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The star of the show is our ocotillo Kindercare restored and fully functional classic fire truck, but that’s just the beginning. Our skilled staff presents a totally interactive experience for children, sparking their imagination and involving them hands-on as Junior Firefighters. Our wide selection of entertainment options offers something for every occasion at very reasonable prices. Ready to reserve your Fantastic Fire Department event?

Have your calendar handy with a preferred date and time for your event in mind. We recommend booking as far in advance as possible to ensure availablilty. However, sometimes we have an opening and can accommodate a last-minute booking. We can also accommodate cash or check. We will check availability and confirm your reservation.

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100 deposit to hold your reservation. This deposit is applied in full towards the cost of your event. You will receive a printed confirmation via US Mail several days later. Please review this carefully for accuracy. You will receive a reconfirmation call from our office. Our fire truck will arrive in your neighborhood a few minutes early for final preparations, and will wait near your home out of sight.

You will receive a call within a few minutes of your reservation time to make sure everyone is ready before we make our grand entrance. A few moments later, our big red truck will arrive with lights flashing and siren blaring to make your child’s special day a fantastic one. Fire up for blazing hot birthday fun! Every child is fascinated by the fun and excitement of a real fire truck. Our birthday party packages can be tailored for ages 2 and up, and present a range of options to meet your budget and interests.

We have received local, national and international recognition for the quality, creativity, and uniqueness of our presentations. We are far more than just an amazing fire truck, though! Our concept is to present a fully interactive experience for our young guests that sparks their imagination and truly involves them as Junior Firefighters. Our Big Red Fire Truck makes a spectacular entrance with lights flashing and siren blaring as it arrives at your home, park, or other party location. The kids go wild with excitement! Our friendly firefighters climb out, greet the kids, and the fun begins. Our Junior Firefighters try on real firefighter gear such as coats, bunker pants, boots, and helmets and learn why firefighters wear this gear.

Kids are challenged to see who can put on their gear the fastest when the fire bell rings! Children are given a fun, age-appropriate guided tour of the fire truck and its equipment and can explore all of the vehicle’s authentic parts including lights, ladders, fire extinguishers, generator, engine, pump, control panels, hoses, spray nozzles, water cannon, equipment compartments, and much more. We then give them supervised time to explore the truck on their ownfeeding their imagination and sense of adventure! We fire up the truck’s pumping system and all the kids get to spray the truck’s powerful fire hose. They are given an overview of a how a fire pumper works and see the truck in action.

We set up a variety of interesting targets for the fire hose, and kids get to test their speed and accuracy versus their friends. The Fantastic Firefighters lead the children in our totally unique Fantastic Fire Department games and contests! Our custom-designed games have all been developed to emphasize firefighting themes, teamwork, and fun! We choose from a large menu of games to present those that are best-suited to your guests’ age group, group size, and party location.

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Children sit in the fire truck’s cab and pretend to drive with their friends helping out. Our friendly staff will lead the children in a fun Scavenger Hunt where they’re asked to find various parts of the fire truck, and then they are taught briefly how these items are used by firefighters. We pose the children in several group photos with Happy Birthday banners and there are tons of adorable individual photo opportunities you’ll cherish for years! This amazing adventure is typically staffed by two Fantastic Fire Dept. The most exciting part of all–The party guests are all given a ride around the neighborhood in the fire truck. They’re the neighborhood celebrities as everyone smiles and waves.

This is the ultimate birthday party memory! Pricing includes mileage to most areas of the Valley and is applicable to private birthday parties. Due to the increasing cost of diesel fuel, there may be a mileage surcharge for outlying communities. Contact us at 602-324-7100 for an overview of pricing and program options. Our big red firetruck is ideal for pre-schools, daycares, elementary schools, after-school programs, and summer camps! Year-round, we offer exciting programs your students will love!

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Our programs can be tailored to your students’ age group, group size, and even can be integrated with the curriculum at many schools. For summer, we have created a unique Summer Water Day Program that has proven to be very popular with Valley schools and camps! We offer educational institutions very affordable special pricing. Considering a visit from the “real” fire department instead? You’ll find we are much better suited to the needs of educational institutions and well worth the small investment, especially considering all the advantages we offer.

Ocotillo Kindercare

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Your local fire department’s main objective is to put out fires and rescue citizens, so they often won’t be able to come to your school if an emergency comes up. I’m concerned that this may not be good for his age group. Does the program really work well for younger kids? It’s common that most preschoolers go through a phase where they are fascinated with trucks and fire trucks. Thus, a very large part of our business is from families celebrating 3rd, 4th and 5th birthdays. Where can we hold the party? Our goal is to provide an easy, hassle-free party experience wherever you wish to hold your party.

Ocotillo Kindercare

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The majority of our parties are held at private homes. At most homes, we simply park in the street in front of your house. We can also accommodate parties in venues such as parks, schools, parking lots, and other areas away from busy traffic. In particular, the small subdivision parks in many neighborhoods across the Valley are really great spaces for our parties. If your party is being held in a public park, planning ahead is essential. The arrival of a fire truck at a busy public park can cause the size of your party to immediately grow by dozens of uninvited kids.

Ocotillo Kindercare

We suggest that you choose a less popular park for your party to make sure that there is adequate space for the fire truck and activities, and less of an issue with party-crashers. We do not recommend pulling into your driveway or other space on private property. Overall, we want customers to understand that we are party professionals and will do whatever is necessary to make your party a huge success no matter where it’s held. That is the advantage of working with an experienced provider such as Fantastic Fire Department. How much space is needed and where should we set up?

The truck is about the size of a typical UPS delivery truck and is remarkably agile and maneuverable in nearly any neighborhood, parking lot, or cul-de-sac. We can go almost anywhere without problems. If the party is held at your home, we ask that you block off an area in front of the house to allow for maneuvering of the truck and an adequate safety zone around the vehicle for the children. What is the background of your staff? All of our Fantastic Firefighters are trained professionals who have background in working with children. All our staff have been through extensive training on how to successfully communicate with children of all ages and bring the experience alive for our young guests. We provide our services rain or shine.

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Luckily we worry little about rain here in the Valley of the Sun, but never fear if it happens to rain on the day of your party. First, remember this is a fire truck, and fire trucks spray water, so pretty much everything about our equipment is designed to get wet. Do you do parties for girls? About half our our parties are for boys and about half are for girls.

Ocotillo Kindercare

Fire trucks are for girls, too! Do you talk about fire safety at all? Throughout all of our programs, hands-on activities and games we emphasize important concepts about firefighters, firefighting, and safety, all in an age-appropriate way. For birthdays, our philosophy is that the children want to have fun with the fire truck, not hear a safety lecture, so any safety information is presented in a more subtle way. Children can dress as they normally would for school or a party, although we suggest comfortable casual clothing is helpful due to the active nature of our programs. In the summer, if you have chosen our Water Day option, bathing suits are suggested for the kids and sunscreen is also a great idea.

In the winter, we still use water in our activities, but in a more controlled way that keeps everyone mostly dry. Can you customize the party packages? If you don’t see exactly what suits your needs here, just let us know and we can customize a program to fit your wishes. We can modify nearly any aspect of our programs to customize them for the needs of our clients. Is this actually a real fire truck?

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Are you somehow affiliated with the fire department? It is the quintessential classic American fire truck depicted in movies, cartoons and television. Thousands of hours have been invested to restore the truck to its pristine condition. What age groups are appropriate for the Fantastic Fire Department? How large of a group can you accommodate? All of our programs can be tailored for any size group or age group from toddlers to adults. We have designed a wide range of hands-on activities that include water, and many that do not.

We choose activities based on the season and setting. We can keep the kids completely dry if you want, or soak them thoroughly from head to toe. Even though many of our activities use water, this does not necessarily mean the children will get wet. Our birthday party pricing is competitive with other professionally-presented entertainment options like pizza arcades, petting zoos, magicians, etc. See the Birthday Parties page for pricing.

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We offer special pricing for schools and other non-profit groups, please call for prices of these programs. Our programs are much more affordable than many people may expect. Is it okay to pay by check? 100 is typically charged to your Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover card at the time of booking. This is a non-refundable reservation fee and is applied to the total party fee.

The balance is charged to your credit or debit card the business day prior to your event. We are available for events 365 days a year, including holidays. Are you local company or a franchise of some sort? Fantastic Fire Department is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona and is locally owned. Our second location covering Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton and Miami Florida opened in March 2012 featuring a beautiful E-One Pumper truck that formerly served the citizens of Superior, Arizona. Our high quality, branded, and completely unique Fire Truck Adventures for Kids have generated interest across the country.

What needs to be provided by the client? Your only obligation is to have a space ready for the fire truck when it arrives. Occasionally, we may need access to a standard garden hose faucet for certain water activities. We do request the assistance of several adults to help supervise the children and ensure that everyone stays safely away from any passing traffic or other hazards. How long will it take to set up once you arrive? Our set-up is almost instantaneous because we have learned how excited the children are to get started once the truck arrives. We begin by safely parking the truck, placing traffic cones as appropriate to create a safety zone, and setting up the appropriate equipment for whatever activities we have planned.

Are there any party favors included? There are party favors included with the 60 Minute Party Package. Please see the Birthday Parties section of the website for specific details on what is included with each package. We have additional party favor options available for purchase.

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You will be very impressed by the quality and professionalism of our party team. They work very hard to deliver a once-in-a-lifetime experience for your child and guests. Tipping is at your discretion if you feel that you received value above and beyond your expectations. Our Fantastic Firefighters guarantee the same level of quality and professionalism regardless. There are plenty of great photo and video opportunities.

Ocotillo Kindercare

Many priceless memories can be captured. We have intentionally designed our party experiences so that they have many staged moments for adorable photos of your kids. You may cancel your performance up to eight days before the event date. The deposit charged at the time of booking is not refundable, although we are happy to apply this amount to a future party. If the booking is cancelled with less than eight days notice, you will be responsible for payment of the fee in full, although this may also be applied to a future party. How long should the party be? On average, most birthday parties are scheduled for 2-3 hours.

This allows for enough time for the Fire Truck visit, singing Happy Birthday, opening presents and so on. We suggest that you allow 20-30 minutes margin at the beginning of the party for late arrivals. We would like to book the 60 Minute Birthday Package. How many kids can you take on the fire truck ride? We typically can accommodate 10-15 people on the truck for a ride, depending on the mixture of shapes and sizes of adults and kids. If your party is large, we may present several fire truck rides as needed to accommodate everyone.