Online Class: Face Painting 101

Online Class: Face Painting 101

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These are some of the items that we see regularly and has come to the attention of government agencies as defective and or dangerous. Night high efficiency gas furnace made after January 1, 1989, you could get benefits from a class action settlement. This is the official Court website for online Class: Face Painting 101 Grays Harbor Adventist Christian School v. The Court will hold a hearing on April 22, 2008 to decide whether to approve the settlement.

Click the links below to obtain a Claim Form or read the Court-ordered Notices, and other materials including a list of the furnace models that are included in the settlement, the Settlement Agreement, and the Preliminary Approval Order. Certain documents are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. If you have any questions, please call 1-866-517-2490. Cadet manufactured approximately 1,950,000 of the Heaters for sale to consumers principally in the States of California, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. LP is one of the most common problematic siding products we see. A home that has had proper painting and caulking can perform well for years, but this maintenance is often overlooked.

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Since it is made of pressed and glued wood chips, there are lots of end grains that will readily absorb water if it is not properly sealed. When water runs down the face of the siding, it tends to hang on the bottom edge wicking up and causing the bottom edges to swell and delaminate. Over time the siding can completely fail, as in these examples. If you have LP on your home or considering buying a home with it you should  follow these important steps as described by the manufacturer. Check for small construction dents and gouges.

Fill these indentations with an exterior, non-hardening sealer and prime before finishing. Make sure sprinklers do not spray water directly onto the siding or trim. Keep roof surfaces and gutters in working order so water is diverted away from the siding. Keep shrubs, trees and plants a minimum of one foot from the siding.

Keep the painted surface free of mold, mildew and algae. Make sure your siding and trim are six to eight inches from the ground. Don’t allow garden mulch to build up and compromise your clearance. Maintain a one-inch per foot slope away from the foundation, so water will drain away from the house. Replace missing or damaged caulking around the joints and seams where different surfaces meet. Repaint your siding before the existing paint fails. Your local weather conditions will affect the longevity of your paint’s performance.

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Inspection is an essential part of maintenance. Perform the following checks once or twice a year. Inspect your paint for cracking, peeling, fading or chalking. Pay special attention to the bottom rows and under the window casings.

Check all joints and seams for cracking or missing sealant. Inspect your flashing and gutters for damage or blockage. Read rest of recommended maintenance in this article from Louisiana-Pacific. Have a dog as a pet? We provide high quality, online courses to help you learn the skills needed to achieve your goals. They include lessons, exams, assignments, discussion boards and an instructor to help you master the learning outcomes.

Verify your learning progress with the assessment of assignments and exams. Receive actual grades and feedback regarding your performance. Earn a certificate documenting your CEUs, contact hours, and course completion. Build your online portfolio and share your achievements with others. This means you can learn when you want on your own time.

You do not need to be online at a specific date or time. Management Essentials” is a course that’s designed to help new and recently appointed managers better understand their role in leadership. This course will cover several important topics, including: Setting the Tone, Directing Others Effectively, How Leaders Communicate, Delegating Responsibilities, Developing Your Team, Confronting Difficult Employee Behavior, Managing a Diverse Team, Treating Your Direct Reports Fairly, Caring about Your Direct Reports, Acting Decisively, Dismissing an Employee, and Managing During Transitions. Not only will you learn about building confidence, making the best decisions, and how to interact with all members of your company, but you will also find out how to manage teams in a global environment.

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In addition, you will find out about how to handle difficult situations and when you need to let an employee go. This course will also help you find out more about what it takes to be a manager when your team includes your friends, and how to develop your team into managers and supervisors. You will also learn more from an extensive list of resources at the end of the course, including both book and website recommendations for further study. The more you learn about being a manager, the more effective you can be. No matter what your management status or goals, “Management Essentials” can help you be the better leader who creates teams that deliver better results. Everywhere you look, you are faced with brands. The more effectively you can set the tone of your leadership, the more willing those staff members will be to listen to you.

As a manager, your job is to make sure that others do things that benefit the company and its plans. The best way a manager can learn to communicate is to listen to those around them. You can learn how to delegate properly, by learning who your team is and how they can help you each day. As a manager, you can actively support your team in developing their skills to become better in their field, and more valuable to the company. Since not all employees are easy to manage all the time, and not everyone has their best day when theyre at work, you need to learn now how to manage these situations effectively. When you step into your manager role, create a list of your employees and where they are located for work, but also create a time zone list so you understand where they are and how you can contact them. Fairness is essential in your role, and people are watching to make sure you are treating everyone the same.

While the goal of success is reasonable, it’s also been demonstrated that managers who show they care about their employees are the ones who can get more from their team. Acting decisively in situations that require your leadership is something you need to be able to do, but it may not be something that comes naturally. Review Article: How Do Decisive Managers Affect the Morale of Employees? Every situation of a potential dismissal is different, and there might be situations in which you might let someone go immediately, while another manager may not. As a manager, the best way to make change easier is to ensure your team knows what’s happening and what will happen next. The rumors in your office will only cause stress and anxiety for the team. By continuing to develop yourself as a leader, and by treating your employees as people, you will become the person who truly cares, and who wants to see everyone succeed.

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Describe methods for setting the correct tone as new manager. Identify methods for directing others effectively. Demonstrate abilities for properly delegating responsibilities. Identify methods for developing your team.

Online Class: Face Painting 101

Know processes for confronting difficult employee behavior. Identify ways to treat all your direct reports fairly. Recognize how to act decisively in all situations. Describe the processes for properly dismissing an employee. Partial scholarships may be available to organizations demonstrating significant budget restraints. Please complete and submit a Scholarship Application for consideration. Friday, May 11 from 9 a.

In order to become more resilient, we need to allow ourselves to think differently! Join us for a day in which old ideas of progress and success are challenged by new ideas of health and resilience. When mindfulness is practiced in the workplace, organizations become more resilient, sustainable, and effective. Learn how to bring mindfulness to your work and how to connect more authentically with yourself, your colleagues, and your mission. Are you feeling stuck in some ruts, but aren’t sure how to spark innovative ideas? We’ll experiment with some exercises to bust open minds and possibilities and consider how to integrate them into the workplace.

You are working on important issues in the social and civic sectorbut change is not happening at the scale and impact you desire. Now, imagine new ways of tackling some of our most pressing challenges through crosssector collaboration. Come prepared to think big and stretch your imagination of what is possible. This exclusive affinity group for nonprofit EDs and CEOs is a unique monthly forum in which nonprofit chief executives come together for a brown bag lunch and to share experiences, challenges, solutions, and best practices.

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Join us as we launch this new group to deepen connections and build a community of support among participants. OR Tuesday, April 24 from 8:30 a. Whether you’re a seasoned board member or looking for your first board experience, you’ll learn effective nonprofit governance that will prepare you to be matched with a local nonprofit or enhance your current board service. In this full-day session, we’ll cover the full gamut of nonprofit governance including boardsmanship, fundraising, financial oversight, planning and technology. ED Boot Camp is a day-long, entry-level workshop for new Executive Directors. Topics covered will include the basics of nonprofit management including: tools and tips for effective leadership, organizational stability, fundraising, financial management, regulatory compliance, external relations and governance.

Online Class: Face Painting 101

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It may feel easiest just to move on. However, it’s possible not only to understand and manage conflict, but to get to the root of it, resulting in fewer and less severe problems and an atmosphere of improved trust and openness. This class will focus on understanding dynamics of conflict and building a kit of specific skills. Wherever you experience conflict, this can help! Are your workload and your life load out of control?

Do you procrastinate on tasks because you don’t know where to start? Here’s the good news: personal organization is a skill that can be learned and improved. You’ll leave this class with strategies that will help you get organized, reduce stress, increase your productivity and effectiveness, and start enjoying your work and life more! A job description should be practical, clear and accurate to effectively define your needs. In this session, you’ll learn how to conduct a basic job analysis in order to develop a job description reflecting the needs of a position. We’ll explore how to determine essential functions of a position, and design job descriptions based on identified knowledge, skills, and abilities, in preparation of approval by appropriate human resources or legal department.

Competencies are the key to this agility. Today’s volunteers and funders want to support agencies that use resources efficiently, including volunteer resources. While volunteer numbers are still important, the focus has shifted to the impact those hours have for the clients you serve. This workshop will explore ways to track and report outcomes, and how that information can be used to further engage volunteers and share your story. Here’s your chance to practice the art of the ask with a master fundraiser. In this day-long class, you’ll have the opportunity to practice face-to-face asking a real person for a gift, and get invaluable, constructive feedback in a safe setting, featuring friendly competition.

The emphasis is on asking individuals, but the skills are effective for foundation officers and corporate representatives as well. Fundraising is essential to the success of an organization’s mission, but understanding how best to cultivate your career can be difficult. Building a successful career in fund development takes experience, education, passion and skill. If you’re just starting out in fund development or looking to advance your current development position, this is the conversation for you! This interactive course is designed for nonprofit leaders and staff interested in learning more about how to identify, research and select appropriate grant funding prospects to support a nonprofit project or program. The course will focus on the state of grant seeking at the government and foundation level, funding search strategies, and funding prospect selection. Often organizations with no assigned marketing or PR staffer distribute those tasks among others who encounter new projects that require new skills.

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Expect a lively discussion that addresses the specific needs of your organization. Bequests and other types of planned gifts are the lowest cost, highest value gifts nonprofits can generate. If planned giving isn’t part of your fundraising program, now is the time to start! Friday, March 2 from 9 a. However, those same fundraisers know the importance of a well-laid plan. Advocacy: The Why, the How, the Now! Advocacy has become a buzzword that everyone’s talking about.

Online Class: Face Painting 101

This course teaches what advocacy is, how to do advocacy effectively, and the lasting impact advocacy has on your clients and your agency. If you think you’re too small to be effective, than you’ve never been in bed with a mosquito. This session will explore the changing views on performance goals. Are they helpful tools to ensure focus and good communication or do they do more harm than good? We will discuss how to set effective goals using collaboration and engagement while building in flexibility and empowerment. The SMART approach will be covered along with the critical importance of regular two-way dialogue.

Most every nonprofit hoping to grow their voluntary support from individuals wants to have a major gifts program. Many of those organizations have neither the staff nor the budget to do it and those that do often divert their own fundraisers from their major gift focus. The board’s role doesn’t start AND end with fiduciary responsibility. Learn how to motivate and empower your new and existing board members to take an active role in finance, human resources, legal issues, and of course, FUNDRAISING, all with the goal of making the most of your board. Join us as we review the primary ways that board members can fulfill their key fiduciary responsibilities, including avoiding mission drift, participating in the budgeting and auditing processes, reviewing regular financial reports, and understanding the organization’s overall financial outlook.

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We’ll answer your questions about serving as a fiduciary and discuss practical strategies for improving your board’s ability to fulfill this critical role. In this interactive session with an attorney who focuses on nonprofits, participants will learn the legal responsibilities of being board members, how to minimize the risk of employee claims and other legal issues before they become problems, and the potential consequences of non-compliance with state and federal laws governing exempt organizations. When determining the role of the board in matters relating to Human Resources, it is critical to recognize and respect the difference between governance and management. This difference may cause nonprofits some difficulty in the treatment of each. The ED has primary responsibility for hiring and managing the staff, while the board’s role should be focused on governing the organization. Special events are frequently one way that board members fundraise for their organization. Engaged board members are a critical success factor, often making the difference between profit or loss.

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This session will pair two fundraisers who have worked with countless organizations to increase the profitability of their special events in a competitive marketplace. Tuesday, March 20 from 9 a. Today’s nonprofit environment overflows with challenge, opportunity and change. Strategic thinking, an inspiring vision, and carrying out a solid plan are vital signs for any nonprofit, large or small.

Online Class: Face Painting 101