2018 High School Resources & Facilities Grade Methodology

2018 High School Resources & Facilities Grade Methodology

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Menu IconA vertical stack of three evenly spaced horizontal lines. We took 2018 High School Resources & Facilities Grade Methodology look at which school earned the top slot in every state.

The ranking examined over 100,000 schools based on 27 million reviews from more than 300,000 students and parents. They rated schools in areas like academics, teachers, student culture and diversity, and resources and facilities. Read more about the methodology here. Many are charter or magnet schools, meaning they pull in qualified students from around their districts. The school makes you appreciate the value of a good education, and instills motivating values in the students.

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All of our teachers encourage us to do our best and get help if needed. They are usually available before and after school for anyone who needs it. This school is challenging but definitely worth it,” one sophomore said. If you put in the work, this school will prepare you very well for college. Another sophomore noted, “University High School is a unique school that gives students the freedom to express themselves through their academic experiences. Teachers are overall caring, and the variety of AP classes offered give a fantastic head-start for college. The school is very academically accelerated and provides each student with the ability to advance when ready at any point in his or her high school career,” one junior said.

2018 High School Resources & Facilities Grade Methodology

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Outside of the classroom, extracurricular opportunities are abundant. There is American Red Cross, anime and manga club, book club, Middle Eastern student association, and many others. Everyone will find something for himself. This school has changed my view of the world and I am motivated to go out into the world and become a changemaker,” a recent graduate commented. The college counseling center is supportive and will help you recognize your dreams. This school is so unique, and you’ll find no school to be quite like it.

2018 High School Resources & Facilities Grade Methodology

Aspen High School creates dedicated, responsible, respectful, and kind young adults. I love Staples High School,” one senior shared. There is a range of options in electives that one can take, great choices for future college majors. Teachers and counselors help students with schedules and any questions they may have. The whole Staples High School community is there to help and guide one another. Another graduate remembers learning even outside of the classroom. If you make friends you are bound to learn a lot from your peers and might even venture into new topics on your own.

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Although the intellect of your peers may be intimidating, it is definitely a good experience and humbling. Students at SAS have the opportunity to take both college and high school classes simultaneously. Though the school is very small, the faculty and staff are very open and friendly. The college and career class for juniors and seniors especially played a big part in my preparedness because I was able to explore a range of options on my own, as well as ask the college and career counselor for guidance if I wasn’t sure what my next steps were. Boise has incredible students and top-of-the-line teachers,” one senior said.

There are opportunities for anyone who is willing to work hard and take initiative. The school also provides ample opportunities for students to go above and beyond in their studies. I have had classes where we leave the classroom and go downtown to observe, go on scavenger hunts,” a senior explained. These opportunities enhance our learning by giving us chances to learn outside of the classroom. The state of the art technology gives students like myself a great hands-on experience with equipment some colleges don’t even possess.

Because of its size, there are a LOT of opportunities and ways for students to get involved. The students have a lot of options and always have someone to help them if they’re struggling. The classes are set up so that you get used to how a college class would be and you have the option to go to your teacher’s office hours, which most schools do not offer. Ames High has a large number of AP classes available, and we have access to ISU classes and internships,” one senior said. Teachers make sure students don’t get overwhelmed with the rigorous curriculum though.

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The teachers are engaged and knowledgeable in their areas of expertise for the most part, and all different kinds of classes are offered,” a graduate commented. From AP chemistry to Arabic to psychology, students can find the classes they need and are interested in. There are many opportunities for all kinds of students,” one senior commented. We have clubs like a baking club, a debate team, a school play, and a school musical.

2018 High School Resources & Facilities Grade Methodology

2018 High School Resources & Facilities Grade Methodology

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We also have a ton of sports for students to play. The school also helps students prepare for college. The AVID program provides much assistance to students regarding college, such as applying, taking tours, study tools, and other resources,” one recent graduate said. Though it was really rigorous, my AP coursework helped me score at the top of my class in college,” one alum said. I made very close in friends in high school that I am still in touch with. The teachers there were really excellent, but demanding.

The vast majority of the teachers are very passionate towards teaching, which makes class a very active, and positive environment,” one senior reported. They are also very personable with students and definitely care about their students and their achievement. It’s easy to get help when needed due to their flexibility and approachability. The workload is challenging but manageable, and most of the teachers are great.

The teachers truly make an effort to make the courses challenging and force you to work to learn things you never would have on your own. Along with that, there is also a wide selection of levels one can take, including APs, which students at LHS are always eager to take. Rather than teaching memorization, it has taught me application of the material I have learned. Students also enjoy the friendly atmosphere that allows them to work with each other, instead of against each other.

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Everyone roots for each other and everyone knows everyone. Opportunities at this school are endless. Teachers really do everything and anything to help you succeed and the principal is amazing. All of the topics provided strengthened my capabilities of undertaking college life and how I could be successful in college. Overall, the teachers at my school genuinely care about their students and try their hardest to keep us motivated to do well after high school,” one student said. The staff at my school make it easy for students to approach them with their problems.

One senior noted, “the teachers have very knowledgeable backgrounds in their fields, maximizing their teaching abilities. Bozeman High School pushed me as a student and gave me numerous opportunities to excel,” one alum reported. I always felt supported by my teachers and I absolutely have them to thank for where I am in college now. The school offers a variety of classes to ensure every student finds their fit. If you don’t feel challenged, there are a variety of AP classes with excellent instruction.

All of the teachers are enthusiastic about incorporating technology and a variety of tech, computer, art, photography, and education classes are offered. The teachers are always willing to help out in the classroom and outside of the classroom setting,” one senior said. All clubs and sports are welcoming to everyone,” they added. The school’s unique modular scheduling system, similar to how college courses are offered, is also a plus for students. The best part about it was that it prepared me very well for college,” one alum noted.

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It provided many different class options which allowed me to explore my interests. The way the schedule was built allowed me to experience some of the freedoms of college and taught me great time management skills. A wide variety of Advanced Placement classes are available for those who desire an even more arduous high school career. In addition to these classes, many different clubs are available, and students are welcome to express themselves and further their interests. Click here to order an engraved brick! Parents choose a school for many reasons, with academics at the top of the list.

2018 High School Resources & Facilities Grade Methodology

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We believe true education must include Christ and be based on a biblical worldview. Christ gives meaning to all knowledge and our lives. Facilities and programs are a consideration, and we are blessed with both. But it’s relationships that truly impact students and their education. TPCS is known for relationships, community, knowing and loving every child and helping them grow as God’s unique creation. Enter the terms you wish to search for. International Schools’ originally applied to schools that solely catered for expatriate communities in certain countries.

These schools tended to be staffed by nationals from the expatriate country of origin and to teach a curriculum that was based on the one found in the home country. In more recent years though, the International Schools label has expanded to cover schools that set out to foster a global or international outlook in the minds of their students. In addition to expat students, these schools can have a significant local student population as parents in the host country, eager to broaden the horizons and experiences of their children, enroll them as pupils. Smaller class sizes and engaged students. A rotating and multinational teacher population.

Read down for details on some of the globes’ Leading International Schools. The country offers a broad spectrum of educational opportunities together with great social security and economic stability. Many different international curricula are available to Austrian pupils from pre-kindergarten to advanced degree level. International Schools are popular with expatriate parents, bicultural families, and internationally-minded Austrian parents. Most of Austria’s privately-run, International Schools are based in Vienna. The most popular schools offer an excellent educational standard, but present a significant investment and tend to have limited space. It is common for schools to have a long waiting list so parents are advised to apply as soon as possible.

Most International Schools in Brazil follow the British or American curricula, with American teachers being the norm, while some others cater to other nationalities, including French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. Other International Schools offer the International Baccalaureate diploma. Due to the higher standard of education offered at International Schools in Brazil, many sophisticated Brazilians choose to educate their children at these institutions. Many International Schools have a multicultural student body with children from all over the world. Many of these schools provide similar standards to comparable schools around the globe, providing students with an easy transition to schools in different countries.

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These International Schools offer high standards of learning, boast smaller class sizes, first-rate facilities, and varied extracurricular activities. These academies are based around a global curriculum, typically from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and France. Instruction can be given in any language, since many of them are taught in schools. Teachers tend to use English, French, Spanish, Dutch, German and Japanese for instruction and general communication. Expat students from Europe and Asia particularly find the transition from home to this country quite smooth, since the standards are quite similar.

With increasing numbers of expatriates entering China, it has been reported that there is a higher demand for places in International Schools than there are places available. The cost of an International School education is relatively expensive in China compared to other countries, which parents should be aware of. There may be local pupils too, but the schools are generally geared for an international student body. Many schools provide similar standards of schooling around the globe, providing for an easy transition between schools elsewhere in the world. Schools often provide internationally accepted accreditation such as the International Baccalaureate.