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Starfall FREE App

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It includes a lot of ABC animations, animated interactive books and other reading starfall FREE App. There are also a lot of downloadable materials such as handouts for classroom use. They are also perfect for home schooling.

When it comes to teaching children how to read, there are many literacy programs available to teachers and parents. By far, one of the most popular systems is phonics, and Starfall Phonics serves as a central online spot for kids to learn how to read using phonics. Starfall is one of those websites that looks just like many other children’s game sites on the Internet. However, hidden behind the cartoon figures and large, shiny buttons, is a carefully planned phonics system that helps children learn to read faster even while they’re having fun with entertaining activities and games.

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For the adult or educator, some of the site navigation can feel a bit clustered and busy, but once you navigate to the actual activity screen, the layout is very clean and simple, and the interactive activities are very professional and well made. The main page of the Starfall Phonics website is very misleading. The clustered design and somewhat amateurish layout gives the false impression that the site itself is unprofessional. Founded in 2002 as a public service, offered to the Internet community for absolutely free, it’s little surprise that the organization can’t spend much of its resources on professional web design. However, what it saves on web design, it surely spends on professional animation and programming. Clicking on any of the buttons will take you to an area filled with high-quality activities for children of a particular age group – from new readers just learning the alphabet, to expert readers looking to read fiction and non-fiction children’s books. The “ABC” area of Starfall will look very familiar to many people, because phonics is the typical approach most schools still use to teach the ABCs to young students.

Clicking on each letter will take you to an interactive web application that steps through a series of activities designed to help students memorize each letter, as well as the sounds that go along with it. All Starfall Phonics activities are both audio and video intensive, showing young readers what the letter sounds like, what it sounds like as part of a word, and how that word represents something real that children will recognize. This approach keeps students interested and clicking on “next” to see what else is coming up. Once students master the alphabet, the next step is the second button on the main page – Learn to Read. This section focuses on teaching emergent readers about how letter sounds fit into short sentences.

The lessons are also focused on common two-letter sounds that often make up parts of words and sentences. Students will find animation and pictures in these activities as well, but they are also more focused on instilling the foundations of reading sentences using phonics. Activities walk kids through the process of sounding out words based on each letter, which they’ve already learned in the ABC exercises. Once students have mastered the ability to sound out words and sentences, they can move on to the next level of reading by clicking on the third button on the main page labeled “Fun to Read.

This section presents activities where students need to read sentences to understand what they need to do. Identifying words is a requirement for most of the activities. The animation and interactive nature of these activities makes them interesting for young children. This stage of the phonics lessons and activities are more focused on quickly identifying and sounding out the words that students learned in the last section. For example, in this activity, students click on one word at a time, and hear the word spoken by the narrator. The final level for kids that are learning to read using phonics is the same level where most adults are at – simply reading. The “I’m Reading” section provides children with a wonderful collection of fiction and non-fiction to choose from for practicing the reading skills that they’ve learned through the years.

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The children’s books that you’ll discover in this section of the Starfall Phonics website are written by professional authors, and laid out in a wonderful format that looks just like how children’s books are actually printed. Students can practice reading in the same way they would if they were reading a children’s book in print. Aside from the major learning areas of the Starfall site, to the right of those main page buttons you’ll see a variety of other icons that link to other activities available on the Starfall site, such as the activity below where the child celebrates “Grandparent’s Day” by writing a letter to their grandparents. Other activities include things like making a calendar, writing a Valentine or celebrating other holidays like Earth Day and Thanksgiving. Of all phonics sites available on the Internet. Starfall Phonics offers a great deal of content that teachers and parents can use to accelerate a child’s pace of learning how to read. When you run out of things to do, there’s an additional website called “More.

Starfall is primarily designed for first grade, but is also useful for kindergarten and second grade. Do you love Starfall and want more activities? Have a look at Starfall’s sister website, more. Meet Zac the Rat, visit the art gallery, or read plays, nonfiction and comics. A Picture Hunt Game at Starfall. This is the information I am looking for.

This article is clear and easy to understand. Hope you bring more things related to it. My brother can’t do anything with the seizures he’s been having my brother said teacher so bad that he’s had a few of them more than just a few and only knows it’s wrong with him so it’s going to get tested at Rhode Island Hospital for his seizures. They don’t know what’s causing my brother seizures and they don’t know what’s going on so they’re going to run some test and do a full work up and see what’s going on so if they can treat him with his seizures. Starfall is an excellent resource for ESL students of all ages who are learning to read. Each new learner needs to master the basics: phonemic awareness, distinguishing the short vowels, the word families, and knowing the Dolch words. It has been my experience that adult learners are not offended by this program.

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Instead they are relieved and excited. I like star fall Is a great program. Iam a retired teacher and is now doing homeschooling in my sparetime. Starfall will make my job so much easier as there are so many activities at all levels to chose from. Early in the morning, my 2 daughters always visit starfall site. I was surprised to find out that my 2 yr.

Starfall FREE App

Starfall is an very educational site for kids. My three little children have learned how to read and spell on this spontaneous site. My kids would hate for this site to go down. If this show was to go down now they would cry for hours. Whoever is the creator of this site i would like to say thanx and keep up the good work. Starfall is such a great program.

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I have been telling parents in Jamaica about this program for a number of years now. The curriculum is good and it allows the child to progress in a sequential manner. My child is very happy Thanks to the starfall. Going to put this arictle to good use now. There are so many fantastic websites online today that provide excellent reviews and a synopsis of the most popular childrens books today.

The following list is ten of the best childrens book review websites on the Internet. Moshi Monsters is a cute virtual pet game where the child adopts a new Moshi pet which they can nurture and raise, interact with, play games with and much more. The Moshi Pet community is filled with activities and games that will captivate the interest as well as teach important lessons – without the child even realizing that they are learning. That is the magic of online educational games like this – effortless learning.

Free Printable Worksheets for Kindergarten Kindergarten worksheets are a wonderful learning tool for educators and students to use. This is why we have and will continue to create hundreds of free kindergarten worksheets that are designed to fit into a standard kindergarten curriculum. The main focus of our kindergarten website is to provide free educational resources. What Free Kindergarten Worksheets Would You Like to See?

We have conducted extensive research on the types of kindergarten worksheets teachers and parents use the most. It is not a perfect science and we know we can always be doing a better job to serve you. If you have suggestions on what kind of kindergarten worksheets we should create or what categories we should expand on, we would love to hear from you. The First Kindergarten Website to Utilize Modern Web Technology Our entire collection of kindergarten worksheets have been made into a free web app powered by HTML5.

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HTML5 does not require the Flash plug-in that most educational websites use to provide interactive content. This means that our kindergarten worksheets will work almost anywhere. The Importance of a Good Early Childhood Education According to the Pennsylvania Department of Education, having the firm foundation of early childhood education will ensure children’s success in life. It is also imperative that students develop critical thinking and problem solving skills during their first year in school as well as establish an appreciation of who they are in a social society.

Kindergarten Worksheets to Print, Download, and Use Online Our fun kindergarten worksheets are broken down into four main areas. They are math, English, general learning, and holiday worksheets. These categories are then divided into different subjects so that parents and teachers can easily find the free printable kindergarten worksheets they are looking for. Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. Check your web browser’s settings to make sure it’s enabled. Free apps for kids literacy apps for kids Our Free Apps For Kids page is a listing and review of some of our favorite literacy apps available to help children learn essential early literacy skills. The apps listed below are either FREE or very inexpensive but here’s the key: If it’s listed on our app page, it is a GOOD app.

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Mobile apps represent a new, and often inexpensive, resource now available to parents, teachers and others who try to help young children struggling to master early literacy skills. New apps proliferate so rapidly that it is often difficult to keep up with them. Description: Letters A to Z is a captivating set of animated flashcards designed to help toddlers and preschoolers learn the letters of the English alphabet in a fun and engaging way. Each flashcard contains adorable characters and creatures that come to life in beautifully illustrated scenes accompanied by entertaining sound effects. Our Review: This app is well worth the . The color illustrations and sound effects are engaging for children.

Best for preschool ages or kindergarten students struggling to learn their letters. Kids simply pick a letter, kick back and enjoy the activities. Kids not only learn how to write the letters but also the letter’s name, its sound and a word to go with. Every letter has three awesome games: tap, trace and write. Our Review: This app is simply one of our favorites. A must have in any collection of literacy apps because of the unique handwriting features. Description: ABC Alphabet Phonics is a straight forward yet effective app that allows kids to easily learn letter names.

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Children are presented with three letters and then prompted by voice to pick a certain letter. Positive feedback is given each time the correct letter is chosen. Our Review: This app is simple but we like it. For a free app it provides an effective way for children to practice their letter name knowledge. We’ve found that sometimes all the bells and whistles are distracting for kids and this app practices exactly what it claims to teach, the ABCs. A bit of education in every byte with 4 entertaining ways to learn about the alphabet, writing, spelling, and memorization. Kids will love learning the alphabet with fully animated interactions for every letter.

Starfall FREE App

They can also learn to write uppercase and lowercase letters through the repetition of tracing. A new twist on the classic memory game helps your child associate letters and words with visuals. Made with child education in mind. A voice feature allows kids to hear the names of the letters, shapes and words as well as receive positive feedback for correct tracing. Our Review: A straightforward tracing app.

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But if you want a FREE app that works on letter formation, Little Writer is a solid option. Description: Through games and a focus on segmenting and blending, the app helps children develop basic phonetic awareness and pre-reading skills. The app has a built-in feature to encourage readings skills, rather than dependence on pictures. Our Review: The market for pure phonemic awareness apps is limited but we love this app! This literacy app provides wonderful explicit practice with phoneme segmentation and phoneme blending, the two most important phonemic awareness skills. The app also practices basic code words and helps build the bridge between sounds and letters for children, not too shabby for a FREE app.

This app could fit in the Letter Knowledge Section as well. ABCs section is a great way to learn beginning letters and sounds. This app is not FREE but Starfall. First Words by Apps in My Pocket Ltd.

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Kids hear the sounds, see the letter and are asked to trace the letter. Once a few letters are practiced kids are prompted to build short basic code words with the letter just practiced. We like this app because it combines letter sounds, letter writing and basic words spelling and reading. This app also claims an independent study confirming that kids learned 9x faster with Pocket Phonics than a regular classroom lesson. We’re a little suspicious about the psycho-metrics of this study but thought we would mention it. One downside to this app, the graphics are not great and the letters are a bit too small. Fluency K-12 Times Reading Practice Lite by k-12 Inc.

Allows K-4 students to use repeated reading method to practice reading fluency. This reading fluency app allows kids to time themselves and calculates words read per minute on the spot. We really love this free app for a nice twist to traditional repeated reading practice to build reading fluency. The app is more effective if you listening to the student read so you can review their reading errors but the app works great in a read to self or word work center as well. Sight Word Flip It by Reading Resource. The most optimized gaming experience yet! So brace yourselves for the exciting journey ahead and browse through our collections.