15 Dirty AF Jokes From Kids’ TV Shows

15 Dirty AF Jokes From Kids’ TV Shows

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I would like to change that now. This is a gun that has earned at least as high a place in the hierarchy of 20th Century firearms as any one of those other weapons, and you wouldn’t find a shortage of people who would argue that it is the most important. It is also, out of all of the rifles thus far mentioned in this post, my favorite type. I’m talking about Kalashnikov’s avtomat, and what follows are some of the reasons to like it as much as I do. As Rob Ski often demonstrates, an AK user can simply and quickly vivisect his rifle to spend quality time with each individual part. How much this matters to the infantryman is not for me to say. For someone like me, though, who enjoys tinkering and toying with mechanical things to find out just how they work, the AK offers a lot more idle recreation than the AR-15.

The AK today represents the Old World of manufacturing holding its ground against modern total-interchangeability mass production. Many AK parts are file-fitted, and most manufacturers still sort components according to tolerance to achieve a fit. In contrast, manufacturing disciplines pioneered in the United States have since helped reduce or eliminate variations in parts that would prevent any given manufactured part from fitting with any other part. Kalashnikov’s Old World manufacturing paradigm has made it the favorite of Third World gunsmiths, most notably those of the Khyber Pass region in Afghanistan and Pakistan. It’s this different theory behind the mass production of the AK that has caused so many headaches for American Kalashnikov manufacturers, but it’s also something that I find highly endearing. Each rifle is unique, and carries forward a tradition of manufacturing that is much, much older than that characterizing the AR-15.

Today factories in Europe and Asia still churn out AKs by the thousands using older, more personal methods than the CNC milling, forging, and casting that makes the AR-15 so cheap and consistent. Sure, I’ll say that because of this the AR-15 may be the better weapon of war, but I can’t give up my appreciation of the visible record of human work. 56mm represents the first generation military service small caliber high velocity round, then 5. 45mm is decidedly superior to the 5. 45mm’s better ballistic shape allows it to perform better at range, with more energy and velocity, and less drop and drift than the 5. 56mm 62gr projectile when fired from comparable rifles.

Every criticism I have of the M1 rifle has been addressed in Kalashnikov’s adaptation of it, and all the best design characteristics are retained. It’s not hard for a gun nerd like me to get excited about a rifle design that has the kind of pedigree that the AK does. It’s very difficult to make a self-loading rifle that works well in the cold. When temperatures fall, lubricants gel and harden, steel shrinks slightly, and ammunition produces much lower pressure levels providing less power to cycle an action.

One shouldn’t discount Garand’s influence on the Kalashnikov’s sub-zero supremacy, though. Kalashnikov freely admitted that Garand’s rifle was a major influence on his work, and communicated this to Dr. Edward Ezell during the writing of the latter’s excellent The AK-47 Story. It’s therefore worth remembering the praise so often lavished on Kalashnikov for designing his rifle with loose clearances first belongs to John Garand. Living in the subtropics, excellent performance in the cold is not the highest priority for me, but the engineering that went into achieving that performance is certainly something I appreciate. The aesthetics of Kalashnikov rifles feel very unique to my eyes.

They combine the industrial, workmanlike architecture of the European craftsman-worker tradition with the svelte curves and lines characteristic of Russian small arms design. Mikhtim’s avtomat simply looks iconic in a way that few gun designs do, and there’s a certain conveyance of the exotic when I hold a military-style example. And what a character it is! Probably the best summary I’ve read of the reasons that the AK is the AK. Barracks lawyer propaganda and media are powerful tools. All reasons I can agree with.

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Now back to the bunker before the flame war ignites. 39 shooter, it doesn’t hurt that ammo is even cheaper than M193 5. If you shoot steel cased . 223, price per round is only a couple cents more than 7. Many AR owners won’t touch the stuff, but I have both AR and AKs that eat up Wolf . I have a pretty good stockpile of 7.

39 though, because there is always the chance it could suddenly disappear from shelves tomorrow, and the prices would skyrocket due to lack of domestic production. Yes, I thought of the steel-cased 5. 56 as I posted, and I’ve shot a good bit of it. After ruining a cleaning rod section driving out a stuck case, though, I’m a bit put off. I also had case sticking issues, they were all with Tulammo which I specifically avoid.

I had a batch where you could pick out the out of spec case necks. Never had a stuck casing with AK, have had hundreds of stuck casings with AR’s. Tulammo in question stuck quite easily in a Saiga . 223, with the extractor ripping the rim clean off. 223 from other Russian plants in years of shooting. I believe the bad lot was from ulyanovsk. I’ve experienced that with some piston AR’s.

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Ripped through the case rim completely. Might just be the narrow little extractor coupled with the mild steel casing- probably not a good combo. Which is why I prefer the wider AK style extractor with more surface area for gripping when shooting the steel cased ammo. SKS is still my favorite rifle though.

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Those ranges are probably losing lots of revenue because of this. If they are worried about cleanup, a strong magnet will be easier than sweeping or picking up brass. The same magnet would pull steel from brass to be recycled. Having lived in Southern California for my entire youth you are correct about dry vegetation, more specifically grass and brush. This is the first time I’ve heard about not being allowed to use steel cased at a range. Had the SKS been fitted with a good detachable magazine, I doubt we would have seen the AK. The SKS is usually more accurate and gave better velocities.

The Soviets failed with the sights as well. I don’t own an AK anymore. I’ve had around 25 variants, and liked them all. As my vision grew old, I just couldn’t hit anything.

When AK optics were so bad, I lost interest. If you want a SKS with detachable mags then buy a Chinese SKS D that takes AK mags. If you are hung up on BHO mags they have Yugo surplus mags that have the ability to do it or you can retrofit standard AK mags with BHO followers that Primary Arms sells. You do know that there are aftermarket peep sights for the AK right? You have the choice of putting it where the old rear sight is or you can mount one where the dust cover is. Also plenty of mounting options for red dot or other optical sights too.

The SKSs that ended up in America were fabricated for the American civilian market. The Type 68 was built for issue to militaries that bought them due to the cheap price. Many SKSs ended up in use by small nation as they were broke. Foreign aid from China and Soviets.

Just guessing, but it probably costs significantly more to machine an SKS receiver than to fold an AK receiver. That adds up across a few million rifles. SKS carbines with sheet metal receivers. As well as selective fire variants. Even though the SKS was made using metal pressings, it came at a time when the AKM was well established. The AKM was on scene, proven to work and it has the features the military wanted. There was little need to keep making them both.

China made many more after the AKM was in place. I suspect it was for trade or foreign aid to other groups with a weapon already in the end users inventory. The machines existed and the cost to make them had been paid for decades ago. Russians were quite modern thinkers in allotting floor space and raw materials needed to fabricate arms. It is interesting to see the how and why they made guns in the WW2 era.

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Down to measuring how much was left on the floor in the form of chips. The great T34 tank would not have been so good had we not sent General Motors engineers to Russia to show them how to make cast turrets. We should have listened to our engineers and built a better Sherman. But does the AR15 know that you are cheating on it?

Practical accuracy for me is better than with an AR, too. Plus, being a caliber nerd, I like shooting that evil 5. The AR springy noise takes me home to my boot days in AF basic. Magpul doesn’t need to make a AK-74 mag, with Bulgarians readily available. Unless you’re using magazines toward the ATF’s 922r parts requirement?

50, and is available in actual retail stores. I too lust for cheaper quality 5. 45 mags, come on Magpul ! AK design and manufacturing techniques make it better? They make it more fun, claymore! Yea trying to fix them is loads of fun. A good friend of mine builds AKs, so I can empathize there.

15 Dirty AF Jokes From Kids’ TV Shows

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AK better than the AR-15, especially as a weapon of war? So it’s like buying an Edsel you buy it because you want to fix it. There are plenty of high quality AKs on the market that do not need fixing, though they run higher than AR-15s. It’s just got character, I guess.

15 Dirty AF Jokes From Kids’ TV Shows

Try to replicate this with an M-16 or AR-15. Direct from TFB a couple days ago LOL. Guarantee you, mate, you’ll be struggling with it for a while if you try to cause that malfunction with one of my rifles. Overall I’d say the AK is a better weapon for extended, or say, never ending combat without supply lines.

Most of the AK’s found throughout the ME are decades old yet they continue to run. AR’s are a more sophisticated weapon but require routine maintenance and the ability to procure replacements parts where as AK’s pretty much will run forever without parts upgrades. There are Karen rebels in Burma doing the same thing with Vietnam-era M16’s and Colt Commando’s, in a much harsher climate when you look at the amount of rainfall and humidity. My experiences with scores of AK’s over decades is the opposite. Once you shoot a certain volume through them, they start malfunctioning more frequently, if they don’t outright break from the start. I’ve seen those pics of the Burma rebels, however never seen their M16’s in action and not even sure all these decades later- where they are even getting ammo to feed them. Course this is one of the first thing the AR folks point out.

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Then again, their rifles remind of Brazilian FAL’s which were carried more than fired. I can honestly say that I have never seen an AK completely break or stop working over the last two decades through tens of thousands of rounds I’ve personally ran through them. I have however seen my AR’s go down either at the range or rifle course be it Colt, LMT, or whatever mil spec supposed rifle it was from including bad mags, extractor, ammo etc. They are a great rifle with a lot of support, quality ammo, and well maintained but in terms of diverse conditions, they are OK at best. AK’s usually break when subjected to high round count courses when I’ve shot them. Most of my experience with Kalahsnikov variants is with real select-fire guns, although I have shot quite a few imports for civilian use, those suffering from many of the same problems right out of the box. The reliability myth of the AK is mass hype, repeated by a lot of people who have never even used the guns in the field.

15 Dirty AF Jokes From Kids’ TV Shows

This thing is a piece of garbage through and through. They make a lot of sense for Russia. I’ve seen AKs fail often enough to know the reliability isn’t what it’s hyped to be. My AK failures have been do to using a certain brand of ammo made in Ukraine. Those failures were, failure to eject and feed. Thankful the rebels in the Ukraine civil war have seized that ammo plant. Arsenal Bulgaria has a 47 variant in their museum with over 300K rounds through it.

Yugoslavians tested their RPK receiver M70 types to just under 90K till the prototype came apart. Poland has minimum standards of 50K through their Beryl 96 rifles. I guess I’ll change my opinion on them when proven otherwise but so far- the ones I’ve owned all have been reliable. I have a friend that used to go with me to the range all the time. Let him run whatever he wanted from AR’s to AK’s etc. He’s more of tech kind of guy, builds computers in his spare time and works for a software company. However when it came for his first rifle purchase- he wanted an AK which surprised me honestly.

Figured he would go for a high end AR with some quality optics etc. I was hoping he’d buy one of mine. To each his own I guess. Hey, bro got ANYTHING to back that up? I’ve never heard of anything at all like that. I’ve never found a single data point or demonstration to assert what you’re saying. That’s funny because I’ve been running AK’s for two decades also and have tens of thousands of rounds through them.

Literally less than a handful of malfunctions in all those years. The list of malfunctions I have seen over 22 years is pretty long, to include guns breaking. Something tells me the number of AK’s I’ve shot and supervised shooting in training just might be more than you’ll ever see in your entire life. M4s lying around is because they’re used by 1st-world countries that can afford to replace their arsenals whenever they start showing excessive wear and tear. They continue to malfunction and break parts. They don’t have some special exemption from reality. Have you ever hear someone say something along the lines that it is so ridiculous they can’t help but admire it?

So you are another that thinks bad things make it better? I didn’t say the AK was better. I said I liked it better. I’ve sat here and defended the AR-15 with thousands of words already, am I not allowed to sit back and enjoy something else once in a while?

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No problem people have different tastes LOL there is even an edsel club. I think strange features make something unusual, and by extension, interesting. I like first-gen semi auto pistols. It’s my hope to someday collect them, but that is NOT the same as saying that I would choose a Borchardt to defend myself.

I can tell you one thing: interchangeability is nice, BUT it costs money. Tight tolerances are mandatory to get full interchangeability. Clearances must exist, regardless of tolerances. There is nothing wrong with that and it is NOT an epitome of lower level of technology standard. It is lot more economical way, but more labour intensive.

It is all matter of choice AND mainly your customer’s requirement. My respect goes to author for his sympathies to inevitable champion of rifles. You cannot fool yourself but to say it as it is. On the other hand, I am against creating an icon. Now if only the ergonomics didn’t suck so bad. You should learn to deal with 1940s ergonomics if you want to operate with REAL men! Still look at it this way: The 5.

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The AK-12 and MK-107 address those issues, but you won’t be able to get them if you live in the USA. But, they’d probably be about the price of a Sig556xi or Bushmaster ACR anyhow. So what’s the point of wishing upon a political star? The AK feels better to me than the AR.