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Most printable resources can be adapted to suit a variety of individual needs. All SEN Teacher resources are free to use at school and in the home. November 2017 Since 1999 SEN Special Needs – Teacher Resources has used Flash to print worksheets – unfortunately Adobe have announced that browser support for Flash will end in 2020.

Although no changes have been made yet on SEN Teacher, most web browsers will now require additional steps to enable Flash for printing. A new Adobe-free version of SEN Teacher which still allows customisation and sharing of printables will be launched in March 2018. Most SEN Teacher Resources are provided under a Creative Commons License. Literacy Free AAC and other educational software for special needs. Science A selection of free science education software. Assistive Tech Free tools to aid computer access by disabled users. Sensory Free drawing and sensory software for special needs.

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Emotional Free software related to social and emotional development. Most SEN Teacher Resources are provided under a Creative Commons License. Please forward this error screen to 91. WRAL Weather app is even better! What is an Elder Law attorney?

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A friend wanted you to see this item from WRAL. A Cumberland County teacher has been arrested after authorities said she assaulted a special needs student at Ramsey Street High School. Authorities said Dawn Owens struck the student on the head with a ruler. About 20 minutes later, Owen grabbed the student by the hair and walked her across the classroom to a bathroom area, authorities said.

Owens was charged with two counts of assault on a handicapped person after authorities reviewed video footage of the incident. Owens is scheduled to appear in court March 20. Copyright 2018 by Capitol Broadcasting Company. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Please sign in with your WRAL.

You also will need a Facebook account to comment. Coming from the culture of violence, this is expected. She better be glad that wasn’t my child. She’ wouldn’t need her crooked wig. I know some special needs kids can be a handful, but what on earth possesses teachers to act like this? Quick – let’s give her a gun so she can be more effective! Did NC redistricting affect your ballot?

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It Makes Me Realize I’m Not Alone When Angel was born in May 2015, he appeared to be a perfectly healthy 7lb. His mom Rachael and dad Alfonso brought Angel home to what they thought would be the typically chaotic life of a family of five. You can hear the excitement in her voice when she talks about first learning to read and how her passion for books was ignited. Laura thought her difficulty keeping up with her preschool-aged son had more to do with her own age than with anything else. You don’t ever think something like that is going to happen. Twelve monthly gifts can have twelve times the impact of one gift! Our staff is providing support, training, and information services daily to Arizona families.

I Felt Like I Could Breathe Again! When Laurie and her husband adopted Adilynn, they anticipated a few minor medical issues. Having a child with a rare, undiagnosed genetic condition is a challenging journey. We faced so many unknowns with medical issues and developmental stages. It was very hard to find resources and help. 10 simple pencil control worksheets where children make straight lines, wavy lines, shapes and more.

8 fun worksheets for pencil control, focusing on the letters e, l, m, n, o, s, w and z with swirls, wavy lines, zigzags and more. A colourful set of printable cards featuring all of the major activities, subjects and areas of learning covered in Reception and Key Stage 1. A colourful set of high-resolution JPG images featuring the main activities that children do within a nursery setting. A set of printable cards for reminding of good behaviour in the classroom. A colourful set of high-resolution JPG images featuring the main activities and subjects covered in Key Stage 2. A set of printable sheets for use with dyslexic children to help improve their tracking of letters. A set of basic worksheets where pupils trace and write lowercase letters from a-z.

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Two printable 5-day reward charts for children to stick on stars or draw smiley faces. A useful set of daily routine cards for boys or girls. A set of 10 simple worksheets to help children practise their number formation. A set printable cards with alphabet sounds a-z and accompanying pictures cards for sound and picture matching games. A set of basic worksheets where pupils trace and write lowercase letters from a-z in cursive script. A set of printable cards with reminders of strategies for dealing with anger. Videos to Who are the Children in Special Education?

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Are We Practicing What We Are Preaching? Pre-service Teacher Self-Efficacy for Teaching Students with Disabilities : What Knowledge Matters? Are We Ready to Have Teachers with Learning Disabilities? Hyperactivity Disorders: Are They Still Being Overlooked and Underserved? Should I Stay or Should I Go. High Fructose Corn Syrup, Mercury, and Autism – Is there a Link? Should Children with Auditory Processing Disorders Receive Services in Schools?

Does Repeated Reading Improve Reading Fluency and Comprehension for Struggling Adolescent Readers? How Do Job Related Field Experiences Affect Job Readiness in Secondary Transition Students? Who Does the Alternate Assessment Really Assess? A Preliminary Study on Sight Word Flash Card Drill: Does it Impact Reading Fluency? What Do Children Learn About Prosocial Behavior from the Media? What Do Brothers and Sisters Think? JAASEP Fall 2006The Emperor Has No Clothes!

Creating a Motivating Classroom: What Really Motivates Students to Achieve in Secondary Content-Area Classrooms? A Glimpse into the Lives of Mothers and their Children in a Homeless Shelter: What has Changed Over the Decades? Research on Self-Management Techniques Used by Students with Disabilities in General Education Settings: A Promise Fulfilled? What Does Health Have to Do with Transition? Contact AASEPWho Should I Contact at AASEP? Papers, Articles, Research Studies, Book Reviews, and Commentaries for upcoming issues: Click Here to learn more. Be kept up to date with all of the latest information in special education.

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Monitor is the electronic news service that keeps AASEP members current in the field of special education today. Resources for Teachers of Students with Special Learning Needs. This coil-bound resource book provides seven simple and straightforward health and safety lessons designed, in consultation with life skills teachers, for use in teaching students who may be deaf, blind, have a learning disability, or simply need a different approach to learning. The books have been printed and distributed to contacts at all school boards in Ontario. If you need additional copies, please visit the Publications Ontario website to place an order. This simple theme runs through the new resource. Young workers need to be able to recognize signs of danger in a workplace and be aware of the vital importance of asking questions if something doesn’t seem right.

The lessons were created with the idea that students will need to decide if something is either safe or dangerous. For example, in the lesson dealing with chemicals there are examples of safe and dangerous liquids along with an exercise asking students to pick out the safe or dangerous liquids in a series of pictures. Lesson summaries at the end of each lesson provide a number of scenarios and ask students to decide if they should stop and ask their supervisor what to do or if they can continue working and be safe. Some have printed the signs and had them laminated for durability. One teacher even created paddles for her students to hold up with one sign on each side.

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You might think of other ways to use these. On pages 13 and 15 of the resource you’ll find pictures of a restaurant environment and a gas bar. Each picture has several hazards that students can be asked to identify as an introductory exercise or perhaps as an activity to reinforce learning. There are versions in the book with possible answers for your reference. In addition, there are activities interspersed throughout the lessons. Any handouts for these appear in the flow of the lessons. For your convenience we are providing PDF files for all of the handouts and overheads in the resource.

The files have been set up so that they cannot be edited. Stones is a guidebook for people with disabilities, their families and the professionals who work with them. We collect stories from many sources including family members, people living with disabilities and advocates. Stepping Stones is a specialty publication of Parenting NH sponsored by The NH Council on Developmental Disabilities and Crotched Mountain Foundation.

Click here for the digital edition. Don’t make the journey alone: How to get the services and supports you need New Hampshire is a leader in community-based services for people with disabilities. Communication is not just saying something, it’s about being heard — a powerful statement from Frances Hesselbein, leadership authority and former CEO of Girl Scouts of the USA. Do you need to write a letter to your child’s school? An advocate’s timeline Here’s a roadmap for parents of a child with a disability.

Self-advocacy: A journey of courage We all have courage and conviction and the ability to be great leaders. Elizabeth Feingold recently retired from Kearsarge Regional School District, where she worked for over 30 years as a special education teacher and coordinator at the elementary, middle and high school levels. She is now a consultant and advocate. Games Before playing these free games, please take a moment to read the FAQ. 4 graduated lessons for learning about emotions.

Billy help children learn about words that go together. Hone your math skills as you remove pairs of tiles that equal the same number. Work on fine motor skills while having fun coloring these pictures with a click of the mouse. Use pictures to count sets of objects from 1 to 10. Learn colors in this fun balloon shooting game.

7. Walls are plastered with commercial posters.

Pick which object does not fit Images from our View2do program. Create customized teaching aids for visual learners. Learn common nouns as you help furnish the rooms of your house. Listen to all our Safety Songs! My Furry Best Friends” songs and coloring activities teach children how to properly interact with their pet dogs and cats.

Learn the basics of Water Safety by watching “Splish! These four animated songs help children learn the rules of riding the bus to school. The Fire Safety Song shows children of all ages what to do in case of a fire. The Mall Safety Song teaches the importance of holding onto a growup while at the mall. This short animated song teaches the parts of the body. Browsers that can not handle javascript will not be able to access some features of this site.

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Special Dietary Needs Confused about when food substitutions must be made for a student when school meals are concerned? If, however, a request for food substitutions is made for a student without a documented medical issue, the school foodservice department MAY make the substitutions listed on the medical statement form signed by a recognized medical authority. Any substitution of this kind must fully meet the reimbursable meal pattern. Please use this form for disabilities, non-disabilities or other diet preferences. Please enable scripts and reload this page.

Click on the Additional Resources link on the right side of this webpage and read the information provided about the GSNS Program. Parents new to the program must read Understanding the Program which explains the public and private school choice options available. Parents of students continuing in the private school choice option must read Continuing Participation which explains how to continue a student’s eligibility. Georgia and has been a resident for at least one calendar year.