As If: 10 year retrospective of the cult Channel 4 teen drama – part 2

As If: 10 year retrospective of the cult Channel 4 teen drama – part 2

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Easily clip, save and share what you find with family and friends. Easily download and save what you find. Some movies are like fairy tales — they don’t just tell stories, they cast spells — and Lars von Trier’s lyrically transfixing epic of love, madness, martyrdom, and faith works that kind of magic. The moment we meet Bess, who enters into a marriage of erotic and spiritual bliss, becomes crazed with grief when her husband goes away, and is reunited with him through an act of God that would test Job, as If: 10 year retrospective of the cult Channel 4 teen drama – part 2 Trier dips us into rivers of emotion that run deep beneath the surface of his story.

Would you believe it if I said that the most ecstatic scene of the year consists of a man cooking an omelette? The camera doesn’t even move: It just sits there on Stanley Tucci, the owner of an Italian restaurant in 1950s New Jersey, as he pours the olive oil, breaks the eggs, adjusts the flame, and gives birth to a meal. Danny Boyle’s rudely cathartic rock-and-drug joyride was actually underrated by its heroin-chic hype. In an era of glib moralizing, it was liberating to see a movie that understands the pleasures, as well as the perils, of addiction. In a startling act of alchemy, director Nicholas Hytner transforms Arthur Miller’s popular classic into an adrenaline-fueled rocket engine of a movie. Hytner doesn’t just liberate the play from the stage.

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He makes it leap off screen, so that Miller’s parable of lust, guilt, hysteria, and doublethink takes on an immediacy it never had before. Miller lays bare the calculus of totalitarian psychology. It’s no surprise to see that Steve Buscemi, making his debut as a writer-director, digs with raffish gusto into the role of Tommy, a wheedling barfly who spends his days trading quips at a dank Long Island saloon. The surprise is that Buscemi also turns out to be a major filmmaker. In 1968, Valerie Solanas walked into Andy Warhol’s office and pumped three bullets into his chest.

As If: 10 year retrospective of the cult Channel 4 teen drama - part 2

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Was she a paranoid fantasist, high on hate? Or was she a crackpot visionary testing the waters of feminist rage before it was fashionable? The beauty of Mary Harron’s film is that it understands that Solanas was both at once. 242 million blockbuster that’s also the most underrated movie of the year.

Director Jan De Bont gets the scary, dreamlike spectacle of tornadoes right up there on screen. The wonder isn’t so much in their destructive power as in the fact that they’re natural phenomena that seem supernatural — indeed, they seem like beings. A bracingly witty look at desperate young dudes on the L. The movie understands that these days, the real romantic comedy takes place before boy meets girl. Just beneath their babbly debates about how to make all the right moves, you can hear the characters tying themselves in knots trying to be Alpha Males and Nice Guys at the same time. When Larry Flynt created Hustler magazine in the mid-’70s, he pushed past the boundaries of what a mainstream skin publication could show, and that’s exactly what got him in trouble with the law. The inspiring joke of Milos Forman’s richly funny and exuberant docudrama is that the scuzzier Flynt’s magazine became, the more it turned him into a hero, a renegade crusader for the First Amendment.

The most radiant example of movie-star magic this year. Roy has to play the game on his own terms, even if it means losing, and Costner, face crinkling up with pleasure, digs so far into the character’s ornery grace that he seems to be rediscovering what it means to be a star. In this brain-dead-in-every-detail knockoff of Chinatown, Nick Nolte leads a crew of detectives in ’50s L. How do you fight the patriarchy? In Marleen Gorris’ insufferable art-house crowd-pleaser, the answer is simple: You form a matriarchy. Beneath its feminist pieties, Antonia’s Line offers the most cloying vision of communal eccentricity since King of Hearts. If you were looking to numb yourself into oblivion, which movie would you choose?

MTV editing, the biggest, loudest pileup of stupid explosive cliches? Eraser, The Rock, Broken Arrow: All three qualify as the Slam-Bang, Punch-Your-Face, Blow-Your-Socks-Off, Roller-Coaster Action Knockout of the Year. It should have been called Slow. In a remote woodland diner, a fat chef stands around making pizzas and gawking morosely at sexy new waitress Liv Tyler. Director James Mangold was hired to reinvent Sylvester Stallone’s career with Copland.


Let’s hope he learns that the word independent doesn’t mean much unless it’s followed by the word filmmaker. Was Eva Peron a power vixen or a saint? We can hardly tell from Alan Parker’s logy, bombastic musical, in which her fabulous rise and fall is rendered as a series of sluggishly dissociated production numbers that barely allow her to become human. Madonna seems intent on stamping out any trace of her vital pop-star vulgarity. She erases her own charisma, receding into the murk of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s luridly dated kitsch. SHARPEST ACCESSORY In 101 DALMATIANS, Glenn Close’s gloves had fingernails of their own. BIGGEST TANGLE MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE’s plot was so knotty, Tom Cruise didn’t realize Emmanuelle Beart was waiting to be kissed.

BEST AIRBORNE HAZARD The storm-tossed cows in TWISTER. BEST AIRBORNE SNACK The title fruit of JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH, held aloft by 502 seagulls. MOST IN NEED OF COLORIZATION The sunless MARY REILLY, in which the murk of Dr. Jekyll’s London put Julia Roberts’ face beyond the pale. BOLDEST ACROBAT UNDER THE BIG TOP Sporting a muumuu, riding a sedan chair, playing piano duets with a 28-inch man — former world’s greatest actor Marlon Brando walked the tightrope between high camp and high crap in THE ISLAND OF DR. MOST IN NEED OF BETTER VEHICLES SPEEDster Keanu Reeves didn’t reach us with CHAIN REACTION or FEELING MINNESOTA. MOST CONVINCING AS A CARTOON HEROINE Demi Moore, in STRIPTEASE, not HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME.

BEST USE OF A PROPER LADY Mary Tyler Moore flashed her bra and swore in FLIRTING WITH DISASTER. SCARIEST BLOKE WE COULDN’T UNDERSTAND Expelling Scottish obscenities in a torrent, Robert Carlyle’s pub-smashing sociopath Begbie made himself bloody clear in TRAINSPOTTING. SWEETEST BLOKE WE COULDN’T UNDERSTAND Stammering half to himself, making nervous mantras of wordplays, Aussie Geoffrey Rush’s damaged pianist exhibited a whole new kind of practiced charm in SHINE. UNLIKELIEST BROTHERS George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino in FROM DUSK TILL DAWN. JULIET’s jump-cutting, soundtrack-pumping, Bard-baiting director Baz Luhrmann. BIGGEST CINEMA WATERSHED Let history record that in HAPPY GILMORE Adam Sandler plays a man who falls in love with his publicist.

As If: 10 year retrospective of the cult Channel 4 teen drama - part 2

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Thanks also must go to Bolle Gregmar, for supplying a number of the setlists featured on this page Have you got anything to contribute to this page? Reviews, missing info, ticket stubs, posters etc etc – if so, let me . German tour in January 1980 so what gives? How close did it come to taking place?

As If: 10 year retrospective of the cult Channel 4 teen drama - part 2

I called Steve Schenck to see if we could shed some light on these ‘phantom’ German concerts since I don’t recall any bookings at that time. Steve was BOC’s agent and certainly would know any bookings during that time period. There wasn’t any official statement to say why the gigs were cancelled. Was this the place I walked into a speeding taxi that drove by the truck while I was going around it?

I know you were there wondering why I wasn’t just creamed or dead or something. Rockets were on this run of shows but the only one I have any note on is this one and Springfield Mass. The pass above is clearly dated 5 Feb 1979, but I’ve included it here – for the moment – because I don’t see how it could have been for 1979 – Mirrors didn’t come out til June 79, so the Feb date seems suspect. Band gear late so B-cast was blown off. My memory may be a little off since this was 31 years ago. Concerts at Nassau Coliseum during hockey season are challenging for the audience on the main floor. Plywood is put down on top of the ice and metal folding chairs were set up in rows.

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As soon as the concert started everyone stands on the chairs. It’s not the best way to enjoy a show, but it’s the only way to see the band. My seat was in row 20. The opening act was Twisted Sister.

Worked on Rocket’s Crown and played hockey after loadout. A no pyro date, but I think we did the pyro anyway. I really don’t recall too much about the show itself. It was a good show, as I recall, although my BOC knowledge and “listening experience” was pretty much limited to the A.

I’d love to have a recording of the show because I’m sure I’d appreciate it much more today. We drove six hours in a beat up Pinto to go to this show. Never heard of the Rockets before but they played a kick ass version of Oh Well. I remember that this was supposed to be a Civic Center but it was pretty small. When Buck played the solo for the Vigil I thought I was going to fall over on my ass, but the crowd had me pinned to the barricade. I have some great pictures of Buck flipping out and yanking the strings out of his Strat and wailing on one string.

This date is confirmed by the Capitol Giglist on Moyssi’s website. Check out also Moyssi’s concert programme for this gig. On the 13th we had – and I quote – “Big Day Off”. It was in Allentown, but specifically in “Agricultural Hall”, not at the Fairgrounds. The Fairgrounds is a different, a much better venue located nearby.

Also, The Rockets opened without a doubt. One quick note, both Ag Hall and the “Fairgrounds” are at the same site, the Allentown Fairgrounds. The other venue referred to as the Fairgrounds is bleacher seating at a race track used only in Summer. I have the ad for this show somewhere. These above gigs were the last dates of me using the Mel Welch pyro board. Below the new pyro board made by MPA showed up, thanks to the band agreeing with me that we needed it. I also never used those “flash cannons” again.

It is so cool to see these posts with my brother Michael sharing those past days. Atlanta before we saved the Fox Theater and I was introduced to the band as the little brother! Michael took me to the bus and the band invited me on. The BOC band made me feel really welcomed and the walk off the bus with them into the fox theater is a memory I still share ! Thanks to my big bro Michael, I had that opportunity! Blue Oyster Cult and you are there!

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I figured what the hell, I might as well give it a try Well, to make a long story short, I won the tickets and was soon on my way via Subaru to the Metra. Bill Coffee went along because he didn ‘t have anything better to do. You don’t have a Spokane show listed for this tour, but they most definitely played at the Spokane Coliseum in July of that year. Spokane show as 18 July 1980, although that’s the date your giglopaedia has the band in Vancouver, BC. I can’t corroborate the exact date unfortunately. We were going down Division ave in Spokane before the show, passing a J or two around.

We had a big red Kronos in the back window. And I am almost sure Black Sabbath was not on the bill. But seriously, I dont think Black Sabbath was there. I do remember Eric Bloom, though, resting against the PA cabinet just off stage left watching Riot perform. I saw in the 12 June 1980 edition of the Spokane Daily Chronicle the following: “The Blue Oyster Cult, with its sophisticated laser show, will be in concert at 8pm June 29 in the Spokane Coliseum. 100,000, the laser system is capable of producing dramatic effects according to CBS Records.

It then went into full details of Eric’s wrist laser and Albert’s laser rifle etc. Loaded into Oakland and did soundcheck. The Babys were originally scheduled, but soon after the first announcement they were “replaced” by Triumph — no idea what happened. Triumph followed the opening act of Randy Hansen. I attended the Day on the Green in July of 1980, it was my second major concert, I was 17 years old. As stated, the Baby’s did not perform that day.

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I believe they ended up performing at a prior or later Day on the Green. Hagar is the correct line up. BOC did the 5 guitars routine, and Buck and Eric slid the necks of their guitars together to make wicked sounds. This might have been the gig of the Tom Newman pyro incident, but I’m not sure if this is the correct year. Newman went on to setting Michael Jackson’s hair on fire. But, today he is a big pyro cheese in LA. The opening act on the July 5, 1980 show in Fresno was Randy Hansen.

He came out with the Hendrix afro wig on and played a half hour of Hendrix and took off the wig and played a half hour of song off his album. Great set, but then BOC came out and blew the roof off with many tunes from the fantastic Cultosaurus Erectus album. Day in the Dirt – Jive gig at Speedway with lots of wind and dust. Rick wouldn’t let them use their huge keyboard risers and they were pissed. I attended this show, it was my 4th BOC concert, I was 22. It was windy, dusty, and hot, we locals called that “summertime” I can certainly see your point of view, what with the equipment and all.

Good call Sam, “Day in the Dirt” being you guys had just been in Oakland. I do seem remember there being issues with REO before they took the stage. Played Other End and Everything on Floor. Went to Doctor and got medicine. Hung out with Downey and O’Connell all night. Sub duty all day and night to Houston.

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Hung out all day with Downey. This date seems to keep cropping up – it didn’t happen – I don’t know what I have to do to put an end to this show Sabbath may well have played somewhere that night but BOC did NOT. Weirdly enough, San Antonio was originally down for the 11th! Where this poster got its date from, I have no idea – but it’s wrong. Here’s what really happened on the 12th: we loaded into Houston PM. Sandy Pearlman arranged a co-headlining tour with Black Sabbath in support of “Cultosaurus Erectus”, calling it the “Black and Blue” Tour.