School-aged children who arrive by bus

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Sarah — would not have expected that day to be different from any other. But for her, those classes did not happen. Her headmaster told me the brutal story of what happened next: how Sarah went missing some time between her arrival and assembly and then, a while later, school-aged children who arrive by bus looking withdrawn and anxious. Initially, her teacher wondered why she had entered her classroom late.

Then Sarah became distraught and the teacher took her to one side. The incident had actually occurred in the school building. His astonishment is still evident as he speaks. The girl herself was immediately badly affected. She took some time in the toilets to recover from it. Eventually, she disclosed that something had happened.

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The boys later pleaded guilty to sexual assault and were given custodial sentences. But Sarah’s story did not end with their conviction. She left the school and remains terrified that she might see her attackers again. Her father told us that even now, 18 months on, he is still shell-shocked. You see your child off safely to school and you don’t worry about them, really, until the point when they leave school to come home. This was something that occurred at a time when I just couldn’t have possibly expected her to be a victim of anything.

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Yet when he complained to the council and asked for a home tutor for his daughter so that she did not have to go straight back to the same classrooms where her attackers were taught, they refused. I’m very sorry, we only provide home tutoring for children who’ve been excluded from schools, such as the boys who’ve assaulted your daughter. We don’t provide it for their victims. His daughter has now enrolled at a school in a different part of the city, but he can still see the fear in her eyes.

If she goes into town or if she’s on the train and she sees anyone from her old school, she becomes very fearful and very distressed. A sexual crime on school premises, committed by one set of under-age pupils against an equally young victim . It sounds as if it must be, thankfully, a vanishingly rare event. Yet this case is just one example of a shocking new trend in sexual bullying among children that is the subject of a BBC Panorama report on Monday night. We investigated Sarah’s story, and others like it, to see whether they tell us anything about the world our children inhabit when they congregate at school. For among experts there is a growing conviction that, up and down the country, something disturbing is happening.

It is difficult to break this kind of activity into statistics. But the Government did supply us with its most recent figures, compiled in summer 2007, showing that in the previous year there were 3,500 school exclusions for sexual misconduct — which can include anything from daubing sexually explicit graffiti through to serious physical assault. In 20 cases, the guilty party was only five years old. But informal evidence suggests the problem may be worse. A survey of 11 to 19-year-olds by the charity Young Voice found that one in ten had been forced against their will to take part in sex acts. In one sense, the evidence is all around us.

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Sexual words can become sexual actions — so playground bullying is becoming sexual, too. Sexual bullying has become much more prevalent. On the Kidscape helpline we used to get maybe one or two calls a year. Now we are getting two or three a week. It’s probably the tip of the iceberg. If the emergency calls made to Michelle’s office are the summit of that iceberg, far more are happening lower down the slopes, in routine exchanges between schoolchildren. I was amazed when I met a group of teenagers in the offices of an anti-bullying charity.

School-aged children who arrive by bus

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There were around 20 of them, some aged over 16 and some under. They all talked of the way sexual language was part of the daily currency. Gay’ has become an all-purpose term of abuse. But what fascinated me was the way the wordplay so easily drifted into physical interference. It would be verbal a lot of the time. She did this and she did that, so will you do this? So, I asked, are she and her friends upset when it happens?

For the most part, yeah, but after a while you just learn to deal with it,’ Opey said sadly. Gang culture has contributed to the problem, of course. This hateful culture has now spread into the mainstream arena. Every one of the youngsters I met at Beatbullying knew someone they thought had been sexually groped inside their own school.

I asked what the teachers did about it. They ain’t aware,’ he replied, and I sensed my question showed me to be hopelessly out of touch. Even when the authorities are notified, it doesn’t guarantee they will punish the perpetrators. In one horrifying case, a five-year-old girl was locked in a school room and sexually assaulted by another pupil.

She informed them anyway — only to be told that the boy responsible was under the age of criminal responsibility. So whose fault is this sexualisation of the young, and where does it start? Without hesitation Monique, an eloquent 15-year-old I met at Beatbullying, blamed popular culture and magazines which have thrown sex at her and her friends for years. And magazines have things at the back for positions, and things to do with sex. She says even 12-year-olds see such material.

If you’re 12, you shouldn’t really be thinking about that. Next to her sat Ramanae, 16. What I found saddest was that all the youngsters spoke as if such exposure to sexual harassment was a fact of life. I have seen people bullied sexually.

And when it escalates, it can bring disaster. We have had examples, for instance, of a 16-year-old boy who raped a much younger boy in a secluded setting in school. We have had a ten-year-old who was forcing other children to perform sex acts on him, and performing sex acts on them. And we have had much younger children who’ve been inappropriately touching each other. The sexual attack which causes a headmaster to call the police, and results in criminal prosecution, is clear enough. But in lesser cases, it can be difficult for teachers to decide how to intervene when so much of the traffic between pupils can be excused, optimistically, as general teasing and banter in the roughhouse atmosphere of a school.

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So now Children’s Minister Ed Balls is preparing guidance for teachers on when they should step in. Yet if the problem comes from our culture, what can a minister do? I met had any idea how to stop sex arriving in the playground. I gathered a group of a dozen mums and dads in a bar to talk about it.

But why, then, do their parents not ban it, I wondered. I look like such a bad parent, don’t I? Yes, we absolutely love that show. Price and she thinks she’s amazing.


And you know what, in some ways she is not a bad role model. Oh Mummy, I want to be like her. She was alarmed, but what could she do about it? These days, as the father of two daughters aged four and two, I worry about the sort of world they are growing up in. Sometimes, it can seem so innocent — like the moment this weekend when Martha, the oldest, took five minutes to help her little sister undo her cardigan buttons. There was something so innocent about this moment of sisterly support, amid all the usual rows over who owns which toy, that it made my heart leap for joy. But then I remembered all the interviews we did for Monday night’s film, and how that innocence can so easily be dismantled.

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It seems that whatever we parents do, childhood is invaded by knowledge far earlier than we would wish — and danger can follow. PANORAMA: Kids Behaving Badly will be broadcast Monday night on BBC1 at 8. Stephen Lawrence was murdered by a five-strong gang in south London in 1993. No comments have so far been submitted. Why not be the first to send us your thoughts, or debate this issue live on our message boards. We are no longer accepting comments on this article. Intimidated by the thought of taming your garden for summer?

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School-aged children who arrive by bus

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