10 Old School Summer Activities for Kids

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It’s completely natural that your tween wants to rush into all the things he or she sees older kids doing. Think about these ten areas where you may need to hold your child back—for her own good. We’ve put together a list of 10 things 10-year-olds should not do to help you spot the danger zones for kids of this age range. We realize that all children mature at different rates, and there may be some exceptions to the rule, but this list gives you a place to start in determining if you need to put the brakes on your tween in some areas. The Internet is everywhere: the family computer, the family TV, that tablet on the coffee table, and on every smartphone.

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But with all that educational good and convenience come some real risks. According to a study by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, one in five Internet users ages 10-17 received a sexual solicitation or approach over the Internet in a given year. One in 33 received an aggressive solicitation including trying to arrange a meeting, gifts of meals or money, and phone calls. One in four had unwanted exposure to sexually explicit material.

10 Old School Summer Activities for Kids

Bottom line: Giving your child unrestricted, unmonitored access to the online world is asking for trouble. Get your head in the game by reading iMOM’s Ready, Set, Internet! In the war against childhood obesity, some kids and parents have turned to diet sodas to satisfy that craving without the added sugar and calories. But it’s a lousy trade, it seems.

Research is emerging which suggests that artificially-sweetened beverages are addicting and may actually increase food cravings and contribute to weight gain. At the end of the day, the great majority of our calories should be eaten, not drunk. But if your child is enjoying several sugary soft drinks, sports drinks, or energy drinks each day, he or she is getting tons of sugary calories and zero nutrition in return. The Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology determined that children spend about 8.

10 Old School Summer Activities for Kids

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Need some help to get them going? Kids are working hard to develop a sense of self at this age and will model a lot of what they see. Movies and television rated for older audiences will feed your child a steady diet of sex, drug and alcohol use, and violence before they have enough life experience to even put those images in proper context. Your child wants a social media account to peer into the lives of others, especially older kids they think are cool. The problem is that these older kids aren’t always a good example. Also, your child is not mature enough at this age to be responsible for his or her own posts. The same goes for text messaging.

While there’s little official research on this topic, it doesn’t take a scientist to realize that provocative or revealing clothing promotes sexual thoughts, interest from boys, and earlier sexual experimentation. Regardless of what the trends may be, you have every right to reject the status quo and set higher standards for your tween. Playing teen-rated or mature-rated video games. Adolescent Psychiatry—took part in a joint statement to Congress in 2000 which cautioned parents about violence in the media and it’s negative effect on children.

You may think of it as harmless, or even cute, but allowing your child to claim a romantic attachment this early is a bad idea. The tween years are a major period of developing an identity and a self-concept for kids. Getting less than 10 hours of sleep per night. No child can perform well at school, keep up with after-school activities, do household chores, and maintain a pleasant attitude without sufficient rest. Yet that’s what many 10 to 12-year-olds are trying to do, day in and day out. According to the National Sleep Foundation, sufficient rest is about 10 hours per night at this age! Dealing with pressures and stress in middle school and high school can be difficult.

Daily ideas, insight and updates to inspire you to love your family well. Every year it’s the same old story: how do you keep the children busy during the school holidays? For parents, this doesn’t have to be especially daunting this lovely summer in Cape Town. Don’t sweat it, there is plenty to keep little ones busy and entertained. Please note that the prices below are subject to change at each organiser’s discretion.


The kids are certain to enjoy the Kirstenbosch Summer Sunset Concerts are one of the best ways to spend your Sunday afternoons. Summer isn’t summer in Cape Town without live music performances at Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden on Sunday afternoons. The line-up has been set and the tickets are currently on sale! Visit: For tickets and the schedule Sanbi. If the weather clears up, why not make good use of the winter sun and take the kids tobogganing at Cool Runnings Toboggan Park in Durbanville?

10 Old School Summer Activities for Kids

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Tobogganing Cool-Runnings-style involves planting your bum on a bob-sled and speeding down the hillside on a 1. The speed of all the toboggans is brake-controlled and the rides are very safe for children. Little ones under the age of eight have to be accompanied by an adult. Cape Town Science Centre, Observatory For indoor family fun, the Cape Town Science Centre in Observatory is a great place to indulge your kid’s inner nerd. The Centre’s exhibits are both mind-bogglingly cool and informative.

10 Old School Summer Activities for Kids

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Who says the holidays can’t be educational? During the holidays they have hands-on workshops, science shows, family bingo evenings and even cool stuff just for mums. The Book Lounge, City Centre Every Saturday at 11:00, The Book Lounge in Roeland Street has a free story telling session, perfect for 3-8-year-olds. They often have additional activities during the school holidays as well.

Bishopscourt Village Park This was recommended by a mom and it sounds like an idyllic spot with a stream to splash in, rocks to clamber over and trees to climb. Artjammers are provided with a menu of 12 different size canvases, easels, a selection of non-toxic acrylic paints, brushes and tools to freely express themselves. Noordhoek Farm Village Noordhoek Farm Village, is the ideal children’s destination to entertain the kids, with its free, fun activities, age-specific playgrounds and child-friendly restaurants. The playground has been designed to accommodate various age groups with suitable activities and safety features. Planet Kids, Muizenberg Planet Kids play centre in Muizenberg has jumping castles, an intergalactic ball wall, fun ramps with a space slide, an outside area with a foefie slide and dream swing, as well as various workshops and other activities. They run special programmes during the school holidays to keep the little ones occupied. This is another fantastic holiday activity for the entire family if the weather decides to play along.

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Bugz Family Playpark is an activity-filled park with a huge outdoor playground and an impressive indoor play area suited for children from 2 to 10 years old. There are pedal cars, jumping castles, rowing boats, swing horses, mini tractor rides, a choo choo train as well as free play areas, horse rides and magic shows. When tummies need filling, there’s The Bugz Tent Kitchen and Bugz Too Restaurant. The Giraffe House, Stellenbosch The Giraffe House in Stellenbosch provides easy access to certain species of wildlife and birds, including giraffe, eland, impala, zebra, springbok, monkeys, owls, storks, parrots, ducks, geese and more.

They host animal-themed parties, educational programmes, snake encounters, a play area and bicycle track. Choose from a vast array of unfired bisque and a wide selection of colourful paints to create crockery that is both personal and unique. It’s usually open only during school holidays, so check before you head there. Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens A sunny day will find many Capetonians lazing on the immaculate lawns of Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens, the finest gardens in South Africa. I love the giant trees over the Skeleton Stream, which provide lots of exciting climbing for young adventurers. You can sit and watch the world go by and hop on and off at various places of interest.

Be aware though that squirrels have sharp little claws! Entrance is free, so pack a picnic and take the kids out for the day. If you want to add that extra element of awesomeness to your next family day out, you can do a lot worse than the Atlantic Rail Steam Train. This vintage steam locomotive offers day trips from Cape Town to Simon’s Town on most Sundays, with trips to Spier and Vredenheim in the Stellenbosch Winelands also available depending on demand. R500 for Adults and R400 for kids.

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The Playshed at the Oude Molen Eco Village, Pinelands I met one of my mommy friends here recently and was quite impressed with The Playshed. There are magazines on the tables so moms can take some time out and the food is very reasonably priced. If you and the kids feel up to something more challenging, why not try some indoor rock climbing at CityROCK in Observatory. All the climbing gear you need can be rented or bought on site. There are also special programmes for children of different ages and skill levels, including a three-day holiday programme. Mini train, Mouille Point I know some adults who enjoy this train too!

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Catch a ride on this cute little miniature train and enjoy views of passing ships and Robben Island. Then hop off and let the kids enjoy the park with a tricycle track, jungle gyms and rock climbing. Butterfly World, Klapmuts Take a drive out of Cape Town on the N1 to Butterfly World, where you will find a fluttery paradise with butterflies from all over the world. When the kids get bored of the beautiful flying insects, there are meerkats, ducks, goats and chickens to look at. Along with iguanas, scorpions and spiders.

One of the major perks of living in Cape Town is that both the South African Museum and the South African National Gallery are conveniently situated in the City Bowl, around the Company’s Gardens. A Waterfront often has special programmes for children during the school holidays. There’s also a play area with all sorts of interesting things, like pirate ships and jungle gyms near the food court. The Scratch Patch is an inexpensive and fun place for all ages.

Cave Golf is another option if you are on a tight budget. It sounds easy, but this version of putt-putt has some tricky ramps, sharp corners and deceptively difficult holes. Price: You can purchase a small plastic bag or container ranging in price from R17 for a small bag to R95 for a large container. Apart from the dazzling glimpses it offers into the underwater world, the aquarium also has several activities that will delight young and old alike.

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Be sure to schedule your trip to the time of day when the penguins, sharks and other fish are being fed. Magic Bowling at Grand West Casino offers 12 lanes of fun bowling pleasure for all ages, accompanied by music and a cosmic bowling experience. Take them to Tots ’n Pots where they can fling flour and bash butter to their hearts’ content. Imhoff Farm only to be charged R40 per child. No free ride for the inconvenience. My childhood Santa was is most malls. Do kids in Cape Town not believe?

Have a look at the one in Cape Gate. He was very friendly and accommodating with my 2yo. The art of te brick was really good as well, but do not know if that is still there. Does anybody know of photographic courses for kids. Hazendal Family Mtb Trail at Bottelary.

A seven km flat and easy but interesting trail winds its way through enchanting forests and atmospheric fields, with shorter options available for smaller children. The Babushka Cafe with hearty well made food. Day permits cost R30, and if they beg you to come back, buy them an annual permit for a Christmas present that will last all year. 021 903 5034 for info or find it on Facebook. They have something for all ages, including mini golf and a push bike track.

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This page is unavailable due to either geographic restrictions or other restrictions in place at this time. NOTE: other restrictions can be a result of our security platform detecting potential malicious activity. Please try again later as the restrictions may be lifted, or contact your service provider if the issue persists. Check out Reading Rockets’ new summer website, Start with a Book. Children acquire skills throughout the school year, but they can lose ground if learning stops during the summer break.

Fortunately, learning never has to stop. Children who read throughout the summer gain skills, can start the new school year with a better understanding of language and the world around them, and discover the joy of reading. The more they like to read, the more they will read. It’s not hard to help your children keep their interest in reading and learning. Children learn through a variety of activities, and almost everything we do presents an opportunity to read.