6 Lessons Kids Can Teach Adults

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Object lessons are powerful tools to teach long-lasting lessons. Each object adds a 3-D visual to stimulate interest as well as help retain the message in memory. Most objects 6 Lessons Kids Can Teach Adults everyday items that you can pick up around the house and be ready to teach a Bible object lesson, children’s sermon, or family devotional in a matter of minutes.

Object talks are also a great add-on to lessons to capture attention! This page is to assist you in quickly finding Christian object talks for certain objects and lesson topics. You may also be interested in how to write your own object lesson! A helium BALLOON can teach how being filled with the Holy Spirit impacts our life and empowers us! A digital CAMERA or photo to teach how we are not only created in God’s image, but our lives should also reflect His image each and every day. A simple CANDY CANE  teaches a wonderful Christmas object lesson! A CHALKBOARD or Dry Erase Board can be used to teach a fun interactive object talk on sin and the need for forgiveness.

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Using a misspelled word shows kids that just because we want to do something our way doesn’t make it right. Romans 8:28 comes to life using the ingredients in a  CAKE to show how God causes all things to work together for our good. CHRISTMAS LIGHTS can be used to teach about Jesus coming as the light of the world and use the color of the lights to expand this Christmas object lesson and remind them of what Christmas is really about. RECIPE object talk uses the instructions of a recipe to show kids that we can trust the Bible because of Who wrote it – God. Jesus gives new life, eternal life.

6 Lessons Kids Can Teach Adults

Jesus is always with me through His Holy Spirit. Jesus is preparing a home for believers in Heaven. Another great Easter egg object lesson that’s fun for an Easter egg hunt is “Empty to Faith-Filled”! Whether FISHING with a pole and hook or a barrel net, both can teach great Bible lessons on how Satan tempts. FOOTBALL  season is a great reminder of the armor of God and the protection God gives us in the game of life. No football player, in their right mind, would run on to the field for a game without his uniform including all the pads! Use a pair of GLASSES to share a Bible lesson of how the Holy Spirit helps us see and know God and how we can live for Him.

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Object lessons are great for any age – kids, youth or adults! These HUNTING object talks teach how Satan can hide snares among the normal surroundings of our everyday life. We must realize we can be caught unsuspecting if we’re not careful to keep our spiritual eyes open and be on alert. Help students own the idea that God is the source of all LIGHT and by plugging our lives into Him, we will therefore shine too! The first uses corresponding numbers with letters in words to demonstrate God’s great love for us! God shows Himself to be even in the area of computing numbers!

This Christian object lesson using a MIRROR teaches how we are not only created in God’s image, but our lives should also reflect His image each and every day. This is an easy Bible children’s talk that can be used in Children’s Church, as a children’s sermon, or for any children’s ministry purpose. I used it for a devotion for our Upward games. It could also be used during Awana council time.

6 Lessons Kids Can Teach Adults

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His grace continues to pursue us! Or use MONEY along with Ephesians 2:8-10 to teach how salvation is a free gift, but is not automatically received! Talk about how we all go by different names but we’re each only one person to teach a great lesson on the Trinity! Have you ever thought about how a PENCIL can teach us that if we allow ourselves to be held in God’s hand and let Him control and guide our lives, we can accomplish great things? Not only that, but we are all different!

Some may be pencils, pens, markers, or highlighters. God created us each unique and usable in His hand! Help kids think differently next time they find a PENNY! There is an old saying, “the proof is in the PUDDING. Actually the original saying said: “”the proof of the pudding is in the eating” meaning that the quality or true value of something can only be judged when it has been put to use. In the same way, the proof or truth of God’s Word in which we believe will be revealed as we actively put it to use in our lives. Use a PUMPKIN to illustrate how through Christ we can get a new face and let His light shine through us!

6 Lessons Kids Can Teach Adults

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A ROAD can lead us to many destinations and direction can be confusing. The Legend of the SAND DOLLAR” –  it’s design by God ,the Creator, tells the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! This makes a wonderful Christian object lesson for kids of any age! A SEED is such a beautiful picture of salvation! Several of Jesus’ parables talk about the planting of seeds.

6 Lessons Kids Can Teach Adults

By itself, a seed appears to be dead, and for all basic purposes in and of itself, it is. Every seed has potential for life and potential for growth, but it is not until water is added that life and growth begin to take place! Use your tarnished SILVER tray to teach a Christian object lesson about how God is at work in our lives even when things are tough. God’s ability to take a speck of dust and create a SNOWFLAKE makes a wonderful object lesson using the science of snow to give a Bible lesson on forgiveness! How should Christians respond when “squeezed” by the world? This is such a creative way to share the resurrection story using a TEA BAG  for an Easter lesson!

God’s TOOLBOX is a lesson about the different spiritual gifts God gives and how He uses us each uniquely to build up His church. A TOOTSIE ROLL POP can teach a lesson on how the Holy Spirit perseveres to reach our heart no matter how much we have sinned. Almost any everyday object can become a lesson to help us better understand Who God is and how we can know Him better! The tiniest shell can become a lesson on how He cares about the tiniest details of our lives. Whether we are walking on the beach, climbing a mountain, or just sitting in our own home, God is waiting to speak to us! He desires to have conversations, and many times He’ll even use everyday objects to begin them.

Teaching children using everyday objects will carry your Bible lesson beyond the classroom into real life. Every time they see that object again it will be a reminder of the Bible truth that was taught. It will also teach them to look and listen for God speaking wherever they go! What better lesson is there than that they learn they can know Him personally and He can be with them anywherealways! They offer 52 free object lessons that are easy to access and also include video demonstrations! Sermons4Kids offers a searchable index for children’s sermons too that is a wonderful tool for children’s church leaders, pastors, Sunday school teachers, or any other adult looking for new innovative Bible lessons to use with children. Special note: We do preview the websites to which we link, but are unable to peruse them completely.

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6 Lessons Kids Can Teach Adults

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Cracked only offers comment voting to subscribing members. If you’re already an awesome Cracked subscriber, click here to login. The Best, Most Underrated Lines From Shows And Movies, Pt. If we’ve ever made you laugh or think, we now have a way where you can thank and support us! Hollywood has worked hard to give us a clear image of what the intellectually disabled look like — charming, simpleminded folk with boundless empathy and compassion, like Forrest Gump, Radio, and whatever the hell Sean Penn’s name was in I Am Sam.

6 Lessons Kids Can Teach Adults

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We spoke to someone who spent years working as a manager in a community for the intellectually disabled to learn about the brutal realities of one of the country’s most invisible demographics. Most people’s go-to image for intellectual disability is Forrest Gump. The problem is, Forrest Gump didn’t have an IQ of 32, or find himself confined to a wheelchair because he hadn’t fully developed physically, unlike many of our clients. We want to have this picture of the disabled as inspirational folks overcoming their challenges to prove they’re just like us! But when you start piling one disability on top of another, things aren’t that simple.

I like to think that I’m a caring, empathetic person, because you have to be to do this job. But there’s nothing inspiring about cleaning up after a blind man who does nothing but moan and soil himself all day. There’s nothing inspiring about stopping a man from beating himself because that’s how he deals with whatever’s going on in his head. My skills lay in management, but I almost got whiplash dealing with the problems that would pop up over the course of an hour, let alone over a week. Yo, Hollywood, if you’re looking for Oscar-bait ideas, start here. Severe mental handicaps often come with physical ailments, because at times human biology can be a cascading disaster of malfunctioning parts, like that 1995 Geo Metro you bought off Craigslist. Consequently, the medical needs of a single client can be mind-blowing.

One was blind, deaf, and severely mentally disabled — to him, every second of every day was a terrifying riddle with no solution. And yet, this all used to be much, much worse. Back then, babies were dropped off at a train station with no identification, the same way you get rid of a Dickensian orphan. And this was considered progressive, considering it was the height of the eugenics movement. If you were struggling to get by and had a profoundly disabled baby, what else were you going to do? One older staff member told me that as recently as the 1970s, clients were fed slop-mounds of gruel for every meal. Bath time involved being hosed down like an animal at the zoo and getting beaten if they defecated themselves.

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And back then, the staff thought that’s what compassion looked like. Today, the biggest enemy is just apathy — the common person just doesn’t want to think about this subject, and certainly doesn’t want to fork over money to the cause. That’s a problem, considering that at our facility, it takes 1,200 paid employees to care for the 300 clients. The clients obviously can’t pay for themselves, so this is one of those cases where the free market doesn’t offer a solution. More than one building was closed because it was still full of asbestos, and we didn’t have the money to get it removed. Meanwhile, the plumbing predates World War II and is on the brink of turning the entire community into Crocodile Mile.

6 Lessons Kids Can Teach Adults

Pictured: one of the many financial excesses of “Big Disability. People simply don’t register their existence. Unfortunately, this often extends to their own families. Of the 22 clients I was responsible for, only one had a family member regularly check on him. When another client passed away, I had to help organize the funeral. His family finally showed up, and I had to be supportive even though I was furious that they never once bothered to visit him. No birthdays, no Thanksgiving dinners, not even a phone call on Christmas.

There’s a surprising gray area that comes into play when you talk about intellectually disabled people and sex. Technically, the clients have the same right to enjoy sex as any other red-blooded American adult. However, they’re not considered capable of giving consent. If someone with an IQ of 70 has sex with someone with an IQ of 40, are they taking advantage of them? If not, then where do you draw the line? If your answer was an exasperated shrug, congratulations: You now know as much as any expert on this topic. We don’t know the answer, which is why we use the long-standing and universally respected technique called “Hope like hell the situation doesn’t come up.

If it does, we’re required to call our abuse hotline and report it so that an investigation can be launched. It may sound excessive to police our clients’ sex lives, but if there’s even a hint of abuse, we have to put a stop to it. And this is a situation where any sexual contact can be considered abuse. I say the pun was or wasn’t intended?

We obviously can’t stop our clients from flicking it in the privacy of their own rooms, but our clients aren’t the most bashful people on the planet, and would sometimes do their thing in front of other residents. If it was bothering other clients, we could take them to their rooms to let them finish up. You can stop leaving that ‘Healthy Skin TIps’ article by the Jergens, dude. What do you think is the biggest risk of abuse the intellectually disabled face?

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I’ll give you a hint — it starts with an “f” and it’s not a synonym for one I already named. Financial abuse is something we associate with grandmas who want to help nice Nigerian men reclaim their Principates, but the intellectually disabled have trust accounts, too. They draw money from social security, and some earn wages from on-site jobs. It’s the responsibility of a team of staff members to maintain these accounts, and that’s a tall order because people are trying to skim off them constantly. Specifically, the very people charged with helping them. We have had staff use a client’s money to buy clothes for themselves.

6 Lessons Kids Can Teach Adults

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Others would eat a client’s dinner and then let the client pick at the leftovers. Maybe the employee just really wants to go to an event but doesn’t want to pay for the tickets — well, just insist it’s the client who wants to go, and you’re just helpfully accompanying him. Old lady Abrams is way into thrash metal. To stop this, we have to set up a convoluted system that basically demands every penny be accounted for at every step.

As the home manager, it was my job to approve the request. Then the social worker and my direct supervisor would sign. From there it would go to accounting, and a secretary would pick it up the next day. One staff member took a client to Burger King, where he ordered a burger that had a buy one, get one free deal, because showering customers with free food is the only way to convince people to eat there. The staff member ate the free one, and was fired. The employee had a clean record, and didn’t think he had done anything wrong by eating the free extra, but administration wanted to set an example — you don’t mess with the clients’ money, period.