Rainbow Crafts for Preschool

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Gallery Rainbow Rainbow Crafts for Preschool in the Summer! Rainbow Academy Preschool For little scholars.

Rainbow Academy is licensed by the Department of Education, Private Academic Schools, and accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. Rainbow Academy is an equal opportunity employer and care provider. Our exceptional curriculum, covering goals of all domains of learning, is aligned with the Pennsylvania Learning Standards. Rainbow Academy is distinctively about early childhood education.

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We welcome diversity in children’s learning styles and are inclusive of children having special needs as a preschool and daycare center. Special Days occur throughout the summer. All Preschool Express product will be sent via a downloadable link. Links for each product can be found on your Preschool Express Invoice Receipt. Please see the Market Station for more information.

Rainbow Crafts for Preschool

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Copyright Policy – All rights reserved. Pages may be downloaded for personal use only. No part of this website may be distributed, reproduced or transmitted in any form to others without written permission from Van Warren Publications. The exception being teachers who freely share materials with parents or students. Easy Shamrock added 2-15-98 Christa from Preschool Education Need: Paper, scissors Directions: Cut three heart and a stem from paper. Glue them in the shape of a shamrock.

Then trace it onto green paper. 2-15-98 Christa from Preschool Education Need: Yarn, Straws, Green Construction paper, and Scissors. Directions: Cut about 10 Shamrocks out for each child. Cut Straw into 2 inch pieces. String the Straws and the shamrocks. One Straw, One Shamrock, One Straw, One Shamrock, One Straw, One Shamrock, etc.

A good Idea is to put tape on one end of the string so it does not come apart, while Stringing. Paper Plate Shamrock added 2-15-98 Original Author Unknown Need: 3 paper plates, Green Crayons, Green Construction paper, glue, and scissors. Directions: Color all three paper plates green. Cut a stem from green construction paper. Glue the three paper plates together and in a triangle type shape. Then glue the stem at the bottom.

Rainbow Crafts for Preschool

Directions: Cut Coffee filter in the shape of a shamrock. Put water in two baby food jars. Add yellow food color in one jar and blue in the other. Give the children Q-tips and let them mix the colors on the coffee filter.

You end up with a very interesting green shamrock. Place fingerpaint paper on top of newspaper. Pour about 3 tablespoons of paint in the middle and spread all over the paper with one hand. Make all over design on the paper.

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Directions: Have the children paint the backside of a paper bowl green. When they dry, punch a hole in the rim of the bowl. Lace ribbon through the hole so you can tie the hat on. While paint in wet on the hats, sprinkle gold glitter on them. After they have desired amount of shamrocks, they may add glitter.

Shamrocks added 2-21-99 Original Author Unknown Need: Tissue paper, paper, glue Directions: Cut a shamrock from construction paper. Rice Shamrocks added 2-21-99 Original Author Unknown Need: Oak-tag or heavy white paper, rice, green food coloring, brushes, glue, glue containers, paper towels or pie tins, shamrock patterns. Directions: Prepare rice a day ahead of project. Place rice in a small amount of water to which green food coloring has been added. Let it soak until desired shade of green had been reached. Drain off the water and let rice dry on paper towels or in pie tins overnight.

Trace and cut out shamrock shapes. Have the children brush diluted glue on their shamrocks and sprinkle green rice over the glue. Shamrock Sun Catcher added 2-25-99 Original Author Unknown Need: Shamrocks, wax paper, paper Directions: Begin by collecting shamrocks or three leafed clovers. Then cut the center out, reserving the shamrock cutout for another project. Glue the resulting shamrock shaped frame to the clover containing waxed paper. Shamrock crayon rubbing added 2-25-99 Original Author Unknown Need: cardboard, pencil, glue, paper, crayons Directions: Using a piece of cardboard or matt board draw on some shamrocks with a pencil. My kids like to call this magic when the design appears.

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Directions: Let the children draw a face on the shamrock and add accordion fold arms and legs. Finger Paint added 2-25-99 Original Author Unknown Need: Finger paint paper, yellow and blue paint Directions: Cut large shamrock shapes from finger-painting paper. This is a good sensory way to learn about colors. Glue it on the pudding box. Cut some pieces of red yard to make the leprechaun’s hair.

Rainbow Crafts for Preschool

Glue some snips of red yarn to the leprechaun’s face to make a beard. Cut 4 strips of shelf paper 1″ wide by 3′ long for legs. Cut 4 strips 1′ wide x 2′ long for arms. Fold the strips over each other back and forth to form the arms and legs.

Cut shoes and hands out of paper and glue to the legs and arms. Tape a loop of yarn to the top of the leprechaun’s head for hanging. Directions: Have children finger paint yellow and blue all over finger paint sheet. While the paint is still wet, sprinkle on gold glitter. Have children trace a shamrock shape on the backside of the finger-paint sheet and then cut out their shamrocks. Directions: Have the children glue the green tissue paper onto their Shamrock.

Directions: Cut out the rainbow on the lucky charms breakfast cereal and have the kids glue the cereal shapes right on to the rainbow. Directions: What could be better than a potato craft for St. Cut a good size raw potato in half, scoop out the potato flesh, fill with soil and sprinkle with grass seed. Place the potato in a small margarine container to stand upright and decorate the front of the potato with eyes, nose and mouthwhen the grass sprouts it will look like the silliest leprechaun ever! Directions: Cut two shamrocks from white or light colored paper. Next decorate one side of each piece.

They can sponge paint, string paint, markers, glue and glitter, whatever. Next, staple the two shapes together, leaving a hole at the top. Stuff with crumpled up newspaper and finish stuffing. Directions: Trace shamrock shapes onto heavy white paper. Carefully cut out, then paint green and sprinkle with salt.

After shamrocks have dried, they will have a shimmery appearance. You may punch holes in the tops of these then use yarn or ribbon to tie them to a clothes hangar for a simple mobile, or you may hole punch them, string them on separate  24″ ribbons, tie, and give to friends as St. This can get a bit tricky because its sometimes hard to see what it is you are drawing. Press hard with the crayon so its nice and thick. Like magic, lines will appear from out of nowhere! Directions: Cut three heart shapes from the green paper.

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Glue the tips of the three shapes together to form a shamrock. Staple the center of the shamrock to the end of the straw to make a handle. Decorate the shamrock with gold glitter. Cut three of more 3 foot ribbons. Hold the ribbons together and staple them to the back of the shamrock at the center so that the ends hang down from the shamrock wand.

Directions: Cut down the toilet tissue or paper towel roll so it is about 2 inches high. Cut the paper plate in half. Paint the arc so it looks like a rainbow. Once the paint is all dry. Slide one end of the rainbow into the black toilet tissue roll.

You now have a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow! For an added touch, put a line of glue around the top edge of the toilet tissue roll and sprinkle on gold glitter or sequins. Directions: Add a few drops of green paint to shaving cream. Have the children use this to paint with. Not mixing the paint in will give it a special look.

Have the children tear pieces of green construction paper, and glue them inside the lines for the shamrock shape. Need: styrofoam cup, pattern for black pot, Leprechaun, craft stick. Direction: Have children color a small picture of a leprechaun and cut it out. Glue the leprechaun onto craft stick. Cut out and glue 2 black pots on cup. Stick the craft stick through bottom of cup. Leprechaun can now “pop” out of his pot of gold.

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Paper coins can also be glued to the top of the cup to look like gold. Have pre-cut shamrocks from construction paper ready. Cut one inch into the outer edge of the shamrocks, so that there is no middle. Lay shamrock on wax paper, have children sprinkle shaved crayons into the empty middle.

Lay another sheet of wax paper on top of the entire shamrock. Cover the whole thing with a light dish towel. Assist child in pressing an iron on top of the wax paper to create their sun catcher. Allow children to cut around the edge to re-form shamrock shape. Directions: Cut green tagboard into shamrock shaped sunglasses with green cellophane covering the eye openings. Directions: Take two paper rolls and stapled them together.

Punch a hole on each side of the tubes. Add different shades of tissue for color. Then use your leprechaun with your new binoculars. Directions: Obtain a clean spray bottle. Add water and a little bit of liquid or powdered tempera. Then, place a large piece of paper on an easel, and have the children spray the colored water onto the paper.

Rainbow Crafts for Preschool

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Directions: Have the kids gather smooth rocks from outside. Dip each of them in green or gold glitter and let dry. You now have Blarney Stones for good luck! Please forward this error screen to 209. Please forward this error screen to 209. Preschool and Kindergarten Weather Activities, Lessons, and Crafts.

Rainbow Crafts for Preschool

This saying reminds us that rain helps flowers to grow. It also helps vegetables and other plants to grow. Without it our rivers and lakes would be empty and we wouldn’t have enough water to drink. Attach some contact paper sticky side out on a window. Provide cotton balls, a felt sun, and some felt rain drops to place on the sticky and let children make the weather of the day, or some cloud pictures. Take children outside and draw some circles with chalk on the floor. Encourge children to empty a bucket full of water in each circle.

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Then, let children jump from puddle to puddle or over the puddle. Indoors: Cut out some puddle shapes out of blue craft paper and attach on the floor. Chart the weather for each day of the month or week. The month of April is a great time because in many areas the weather can vary greatly. Ask children to name as many descriptive words as they can about the day! For example, is it sunny, warm, rainy, cloudy, windy, cold, etc? Place the weather card on the appropriate day of the week on the My Weekly Weather Report chart.

Extension Activity: Let children choose and sort the clothing and talk about the activities they can do in that type of weather. Explain that people use umbrellas to keep the sun and rain off. Open up an umbrella and have children see how many of them can fit under it. Go for a walk with children in the rain with the umbrella. Have them listen to the rain as it hits the umbrella.

If it’s sunny, go for a walk with children and the umbrella and discuss how the umbrella shades them from the sun. After children are back inside make a coffee filter umbrella craft. Wet the circle coffee filter with water. Use a paintbrush to drip watercolors on the wet paper. Fold the coffee filter two times. Twist two pipe cleaners together and form in to a cane shape.

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Insert the pipe cleaner inside the umbrella. Add a stapler to the bottom of the umbrella. We want to go outside and play. Move hands up while touching index finger and thumb alternately. Move hands down while wiggling fingers. Make a circle with arms above head.

And dried up all the rain. Fill two jars with the same amount of water and mark the level of the water on the outside of the jars. Put a lid on one of the jars. Place the jars in a sunny place for a few days. Have children note that there is more water gone from the jar without lid and that inside the jar with the lid they can see tiny drops of water. The water went into the air. Let children make a “rainbow” salad using the following fruits: red strawberries, orange oranges, yellow pineapple, green apples, blue blueberries, and purple grapes.

Children will learn the colors of the rainbow while making and eating a delicious and nutritious snack! Preschool and kindergarten “The Grouchy Ladybug” activities, crafts, and lessons. Spring is a great time to study weather. Perfect for reviewing addition or introducing it. Includes a center sheet for student to complete following center. Download the Rainbow Center and Center Sheet by Clicking Here! The first one below is a printable dice game that asks the students to take turns rolling a dice and covering up the sum of the three dice.

Rainbow Crafts for Preschool

The second game is a roll and draw a rainbow game. Students take turns rolling a dice and coloring in a part of the rainbow. First person to color in all the colors of their rainbow wins. This actvity is also super for practice reading color words. Click rainrollandcoverteachingheart to download the three dice game.

Click rainbowrollteachingheart to download the roll a rainbow game. I drew the line of glue and they put down the color on the line. We used mini marshmallows for the clouds. As they were laying to dry, I started asking my daughter and her friend how many reds were in their rainbows.