Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit Lyrics

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There you can add structure tags, correct typos or add missing words. Send your correction and get karma points! Result of your work will appear after moderating. The early ’90s saw the rise of teenagers thinking it was cool to carry a gun to unless your friends.

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Although you’re risking being arrested or killed the song says they were willing to take the chance. She’s over bored and self assured is perfect for the ’90s. The ’90s saw females become the aggressor’s of sex that nearly made the make teens look like and seem like Innocent angels. Hence, oh no, I know a dirty word. The chorus is basically the teen calling for help with no answer.

Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit Lyrics

Then asks how low must we be as humans not to help. Teens in the ’90s felt the rest of civilization just turned there backs to them. Adults asking what’s wrong with the kids, are they stupid? The AIDS pandemic was peaked so, because many teens were asexually active they were shunned as ALL teens had AIDS. The lyric, I am worse at what I do best is not a contradiction. He still feels thankful and blessed for being lyrical, a musician, and obviously a different sounding voice than all other singers.


He says that his little group of band members, 3, have been together a long time, and they’ll always be together until he decided it’s the end for himself. Finally, “I don’t know why I taste” which is a way of saying, I don’t know why I’m alive. This is a just an interpretation that I think gets looked over because of the time period the song came out in. That time period you didn’t use lyrical puzzles like you see now. I don’t care if he killed himself or if his wife killed him, all I care about is that he did and still does influence bands today and actually speaks to people through his music even now that he is gone. He is a musical genius, one of the best and the world will never forget him.

No matter the reason for this song or why it was made, it’s still a great song and it did change music for the better. The manic music is incongruent to the main theme. Kurt is basically taking a giant dump and they were eating it up with joy and that couldn’t have set well with Kurt. It’s rather ironic that he went out in such a violent suicide.

This culture of archetypes that made Kurt sick in the guts was his very ending. He detested the consumer, the idol worshipers, the common norm but in the end with Kurt ripping his head off, he bowed to the fatalistic and violent archetype of human nature, something Kurt detested. He actually wrote this song for his first proper partner, they were really close at one point but due to the pressures of Kurt hitting the big time, the woman could no longer deal with it and decided to leave him. Why have I been this stupid to throw everything away losing my family my friends my job my house or what I call I’m afriaid even of il. My life was full of joy and happiness. Even though you think it’s made of pure loneliness and I was never unhappy until I meet I was unhappy to see you I would always do something stupid just to make someone now look no one would even aknowledge me because you wouldn’t laught.

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Hallo, hallo, hallo, wie tief unten ? Oder ” jetzt laßt uns auch was beitragen” oder ” jetzt gebt uns auch mal ‘ne Chance”. Cobain will hier gerade nicht nur platt sagen “unterhaltet uns” in der Hauptbedeutung von “to entertain”. Du meine Version dummerweise wieder reverted. Song zu verstehen, braucht man etwas Hintergrundwissen, was Dir offenbar fehlt: Nein, es geht nicht um Miskito-Indianer, und nein, Kurt Cobain machte keine Weltfrieden-Musik. Worum geht es in dessen Song “Bobby Brown” ? Um es final ganz deutlich zu sagen: In dem Song sitzt er auf dem Klo und holt sich auf seine Ex einen runter.

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Alles klar, verträgt sich das nicht mit Deinem zarten Weltbild oder ist für Dich immer noch der “1. Oida, warum san bei Nirvana so vilä Komments unt bei Äsi Disi ned? I meim hops scho amoi bei Rock n Roll Trän eini gschaut? Sänger Comanaut – bisher nur 4. Ist zwar eine recht kreative Interpretation, aber IMO doch sehr weit hergeholt. Hansi meint, dass unter dem Titel noch genügend “Plätze” frei sind – man also Alternativübersetzungen reinstellen kann ohne, dass man gleich eine bestehende Übersetzung überschreibt. So ganz verstanden hab ich auch nicht, was Hansi mit den “Tableaus” meint ?

Bin nur zufällig hier gelandet, und dachte ihr könntet vielleicht etwas Hilfe gebrauchen. Fisch, wie geht denn das mit dem Tableau, und so? Was soll denn die Trockenschwimmerei, Michael. Melde dich hier an und stell deine Übersetzung ‘rein. Vielleicht noch eine Anmerkung: “lights out” müsste man eigentlich mit “bewusstlos” übersetzen, aber einen Bewusstlosen kann man nicht unterhalten, also trifft “besinnungslos high” die Sache wohl besser. Und eine etwas treffendere und freie Übersetzung des Titels wäre vielleicht: “Riecht nach Teeny-Gedöns”. Finde ich eine gute und interessante Alternative, Michael.

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Verdrängung, auch: eine Verneinung, daher vielleicht auch: “will’s nicht glauben”, “kann nicht wahr sein” etc. Where Did You Sleep Last Night? Was singen Nirvana im Songtext zu “Smells Like Teen Spirit” auf Deutsch? Forgotten Tune”: Neuer Song von Nirvana Album “In Utero” ist online! Nirvanas letztes Studioalbum “In Utero” wird neu veröffentlicht! Log dich ein um diese Funktion zu nutzen.

In Rock we trust, it’s Rock or Bust! Oh ich kann mir denken was du meinst. Ich und meine Affäre damals hatten das Lied auch immer sehr gerne an waehrend unseren heißesten Nächten, auf Dauerschleife natürlich. Als mein Mann davon erfuhr, vor allem dass sie eine weibliche Geliebte war, scheiterte unsere Ehe vollends. Diese Frau damals, für sie hätte uch alles gemacht. Wir kamen immer gleichzeitig und schrien zusammen zu ,,Here we are now,entertain us”. Hah, sowas kann ja nur ein “Kasimir” von sich geben.

Geiler Song, auch wenn er etwas zu Mainstream geworden ist! Zusammen mit Come as you are, Lithium, Lounge Act, Rape me und In Bloom einer meiner Lieblingssongs von Nirvana! Jeder der nirvana hört, muss egtl ganz ok. Ich finde diese Musik ganz schlimm, sollte man verbieten!

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Ich kenne viele die das hören und die meisten sind Nazis oder Schwul geworden! R`n Rollund ein letztes bisschen Rebellion. Schön, das noch mitgemacht zu haben ! 17 und er mehr als doppelt so alt,. Das kann man einfach immer anhören. Und ach ANSTÄNDIGER ich hab eine Ahnung von Nirvana und ich höre dieses Lied an! Das Lied ist scheiße, weils jeder hört, der überhaupt keine Ahnung von Nirvana hat.

Where Did You Sleep Last Night? Was singen Nirvana im Songtext zu “Smells Like Teen Spirit” auf Deutsch? Forgotten Tune”: Neuer Song von Nirvana Album “In Utero” ist online! Nirvanas letztes Studioalbum “In Utero” wird neu veröffentlicht! Log dich ein um diese Funktion zu nutzen.

Inspiration for a hit song can come from anywhere. A well-written hook can go a long way towards making a song about visiting relatives or basic navigation for first-graders into a hit, and even tunes with topics as relatable as being a famous person and dating and breaking up with other famous people manage to strike a chord with audiences the world over. Then there are songs like these, whose inspiration comes not from out of left field, but from somewhere completely outside the ballpark. Paul Williams is the quintessential songwriter and one of very few to have won a Grammy, a Golden Globe, and an Academy Award for his songwriting. The Muppet Movie, and dozens of artists have recorded his songs. As a relative unknown in the business, Williams had co-written a minute-long jingle for Crocker Bank. You’ve got a long way to go.

We’d like to help you get there. Songwriters’ Hall of Fame in 2001, and in 2009, he was elected President of ASCAP, the largest professional songwriters’ organization. Songwriter Michael Sembello has achieved exactly one hit song as a recording artist, but it’s likely a song that’s paid some bills for him for a few decades now. The inspiration for the song came from the infamous 1980 William Lustig slasher film of the same name. Sembello and writing partner Dennis Matkosky were big fans of the film, and wrote the song with lyrics that were very different from what made it onto the finished version. He will kill your cat and nail it to the door. The song was reworked to tell of a girl who is just a maniac for flashdancing—whatever that is—and the rest is history.

This story took hold as a rumor after Sembello himself posted it to Songfacts. Nirvana to the world at large and pretty much changed popular music forever. Kurt Cobain liked to say when arriving at a party. Cobain also stated more than once that the song was a blatant attempt to rip off the Pixies, one of his favorite bands. Discovering it upon awakening, Kurt took it as a compliment on his rebellious spirit and filed it away. He didn’t know, and wouldn’t find out for some time, that Teen Spirit was simply the brand of Tobi Vail’s deodorant. It’s a not particularly well-kept secret that the greatest rock band of all time were a bunch of screwballs, and John Lennon in particular was fond of letting his bizarre sense of humor bleed over into virtually everything he did.

looking for a 70s childrens book about giants and pixies etc

LSD guru Timothy Leary, who was opposing Ronald Reagan in the 1970 California gubernatorial election. Leary had subsequently asked Lennon to write a theme song for his campaign using that slogan. Nile Rodgers is a musical legend. After tripping for two days with the aforementioned Leary, getting sent to the hospital with a drugged-up Andy Warhol, and having a jam session with Jimi Hendrix, Rogers became the guitarist and principal songwriter for Chic, one of the greatest bands of the disco era.

Arriving at the back door per Jones’ instructions, they were promptly denied entry by the bouncer. Yes, the Beatles were irreverent lads, and even the most ostensibly serious-minded of them, lead guitarist George Harrison, was prone to fits of wackiness and smartassery when the mood struck. In 1986, rap music was still regarded as a fad in most of the world. After having released two landmark albums that helped to set a new sonic and aesthetic template for the music, Queens trio Run-D. Raising Hell—was lacking a clear lead single.

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The crisp, spare, mid-tempo beat was perfect for rapping over, and Run-D. Rick Rubin suggested that they do a cover of the song. Creedence Clearwater Revival were not from Louisiana or anywhere even close: They were from Bakersfield, California. However, there’s no Green River in California—or even Louisiana. The song’s title came not from any actual river, but from a popular brand of soft drink that Fogerty also remembered from his childhood. You used to be able to go into a soda fountain, and they had these bottles of flavored syrup.

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My flavor was called Green River. The soda, also sold in bottles, originated during Prohibition and was second only to Coca-Cola in popularity for quite some time in the US. Coca-Cola advertising executive Bill Backer had a moment of inspiration while waiting for a delayed flight in Ireland in January of 1970. Observing citizens of this foreign land laughing and telling stories over bottles Coke in a cafe, he began to see his product not as a flavored drink, but a kind of common bond between the people of the world.

Backer had scribbled on a napkin while sitting in that cafe. Decades later, the ad is consistently ranked among the most popular and influential of all time, and sheet music for Backer’s ingenious jingle continues to sell well the world over. Lead singer and songwriter Mark Knopfler actually began writing said lyrics in an appliance store, based on a conversation on which he was actively eavesdropping between two of their employees. 1 and became one of the most popular songs not just of 1985, but of the entire decade. Follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our daily or weekly newsletter so you don’t miss out on our latest lists. Mike Floorwalker’s actual name is Jason, and he lives in the Parker, Colorado area with his wife Stacey. He enjoys loud rock music, cooking and making lists.

Listverse is a Trademark of Listverse Ltd. Follow the link for more information. Recorded January 27, 1992 at Santa Monica Sound Records, Santa Monica, California. Recording the song was a change for Yankovic and his band. Usually, the group were forced to record several overdubs. Smells Like Nirvana”, however, was relatively straightforward in its musical composition.