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Special Needs

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Sesame Place Is the First Theme Park That’s a Certified Autism Center This Pennsylvania destination is worth the trip, especially for special needs families. Things to Do with Your Special Needs Kid for National Autism Awareness Month These sensory-friendly events are perfectly crafted to keep them busy all April long. Popcorn for the People Is About More Than Just Tasty Treats This East Brunswick-based nonprofit has a unique way of giving back to the community. Making Your Special Needs Kid’s Dental Visit a Breeze These special Needs tips could relieve some stress.

6 Tips for a Successful IEP The blogger behind Autism with a Side of Fries shares her advice for making the most of your child’s individualized education program. 10 Things I Know to Be True About Raising a Child with Autism Eileen Shaklee, mom to a 12-year-old boy and the blogger behind Autism with a Side of Fries, shares some of the many things her son has taught her. My Child Has Dyslexia Teachers and parents share their best advice on how to advocate for your child. How to Identify the Warning Signs of Dyslexia Is your kid struggling in school? Does he have trouble remembering words? These may be signs of a language learning disability.


Advocating for Your Special Needs Kid in School Getting through the red tape is tough, but you have more rights than you think. How to Pick a Camp for Your Special Needs Kid Make every kid’s school break a blast in a camp program. Special Needs in NJ Your ultimate guide to all things special needs in NJ. From info on healthcare resources to great schools to advice from other moms. Baby with Down Syndrome is the First to Be Named Gerber’s Baby of the Year The company is making history with its choice of Lucas Warren as this year’s Gerber Spokesbaby. Going Out to Eat With Your Autistic Kid?

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You’ll Want to Read This First Eileen Shaklee, mom to a 13-year-old boy and the blogger behind Autism with a Side of Fries, shares her best advice for making eating out a little easier. 7 Life-Changing Tips for Traveling With Your Autistic Kid Eileen Shaklee, mom to a 12-year-old boy and the blogger behind Autism with a Side of Fries, shares her best tips for traveling with a child with autism. Special Needs Resources This list of organizations is provided to help New Jersey families find resources for autism spectrum disorders and other special needs. Saving Your Marriage When Your Child has Special Needs Having a special needs child can often add stress to a marriage. Here’s how to keep everyone happy.

How to Travel With Your Special Needs Kid Hoping to travel by car with your special needs child without major meltdowns? Success begins long before departure day. Does Your Child Have a Speech Delay? Here’s what you need to know.

Martial Arts Classes in NJ Should you sign your kid up for some high-kicking fun? Martial arts are great for learning and coordination. Amazing Themed Summer Camps for Kids in NJ Whether your kids are aspiring chefs, horseback riding champions or just want an amazing summer—start with what they love and you’re guaranteed a great time. Here are the signs and symptoms to look out for you if you think your kid might be autistic. How to Tell If You Should Be Worried About Your Anxious Child Is your child a worrier?

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Here’s how to tell when it’s normal—and when it might be something more serious. Are Her Speech Milestones on Track? Knowing what to listen for, when, can make all the difference in your child’s verbal development. Doctors Fail Allergy Tests Is your pediatrician up to date on allergy treatments? What to do if you think your child may have a speech delay. ADHD in Girls Are you missing the signs?

Gifted and Talented Programming in NJ New Jersey’s options for gifted and talented students. Struggling in School November is report card month: What should you do if your kid is struggling academically? How to identify the warning signs and figure out the next steps. Special Camps for Special Kids Every child can have a great summer at camp. Help Dyslexic Children Learn Ways to encourage your dyslexic child to blossom in school and at home. 10 Tips for Parents of Autistic Children In support of National Autism Awareness Month in April, these author-parents share 10 tips for parents who are faced with a diagnosis of autism for one or more of their children. Special Friendships When a friendship starts blooming, encourage it as you would any other childhood friendship— with play dates and get-togethers.

The Special-Ed Maze Parents do have rights when navigating Special Education. It seems that your browser does not have Javascript enabled. Get the best NJ events, festivals, concerts and activities for families delivered straight to your inbox. Our mission is to lovingly share Christ with God’s unique individuals, both children and adults, to grow them spiritually, and provide them with opportunities to serve and be served.

It is the desire of the ministry to be a lighthouse of hope, acceptance and belonging for individuals with special needs and their families, so they may experience the love of Jesus and excel to their greatest potential, becoming all God desires them to be. Volunteers assist individuals with any extra help needed within regular Sunday School classrooms or worship services, and a self-contained classroom is also available with trained volunteers for direct one to one attention. Highlands’ Special Needs Ministry team is available for both the 9:00am and 10:45am service times as well as most special church-wide events – contact  with any questions. We will provide barbecue, horseback riding, fellowship and community to individuals with special needs and their whole families for FREE. Please click the link below and request your top 3 dates, we will try to assign you to one of your top choices. Please note, this is not a registration. We will confirm a registration date with you via email.

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DAILY 9:00AM – 12:30PM Our theme for Vacation Bible Xtreme 2018 is Rescued by Jesus. Every day, participants will enjoy worshiping in the opening and closing sessions, playing games, hearing a Bible story, doing crafts and having a yummy snack. They will travel to different stations in their small group and get to experience all kinds of fun centered around an adventure-themed, Christ-centered program. VBX is FREE and open to individuals with special needs of all ages, offering individual aides and buddies, full inclusion in the main program, and specialized attention. For questions, please contact Director of Special Needs Missy Farrington at  . Online registration will open on May 7th! We have many other professionals volunteering in our ministry.

Our loving volunteers are trained by Missy and other special education professionals. This group is a time for parents and caregivers of individuals with special needs to come together and share the joys and challenges of the special needs journey. This group will be facilitated by Dan and Monica Cluff, parents of an adult son with special needs. For more information, please contact Missy Farrington at  or call 602-820-3345. Bible lessons, games, crafts and social opportunities for children of all ages with special needs.

A fun group that brings people with and without special needs together as friendsperiod! For more information and to participate in the application process please contact Missy Farrington at 602-820-3345 or . Our teens and adults with special needs will meet every Wednesday to socialize and have a Bible Study. Offered quarterly, respite is an opportunity for parents to bring their children with special needs to Highlands for a fun night of activities so parents can have an evening to themselves. Reservations are required – contact  . Visit us today Highlands Church might best be described as being conservative theologically and relaxed in style. We are a ‘come as you are’ type of place where you will be encouraged in worship, and challenged by clear, practical, and sound biblical teaching.

Helps Travel Professionals better serve you. RENT YOUR MOBILITY SCOOTER AND WHEELCHAIR ON-LINE NOW! The leading global provider of wheelchair, scooter, oxygen and other special needs equipment rentals. Recommended by the world’s major cruise lines for superior service and value. Special Needs Group also services guests visiting hotels, resorts, theme parks and convention centers in 215 metropolitan areas and 68 countries.

Special Needs

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To receive this offer you will need to call us toll free at 800. Offer can only be booked by phone! April 16, 2018 SNG Featured in voyageMIA. General information about the programs and financing available for Special Needs Housing Projects, as well as information on how to apply. Visit this page to find out more about the Special Needs Housing Partnership Loan Program. Visit this page to find out more about the Sect.

811 PRA Program, including the program overview, application, flowcharts and more. Visit this page to find out more about the Money Follows the Person Housing Partnership Program, including the program overview and guidelines. All applicants seeking Special Needs financing must complete this questionnaire. Team USA Comes Home with 115 Medals, 40 Golds! Fluency relates to speking fluently, whether its speaking English, sign language, or a foreign language. Photo via Pixabay by Bessi Childhood Anxiety   Watching your child go through something like anxiety is difficult, and many parents find themselves at a loss for ways to help.

Family Activities – Fun and Improve Learning Skills Too! One of the best parts of spring, summer, or holiday breaks was the break away from ‘all things school. Team Morocco – With Heart and Soul, there are no losers! The “Family Choice Awards” recognize the best in children’s and parenting resources. DVDs all performed in American Sign Language. RS Plan and the 504 Accommodation Plan as well as the IEP, but what are these documents? When are they relevant to your child?

It is a grandparent’s right to spoil the grandchildren. But if your grandchildren have special needs, giving them large financial gifts may have unintended consequences. It was near the end of a long day at the Katherine B. JOY UNLEASHED SPECIAL NEEDS DANCE- Check out this video recap of our 3rd Joy Unleashed Dance! 90 VIPs with over 130 high school students and over 200 adults danced the night away! It is Calvary’s desire to come alongside individuals and families impacted by disability so that they are welcomed and included in the services, programs and events at Calvary. We can’t do any of this without YOUR HELP!

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If you have a heart for those affected by disability please register for our basic training by Clicking HERE! If you have never worked with in special needs before now, PLEASE have no fear! Truly I tell you, whatever you have done for the least of these, you have done for me. Some of our most amazing kids put together this video to show what it looks like to REALLY worship. We hope you are as blessed by it as we are! Special Events:We had an INCREDIBLE Beach Day this year! Take a look at the video below for highlights!

Special Needs

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Special Needs Beach Day 2017 from Calvary Community Church on Vimeo. Highlights from Calvary’s Special Needs Ministry Beach Day 2015! Calvary Community Church is a member of the ECFA. Los Angeles with children who have special needs. Adaptive Clothing Hits the Mainstream For some parents, the morning ritual of getting their child dressed is a dreaded battle, a frustration exasperated by buttons in wrong places, seams that dig into skin, tags that itch, shoes impossible to put on correctly and fabric that feels inhumane to sensitive skin. Accessible Water Play Around Los Angeles and Beyond As a tot, Jonny Pierce, now 24, loved to float with his ears underwater to drown out the everyday noise. Competitive swimming has turned out to be a helpful coping mechanism for his autism and hypersensitive hearing.

Navigating the Challenges of a Rare Medical Diagnosis The general public is familiar with diagnoses such as autism, Down syndrome and ADHD. A dad crouches on a sidewalk to tie his 10-year-old’s shoes. A mom takes the helm of her daughter’s science fair project, hoping her little prodigy will snag first prize. An Autism Awareness Month Update April is Autism Awareness Month, so we checked in with Gary Feldman, M. Women’s Hospital Long Beach, for an update on research, diagnosis and treatment. Don’t let bad people touch your heart. Army’ of Chess Players Children of all ages often yearn to have control over something in their lives, whether that’s what to eat for breakfast or what to wear to school.

Kids on the autism spectrum, and those who have ADHD, also yearn for social connections. Inclusive Toys We Love From wheelchairs and hearing aids for dolls to fun sensory, sorting and emoji toys, these products make playtime fun for kids of all abilities. For children with disabilities, though, those benefits seem particularly deep and profound, and can have a ripple effect through the entire family. Lisa Tivens’ teenage son has attended Reid’s Gift, a camp for those ages 14-22 with a variety of challenges, for two years.

A Unique Academy Helps Kids on the Spectrum Transition to Adulthood When you imagine the future for your child on the autism spectrum, do you imagine her or him using computer guided tools to create precision metal parts for aerospace companies? Support Your Child’s Development With Sensory Play From birth all the way through childhood, children use their senses to build nerve connections and make sense of the world around them. Parents Caring for Special Kids Should Take Special Care of Themselves You need to make the gluten-free, casein-free lunches for your kids’ nut-free campus and get your pet to the vet. Vaulting Program Helps Kids of All Abilities Thrive on Horseback At birth, Steven Rostomian suffered oxygen deficiency , leaving him with physical and mental challenges that would last the rest of his life. Connect and Communicate With these Three Strategies Melissa Reiner knows about talking to kids. She uses this special way of speaking. I didn’t like it at first, but it really works.

Lauren Potter Stars in Short Film About Acting and Disabilities Actors face many challenges, including seemingly endless strings of auditions that may or may not pay off. For Jewish Kids With Disabilities, a New Learning Option Chaya Chazanow and Sarah R’bibo have a lot in common. Friendship Programs Link Kids of All Abilities Friendship is the magic that holds the power to lift us out of our isolation and sadness, to give us joy and a sense of meaningful human connection. And so, we raise the red flag when a child is constantly playing alone at recess. Five Tips for Parents with Kids on the Autism Spectrum Yes, winter is coming, which means no school for two to three weeks for a lot of students.

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Are you concerned about how you’ll keep your child busy? Children are accustomed to the structured routine of school. People who need people are the luckiest people in the world! Keeping the Holidays Inclusive and Fun for All Keep things simple.

Special Needs

Keep the lines of communication open. Explores Down Syndrome What do your kids know about Down syndrome? How about your kids’ friends and classmates? Tackling Four Common Misconceptions About Dyslexia While research over the years has continued to yield much information about dyslexia, the learning disorder is still easily misunderstood. These misconceptions can lead to ineffective approaches to learning, doing a disservice to those with the disorder.

Inclusive Schools in LA: Where All Learners Are Welcome Sometimes, parents know from the time their child is young that she or he will need more support than a typical school setting can provide. Others may not discover learning challenges until a student gets older and assignments become more demanding. This celebration of children of all abilities and their families will be a day filled with fun times and valuable information. Robotics Startup Creates Companion Helpers for Kids In a bright co-working space in a building in Old Pasadena are the offices of a startup robotics and AI company. The scientists, engineers, artists and designers there have added a unique feature to their product-development lab: a playroom. Building a Social Network For the Non-sporty Kid There is no question that team sports are amazing for the mind and body.

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So many important social skills are taught through working as a team and exercising the body. Additionally, friendships typically grow stronger by participating in sports outside of school. Movement Therapy Helps Kids With Autism Connect The 5-year-old girl, diagnosed with autism, wasn’t used to connecting with people. She didn’t speak, made little eye contact and showed little physical awareness of others. She would sit near, even very close, to people without acknowledging them.

New Research and a Tourette Syndrome Update A research team led by Massachusetts General Hospital, UCLA and the Tourette Association of America announced June 21 that it had identified rare mutations in two genes that significantly increase the risk for Tourette syndrome. Families Find Freedom to Splash at CSUN’s Center for Achievement Kids and water can be a natural recipe for fun, but parents sometimes struggle to find a comfortable and safe swim environment for children with different abilities. Find Sports for All at the Angel City Games Asher Stewart likes to keep moving. Doctors thought it best to amputate part of the leg, and planned for the surgery to take place when he was a year old. Dina Kimmel Chats About Inclusive Play Dina Kimmel has always been an entrepreneur. She launched two successful boutiques in North Hollywood in her 20s and 30s. But her business adventures turned personal when her son, Gabriel, was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder at age 2.

Inclusive LA: Summer Camp for All Abilities Christmas comes for two weeks every summer for 12-year-old Makenna Ito and her sister Lianne, 7. That’s when the girls, both born with a rare disorder called Cockayne syndrome, attend a special camp that brightens their lives. Camp is a vacation for them. Marcia Harris and her canine companion. Air Travel Practice For Kids With Autism Faced with a challenging task, most of us would like a practice run before we tackle the real thing. Just in time for summer vacation, Open Sky for Autism offers a bit of practice for people with autism who might find air travel difficult. Out, About and Inclusive In L.

These days, accessibility goes way beyond that, and many L. The Preschool Launching Pad Choosing a preschool is a process so fraught with confusion and pressure that some have quipped it is as difficult as choosing a college. Dating for Young Adults With Disabilities Finding one surefire approach to dating for people with disabilities is as difficult as nailing down one definition for disability. Trevor Finneman, a 32-year-old attorney with hearing loss.

Facing Your Finances: Paying for Your Child’s Disability About a year ago, financial planner Robert J. Smith received a call from the father of a 27-year-old woman with Down syndrome. Autism’s First Film Fest Comes to L. What would you do if someone offered you the use of a movie theater for a couple of days? If you’re Matt Asner, vice president of development for Autism Society of America, you put on a film festival.

O’Keeffe’s words say so much about art and what it can mean in one’s life. Doc Talk: Tracking Progress Against Autism Autism spectrum disorder is now estimated to impact one in every 68 children in the U. Researchers have been working for decades to unlock its causes and find effective treatment. Friendship In Flow Lourdes Mack loves to dance, act, ski, play basketball and surf. And she’s done it all with her trademark enthusiasm and her bright pink wheelchair. Mack was born with spina bifida, a medical condition that damages the spinal cord and nerves.