and e-mails I learned that SI is 99. I just remembered their name too!

It was finally admitted to me they come voluntarily from their members. But it is all voluntarily given to SI. 100 trillion ounces of silver in 2015 and it would go into the statistics SI keeps track of. I now know many of the senior buyers at companies such as Intel and operators of private mines of the silver they are mining and how much they believe is still in the ground they lease or own. I sometimes think the data I accumulate about silver is in more depth and there is more of it than anyone else or any agency on this planet!

Surely military entities know more than I do but they aren’t talking! I know how sparce correct and detailed information was at least decades ago. I believe the information I assume is essentially correct and complete. You’d be surprised at the agencies, entities, organizations etc.

Kid-venture Course - 9:50am

If there is a qualified organization keeping tack of such information I would REALLY like to know of them. To a few of the points you guessed? I have run across many instances of the SAME silver being counted more than once! I know there is less silver available than almost anyone states but just HOW MUCH? Until about 100 years ago seekers of silver would seek the buried piles of silver rocks ancient farmers often had made at the edge of their fields removing silver often with hands and bckets then dumping the unwanted rock into piles on corners of fields. Even today occasionally such mounds are discovered in ancient areas of Greece and vicinity where farming began many thousands of years ago. Thus I’ll continue to gather information from the many sources of information silver I have.

Draw your own conclusions from that yourself. If someone can contribute more than guesses and hopes regarding silver I would welcome hearing of everything you have! I have been involved in metals for about 40 years, and draw my own conclusions based on the data I have read. With all due respect, I was not guessing, I was expressing my opinion, I think.

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It sounds like you also have many years of hands on experience with metals. 5,000 suits take revolving door route between SEC and Wall Street stopping long enough to pick up bonuses from the bigger crooks. Why people keep talking up Au is beyond me. It is just main central banks and China — if any every had to liquidate there would be no buyers.

Kid-venture Course - 9:50am

Dealer friends say individuals NOT buying gold. Countries, big banks and mega billionaires are ONLY buyers of gold. I must be missing something obvious! Hard part will be to turn monster boxes into lumber land, aquifers, etc. This maybe augmented someday my extraterrestrial mining. Visual Capitalist is a very well done site. My concern is whether the data is accurate.

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People aspire to more, countries aspire to more and their gold reserves must need to keep getting bigger and bigger to back it up right? Mines compete with people for energy. So this is actually extremely conservative. Given the declining investment, the exodus of talent away from the industry, the public animosity towards the industry, and the fact it is competing with an exponentially rising populace for energy to do work, extremely conservative. Definitely we will never run out of minerals. But we will run out of the energy value in extracting them.

They will not be extracted if it costs more to mine them that they can be sold for. That time is not far off. Visual Capitalist creates and curates enriched visual content focused on emerging trends in business and investing. Mornings are better with Visual Capitalist. Given email address is already subscribed, thank you! Please provide a valid email address.

Update: Also see our 40-minute interview on this topic. Picking a co-founder is your most important decision. It’s more important than your product, market, and investors. The ideal founding team is two individuals, with a history of working together, of similar age and financial standing, with mutual respect.

One is good at building products and the other is good at selling them. The power of two Two is the right number — avoid the three-body problem. Think Jobs and Wozniak, Allen and Gates, Ellison and Lane, Hewlett and Packard, Larry and Sergei, Yang and Filo, Omidyar and Skoll. In three founder companies, the politics can be tough — gang-up votes, jockeying for board seats, etc.

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Four is an extremely unstable configuration and five is right out. Two founders works because unanimity is possible, there are no founder politics, interests can easily align, and founder stakes are high post-financing. Someone you have history with You wouldn’t marry someone you’d just met. Go through something difficult, like a Prisoner’s Dilemma or a Zero-Sum Game. If being ethical was lucrative, everyone would do it!

One builds, one sells The best builders can prototype and perhaps even build the entire product, end-to-end. The best sellers can sell to customers, partners, investors, and employees. He can be technical, but he must be able to wield the tools of influence. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs aren’t salesmen, but they are sellers. Aligned motives required If one founder wants to build a cool product, another one wants to make money, and yet another wants to be famous, it won’t work. Pay close attention — true motivations are revealed, not declared.

Criteria: Intelligence, energy, and integrity It’s not the kid you grew up next to. It’s not the person you like the most. It’s not the hacker most willing to work for free. It’s someone of incredibly high intelligence, energy, and integrity.

Kid-venture Course - 9:50am

You’ll need all three yourself, and a shared history, to evaluate your co-founder. Don’t settle If it doesn’t feel right, keep looking. A company’s DNA is set by the founders, and its culture is an extension of the founders’ personalities. Partner with someone who is irrationally ethical, or a rational believer that nice guys finish first. Learn enough of the other side to have an informed opinion. If you’re not seriously impressed, move on. FAQs What if the right guy already has his own startup?

Convince him to work on yours part-time — he’ll drop his idea once yours gets traction. Breakups are hard If you’re going to fall out with your co-founder, do it early, recover the equity into the option pool to keep the company going, and recruit someone else great to fill the missing slot. Nearly everything I’ve written on this topic applies to dating and marriage. This post is by Naval Ravikant.