101 Alphabet Activities and Printables

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Before there 101 Alphabet Activities and Printables JK Rowling, Judy Blume, or Suzanne Collins to inspire us to read there was Dr. I don’t know about you, but I have always had such a love for Dr. I don’t think I am alone in saying Dr.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. To learn more about ’em, click here. We have even divided our Dr. So many FUN and CREATIVE Dr.

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Are you ready to get started? Let your children use their imagination while creating these ADORABLE Dr. Seuss craft from Tara at Suburble? Tara has even given complete instructions on how to create these fun Horton Hears a Who flower pots! And you can find the cute tin buckets, Here. Seuss craft from Chica Club Circle! If you are looking for a quick and easy Dr.

101 Alphabet Activities and Printables

Seuss craft, be sure to check out this fun post from the Detail-Oriented Diva! This is the perfect craft to go along with the Dr. Seuss book, Ten Apples Up on Top! Read the fun book about counting apples and then create this darling craft from Little Family Fun!

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This is such a simple and easy craft that your family is sure to love! I am seriously in LOVE with them! I especially adore this fun Dr. Seuss craft from One Krieger Chick! She uses pom poms to create an adorable Seuss-inspired bookmark!

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I am OBSESSED with this Dr. Seuss craft from Jill at Meet the Dubiens! Create your very own Horton with around-the-house supplies! Let your kids get a little messy with some silly slime! This hands-on craft goes perfectly with the crazy and zany Dr.

Kim from A Spotted Pony has provided the perfect recipe to create your very own green Oobleck slime with your family! Seuss was known for his imagination, and that is one of the reasons we love him! Let your kids explore their own imaginations by letting them create their own Seuss-inspired cities! Charisa demonstrates how allowing your kids to use some simple items around the house can lead to some wonderful and imaginative creations! Seuss’s birthday by creating one of these adorable Cat in the Hat paper plate hats!

Kimberly from A Night Owl has shown us how with a few simple supplies, anyone can party in style! The Lorax is one of my all-time favorite Dr. Seuss characters so no wonder I LOVE this Lorax-inspired craft from Crafty Morning! Michelle has given great instructions of how you can create this adorable character with your kids! While this classic was not written by Dr. Your kids will have a blast creating this adorable nest from P. See why this timeless favorite received the Cat in the Hat’s stamp of approval when you read it with your kids.

Then let them use their imagination while working on this fun craft from My Creative Days! Seuss craft from Amy at Modge Podge Rocks! Your kids will love creating and changing out scenes from the Lorax with this felt storyboard! If your kids are learning to sew, this is a great craft to try out! Jen explains just how to create this cute and simple Dr.

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You’ve got to check it out! Talk about a quick and EASY craft! Valerie has come up with the perfect Dr. Seuss craft inspired by the Truffula forest in the Lorax!

Your family will have a blast recreating these fun trees with some sticks, paint, and felt! Another one of my all-time favorite Dr. This idea from Little Family Fun is the perfect craft to do with your kids after reading the classic story! This is such a simple craft any kid could create! Cut out some fun feathers from patterned paper and let your kids go to town! Seuss and bright fun colors, you are seriously going to go ga-ga for this craft from Bombshell Bling! She has explained just how she created this adorable pennant banner with pages from Dr.

Use this fun craft to spruce up Dr. Here is another quick and easy Dr. Seuss craft from Stacey from Glued to My Crafts Blog! Your kids will have a blast creating their very own Lorax with tissue paper, a paper plate, and glue! Looking for another great craft idea to go along with the Dr. Seuss book, Ten Apples Up on Top?

Check out this original idea from Motherhood on a Dime! Simply cut some apples in half , apply some paint, and stamp them on some paper! Seuss craft your kids are going to love! Seuss’s birthday to create silly hair-do!

Lydia from Cluttered Genius has provided some great tips and pointers on how to achieve the PERFECT Seussical look! Seuss’s birthday by creating some cute little Yertle Turtles with egg cartons! This craft idea from Frugal Fun for Boys is a quick and easy way to get the kids involved in Dr. Stacey from Glued to My Crafts Blog explains how you can use your child’s hand prints to create Dr. We totally love this idea from Sugar Bee Crafts! You can create these multi-purpose blocks for Dr. Seuss’s birthday with your kids this year!

Trust us, they are going to love them! Check out these blank blocks here! Make learning fun with these creative Dr. They are the perfect way to celebrate Dr. This is the perfect activity for all ages!

Seuss’s birthday with this creative Tweetle Beetle Battle Bottle from Fox in Soxs by Jessica at Mad in Crafts! Your kids will love searching toy bugs hidden in their very own Battle Bottle! Amanda from Just Not Cute has shared some AWESOME math activity ideas inspired by the popular Dr. Practice addition and subtraction problems with your kids using colorful Truffula trees! Inspiration Laboratories has given some great suggestions of how to make learning fun with these creative Dr. Print out the adorable fish tank game board and let your kids practice their counting skills while celebrating Dr. And you can get your own One Fish Two Fish book, here.


Seuss activity from Smashed Peas and Carrots! Your family will have a blast rolling the dice and building their very own Lorax! This is such an easy and simple activity inspired by the great Dr. Seuss book, Cat in the Hat!

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Deb from Living Motessori Now has shown us how with a few simple supplies anyone can create a fun and practical learning activity for kids! Check out this fine motor Dr. Seuss activity from See Vanessa Craft! Simply have your kids strand beads on bright colored Truffula Trees!

Unfortunately this link is no longer available. Try out this creative color sorting activity with your kids for Dr. Kristen from Celebrate Everyday With Me has included full instructions and printables for this great learning activity! This is such a GREAT idea from A Mom With a Lesson Plan to practice your child’s fine motor skills!

With a little yarn and paper, let your kids lace up their own Dr. Pairing a fun learning activity with a Dr. Seuss book is the perfect way to celebrate Dr. Check out this original idea from Mom Endeavors which teaches your children to recognize shapes!

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Are you looking for a fun game to get the entire family involved in the Dr. Well be sure to check out this creative idea from Moms and Munchkins! Simply put charades game card into a balloon and blow it up! You family members will have to randomly select a balloon and pop it to reveal the Dr. Seuss character that they have to act out and have their team guess! Seuss rendition of the classic game, Go Fish!

Gentle Parenting Resources has given some great tips and suggestions on how to play! The great thing about this activity is you can either play with your child one-on-one or as an entire family! Here is another great counting activity your kids will enjoy on Dr. Don’t forget to forget to first read the book, Ten Apples on Top and then check out this creative coordinating activity from See Vanessa Craft!

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I am in LOVE with this Dr. Seuss activity from The Party Wall! I can’t wait to make my own Barbaloot corn-hole game this year! Another one of my ALL-TIME FAVORITE Dr. I love the message of inspiration! This is the perfect activity idea from No Time For Flash Cards to go along with the classic Dr.

Allison has even included free printables! This silly activity from Mad in Crafts was inspired by the Dr. Seuss books, Cat in the Hat and Hop on Pop! I love how easy and fun this activity— simply let your kids toss a balloon into the Cat in the Hat’s hat! Let your kids get their wiggles out with these fun Dr. Seuss inspired fitness activities from Fit Body Full Life!

Seuss, The Sneetches, try out this fun activity with your kids! Put your memory to the test with this creative Dr. Seuss matching game from Happy Go Lucky! You can even use Hershey Kisses as the game pieces to make this Dr. Seuss  game is from Melissa and Doug and will allow your child to explore the world around them! The link is no longer available but you can still do it!

Made from cups, paper towel tubes, and crayons to help you and your family celebrate Dr. Create a little science magic with this easy Dr. Seuss inspired idea from E is For Explore! Shake up your own butter after reading the fun, Butter Battle book as a family!

This is another great educational activity to teach your children new terms for sizes! The A-Priori Mommy has come with a perfect Dr. Seuss inspired activity to help children learn this new concept! Oopsey Daisy has come up with an awesome hands-on learning activity inspired by the Dr. Use rainbow fish and the fun printable graph provided by Alison to categorize colors with your kids! This fun activity idea from Sugar Bee Crafts is a great way to get your kids involved in the Dr. Simply take turns acting out various book titles written by the infamous Dr.

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Your kids will LOVE these yummy and creative snack ideas in honor of Dr. How cute is this idea from Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons? Use an ice cream cone, chocolate chips, and pretzels to create this festive Dr. Seuss inspired recipe from Simple Girl! Add some Swedish Fish to blue Jell-o for the perfect snack! I can’t wait to try out these fun Dr.

If you are looking for a quick and easy snack idea to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday, be sure to check out these fun marshmallow pops from Formula: Mom! Use fruit roll-ups to create a fun star design for the top of your cupcakes! Seuss breakfast idea from Blue Skies ahead!

Create these delicious works of art with strawberries and whipped cream! Seuss snack from Mom Endeavors look yummy! Seuss twist to popcorn by adding some Swedish fish, chocolate, and sprinkles! You’re kids are going to want to eat the entire bowl! I love this quick and easy snack idea!