Owner speaks out after dog attack

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Read this: Why would anyone do this? Blood oozes from deep gashes that criss-cross his head and nose. His eyes look vacant and tired. This shocking image reveals the extent of the horrific injuries suffered by springer spaniel Stig owner speaks out after dog attack owner Kim Edmonds’ sickening attack.

Edmonds, was yesterday jailed for 20 weeks as the judged described the on her own pet as ‘one of the worst cases of animal cruelty’ he had witnessed. However, Edmonds from Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, was found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to the dog at Stoke-on-Trent magistrates court last week. She has also been given a lifetime disqualification of all animals and cannot apply for the ban to be lifted. The court had heard that Edmonds, who had been taking medication for depression, had slashed her 14-year-old dog Stig and her other dog Dan to a lesser extent, in her back garden in September last year. Stig had 31 separate lacerations and burn wounds on his head, nose and body, and has since been treated and rehomed after the horrific attack. It is not known what weapon was used to attack the dog.

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The court heard that the nature of Stig’s injuries suggested he had been held down during the prolonged attack. The RSPCA said Edmonds had claimed that an balaclava-wearing intruder had broken into her back garden and attacked the dog and her. She made a 999 call to Staffordshire police on September 7 last year – but her minor wounds were found to be self-inflicted and the police referred the case to the RSPCA. There was blood all over the living room and the kitchen. Edmonds’ demeanour, considering the report and her dog had been mutilated, was calm.

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I was shocked by what I saw. Stig would need a lengthy operation and she asked if he would need a skin graft and demonstrated by pinching the skin on his head. It was unusual as I have never known an owner show such calmness. Judge Taylor said: ‘It’s a serious offence that needs the right course of action. Edmonds was convicted of one charge of the Section 4 Animal Welfare Act 2006. The medical costs of the dogs has cost the RSPCA thousands of pounds. Both dogs have now been re-homed together.

RSPCA Deputy chief inspector Jayne Bashford said: ‘Kim is a very dangerous lady and the injuries suffered by the dogs were totally horrendous. In terms of injuries deliberately inflicted – this is the most traumatic incident I’ve seen. Every person involved has been severely affected by what they saw. It’s caused people a lot of distress. The dog -Stig – was at the vets for a week and had a four hour operation.

It will cost the RSPCA thousands of pounds. The comments below have been moderated in advance. We are no longer accepting comments on this article. Intimidated by the thought of taming your garden for summer?

Owner speaks out after dog attack

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Will Meghan’s ‘something borrowed’ be from Diana? JACKSON COUNTY — Officials have confirmed that one woman was killed in a dog attack this morning while another woman was injured. Deputies say they found 24-year-old Emily Mae Colvin dead on arrival. The Jackson County Sheriff’s office said they received a call around 9:00 a.

Officials said that the dog tried to attack a deputy and was shot. Scottsboro Animal Control along with deputies and Section Police rounded up another four dogs involved. All five dogs have been described by authorities as pitbulls. Another woman was found injured and has been treated for her injuries and released according to authorities. The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office says that Colvin had been in contact with the dogs before and they had never received a call or had a problem with those particular dogs. Deputies are still investigating how the attack started. The four dogs are being held at Williams Animal Clinic in Scottsboro.

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Sheriff Chuck Phillips says the dogs will stay at the vet for 10 days then will be taken to the pound. A judge will decide the fate of the dogs. Sheriff Chuck Phillips says this is the first time the dogs have attacked a human, but it’s not the first complaint they’ve received. We received a call back sometime ago, maybe these dogs and the victim’s dog had killed llamas that were in a pasture nearby. That’s the only complaint we have ever had on them,” Sheriff Phillips said.

He said the owner of the dogs is liable for their actions. What we will be doing is preparing a case for the grand jury. It will go before a grand jury in March. We will have to wait for the autopsy results before we take it that far. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Mallory Keller, formerly of Hilton Head Island, was attacked by several or her roommate’s dogs in September. Since then, one of the dogs, Harley, has been euthanized.

This is how Keller feels about it. 25 at the Hilton Head home where she was staying and noticed something wasn’t right. She had been pet sitting for her roommate’s six dogs, all of which are rescues, according to a Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office report. Because the dogs did not always get along, they were kept in separate rooms blocked by short gates.

But one of the dogs, Bonnie Blue, a blind pit bull, was getting too close the gate, Keller said in Beaufort County Magistrate court on Wednesday as she held back tears. Keller said she reached across the gate in order to pull Bonnie and another dog apart, when Bonnie bit her wrist. She remembers only fragments of what came next because blood loss made her lapse in and out of consciousness. Our journalism takes a lot of time, effort, and hard work to produce. If you read and enjoy our journalism, please consider subscribing today.

Another dog — named Harley — grabbed Keller’s leg in his teeth and tore away, Ashley Yonkoski, a witness who saw the incident unfold, said in court. Yonkoski said Bonnie bit Keller only once. Yonkoski rushed Keller to Hilton Head Hospital where she was immediately underwent emergency surgery. Mallory’s road to recovery will be about 12-18 months, however, with her resilience and determination, she will get back on her feet.

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Keller appeared in court Wednesday with a brace on her right leg and walked with crutches. She appeared as a witness for Beaufort County, which is attempting to declare Bonnie Blue a dangerous animal. Harley has already been put down by his owner, Monica Collins. According to county code, that declaration would require Collins to securely confine Bonnie in her home or a securely enclosed and locked pen or kennel, with the exception of when Bonnie is on a leash. The pen or kennel must be clearly marked as containing a dangerous animal and have a secure top attached to the sides. Keller has not filed charges against Collins.

Keller told a reporter Wednesday that she knows Collins has a 13-year-old son and does not want to put the financial burden of her injuries on either of them. Collins, who was also in court with her attorney, is fighting to prevent Bonnie from being dubbed dangerous. She adopted the dog from Noah’s Arks Rescue in May 2013. Bonnie had swollen eyeballs that were removed shortly after the adoption. Collins, who previously worked with the rescue, adopted Bonnie after she fell in love with the dog that, though blind, still managed to get around and had a sweet personality.

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Collins’ concern now is walking Bonnie in public. The nearly 5-year-old dog would have to be muzzled when she is used to walking along the beach on a long leash and traveling with Collins. Collins said she has already complied with the county code and has placed signs at her home warning of a dangerous dog. In court, she said that she has purchased liability insurance, has muzzles and crates Bonnie when she is gone. When asked if she was concerned for her son’s safety or that Bonnie might bite a person again, Collins said no.

She’s just like any other dog. She snuggles under the covers, she hangs out with me, she chews on bones. She doesn’t know she has a disability, and she acts just like any other dog would act. I love her regardless of the outcome. After the incident, Collins had Harley, the other dog involved in the attack, put to sleep. She described the animal as a black lab mix. I knew the damage he did wasn’t OK.

I’m in hog heaven’: Hilton Head Islander loves her new sewer service. Personalize your weather by entering a location. Sorry, but the location you entered was not found. The Oakland woman who survived a vicious dog mauling Friday is described her ordeal tonight from her hospital bed. Her injuries, as seen in pictures, are severe.

Owner speaks out after dog attack

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The Oakland woman who survived a vicious dog mauling last week described the ordeal on Monday night from her hospital bed. I was screaming my lungs out,” said Nichole Kennedy about the dog attack, “I tried to stand real still and you know they both just came at me at once. They just went to work on me. Shar-Pei mix, run ahead of her as they walked along 63rd Avenue. She recalls, “I heard this man say, ‘Lady I think your dog is dead’ and I said ‘My dog is dead?

She says her dog’s throat had been ripped open by a pair of pit bulls. The dogs then attacked Kennedy, whose injuries extend the entire length of her body. The doctor told me this morning my ear might fall off, you know my leg is crushed, my eye I can’t hardly open it,” she said. The pit bulls also attacked a neighbor, who came to help the 54-year-old woman. She doesn’t know his full name so she can’t get an update on his condition from the hospital. I send my love to him because if he wouldn’t have come back there, they would have killed me,” said Kennedy.

Oakland Animal Services took the pit bulls and is investigating the attack. Kennedy’s daughter, Princess Kennedy, wants action taken. I don’t think that they should be able to be around they’re vicious. What if it happens to somebody else?

It’s unclear if the dogs’ owner will face charges. This is an undated image of three animals that were killed by a pack of dogs at a San Jose wildlife park. Shadow, a dog that was injured at a kennel near Walnut Creek, Calif. What we know about Waffle House shooting hero James Shaw Jr. Considering Buying a Dog From a Pet Shop? Bomb Dogs Failed Dozens of Tests at 10 Large US Airports – NBCNews.

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