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I will be your ESL Online Job Coach to help you along your journey online Math teacher jobs (Skype) – apply to opened vacancies teach ESL full or part time online. Are Online TEFL Teaching Jobs Worth Pursing?

Can You Get Paid to Teach English Online? Why You Should Teach English Online From Home? Are The Best ESL Teaching Jobs Online in the ESL Department? Why Online English Teaching Jobs Benefit ESL Teacher and Student?

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Looking for an Online ESL Job? The Times are Changing, Jobs and Careers are Changing Too! VIPKID is a dream come true for me! Is teaching ESL online right for you? The Dilemma: Teach English Online with a Chinese Company OR Teach English in China?

Are you Thinking about Teaching ESL Online? Teach ESL Online from Home but You Need the Right Qualifications or Do You? Why teach Synthetic Phonics to ESL students? Rock Solid Foundation’ to Teach ESL Online with The Online ESL Mentoring Course! This is the BEST Online ESL Mentoring Program to Teach Kids! My success includes winning The Most Popular English Teacher with VIPKID. I have over 5,000 parents following me to take classes.

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I have taught over 3,000 ESL students online. I have taught over 12,000 online ESL classes. Looking forward to hearing from you. Ask any questions about the job please post in the comments below. I have my TESOL Certificate with very little experience teaching. Master degree in Education, What do I need to do to teach on line with your organization?

Bill, You must be from the US or Canada to teach with VIPKID. You have a Master degree and TESOL Certificate so you can apply. When I started teaching online, I started with a smaller company for my first 6 months. That gave me more confidence and experience. I didn’t pass my first demo class with VIPKID. I had to do a 2nd one which I passed.

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Any more questions just let me know. Mexico but i have 18 years of Live in England. 12 an hour and 8 hours a day. Tefl course and also 15 years of English at school. William, You must be from the US or Canada to work for VIPKID. But here are some more Teaching Opportunities online.

What did you do different from first demo to second demo? I also did not pass my first demo with VIPKID. Hi Bill, I am originally from Cuba where I taught ESL at a University level for 23 years, I have lived in Canada for the last 16 years. I have not been able to get back to teaching here and I don’t have a TESOL certificate but I do have a Master’s from a Cuban University which has been validated by the University of Toronto to be equal to a Master’s issued by a Canadian University. Would I be able to apply with VIPKID?

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If you are a Canadian then YES. They don’t state where your Master degree needs to be from. Also, please visit my Online ESL Jobs page for over 100 Online ESL jobs. Hi there again Bill and thank you so much for your reply.

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Just one more question, do they send you a statement of earnings every year so you can do your taxes or do you have to keep track of your earnings yourself? Also being in Canada, do you know if my wages would be in American dollars or US dollars? Thank you again and have an awesome day! Reggie, They send you a 1099 form for Americans. They send it in US dollar and then your bank will convert it to your bank account currency.

I have just completed online training and have received a TEFL Certificate and TEYL Certificate. I have participated in Volunteer Work as a Bible Teacher for over 30 years. However, I do Not have a Bachelor’s Diploma in any subject. I do have years of teaching experience in my volunteer work. Dierdre, Some companies do hire people without a bachelor’s degree.

Also, I help teachers find jobs, train them, and evaluate their classes every week for 7 months. I get them to the point that they can teach back to back classes at a high level. I’m a mentor and a coach. He applied with a few companies mentioned on this website. This morning he did his first demo with USASISHU, and they seem happy with it, but have yet to let him know in writing. CV to ALL the companies Dave has listed. I have MA in English language and literature.

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I also spent some time in the USA as a child. However, I am currently based in Europe, in Serbia, where I also graduated. I have a lot expirience in teaching children. Is there any possibility for me to start working for VIPKID?

Mirjana, Do you have a US passport? The reason is because VIPKID will send the US government a 1099 form for taxes. So you must be a US or Canadian citizen. I am an experienced, qualified English teacher from England. I have taught ages 4-89, in class, online and private in homes. Business and prep for many exams, one of my male students was accepted into Cambridge University, with the help from my lessons.

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Victoria, They only hire teachers from the US and Canada. You have to be from the US and Canada. It looks like you have enough experience. So if you are from the US or Canada please apply. Provided I have a Canadian or US passport, do you have any age limit for teaching online? Hello, I am currently a First Grade teacher working 8 hours per week.

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I am looking for work from home. I have a Master’s Degree in Elementary Ed with a focus in Reading and Literacy. I have never done anything like this before but highly interested. What type of test did you have to pass? Melissa, Sorry about the late reply. I was on vacation in Beijing and Shanghai. You have to pass a demo class.

Some teachers have to do 2 demo classes. I had to do 2 demos. The person at VIPKID will act like a kid and you will teach. They will give you all the material for the lesson but you need some props like stuffed animals or puppets. If you have anymore questions please let me know. I am a first year teacher in Korea and am about to move back to America in March.

Should I send my video now or in March? This looks like an exciting opportunity! Then you will have more things in place. You need to get things setup like 2 internet connections, good headset, computer, and have a back up system.

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Don’t worry the will be hiring continuously all this year. Atiq, They only want teachers from North America. Please take a look at some other ESL Online jobs that hire teachers from other countries. I am Nisith Bose from India. Incidentally I came across your portal and knew that teaching kids might be very interesting.

As to my my qualification I am an MA in English from Visva -Bharati University, Shantiniketan, West Bengal, India. Will u plz find out a job of a teacher there ? If yes then reply me soon. I am really interested to teach English abroad. Nisith, The is for teaching ESL students online.

Hello Bill, my name is Abigail and I am from Nigeria. A in English Language but I don’t have teaching experience. I desire to teach online but I don’t know where to start applying for vacancies. Hi Abigail, Here is a good website with Online ESL position. I am Mary Pichardo from the United States. I grew up in New York and Florida.