Urban planning affects children’s levels of independent mobility

Urban planning affects children’s levels of independent mobility

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6, 2018Wednesday, April 4th Urban planning affects children’s levels of independent mobility Packing House – Grove Roots Brewing Co. Ed Walker, Main Street Winter Haven, Inc. Greater Winter Haven Chamber of Commerce, City of Winter Haven, Winter Haven Economic Development Council and Visit Central Florida to bring you this exciting event.


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Josh “Bump” GallettaI am josh “Bump” Galleta. I am a commercial artist and illustrator based in lakeland florida with my beautiful wife mary, my awesome kids emmersyn and fynn, our crazy dog ellie. I specialize in creating dynamic designs with an organic typography feel. Out Yoga involveD wanting to create a public space  for the practice of yoga and other conscious exercise and meditation.

Urban planning affects children’s levels of independent mobility

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Logentix is a flexible and intuitive transportation, delivery and logistics management platform. That helps businesses improve their operations. Trish Pheiffer                          Commissioner, City of bartow                                      “Creativity is the new currency”. I have not been short of is creativity. Robert Chapman has over 20 years of development experience.

He was one of only 25 developers in the country invited to sign the Charter of the New Urbanism in 1996. Bob serves on the Board of Directors of the Congress for the New Urbanism. He was founding chair of the North Carolina Smart Growth Alliance and of the National Town Builder’s Association. Bob believes  Good Development can help create great communities. Viscuso is a Senior Vice President and Director of Strategic Growth which includes involvement in all new initiatives and technologies. She has two decades of experience working with local governments, agencies, business and citizen’s groups, investors, and the public.

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Roman Petra, CRE, CCIM, is an attorney in the Orlando office of statewide law firm of Broad and Cassel. He is a member of the firm’s Affordable Housing and Tax Credit, Real Estate, Taxation and Public Finance, and Capital Projects Practice Groups. Roman has actively closed billions in real estate financing transactions. The majority of the transactions include numerous layers of equity and debt financing.

PEP is a volunteer driven non-profit organization supporting quality and collaborative programs for Winter Haven’s public schools, teachers and students. Brown is a registered Marriage and Family Therapist Intern currently seeking licensure with the state of Florida as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Petersburg, advocate for community and attorney. Rick’s newest book Beyond Sunshine is the history of florida. Saunders is a native of Oklahoma. She received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Oklahoma and a Master’s degree from the University of Central Florida. It is the differentiator in you, and the biggest opportunity for your future growth.

Urban planning affects children’s levels of independent mobility

Culture drives revenue, productivity and happiness. Huntington Station and Riverside, Long Island,  NY, New Rochelle, NY and a comprehensive plan in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Previously, he is the founder and CEO of Cooltown Beta Communities, a firm that pioneered the field of crowdsourced placemaking, encompassing his work over the last 19 years that has been committed to developing destinations with significant economic, environmental and social benefit. Prior to that, he founded a national nonprofit educational clearinghouse for the New Urbanism field.

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I was born and raised in Winter Haven. I started writing and preforming my poems for three years and it has opened a whole new world for me. Anthony is a man on a mission to use human design centered thinking, an approach pioneered by the well-known innovation and design firm IDEO, to make the City of Gainesville the most citizen-user centered city in the world. He is leading a charge to bypass incremental change of the city’s service delivery processes. April 2016, Anthony is responsible for a team of more than 1500 city employees. Prior to his current position, he served as Gainesville’s Interim City Manager, Interim Planning and Service Director as well as two tenures as the City’s Community Redevelopment Director. He has received nearly 50 awards from international, national, state, and local organizations in recognition of his community building achievements.

22 years and a father of an eleven-year old. She received her Masters in Urban Design at MIT. Petersburg is only the 68th largest city in the U. Baker did not inherit a city that was already turning around, like many mayors who entered office after the urban renaissance of the 1990s.

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He did not have billion-dollar budgets or national attention. He did the hard work himself, inspiring a city government and its citizens to aim higher and believe that together they could achieve excellence. Miami, Florida serving North and South America and Offices in Hagerstown, Maryland, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and India, the firm brings its award-winning portfolio of projects to the leading developers of these serviced markets. Associates has extensive experience in the typologies of Multi-family Residential projects, Corporate Offices, Athletic Facilities, Community Centers, Fire Stations, Ports, Airports, Urban Mixed-Use Developments, Hotels and Resorts, Single Family Homes, Retail and Entertainment Centers, Master Planning, and Life Style Centers, among others. In 2016 AIA Miami awarded Mr. Borges with the distinction of the Architect of the Year Award.

South Florida and its SLR challenges. Has lectured at numerous organizations and institutions on the topic of Sea Level Rise with an emphasis on the architectural and urban design challenges. Council of the Miami Beach Chamber. Climate Change and a focus on Sea Level Rise. On this topic he has lectured at the University of Miami School of Architecture, Harvard University Studio on Resiliency Design among others. Josh’s career in outdoor sports began grinding fiberglass, repairing sails, rigging sailboats, and managing a West Marine.

After developing a sensitivity to fiberglass, which forced him from the boat yard. He moved into technology, specializing in the launch of new products and services for database and reporting technologies. Denise was a member of the 2008 Olympic Team and a professional wakeboarder. 5ks, hikes, bike rides, and kayak trips. We are so excited to host all of you in beautiful downtown Winter Haven.

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Josh McmanusJOSH MCMANUS IS FOUNDER AND CHIEF INVENTION OFFICER FOR LITTLE THINGS LABS A PROBLEM-SOLVING PRACTICE WORKING IN POST-INDUSTRIAL PLACES. A revolutionary makeover is underway to promote walking and cycling and appeal to a new generation of creative, demanding citizens. Floirda will be the host site the Florida Main Street Quarterly Meeting. Florida Main Street is a technical assistance program administered by the Bureau of Historic Preservation, Division of Historical Resources, Florida Department of State, for traditional historic commercial corridors. The Bureau conducts statewide programs aimed at identifying, evaluating, and preserving Florida’s historic resources. Our hotel partners have got you covered!

Po Florida2018 Main Street Winter Haven, Inc. Please forward this error screen to 144. We’d love to see you at UMass next summer. Just fill out the form below to receive updates about Summer 2018!

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What is genetic engineering, and how does it work? Is it safe to eat them? What ethical issues are raised by making GMOs? This one-week program for high school students will explore the manipulation of DNA and its relationship to genetically modified organisms. Prior completion of high school biology or equivalent experience is strongly recommended.

Students with some prior exposure to cellular biology are more likely to find the program rewarding. With little more than a computer, a microphone and a midi keyboard it is possible to explore all the wonderful ways of making music electronically. In this one week course we will focus on the principles of recording, editing and mixing digital audio as well as electronic synthesis and sequencing. In the process we will consider the basics of composition and arranging. There will also be a field trip to a professional recording studio in the area. Come with open ears and a willingness to experiment and play!

This one-week program includes an overview of the veterinary profession and the academic preparation and animal experience required for becoming a competitive applicant to veterinary school. Students will complete hands-on rotations in basic comparative anatomy and physiology, animal handling and restraint, and overviews of veterinary pharmacology, parasitology, biosecurity, diagnostic imaging, and obstetrics. The schedule for the program consists of short lectures and discussions on the UMass main campus in addition to hands-on modules at the University’s Hadley and South Deerfield Farms. During hands-on modules, students will interact with Polled Dorset sheep, Boer goats, and Belted Galloway cattle.

Due to the physical activities involved in this program and the interaction with large animals, students are required to sign a Liability Release Form prior to attending this program. Participants under the age of 18 years old will need a parent or a guardian signature on the Liability Release Form. The Liability Release Form must be notarized by a notary public and returned to UMass prior to arrival for the program. Consult your physician to determine whether or not you should participate in this program involving animals and work in barns with dust and pollen if you have allergies, a compromised immune system, or if you are pregnant. Work will often be outdoors or in barns. Therefore, appropriate attire is required, including coveralls and rubber, washable boots. For compliance with biosecurity requirements, clean coveralls and boots are expected at the beginning of each class.

When work is done, boots and coveralls must be disinfected on the farm. 45 supply fee which includes coveralls, a stethoscope, and a clipboard for each student. These supplies will be distributed on the first day of the program, and students will take them home at the end of the program. Students must bring their own washable, rubber boots to the program.


The boots should go up to at least the mid-calf. In your Statement of Interest, please describe your interest in the veterinary profession and explain what you hope to gain from the Pre-Veterinary Medicine Program. How does your DNA relate to how you look, act, and function? How does your dog’s DNA relate to its appearance and behavior? Is the gene for red hair similar in distantly related species? How do we identify significant differences in genetic sequences between individuals?

These are just some of the questions we will try to answer in the Genetics, Genomics, and Evolution Summer College program. We will start off with some basic background information about DNA and genetics, and introduce you to some of the fundamental techniques used to analyze DNA such as micropipetting, DNA isolation and quantification, PCR, gel electrophoresis, and restriction enzyme digestion. We will also learn to use bioinformatics to build evolutionary trees from DNA sequences. To get the most out of this course it is recommended that you have completed at least one high school biology course.

We will work extensively with two model organisms, yeast and dogs. You may contribute a sample of YOUR DOG’S DNA for analysis if you so desire. Have you ever wondered how business works? How businesses make decisions ranging from what new markets to enter, to how big should a new factory be? This course provides the framework for all future business courses. Evaluate the global economy and its impact on U.

The Equine Science program is a two-week intensive program for motivated young adults seeking to explore what it takes to succeed in the horse industry, and in doing so, challenge themselves to become better horsemen and future leaders in the equine profession. Each day, students will join a small group of their peers for hands-on practicums and workshops at the university’s Hadley Farm Equine Center. UMass faculty, visiting equine professionals, and of course, the horses themselves will all play a role in the learning experience. The program will begin with instruction on horse behavior and safety training. In addition, each student will adopt one of the farm’s horses for the duration of the program and work intensively with that horse on a variety of equine care, training, and management topics. Students will develop their horsemanship skills by working directly with our university trainer. Gain an understanding of the evidence-based, scientific concepts behind caring for horses.

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Recognize how the principles of equine behavior, anatomy, nutrition and reproduction are applied to the daily management of an equine facility. Develop their horsemanship skills through daily work with horses and the university trainer. Explore educational opportunities and career pathways in the equine profession. SEI approved helmet, gloves, and boots when working with our young horses in training workshops. There are a limited number of helmets to borrow at the farm.

All students must bring boots and gloves. All students must sign an equine liability release form and attend a safety training session on the first day. Pants and boots must be worn when working with horses. In your letter of interest, please describe your interest in the equine industry, and explain what you hope to gain from the Equine Science Summer Pre-College Program. We invite applications from all and hope to gather students with diverse backgrounds and experiences. In this 2-week intensive, we will explore the field of Forensic Anthropology and learn how the science of biological anthropology is applied to legal processes. Students will be introduced to forensic death investigation and learn about basic skeletal biology, entomology, and forensic science methods.

You will also work in groups to create a biological profile of a skeleton: you will determine their age, sex, ancestry, and potential injuries. Throughout the course, we’ll also discuss the proper procedure used to collect skeletal elements from a potential crime scene, and examine the ethical issues involved when working with human skeletal remains. At the end of the course, students will take part in a mock-crime scene investigation, and use the techniques we learned to process a scene and analyze evidence! Are you interested in Black Lives Matter as a social movement? Are you interested in learning more about the current relationship between policing and communities of color? Or maybe you’re wondering about racial disparities within the prison population? In this class, we’ll put these contemporary issues into context using a sociological perspective.

STEM and to encourage the pursuit of a college degree as preparation for a job in the transportation industry. Do you have a minimum GPA of 2. Did you successfully complete 1 course of High School Algebra? Do you have a strong interest in mathematics, science or computer technology? Can you commit to a two-week program on the UMass Amherst Campus? The Summer Transportation Institute highly encourages participation from women, minorities, and students with disabilities.