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Menu IconA vertical stack of three evenly spaced horizontal lines. Excuse us while we pack our bags and plan our new lives as teachers in Luxembourg. The OECD’s full data set reveals a yawning gap between the highest and teacher Salaries paid teachers around the world.

Here is the full breakdown, sorted by school level and gender. 92,000 at the top range of salaries. Meanwhile, salaries in the three-lowest-paid countries all top out below the starting salaries in the 10-best-paid countries. 26,815, while Czech, Hungarian, and Polish teachers shouldn’t expect to make more than that throughout their careers. Luxembourg’s and Switzerland’s dominance continue on for high school teachers. Likewise, Korean teachers still see the biggest jumps in pay over their careers. Austria is one of the only countries to jump significantly from elementary school pay to high school.

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Luxembourg doesn’t just dominate with the size of its paychecks, but their level of equality, too. 108,000 at the top end of the pay scale. The same can’t be said for the other countries in the top five, many of which see discrepancies of a few thousand dollars tilted in men’s favor. Teachers in the worst-paying countries see smaller gaps. In certain countries, namely Poland and Hungary, women even make slightly more than men. Notice: The OECD didn’t collect gender data for every country in the general list. The story is roughly the same for high school teachers.

The five worst-performing countries remain in the same order, as do the gender pay gaps between women and men in Poland. The OECD didn’t collect gender data for every country in the general list. Teacher Salaries – You need to know everything Teachers, you love to teach, but hate how little you are paid. This website can show you what you can do to earn more doing what you love. Welcome to the website centered around the world of the teacher’s salaries.


This is a website for teachers made by a teacher who became frustrated with the lack of organized information about teacher’s salaries. He started off by doing a summary, state by state, of what it is like to teach in each state. He also included the facts and figures when it comes to the money. Just because a state might have the one of the highest teacher salaries, it doesn’t mean that you can afford to live there. A summary of the average teacher salary broken down by state.

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A comparison of a teacher’s salary state by state with data charts. See the how the average teacher’s salary compares to the median household income in each state. See the how the average teacher’s salary compares to the median house prices in each state. See the how the average teacher’s salary compares to the benefits paid in each state. See the how the per pupil spending is different in each state. See the how the average teacher’s salary compares state by state.

Showing how a beginning teacher can make it on his or her salary. Here is my blog featuring news and ideas about teacher’s salaries in the U. Use this form to contact Brad about the website. While increase of teaching jobs in Alabama remains below the average rate, the state offers a wide variety of alternative opportunities to begin a teaching career. Additionally, Alabama provides excellent special education support, low teacher-student ratios, and a strong emphasis on work-life balance. Job growth is expected for the most part at an average rate, though new openings may be more infrequent in some areas of the state. Teachers in Alaska have a wide variety of career opportunities: they can work in a larger city, rural communities, or on tribal lands.

Alaska offers educators some of the best long-term benefits in the country, along with generally low student-teacher ratios. Advanced education is encouraged to further career development and teaching potential. Arizona, while hurt by the recession, is nevertheless an area of growth for teachers, as well as an affordable place to live. Arizona offers a variety of certification routes, and encourages substitute teachers and para-educators to pursue teaching credentials. With a high number of colleges specializing in education, Arizona holds a wealth of advanced study opportunities for teachers. In recent years, Arkansas has put a strong emphasis on decreasing class sizes and improving the quality of teaching in core subject areas of reading, writing, and math.

These efforts have dramatically improved the state’s success in all areas of education, and have made Arkansas a strong environment in which to pursue a teaching career. In the next five years, California is expecting a serious teacher shortage, which means excellent job prospects for new and transitioning teachers. The state of California offers generous health and retirement benefits, and a variety of alternative programs for teacher certification. Outdoor activities abound in Colorado, as do employment opportunities for aspiring teachers. The state’s outstanding education programs in both urban and rural community settings provide attractive learning environments for new and transitioning teachers.

Colorado specializes in innovative education opportunities for students and teachers, including excellent online and home schooling options. 48,020 and job prospects remain positive. While a small state, Connecticut is deeply committed to remaining a national leader in education. With rich benefits and a wealth of excellent teaching programs, Connecticut is a highly desirable state in which to begin a teaching career. Connecticut welcomes out-of-state teachers and those pursuing alternative routes to certification as well. 64,773 and job growth continues at an average rate.

An innovative state, Delaware is a front runner in the development of new technologies to deliver education, including online high schools and online coursework for teaching certification programs. Aspiring teachers in Delaware can expect salaries higher than average, classroom sizes smaller than average, and a variety of advanced education opportunities. 67 and job growth is expected at a relatively fast rate. Honoring out-of-state teaching licenses, and providing transitioning professionals with alternative routes to certification, the District of Columbia offers a variety of opportunities to earn a teaching credential. While DC is an expensive area to live, teachers receive some state benefits for housing and repayment of student loans.

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Teachers can expect sunny beaches, excellent benefits, and an interesting variety of teaching opportunities in Florida. Educators in Florida enjoy large school districts offering advanced and long-term health care and retirement benefits, as well as many opportunities for continuing education. With a strong sense history, a rich culture, and extensive education opportunities, Georgia is an exciting state to begin a teaching career. Excellent special education support and expedited opportunities to teach in subject areas of need make Georgia a primary state for aspiring and transitioning educators. While Hawaii is facing serious budget deficit issues, the state has a highly multicultural population with a strong need for committed educators.

Teacher Salaries

Hawaii offers some of the best special education services in the nation, as well as advanced opportunities for teachers and those transitioning to the profession from other careers, particularly the military. Teachers in Idaho take pride in becoming essential members of their communities, often working in small, rural environments. Parent involvement, low student-teacher ratios, and relatively affordable cost of living make teaching in Idaho desirable. The state excels in providing alternative routes to certification, including online coursework.

Illinois offers a unique combination of urban and rural teaching opportunities, with cutting-edge research and innovative education ideas centered in Chicago. The state’s large school systems offer teachers excellent employment, health, and retirement benefits, as well as a variety of professional development opportunities in private and technical schools. In recent years, Indiana has experienced some of the most consistent growth in SAT and other standardized test scores compared to other states. As such, many new teachers are attracted to Indiana teaching opportunities. 46,640, indicating that most new teachers can anticipate significant salary growth. Although Iowa is considered one of the most difficult states to teach in due to relatively low salaries and minimal teacher resources, the demand for qualified teachers in the state remains high. 27,284 makes it difficult for the state to attract new teachers.

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However, dedicated educators can anticipate considerable salary growth in Iowa once they establish themselves. Teacher salaries in Kansas are ranked low in comparison to the national mean. Funding for Kansas education is considered some of the most lacking in the nation, so qualified and dedicated teachers are in great need, especially in math and sciences. Rural areas of Kentucky, which make up a significant portion of the state, have experienced desperate teacher shortages in recent years. Therefore, Kentucky offers outstanding incentives to attract new teachers, such as loan forgiveness and higher salaries for those with advanced degrees.

Teacher Salaries

The state of Louisiana is undergoing a unique and challenging rebuilding phase, especially in areas ravaged by Hurricane Katrina. Committed, motivated educators are flocking to the state to be a part of the reformation. Maine is a unique state in the relation of educational performance to teacher earnings. Maryland is a state consistently proven to be dedicated to seeking out the most qualified candidates for teaching positions.

As such, competition for the best teaching jobs is expected to be fierce. Education jobs in Massachusetts are coveted positions. Teaching degrees from top colleges and universities are often required to be competitive in the Massachusetts teaching market. 35,421, also reasonably higher than average. Correspondingly, student performance also generally surpasses the national average. Michigan ranks respectably in terms of teacher salaries: seventeenth in the nation overall, with beginning teacher salaries ranked tenth. Michigan offers many excellent job opportunities for teachers, especially in pre-school and elementary school education, and qualified candidates can anticipate good salary growth.

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Though teacher earnings in the state are ranked only 21st nationally, when considered in light of the relatively low local cost of living, a Minnesota teacher can anticipate significant earnings. Taxpayers in Minnesota are showing increased dedication to education funding, which has led to a significant rise in teacher salaries in recent years, and increased job competition for applicants. The state of Mississippi remains dedicated to the terms of the No Child Left Behind Act. As such, recruiting qualified teachers is a main priority for the state’s Department of Education, and standards for applicants are rising. However, schools look favorably upon teachers holding advanced degrees, and reward them with higher compensation.

Missouri often has serious teacher shortage problems, partly because relatively low teacher salaries deter prospective applicants from remaining in the state. 42,750, ranking only 41st in the nation. In recognition of this problem, the Department of Education offers loan deferment and salary increase options for teachers who undertake professional development and hold advanced degrees. These figures rank extremely low compared to the national average, ranked 48th and 50th respectively. However, Montana’s cost of living is also among the lowest in the country.

Teacher openings are plentiful in Montana, and established professional development and teacher mentorship programs are helping educators find opportunities to increase their earnings. The popularity of teaching in Nebraska has grown considerably in recent years, largely because of a slight increase in teacher salaries and improvement in employment benefits. 43,943, which ranks only 38th nationally. 29,303, ranking 31st in the country. Job competition is growing stronger, but opportunities should still be favorable. 44,426 is in line with the national mean, but ranks considerably higher when the listings are adjusted for cost of living in the area.

As such, Nevada suffers a shortage of teachers, and particularly needs qualified candidates in ESL, math, sciences, and special education. These figures are somewhat lower than teacher earnings in New Hampshire’s neighboring states, such as New York and Vermont. However, job competition may accordingly be less intense, making New Hampshire potentially an excellent gateway for candidates looking to teach in New England. The New Jersey school system has grown considerably in the past few years, a trend expected to continue.

As such, new teachers should expect reasonably favorable teaching opportunities, which are amongst the highest-paid in the country. 38,408, which rank third in the country. Of all states, New Mexico is showing some of the most aggressive education reform. Teacher accountability, challenging certification requirements, and enhanced graduation standards are critical to New Mexico’s education plan, so qualified, dedicated educators will have little difficulty finding gainful teaching employment. However, salaries remain relatively low, though rankings are expected to improve. Not surprisingly, New York State consistently pays teachers the highest or nearly highest salaries of any state in America.

However, when considered in light of New York’s cost of living, teacher earnings may not be as favorable as they appear. Given the population of New York, with a school system including over 4,000 schools, teaching opportunities are usually easy to find. These figures put North Carolina squarely in the middle of national average teacher salary rankings at 27th. North Carolina has another distinction, however: it ranks first in the country in terms of compensation for National Board Certified teachers. 67, North Dakota has a relatively low cost of living, and so a teacher’s pay goes further in this state than it might elsewhere. North Dakota has recently initiated both new teacher mentoring programs and a rewards system for outstanding teachers. These education reforms promise to make North Dakota an attractive state for new teachers dedicated to quality learning.

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The state also boasts an exceptionally low student to teacher ratio of 1:15. Additionally, Oklahoma’s many low-income areas create an incentive for the state to provide loan forgiveness and other benefits for educators willing to teach in those areas. As such, Oklahoma offers an outstanding opportunity for new teachers to start their career and unburden themselves of their own student loan debt. Oregon requires its teachers to complete a bachelor’s degree and to pass the Praxis I and Praxis II tests for certification. Oregon is known for its stringent requirement for continuing education and professional development, but it is due to this meticulous dedication that the Oregon school system continues to be successful.

Teaching in Pennsylvania, like all other states, has its share of pros and cons. Unfortunately, Pennsylvania teachers’ salaries only increase by about 1. To be considered for teaching positions in Pennsylvania, an aspiring teaching needs a bachelor’s degree and pass state certification tests. Rhode Island has one of the most appealing average teacher salaries in the nation.

00 and increases as large as 7. Rhode Island requires teachers to have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, pass the Praxis for certification, and take professional development courses continuously throughout their careers. In order to become a teacher in South Carolina, a prospective individual must earn a bachelor’s degree, pass the Praxis I and II exams, and become certified. Teachers are required to log professional development hours in order to appeal for raises and qualify for recertification when the 5-year certification period has passed. For that reason, South Dakota is looking for ambitious educators, eager to infiltrate and bring life to a lackluster public school system.

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Jobs are plentiful, and advanced degrees and administrative credentials are highly favored. The best compensation packages, however, go to teachers with masters degrees, doctorates, or administrative credentials. Several other factors make Texas a good prospect for teachers, including programs and efforts to financially support educators. 67 a year, ranking the state 43rd in the country for average teacher salaries.

As Utah schools become larger and more diverse every year, teachers are in increasingly high demand. Utah’s school districts have a record of supporting teachers’ efforts to continue their education and enhance their qualifications, and are known to reward excellent teachers with upward career mobility and increased compensation. 50,863 per year, ranking the state 20th nationally in terms of average teacher salaries. Teacher retention is high, due in part to higher wages and effective mentoring programs. However, these benefits come with a high standard for new teacher candidates, and more advanced qualifications are being required of both current and future Vermont teachers. Now is a great time to be a teacher in Virginia.

57,873, ranking the state 8th in the country. Virginia voters are known to be generally supportive of their school districts and education programs. Competitive wages, however, mean that more advanced qualifications are expected from both current and aspiring Virginia teachers. The best compensation and benefits go to those with master’s degrees, doctorates, and administrative credentials. 54,033 a year, Washington’s average teacher salary ranks 12th in the nation.

Additionally, salaries are on the rise, and several other factors, such as good incentives packages and a renowned mentoring program for new teachers are combined to make Washington a state with high teacher retention. Public support for education is also known to be very high, and is reflected at the ballot box. 43,613 a year, placing the state at 39th in the country for average teacher salaries. Educated graduates and highly qualified teachers are needed to help improve West Virginia’s low ranking. New education standards are now in place, as are more rigorous qualifications for teacher certification. Teachers, whether experienced or new, must be dedicated and qualified. 48,743 per year, Wisconsin ranks 24th in the nation in terms of average teacher salaries.

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With strong school districts, a relatively inexpensive cost of living, and consistent voter support for education, Wisconsin makes for a great place to teach. Standards for teacher qualification are high in Wisconsin, and the best salaries go to those with advanced degrees and administrative credentials. 67 a year on average, ranking the state 11th in the country for teacher salaries. However, the state has recently adopted new teaching requirements and more rigorous requisites for teacher certification, while also enhancing teacher compensation and benefits packages and making advancement easier for outstanding educators.

With better wages reserved for candidates holding advanced degrees, Wyoming is attracting more top-notch teachers. WRAL Weather app is even better! What is an Elder Law attorney? A friend wanted you to see this item from WRAL. 6 billion annual General Fund budget on K-12 public education every year, making it the biggest expenditure of state taxpayer dollars that the General Assembly oversees.

Between pay freezes in prior years, a new law that moves teachers away from career status toward a series of short-term contracts, lawsuits and proposals to raise salaries for teachers who have been in the profession fewer than 10 years, the bottom line on teacher pay is hard to find. A answers some of the most frequent questions about teacher compensation. Select a question from the dropdown menu to jump to a topic What has been the salary system for public school teachers? How long has it been since teachers had a pay raise? And have they been getting step increases? What is this teacher “tenure” I’ve been hearing about?