25 Easy to Make Preschool Christmas Crafts

25 Easy to Make Preschool Christmas Crafts

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We Just Published Our First Book! Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree! The Christmas tree is an important part of the Christmas tradition in many Christian families. Many of our Christmas memories comes down 25 Easy to Make Preschool Christmas Crafts remembering opening gifts around the Christmas tree or decorating the Christmas tree with your siblings and your parents.

The crafts on this page are representations of Xmas trees, such as paper-folded, felt, beaded, or even Christmas trees made from recycled magazines. These may be made from construction paper or silver or gold gift paper. First make a pattern for the tree and trace it on cardboard. It may be similar to the one suggested in Figure a or it might be a plain triangle type.

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Trace just half of the design on a piece of cardboard and cut it out. Fold the construction paper in half. Lay your cardboard pattern on the fold and trace around it. Make three of these and cut them out.

25 Easy to Make Preschool Christmas Crafts

A cool way to decorate these trees is with colored cellophane tape. This comes in bright solid colors and in a variety of attractive Christmas designs. Apply strips of tape across the cutout trees, as shown in Figure b. These trees can be any size.

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The larger ones-6 to 8 inches high —make good mantelpiece decorations, while trees 3 inches high make perfect homemade decorations for your Christmas tree. Cut about 14 circles of graduating size from construction paper. Snip around outside edge of circles. Push dowel through center of graduated circles with smallest one at the top. Space circles evenly along dowel and fasten with Scotch tape. These decorative little trees can be used most effectively on holiday and birthday tables. They can be as simple or as ornate as you like.

Cut the tips off several cone-shaped drinking cups with a pair of scissors, as in illustration A. Either decorate the cones with paint or crayon designs, or paint the cones a solid color. After they are dry, glue fancy stickers, seals, stars, magazine, clipart, or Internet cut-outs or crepe paper or ribbon bows onto them, as in illustration B. There are 2 ways that you can make these paper stand-up trees. But you can make the Christmas stand in two different ways. In this way, you cut out a rectanglefold it in half, and then cut a small slit in the center.

You then place the tree in the center and you have created a stand-up tree. A conical tree, ornamented with cellophane, augments the room’s warmth at Christmas time. Make a cone of heavy green construction paper and glue it to keep it in shape. Wrap the box and the tree trunk with decorative paper or paint it. Glue the cone down over the rod.

25 Easy to Make Preschool Christmas Crafts

Here is a great way to make quick decorations for Christmas. Now open up the folded piece of paper and you can see a cut-out Christmas Tree. Now you can use this cut-out as a stencilhold it down tight, and use a crayon, colored pencil, paint, etc. Part 1 – Advent calenders are always lots of fun. But most of them take ages to make. Fanned Out Magazine Christmas Tree – Upcycle a magazine into a beautiful, standing Christmas Tree Decoration. How to Make Pop-Up Chrstmas Tree Cards – Find out how to make these pop-up Xmas Tree Cards.

Making and Folding a Paper Christmas Tree – Find out how to make a paper model Xmas tree. Gold beads Christmas Tree Card Crafts Project for Kids – Here’s a pretty handmade bead card that your children’s friends and family will be very impressed to see. Learn How to Fold Origami Christmas Trees – Learn how to fold up your own origami christmas trees with the following instructions. Pony Bead Christmas Tree Ornaments – Learn the pattern for making these pony bead Xmas treesthen hang it on your real tree. Bottle Brush Christmas Trees – These turn out adorablethey look like real mini-Xmas trees. Find out how to make theme here. Unique 3D Christmas Tree Cards – Make these standing Chrsitmas Treesthat also are Xmas cards.

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Cotton Swab Miniature Christmas Tree Ornament – Use a clear glass Christmas Ornament and a Cotton Swab to make a Xmas Tree ornament. Wooden Christmas Trees – Here is a christmas tree to make in wood shop or with one of your parents. Bath Time Christmas Tree – Decorate your bathroom with a fun foam Christmas tree. Beaded Christmas Tree Making Instructions – To make a Christmas tree beaded safety pin jewelry, follow the free pattern given. Christmas Tree Craft to Make – Find out how you can make a classic looking Christmas tree centerpiece decoration. Christmas Paper Tree to Make – Kids can easily make a Christmas tree out of green construction paper, crayons etc. Christmas Tree Paper Ornament Directions – Kids can craft this ornament to decorate the family Christmas tree.

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Christmas Wish Tree Crafts Project – This Christmas wish tree is a cute craft for the children to do during the Christmas holiday. Clay Pot Christmas Tree Crafts Activity – Make a Christmas tree out of a clay pot, green acrylic paint, styrofoam ball and other simple materials. Dazzling Christmas Tree Crafts Project for Kids – This dazzling Christmas tree is simple and fun for children of all ages to make. Drinking Straw Christmas Tree Activities – Recycle 25 plastic straws to make an amazing drinking straw Christmas tree centerpiece. Coat Hanger Christmas Tree Projects – Recycle old wire coat hangers to make a Christmas tree centerpiece decoration.

Christmas Tree Craft Projects- Learn how to make Christmas tree using paper, glue, scissors and something to color with. Christmas Lacing Projects Projects – Make a Christmas lacing stocking with your children in preschool and kindergarten. Christmas Bow Tree – Learn how to make a beautiful Christmas tree centerpiece using stick-on Christmas bows. Christmas Trees – With this craft, young children can decorate their own little Christmas tree. Dimensional Christmas Tree – This is a fun craft where kids can make a 3-Dimensional Christmas tree decoration.

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Felt Christmas Tree – This is the ultimate Christmas craft for both children and adults. Handprint Tree – This Christmas tree is simple but fun to make. All you need is your handprint, construction paper and simple craft materials. Mini Pine Cone Christmas Trees Projects – Find out how to make a tiny Christmas tree for your bedroom desk.

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Paperback Christmas Tree Projects – This Christmas tree is very easy and also fun to make from an old paperback book. Pine Cone Tree Projects – Turn a Styrofoam cone into a beautiful Christmas tree in a few steps. Paper Christmas Tree – Follow these instructions to make an amazing Christmas tree using green construction paper and a few more materials. Pine Cone Tree – Turn a pine cone into a cute Christmas tree.

Paper Christmas Tree – Learn how to make a miniature Christmas trees using a cardboard toilet paper roll, construction paper, etc. Safety Pin Tree – Make a Christmas tree using safety pins and pony beads! Sticker Christmas Tree – Your kids will enjoy making a simple Christmas tree out of green card and stickers. Terrific Top Christmas Trees – This small Christmas tree craft is fun for children of all ages. Terrific Textual Christmas Tree – Learn how to make a Christmas tree from egg cartons by following these instructions.

Twiggy Christmas Trees in July – These Xmas trees are made with gatthered up twigs and sticksa fun craft to do in July that can be hung up any time of year. Shamrocks can be a bit tricky to make look nice and even, but here’s an easy way to make a shamrock. All you need is one heart, and you can make any size shamrock depending on the size of heart you use. How to make a heart pattern.

An Easy Way to Make a Shamrock. The best heart to use is one that isn’t too wide or puffy. Place the heart on the paper, centered, near the top of the sheet. Place the heart on the left side of the traced heart with the point overlapping the point of the first heart. Place the heart on the right side of the traced heart with the point toward the center and overlapping the first heart. Remove the heart and gently erase the overlapping lines in the center of the hearts. Adjust the outer edges if necessary.

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You may need to make the vee at the top of each heart more shallow, so it’s not so pointed. Cut out the shamrock and trace it onto cereal box cardboard or milk jug plastic. It is ready to trace, and can be used over and over. Use a larger or smaller heart to make a larger or smaller shamrock. This is great, I will be using this for sure for my St. I have used this trick to help kids make shamrocks for many years.

25 Easy to Make Preschool Christmas Crafts

Thanks for reminding me to get this on the lesson plans! I love it, and it caught my eye at the ishouldbemoppingthefloor. I’m going to show it to my teens. Will definitely come in handy over the next few weeks.

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I remember this in elementary school! Thanks for coming over and sharing at the Happiness is Homemade link party. Hope to see you back on Saturday! Found you via Sew Much Ado linky party. Thanks for sharing it at our All Things Thursday Blog Hop!

I always knew that you could make shamrocks from hearts, but this makes it looks so simple that I might actually use this tip instead of freehanding it and mostly failing. This will be great to use with my kids. I loved your Tip Me Tuesday link this week. Can’t wait to make them and sew a bunch into garland! Mine always end up lopsided so this is an excellent idea!

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What a great way to do it. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday! St Pattys is my favorite holiday so I’m always excited about a perfect shamrock! Thanks for sharing at Inspire Me Mondays! Thanks for sharing this at Totally Terrific Tuesday last week! I can’t wait to see what you have to share this week!

I have used a heart for a shamrock template before. Thanks so much for sharing with last week’s Adorned From Above Link Party. That is so clever and I never would have thought of using a heart. Thank you for sharing a super easy way to draw a shamrock on SYC! I came over from Craftymomsshare link party. Thank you for linking up to Tips and Tricks.