Safe Sleep Isn”t Just for Home

Safe Sleep Isn”t Just for Home

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Please forward this error screen to 162. Studies have shown that people with Sundowner’s Syndrome have a tendency to have sleep disturbances. This isn’t uncommon with elderly people safe Sleep Isn’t Just for Home don’t suffer with any form of dementia, but for those with Sundowner’s, sleep problems only make the Sundowner’s symptoms more problematic. A Sundowner’s sufferer will no doubt exhibit symptoms every time they awaken.

Sleep disturbances in the elderly are often caused by the physical problems that go along with growing old and the resulting pain and discomfort, which awakens them several times during the night. Heart ailments, arthritis, Parkinson’s Disease shakes, Restless Leg Syndrome, depression, indigestion, constipation, and sleep apnea can all cause disturbed sleep. While breathing problems like sleep apnea occur in people of all ages, it’s extremely common in people over 70. The hallucinations and agitation caused by Sundowner’s Syndrome can also cause sleep disturbances. First and foremost, make sure the Sundowner’s patient avoids caffeine and sugar, especially in the hours before bedtime. It also helps to avoid any liquids for a couple of hours before bed.

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If your loved one takes any medications that make him or her sleepy during daytime hours, speak with your doctor about alternative medications. Exercise a few hours before bed may also help to cause fatigue at the right time of night. Massage, soft and soothing music, reading in a soft voice, or even warm milk or sheets warmed in the microwave can help someone to relax and sleep. Of course, quiet is absolutely essential!

Safe Sleep Isn't Just for Home

Part 2 Sometimes, the elderly can begin to reverse their body’s sleep schedule until they sleep during the day and stay awake at night. This is, of course, extremely disruptive to caregivers. You can try to keep the lights bright during the day and dim them in the evening to get the body’s clock back on a proper schedule. This is the opposite of the instruction to keep lights on during the night to prevent Sundowner’s symptoms.

The supplement melatonin is also sometimes used to help a person sleep at the proper time. Never give a person with dementia over-the-counter sleep medications, however, as some of these can exacerbate the Syndrome. See a doctor if the sleep issue becomes unmanageable, and you may also want to doublecheck the Physician’s Desk Reference to make sure any sleep medications are not a problem in terms of other ailments and medications. Better sleep is an enigma for many people, but there are definitely strategies which can encourage it. Elderly people tend to live more sedentary lives and stay indoors more than when they were younger.

This means they get less exercise and less sunlight, both of which are important for a good night’s sleep. A walk during the day in the sunlight can do a great deal to help with both of these issues. If hunger keeps your loved one awake, encourage a light meal prior to sleep. However, the food you choose is very important. Sugar and caffeine work as stimulants, and alcohol also interferes with sleep. Heavy foods may also cause stomach discomfort during the night. Help my mother-in law is in a resential care fac.

My mother too has occasional sleep disturbances. Haldol only increases her confusion when she hasn’t been sleeping. If she stays awake 1 full day, 1 full night and the whole next day, I give her 100mg trazadone and . This seems to work every time. I will never give her Haldol again after how it affected her. He won’t even take a bath!

Am I doing the right thing? I am with all of you on this. I’ve been trying to keep him at home, and have tried finding caregivers, only to be overwhelmed with scheduling, and being up all night with him, then having to go to work the next day. I can’t think straight and I feel like crying all the time.

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You are not alone, and I’m glad to see i’m not either. Aww I’m so sorry your overwhelmed, your not getting the right help. I PRAY THINGS GET BETTER SOON . Honey, I have up everything and moved into my mom’s home to take care of her, it was either that are she was going to be heading into a nursing home soon. My mom is 89, and has dementia .

There are times are have to put your foot down and make them do what you know is right, like bathing, eating, and going to the Dr. They simply don’t have a choice, and that’s what you tell them. Be sweet, let it come from the heart, but be stern. And if you need to do him you will give him a bath, so be it!

But she knows I’m here for her cause I love her! I’m trying to make her last years fun! My dad is doing the same thing he has congestive heart failure and dementia and cancer on his kidneys , I’ve chosen not to tell him about the cancer. But he won’t bath, sleep is short ! They won’t give sleep aids he is 80 ! He needs the rest and so do I!

My mum wont take baths or showers either and the sound of water scares her you have to adapt wash where you can even if that means next to the bath or get someone else to wash him once a day. My father passed away 8 months ago and during the time he was in the hospital, our family Dr. It has been wonderful for my mother as far as her sleeping. Her sundowning starts around 4pm everyday and last until 6 or 7. She was much worse before the zyprexa. So glad I found this info and message board. My 88 yr old father started getting out of bed a few weeks ago after 4 years of having assistance morning and night.

We have tried bed rails and putting his wheelchair in the way but he seems to have super human strenghth and moves things when we are not there,, then can’t get off the toilet during the day. When they don’t want fluids, it’s a good idea to check fir urinary tract infection — they may be having pain on urination, amd trying to avoid it. Even a mild UTI can wreak havoc with the eldetly, so watch for fluid avoidance, weakness, and mental confusion. I am a caregiver of the elderly for over 30 years.

This has been my experience, too. If there were a drug of choice we would all know about it and use it. I recommend trial and error under a Dr. The solution can be very individual with different results for different folks.

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Thanks for the common sense- I’m realizing that we can put a man on the moon but not help an elder sleep! No female family in this state to assist, no funding for respite. She’s lived with me six years now, I’ve commuted to her place for an additional thirteen years, and she’s the sixth family member I’ve cared for. Have her checked for a urinary tract infection.

That helped with us and her constant urge to pee. I will take her to the doctor. I can’t even express how serious and what a nuisance they are. They are common and cause dementia type symptoms. Yes, a UTI is so common in the elderly and yes, very often, causes major symptoms of dementia to the point of causing anger. It usually takes a couple of days after antibiotics are started for it to ease up and they regain their sanity!

Takes love and lots of patience. Always keep their vital signs in check and rule out UTI’s. A lot of people don’t think about it because the patient doesn’t complain of any symptoms. You made so much sense to me UTI ,,,loss of sleep makes it hard to figure out what is going on. My grams wakes up every 30-40 minutes to use the restroom ONLY at night. During the day she can go 5 hours without wanting to potty. We took her in to check for a UTI but was ruled out.

So we have an alarm attached to the bed, the other side attached to the back of her shirt with a clip and an safety pin for extra security because she would pull it off. Have your doctor set up a pshyc eval for her. Torcher for her and her caregiver. I know caregivers are payed for these kind of jobs but its really tough when they are sleep deprived.

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My 95 year old mom turns 96 in seven days. As a child she had night terrors. She is very small and her adult weight has not varied since she was a young adult. About three years ago she was diagnosed with pulmonary arterial hypertension. Her last emergency run to a hospital in late Feb of this year gave her a diagnosis of end stage congestive heart disease. 77 years old and does not sleep. She can not walk and maybe that’s a good thing because it would be worse.

Safe Sleep Isn't Just for Home

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I know that it is getting worse I do 4 night my aunt does 2 and my uncle does 1 plus i am her caretaker. 81 year old father and we have a full time live in caregiver and also hospice help. Iam the daughter of a Korean vet and this last week we have gone from 0 to dementia in 60 hrs. 6 days at the VA trying to explain it wasn’t like when I dropped him off. I keep from pulling my hair out, he turns back into my dad at around 3 or 4 in the afternoon.

With the rapid change, you may want to have them check his blood ammonia levels. Bingo, it was off the charts. Then they gave more speeches, started fights about DNR-or-not among my sister and brother and I, and brandished more papers for us to sign. NO, they had NOT yet given him the lactulose! I tossed the stupid papers on the table and DEMANDED that they start it IMMEDIATELY! During that day he started talking to us, and by the next am, he was up out of bed and sitting in a chair!

And all the hospital folk would have done was try to get us to sign off on his life! And keep in mind, hospitals have very little incentive to keep and care for unprofitable Medicare patients long-term. I DARE ANYONE TO DENY IT. I was being irrational and had unrealistic expectations. They were all speechless when he made a full recovery in less than a week. The doctor who’d been my harshest critic wouldn’t even come in the room. I know this was posted so long ago, but I just want to say, I had an almost identical experience with a different diagnosis when my dad was hospitalized.

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He passed away two years ago. I respect the fight you put up. Thank you so much for this information and good on you for saving your father’s life. Drs at hospitals need to be reading, researching, always! What do you mean it doesn’t apply to VA , the power of attorney.

Safe Sleep Isn't Just for Home

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I have power of attorney of my husband and he’s a veteran. Help my Dad is 90 and has just been moved to a residential home where he is up all night and terrorizes everyone in the house. We have tried Seraquel and that does not work. He is jumping out of his hospital bed and falling even with the rails up. He goes to the bathroom on the floor instead of the in the portable provide in his room. Is there a sleeping pill out there that can regulate his sleeping behaviors?

I take care of mt 91 year old father. Iv’e had him for 9 years now. I work a full time job, take care of my 9 year old and everything else that comes along with your every day things. It is very had to deal with these things my dad has been sick with his mind the whole time he’s been with us. All I can say is god bless all of us, and one day we will all be rewarded. In a weird way I’m so happy to have found this site.

I’m taking care of my Grandmother and had no idea how hard it was gong to be. Today she started talking in incomplete sentences so I took her to emergency in case it was a stroke and after a battery of test the doctor and pharmasist at the hospital said to take her off of the melantonin. I was amazed because the pharmasist that dispensed the parkinsons medication last week told me, Melantonin would not interfer with this particular parkinsons medication. The good news is since she has lived with me she is off all medications except parkinsons meds. Now the doctors have her on tylenol for a sore arm from when she fell down three times in two days from a new pair of walking shoes. I need help getting her to sleep a night and if anyone has a herb they can recommend I’m willing to try. Thank you and sorry for going on and on.

Hi, I’m giving my 91 year old Dad Valerian root and melatonin together. Also spraying his bed with lavender and using herbal lotion on his body which has lavender in it. The valerian root is helping a lot more . I’m also going to pick up chamomile tea I heard that helps as well.

I’m on my second round of being a caretaker of an advanced Alzheimer’s patient. My father has passed on and I am now taking care of his sister, my aunt, who is eighty six. My advice, through experience, give them food when they want it and pick your battles. It is easier to agree than to argue. If you have to tell them they need to go to bed because we have to get up for church in the morning, do it. Every day could be Sunday here.

Mary thank you for your wise words. I will now tell my Mom we’re on holiday! I’m still tired, I’ve done this for 10 years. Mom hasn’t slept well for over 2 years. I know some Carers go through worse. Your witty, wise words also made me smile, thank you. You are on point with what my sister and her husband are going through with my mother.

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Its been a while since you posted this message, however, everything you have indicated is almost identical to what is happening to mom. My Dad will not get up in the morning-lately. 9:30 and my Mom gets so frustrated and angry with him. He is not sick, he just has returned home after re-hab after a bout with Dingy fever as a result of a mosquito bite.

My husband and I are caring for his 89 year old mother who developed Sundowners syndrome in the last month. We only get a few hours of sleep everynight. We are very tired and at wits end. We are giving her Haldol and Lorazopan.

I will mention to him the Taadone with the Morphine. Hopefully that will work better since the other 2 seem to make the situation worse, not better. I pray for peace for my mother-in-law. We have been caring for her for 3 years now and want to make sure she is loved and not afraid.

She was in labor camps during WWII and was taken from her family by the Nazis when she was 13. We worry many of her night terrors are related to what may have occurred during that period of her life. She never discussed the labor camps but I imagine she was terrified. Good luck to all and God Bless. My mom is 63 years old. She do lot of walking n yoga exercise. But she can’t sleep at all during day or night.

Tried over counter sleep pills but nothing is working. Hello My dad is 93 years old And is bed ridden He in a personal care home With a nerogiical disease called CiDP He cant walk He has been having visual hallucinatios For the past six months His vision he almost blind . My instance appears to be different than all others I’ve read above. My 88 year old mother does not sleep. My wife and I care for her in our home as she has difficulty walking and is completely incontinent, the bedding and her clothes having to be changed at least 6 times each day. I am in desperate need to know how to help my mother.

She’s been in and out of the hospital for a month now, went to a lot of tests BUT ALL ARE GOOD. However, she is always complaining that she is having a hard time sleeping. Her doctor prescribed a sleeping pill but she will only have an hour of straight sleep. She is very week and her doctor is also puzzled of her condition.

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When my mother was in her late eighties, she was unable to sleep more than a few hours a night. Needless to say, this took a very hard toll on her, and her health started to decline rapidly. She thought she was about to die. With some research and knowing our family history, I found a lot of information that points to depression as the cause of insomnia, and in her case, hypochondria in the elderly. Within a month, she made a remarkable recovery, and is now 96 years old. Help My husband has early onset alzheimers for 7 yrs, the last year he will get up every hour to two all night long, wants to go to the bathroom, does about half the time.

My 86yr old Mom-in-law doesn’t sleep for days. She will wake up at 6am awake all day, then night, then all day again then all night then all day, sleep one night then start all over again. I am fried mentally,physically , emotionally. Trazodone doestnt work for her and on seroquel. It doesn’t look like there are any current posts. I don’t know if anyone pays attention or not, but I just wanted to thank everyone.