10 Nut-Free School Lunch Ideas

10 Nut-Free School Lunch Ideas

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The key 10 Nut-Free School Lunch Ideas successful school lunches is variety. Finding healthy school lunch recipes and ideas for vegan and vegetarian kids adds to the challenge.

The recipes here will also be useful for those following dairy-free diets due to allergy or intolerance. In one cabinet, you can store the lunch boxes, sandwich bags, thermoses, plastic spoons and forks, toothpicks, and small plastic storage containers. Put flat dry ice containers in your child’s lunch box during warm weather, or any time you are sending perishable foods. These are available wherever lunch boxes or camping supplies are sold.

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Vary the types of bread used for sandwiches. If your child’s school has a microwave available, your thermos offerings can include macaroni and cheese, soups, and leftover casseroles. Fruit packed into lunch boxes can come home uneaten unless you try some simple tricks. Raw vegetables become more of a draw when you supply a dip. Natural store-bought or homemade hummus is a great choice!

10 Nut-Free School Lunch Ideas

Add wedges of pita bread, too. Cereal for breakfast is an unexpected treat when served for lunch. Teamed with a banana, this makes a filling meal. Make wholesome homemade muffins for a change of pace. See recipes for Zucchini-Raisin Muffins and others in Muffin Mania.

Bake them in the evening as a welcome alternative to sandwiches. Pack a wedge of vegan cheese or a container of coconut yogurt, plus fresh fruit to go along with them. Salads in pita bread or in wraps appeal to kids with more adventurous palates. Keep pita sandwiches fresh by wrapping first in foil, then in sandwich bags. Try cashew, almond, or sunflower butters, and no-sugar added fruit spreads or apple butter. English muffin, with favorite condiments, makes an easy and hearty option.

Faux meats can be a boon for expanding lunch box variety, but use brands like Tofurky, which don’t rely on soy protein isolate. Vegan deli slices might especially appeal to teens. Pasta salad is an appealing lunch option. Use small shapes such as elbows, wagon wheels, shells, or tiny tubes, which pack well into containers. Add your child’s favorite veggies—steamed broccoli, peas, corn and carrots, plus olives and their favorite dressing can add up to nice lunch box fare.

Snacks packed for school, whether for snack time or as an extra treat for the lunch box, should be simple and neat. Explore natural foods stores for other simple snack ideas. Similarly, natural chips, rice puffs or crisps, and other crunchy snacks have less salt and fat than their supermarket counterparts. I’d have to cook for myself. Soon everyone wanted what I was having, and I had the last laugh.

10 Nut-Free School Lunch Ideas

I’m about to go out for the evening, so I’ll answer at greater length tomorrow! Glad you find these recipe useful! Perhaps you’ll continue to incorporate some of these after Lent as well. I hope you’ll be a frequent visitor! I admire you for taking matters into your own hand where school lunch is concerned. I wish my kids had done that! Best of luck on you continued journey as a vegan.

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THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE TIPS. In addition, one of my books, The Vegetarian Family Cookbook, is a comprehensive guide to every meal of the day, with tips for picky eaters and ways to complete menus, plus snacks, healthy desserts, and more. I wish you the best of luck going forward on your journey. I dont know if you still answer in this but it was very helpful to me. Currently, I usually eat vegetarian food every weekdays. After a few months finding out the effectiveness of vegetarianism, i now want to become a vegan.

And my family are also want to apply this vegetarian menu, especially my 4 year old son. Newsletter Sign-Up Sign-up to have our weekly newsletter delivered right to your inbox. Please forward this error screen to sharedip-192186209169. Please forward this error screen to sharedip-192186209169. Please forward this error screen to 208. Get our life-saving Dinner Daily newsletter. Snacks Whether your child has a nut allergy or you need to be nut-aware because of school policy, find 10 tasty recipes that your kid can safely bring for lunchtime.


Healthy Sandwich “This is a fun little sandwich. Easy Banana Bread “Absolutely the easiest recipe and delicious, to boot! I made this last night and my family finished it off by noon today. Even my toddler is asking for them to snack on instead of junk food! Cheesy Barbecued Popcorn “I’ll pick savory over sweet every time, and this was a good savory popcorn. It was easy, delicious and I really enjoyed it — and so did my 2-year-old! Baked Rice Pudding “What a lovely recipe for rice pudding!

I served it with plenty of cinnamon and some fresh blueberries. He’s always begging for the ones already made up at the store that I refuse to buy. Oatmeal Bars “Cakelike, but still chewy! And most important, these are so healthy! The dried fruits add great flavor to every bite.

Easy Roast Beef Wraps “I have three kids, and there’s often a lot of complaining at dinnertime. I have been serving these weekly with no complaining! Strawberry-Passion Fruit Leather “These simple snacks are healthy and often more convenient to eat than fresh fruit! Easy Tuna Salad Sandwiches “Perfect tuna sandwich! My son and I loved this. It was just the right amount of everything. Tickle-Your-Taste-Buds Chicken Soup “This is the perfect soup for my family.

I pack it in a thermos for my kids to take to school and it always comes back empty! Surprise Cupcakes “My mom use to make these with Devil’s Food cake mix, so that’s what I used. I love that you don’t have to use a lot of frosting these since the cream cheese mixture is plenty sweet. Club Sandwich “This sandwich is excellent and tastes just like the one at my favorite diner.

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Now I can make it at home! Honey “I think I’m addicted to this. I’ve made it twice within the past two days. Pizza Slices “For being low-cal, this sure doesn’t taste like it. Popcorn Snack Mix “I can understand why kids would love this mix.

10 Nut-Free School Lunch Ideas

I’m no longer a kid and I even loved it. Please modify your search and try again. This means no sandwiches, granola bars, treats or other food that contain nuts. We won’t be bringing any food with nuts for lunches, school events or class parties.

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You might have to help your parents remember. Food labels have super-tiny print and have lots of unpronounceable words, so you will have to become skilled at scanning the side of all packages. Ask an adult if you need help until you can check and report nuts in the foods you have for lunches. If a friend shares that they have a food allergy, take note.

Listen carefully and ask how you can help to support them. If you have a food allergy, tell your friends why Ravenswood’s nut-free policy is important to you. If you’re comfortable joining your classroom lunch table, this is a great time to strike up the conversation over delicious soy butter sandwiches. There are lots of delicious alternatives to peanut butter. You might be surprised how much you love the creamy deliciousness that soy butter and sun butter add to plain old bread. Skip the teasing, rude comments and making fun of food allergies. Many kids with food allergies are bullied.

None of us want that to happen at Ravenswood. Your teachers will help the classroom come up with ideas for staying supportive and positive, and putting an end to the negative stuff quickly. What if I accidentally bring nuts to school? You will have the option of eating food with nuts at a designated nut table or tossing the item in the trash and eating a nut-free, no-cost school lunch. Why should my family follow the nut-free guidelines?

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I am helping my friends stay healthy. If I have a food allergy or someone in my class does, I am helping create a safer environment for us all when I don’t bring food with nuts to school. Many places I go are already nut free! Ravenswood is now a part of a growing community that is following these guidelines. It’s helping practice being supportive, safe and including others. When we are happy to help other kids, we are building a stronger school community.

10 Nut-Free School Lunch Ideas

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There are lots of delicious proteins to taste test! This is a great chance to try sunflower butter, cheese or even liverwurst. We are all in this together. Just like a pep rally or winter assembly, we all are cheering each other on to make the nut-free policy work. That includes teachers, BASA staff and Mr. There are two children fighting food allergies in every American classroom. There has been a considerable uptick in childhood cases that we cannot ignore.

In total, 15 million people nationwide manage food allergies. All CPS meals are nut free. All the breakfasts and lunches served by CPS are nut free. Ravenswood will follow the lead of CPS by requiring that all lunches brought from home, party snacks, bake sale goods, potluck dishes and food that enters the building will be nut free. We are joining a growing community of nut-free schools. Every three minutes, someone enters an ER due to a food-allergy reaction. Each year, 300,000 children visit the doctor for treatment of food allergy symptoms.

Children are most likely to have their first reaction at school, and a quarter of those who are administered epinephrine in response have not had a diagnosis and are not aware they have a food allergy. Food allergy reactions can range from an irritating rash to life-threatening anaphylaxis. Some children experience the symptoms from direct contact while others have airborne allergies. It only takes a small amount of the allergen to set off symptoms. Ravenswood is an inclusive school where each child is valued.

Just as we take academics and the arts seriously, just as we welcome children from diverse families, backgrounds and ethnicities, and just as we pair preschoolers with middle-grade students to read books, brainstorm and perform on stage,  Ravenswood recognizes it is time to make kids with food allergies feel safe. Back to School: 21 Portable Allergy-Friendly Snack Recipes! I’m in total denial about summer winding down. Many of you have been writing me asking about healthy, on-the-go snack recipes for back to school, work, or simply a busier season ahead. Even if I can’t get behind summer drawing to a close, I can definitely get behind whipping up some snack recipes to have on hand. I put together this round-up of 21 favourites from granola bars to energizing grain-free crackers and everything in between.

I’m a big fan of recipes that can be customized many different ways. I hope this post helps you discover a few goodies to ring in the upcoming season! If you haven’t already, don’t forget to check out my post on 21 Vegan Freezer-Friendly Meals. Hearty, chewy, and crunchy, these wholesome granola bars will fill up the tank and keep your energy stable.

Make it nut-free: Swap the almonds and walnuts for more sunflower, pepita, and hemp seeds. Dense, chewy, soft, doughy, seedy, hearty, protein-and-fibre-packed granola bars, sweetened naturally with dates! Try them spread with nut or seed butter for a fun treat or just enjoy them plain. Adapted from my Super Power Chia Bread. My favourite way to use up ripe bananas! Ultra dense and chewy, these banana bread muffin tops make a great running-out-the-door breakfast or snack. Sweetened with banana and dates, there are no added sugars if you swap the chocolate chips for walnuts.

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These lightly sweet pumpkin gingerbread snack bars are dense, chewy, and filling! Try them topped with my creamy cashew butter maple cinnamon glaze, or enjoy them plain or spread with pumpkin butter. Make it nut-free: Omit the cashew butter glaze or swap it for a simple icing sugar glaze. These no-bake bars are thrown together in minutes and make the perfect snack to store in the freezer for a quick burst of energy. Play around with it if necessary and aim for a cookie dough texture. Make it nut-free: Swap the nut butter for sunflower seed butter.

10 Nut-Free School Lunch Ideas

Easy no-bake granola bars inspired by the popular Almond Joy Chocolate bar flavour. Make it nut-free: Swap the almond butter for sunflower seed butter and swap the almonds for sunflower seeds. No-bake chocolate bars that taste just like a chocolate covered peppermint patty! Be sure to see my Naturally Sweetened Peppermint Patty Bars as well. A totally nut-free and refined sugar-free chocolate protein bite! These energy bites are inspired by Larabar’s Chocolate Chip Cherry Torte flavour.

I prefer to roll them into bite sized balls rather than bars because it’s fast, but shape them however you wish. This chocolate chia pudding is decadent-tasting yet healthy at the same time. Packed with protein, fibre, and omega-3 fatty acids this is a pudding you can feel good about! When blended with the almond milk ice cubes it’s a treat you can enjoy immediately without waiting for it to chill. The texture is a cross between a smoothie and a pudding. It will thicken up even more if you put it in the fridge for a few hours.

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Packed with 9 grams of protein and over 7 grams of fibre per slice, this bread will keep you going for hours. These Endurance Crackers are extremely light and crispy while providing long-lasting energy. Feel free to change up the seasonings and spices as you wish. See why they are one of the most popular snack recipes on the blog! Enjoy it as a raw cereal with homemade almond milk or just eat it by the handful. Think of this oatmeal square as basic baked oatmeal that can be dressed up any way you like. Each large square contains a tablespoon of flax and a teaspoon of chia seeds as well as 7 grams of fibre and 6 grams of protein.

Feel free to add in nuts, dried fruit, chocolate, and other mix-ins as you desire. Make it nut-free: Swap the almond butter for sunflower seed butter. Chickpeas roasted until crunchy in a garlic, cumin, ginger, chili, and turmeric spice mix. Once you pop, you can’t stop! The secret is infusing the chickpeas in vinegar before baking. You won’t believe how authentic the flavour is. 6 secrets to flawless kale chips!