Let’s Play Portal Knights: Episode 4!

Let’s Play Portal Knights: Episode 4!

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The Red Woman” is the first episode of the sixth season of Game of Thrones. It is the fifty-first episode of the series overall. It premiered on April 24, 2016. At Castle Black, Thorne defends his treason while Edd and Davos defend themselves. Ramsay and Maester Wolkan attend to the dead body of Myranda. Ramsay remembers the first time he met her, stating that while other people were afraid of him, she wasn’t. The Maester asks if they should bury her or construct a funeral pyre.

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Theon and Sansa, having survived the fall from Winterfell’s wall, run through the Wolfswood realizing there are already men with hounds chasing them. Theon tries to hide their scent by crossing a river. Guiding a frightened Sansa, they make it across and hide by a fallen tree with Theon hugging Sansa to try to keep her warm. Roose Bolton meets with Ramsay afterward and asks if preemptively assaulting the struggling army of Stannis Baratheon makes him feel like a “winner” now that they’ve lost Sansa. Arya is blind and begs for money in the streets, when the Waif approaches her with two fighting sticks, and gives her one. Arya explains that she can’t fight because she’s blind, the Waif answers “that’s not my problem” and starts beating her.

Let’s Play Portal Knights: Episode 4!

Arya poorly tries to defend herself but fails miserably. The Waif stops and says that they’ll meet tomorrow. Varys and Tyrion are seen walking through the city. After coming upon a woman and her baby, Tyrion offers a coin, saying the money is for the baby, to eat. His poor Valyrian frightens the woman who thinks that he wants to eat her baby. Varys intercedes, explaining to the woman the money is so the baby can eat.

The relieved woman accepts Tyrion’s generosity. As they continue their walk through the city, Tyrion states that they need to find the leader of the Sons of the Harpy in order to bring peace to Meereen. Varys said that his spies have been sent all over the city, and that soon they will bring him information. Their conversation is interrupted by a crowd of screaming people running from a huge cloud of smoke. Daario and Jorah are looking for Daenerys, and come upon the charred remains of a ram. They note numerous hoof prints on the ground, making Jorah realize that the Dothraki have been here.

On the ground, he finds the ring that Daenerys intentionally dropped. Daenerys is shown walking with her hands bound, and two Dothraki take her to Khal Moro as a gift. The Khal wants to rape her, but she explains who she is, Khal Drogo’s widow. The Khal unbinds her and promises her that she will not be harmed. Ellaria helps Doran get to his wheelchair, as they both reminisce about Oberyn, with Doran stating how he envied his late brother for the adventurous life he led.

Ellaria states that Doran would have made a bad adventurer, while Oberyn would have been a bad ruler. Cersei is sitting alone in her room, when a servant enters and announces that a ship from Dorne has arrived. Realizing that Myrcella has come home, she joyfully runs down to the harbor, only to see a grim-faced Jaime alongside a shrouded body. Later, in the Red Keep, Cersei asks Jaime when was the first time he saw a dead body, to which Jaime replies their mother’s.

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Cersei tells of her memory of the horror she felt after first seeing her mother’s corpse, and wishes not to see it happen to Myrcella. Meanwhile, Margaery is still imprisoned by the Faith, and the High Sparrow comes to visit her. She asks about her brother, Loras, but he tells her that she has to confess first. Obara and Nymeria arrive on Prince Trystane’s ship, announcing their intention to kill him. Nymeria offers Trystane the choice of which one of the Sands he’d like to fight, and he chooses Nymeria, only to be killed when Obara impales him through the back of his head as he turns his back on her. At the Wall, the mutineers have left Jon’s body where he fell.

Ghost is scratching at the door in grief and howling, which gets the attention of several people, including Ser Davos, who leaves his room to investigate. Davos finds Jon’s dead body just before Edd and some other brothers arrive. They take the body inside where Edd clears a table and angrily curses Thorne after closing Jon’s eyes. Alliser Thorne, Othell Yarwyck, and Bowen Marsh hold a meeting with the remaining black brothers stationed at Castle Black and explain their reasoning for killing the Lord Commander.

Most of the brothers come to understand them and side with the mutineers. Back inside the room, Davos notes Thorne is sure to have made his move by now. All members of the Watch are shown bearing arms toward the room where Jon’s body is being guarded by Ser Davos and the men loyal to Jon Snow. Thorne and senior members of the Watch approach the room and Thorne speaks to Davos through the locked door. Thorne promises full amnesty for the members of the Watch.

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To Davos he offers a fresh horse and safe passage to ride south or in any direction he wishes, and that he can take Melisandre with him. Alone in her bedroom, Melisandre appears despondent, looking as if she has been betrayed and led astray by The Lord of Light. On a table next to her bed are various containers, some small that contain potions and other liquids. She unbuttons the front of her dress showing a young beautiful body.

She then removes the dress completely and stands nude before a mirror. When she removes her large necklace the gem loses its glow. Productions News Superfund 101 Let’s Talk, Butte! Catch the KBMF Police Blotter, hosted by news team member Joe Stark, Every Tuesday at 4:20PM. Monday’s meeting at the Thornton building encouraged business owners to prioritize improvements for the Uptown, and revisited some long-standing problems in the process. Last week Butte and Anaconda were paid a visit by two of the Environmental Protection Agency’s top officials, Doug Benevento and Kel Kelly. They were here to provide an update on progress with Superfund, to listen to community concerns, and to answer questions.

This week, charges ranging from shoplifting to possession of dangerous drugs. Catch the KBMF police blotter every Tuesday at 4:20PM. Curious about the history of the first amendment to the US constitution? Listen here to Petr Yakovlev’s analysis, as part of this ongoing KBMF series.

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Petr Yakovlev hosts this constitutional law series, providing insight and analysis into the formative documents and events of the United States. This episode focuses on early American conflicts. Highlands College students are working with Professor Bill Ryan to replicate historic window frames for the Carpenters Hall. Full audio of the Forum on Superfund that took place Friday February 23rd, 2018. The event was moderated by Daniel Hogan with help from Olivia Everett of the Imagine Butte Resource Center and Butte High School Junior Leif Clark. Panel members included Mary Kay Craig, David Hutchins, Eric Hassler, Rayelynn Brandl, Pat Cunneen and Robert Pal. Haven’t Caught the KBMF News Hour Yet?

The KBMF News Hour is on every Monday and Tuesday from 4-5pm MST. Hear local news stories, sports reports, as well as local productions such as Superfund 101 and Let’s Talk, Butte! The KBMF Team conducted numerous interviews while visiting our colleagues at Nongoma FM in Nongoma, South Africa. Hear clips from our interview with Dalisu Buthelezi, where we discuss the economic and political landscape of South Africa. KBMF News contributor Sad Man Tommy Gun has this story about the food and social services available at the Knights of Columbus Hall every Tuesday and Thursday.

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Ten speakers at a recent rally hosted by the Restore Our Creek Coalition urged agencies and corporations to clean up Butte and ‘get it done. The Steward mine saw life in its hoist houses recently when motors for the chippy hoist were fired up for the first time in decades. Hear the sounds of the engines, and the story behind it, from KBMF. Commissioner Jim Fisher is requesting the EPA’s presence at a Butte-Silver Bow Council of Commissioner’s meeting. He says cleanup of the Westside soils has been unsatisfactory. KBMF cub reporter Joe Stark has this story on the devastating wildfires sweeping across California in the fall of 2017.

He spoke with a lifelong acquaintance who narrowly escaped the fires. Wade Cauliflower is manager of KHEW, a community radio station licensed on the Rocky Boy Reservation. Hear this profile of their station and its role in their community. Gerald Stiffarm is manager of KGVA, a 90,000 watt community radio station in Fort Belknap, Montana. Hear this profile, produced by KBMF General Manager Clark Grant. Hear this profile of Alan Larkin, station manager of KBWG, Browning’s community radio station on the Blackfeet Reservation.

Daniel Hogan interviews BSB Planning Director Jon Sesso about the DEQ’s recent decision to designate the Montana Pole Plant superfund site at a ‘recreational’ cleanup level. The Alternative Energy Resources Organization, founded in 1974, hosted their 2017 conference in Butte. Hear two short stories about this year’s fire season, produced by KBMF News Team Member Clark Grant. Daniel Hogan interviews Tom Russell, owner of Bonanza Freeze, about the hard rock mining fund, which assisted with the expansion of his parking lot. The Butte Area Rising Coalition hosted speakers, performers and demonstrators on the steps of the county courthouse. Robert Pal is the Director of Restoration at Montana Tech in the Chemistry and Biology department.

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Since coming to Butte, Robert has worked closely with the BNRC and Butte-Silver Bow County to develop restoration plans and seed mixtures in what he calls the “novel landscape” here on the Butte hill. Mark Thompson is Montana Resources’ Vice President of Environmental Affairs. ARCO interact with Superfund operations in the the Butte Mine Flooding Operable Unit. Mark also walks us through an outline of the proposed pumping and treating of contaminated water from the Berkeley Pit and the Yankee Doodle Tailings Pond. Katie Hailer about a recent study she authored entitled Assessing Human Metal Accumulation near an Urban Superfund Site. Hailer is a professor of Organic Chemistry at Montana Tech, in her paper she studied lead levels in the blood and hair of Butte residents compared to those of Bozeman. Joe has worked to monitor and chart data concerning contaminants in Silver Bow and Blacktail Creeks.

Joe’s work is primarily concerned with the water data from Butte Area 1, or upper Silver Bow Creek and the alluvial aquifer near the soon to be removed Parrot Tailings. Eric Hassler is the Superfund Operations and Maintenance Manager for Butte Silver Bow. Chad Okrusch is a professor of Professional and Technical Communications at Montana Tech. While at the University of Oregon for his doctorate, Chad wrote his dissertation on the Superfund decision making process with an emphasis on moral pragmatism. In this episode, Chad talks about the Butte, Montana he grew up in, how it has changed as a result of the superfund process and the duty we have as citizens in the remediation and restoration of hard used places. Julia Crain is the special projects planner for Butte-Silver Bow, acting as a liaison between superfund operations with the city and the general public.

In this episode of Superfund 101 Julia gives an introduction to the city government’s responsibility when it comes to maintaining sites that have been remediated. David Hutchins is a father, scientist and PhD Candidate at Montana Tech in the Material Sciences Program. David is a board member of Citizens Technical Environmental Committee, and actively encourages public involvement in the remediation and restoration process. GIS is funded through Superfund and a grant from the Atlantic Richfield Company, the main task of the department is to organize, update and analyze all manner of geographic data in Butte-Silver Bow. Olivia is the director of the Imagine Butte Resource Center, a volunteer run community space and art gallery in uptown Butte, Montana.

In the series’ flagship episode, Olivia discusses the intersection of art with science. Join us for this conversation with longtime Montana legislator Jim Keane, who describes his Butte childhood and offers some great stories from his underground mining days. Longtime Butte reporter John Emeigh joins Clark Grant for this episode, where they discuss the role of journalism in the Butte community, and John’s career as a reporter at the Montana Standard and KXLF-TV. Butte native Jim Duran was a long time draftsman illustrator in Butte, and is now a comic artist and volunteer DJ with KBMF. Hear his take on Butte’s evolution over his lifetime, here on KBMF. Since 1969, Evan Barrett has been at the top level of Montana economic development, government, politics, and education.

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He joins Clark Grant for a lively and informative discussion on this episode of Let’s Talk, Butte! Montana House District 76 Representative Amanda Curtis talks about why she loves Butte and how this place has shaped her political views. Mickey Boyza talks with Clark Grant about Christmas in the Mining City, being brought up in a Union family and spending summers at the Columbia Gardens. Patrick Hogan is a former employee of Montana Power, and in this interview with his son Daniel Hogan, he discusses the trajectory of the company as it navigated the deregulation legislation of the early 2000s.

Dan Cass is host of Audio Hallucinations on KBMF Thursday nights at 6pm. He’s also a lifelong Butte resident, parent and employee at the environmental firm TREC. Dark Sevier is Mayor of Buttetropolis, a trans-dimensional portal that. Michaelynn Hawk is Director of Indian People’s Action, and a lifelong advocate for Indian peoples’ rights.

In this interview, she speaks with Clark Grant about Indian country, the IHS and her experience with AIM. In this sit-down with Clark Grant, he discusses the importance of environmental cleanup in Butte, and how it relates to economic development. 964 0 0 0 15 20c0 2. 984 0 0 0 19 8c2.

The French Mistake is the 15th episode of Season 6. It aired on February 25th, 2011. There was something about being there It felt pure. This episode summary is an official CW press release. Dean and Sam are doing research at Bobby’s House when Balthazar appears. He says that Raphael is aiming to kill all of Castiel’s allies and affiliates so he gives them a key and sends them to an alternate reality to keep them out of harm’s way. Supposedly, the key opens a door where he has stored the stolen Angelic Weapons of Heaven, which will help Castiel to retain control in Heaven.

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When they appear in the alternate reality, Sam and Dean find themselves on the set of “Supernatural”- a show that appears to be about their lives and where everyone mistakes them for the actors Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. They try to contact Castiel, but instead, encounter Misha Collins, who plays Castiel on the TV Show. Taking refuge in Jensen’s luxurious trailer, they do some research about Jensen and Jared, and Dean is horrified to learn that Jensen was a soap opera star. Discouraged that there are no ‘real’ saints’ bones or other items they need on the set of Bobby’s house, Sam and Dean have the actors’ driver, Clif Kosterman, take them to Jared’s place, which turns out to be a large ostentatious mansion with a tanning bed in the living room and an alpaca in the backyard. Sam and Dean are shocked when Ruby – or rather the actress who plays her – appears and kisses Sam, who she believes to be her husband, Jared. The next morning, Clif drives them to the airport to pick up the rush delivery before taking them back to the set. They have to try and act in a scene which ends badly after many takes, but in between takes, they try and do the spell.

When nothing happens, they come to the conclusion that in this reality there is no real supernatural, no magic. Back on set, the angel hitman Virgil appears and tries to vanquish Dean with his angel powers. He, too, is devoid of powers in this reality, so Sam and Dean are able to take him in a fight and start pummeling him on the set of the Dragon’s hideout from ‘Like A Virgin’. The rest of the crew intervenes, however, and during the resulting scuffle Virgil pickpockets the key Balthazar gave Sam before running away. The crew of the show is now suspicious because “Jared” and “Jensen” are behaving out of character. Virgil, who everyone believes to be an extra.

Director Bobby Singer calls showrunner Sera Gamble and suggests that they get Eric Kripke to come to Vancouver and talk to them. Bob confronts Sam and Dean, and they drop the pretense of being Jared and Jensen and tell him that they quit, making Bob shocked. Dean says that at least in their world they make a difference. They then go back to Jared’s house and learn from Genevieve that Misha is dead, so they go to the scene. A witness states that the killer was speaking to “Raphael,” and they learn from the relayed conversation that Virgil is trying to get back to their reality. Virgil returns on set just as Kripke arrives to speak to them, and the angel goes on a killing spree, killing Eric Kripke, Bob Singer, Kevin Parks, and Lou Bollo before Sam and Dean manage to knock him out and get the key. Just as Sam has the key in hand, Raphael activates the nearby gate between the worlds, and they land back in their own reality.

Raphael – now in a female vessel -demands the key, but Balthazar arrives and reveals that the key and Sam and Dean’s journey was all a ruse to distract Raphael. He threatens them, but Castiel arrives and reveals that he now has all the Angelic Weapons. He threatens to kill Raphael, and Raphael leaves. Castiel then returns Sam and Dean to Bobby’s house, promising to reveal more of what is happening in Heaven soon.

The title of the episode is a reference to the Mel Brooks comedy, Blazing Saddles, where characters attend the film’s premier and crash through a Hollywood set with actors performing a musical number seemingly entitled “The French Mistake” echoing Sam and Dean crashing through the window into the set in the parallel reality. The premise of this episode was revealed during “Salute to Supernatural San Francisco” when Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki explained it during their panel. The tweets Misha Collins made in this episode were actually tweeted in real life. This episode pokes fun of reality as Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins play Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, and Castiel respectively. Featured a clip of Jensen Ackles from his stint on the soap opera Days of Our Lives. There are numerous references to this being the sixth season. It is said throughout the episode that Jensen and Jared do not get along.

In real life, they are best friends. This is the final episode this season to not feature Bobby Singer, though much of it takes place in his house. Dean’s line, “If I hear one more conversation about hockey, I’m going to puke” is ad-libbed. Dean picks up and refers to in Jensen’s trailer. When Dean shows Sam the Supernatural Magazine he says “Nice blue steel Sam” a reference to the movie Zoolander. Dean’s line, “No hell below us, above us only sky.

#5: Penciling

Aerosmith song of the same title. When Dean and Sam leave the television studio, the sign above says “KM Motion Picture Studios”, likely in tribute to Kim Manners. Misha regards this episode as one of his favorites, alongside “Baby”. This is the first episode in the series to be set in Canada. The second episode is “Celebrating The Life Of Asa Fox”. Sam and Dean are not seen actually passing through the glass. Balthazar repeatedly references the Godfather at the beginning of the episode.

Genevieve: “Oh My God, oh my god, oh my God! Dean: “What kind of douchebag names a character after himself? Dean: “Why would anyone want to watch our lives? Sam: “According to the interviewer, not very many people do.

Dean: “They put freaking make up on us! Sam: “You’re Jensen Ackles and I’m something called a ‘Jared Padalecki’. I feel like this whole place is bad touching me. Dean: “Dear Castiel, who art maybe running his ass away from heaven, we pray that you have your ears on. What’s up with the names around here? Misha: “You guys, you really punk’d me!