Children Ages 3-5 Not Enrolled in Preschool or Kindergarten (Regions of 10,000 Residents or More)

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Acclaimed Ethiopian American wedding fashion designer Amsale Aberra has passed away at the age of 64. Born in Addis Ababa in children Ages 3-5 Not Enrolled in Preschool or Kindergarten (Regions of 10,000 Residents or More), Amsale who moved to the U.

1970s, was the founder and creative director of the bridal label Amsale, one of the industry’s leading brands in the United States. We featured a profile of Amsale Aberra on the first print version of Tadias Magazine in 2003. Sharing how she built her fashion house, Amsale reminisced about her days growing up as a teenager in Ethiopia and her love of making clothes. When I attended FIT that’s when I truly felt like this is what I wanted to do. Amsale told Tadias in an interview on July 2011 shortly after her launch of the Amsale Girls Reality TV show.

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AMSALE, which is about simplicity, it just needed to be very clean, and simple and modern. But all brides are not like that. Some brides may want something a little more elaborate. Numerous celebrities have dressed in AMSALE gowns for the red carpet including Halle Berry, Julia Roberts, Angela Bassett, and Salma Hayek. Her bridal and evening wear has been worn by actors in films such as Something Borrowed, When in Rome, and Runaway Bride as well as on TV including in Grey’s Anatomy, Oprah Winfrey Show and The View. Amsale had shared the design process that her team undertakes as incorporating inspiration and keeping in mind that everyone won’t fit the same style. Amsale had said when speaking about her bridal designs.

Children Ages 3-5 Not Enrolled in Preschool or Kindergarten (Regions of 10,000 Residents or More)

Children Ages 3-5 Not Enrolled in Preschool or Kindergarten (Regions of 10,000 Residents or More)

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Is it something not just only beautiful but is it functional? Brides will look beautiful if they are comfortable. The point of the whole day is for the bride to have fun after she looks amazingly beautiful. What I really want to say to anyone is basically believe in yourself and don’t ever think it’s easy. It is hard and you have to keep that passion.

You have to find a way to show it without quitting. And that’s what I would say to all designers. Rachel Amsale Brown, her father Aberra Moltot and her half-sister Aster Yilma. Amsale was not only an inspiration to the company, but someone who inspired and impacted everyone around her with her strength, kindness, and humility. Working side by side we spent 360 degrees of our life together, and I know only too well both her creative genius and her infinite goodness.

Join the conversation on Twitter and Facebook. Ethiopian American Scientist Sossina Haile developed the first solid acid fuel cells. Her team’s new discovery presents a significant step toward lower fuel cell costs and more sustainable energy, according to a study published last month in the journal Nature Energy. A team of researchers led by Northwestern Engineering professor and fuel cell pioneer Sossina Haile has created a new fuel cell offering both exceptional power densities and long-term stability at optimal temperatures, a discovery that heightens the viability of incorporating fuel cells into a sustainable energy future. With this research, we can now envision a path to making cost-effective fuel cells and transforming the energy landscape. February 12 in the journal Nature Energy. Sihyuk Choi, a postdoctoral fellow in Haile’s laboratory, served as the paper’s first author.

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Though recent research had demonstrated the potential of some protonic ceramic fuel cells to offer environmentally sustainable and cost-effective electric power generation, those cells’ high electrolyte conductivities failed to produce anticipated power outputs. It’s exciting to think about where we are now and where we can go. Anna Getaneh is an acclaimed former international model, a humanitarian and social entrepreneur. She is also the founder and Creative Director of African Mosaique, a clothing design, manufacturing and retail company that collaborates with established and emerging African designers. Former Ethiopian model Anna Getaneh walked runways for Chanel.

She now paves a path for poor children in her country. The Ethiopian native is the fourth Chief Executive Officer, and the first woman to lead icipe. Segenet Kelemu has always been a discoverer. Kelemu ensures that research reaches people.

Thanks to improved seed and farming technology, the ICIPE has been able to control grain pests and improve soil, now reaching at least 20,000 Ethiopian farmers. Forbes Magazine has released its influential annual list of 600 young trailblazers in 20 different industries. Awol Erizku, Artist, also from NYC. Inspired by her family’s experience as asylum seekers from Ethiopia, Tsion Gurmu launched an initiative at the African Services Committee to provide pro bono legal help and social support for black LGBT refugees fleeing anti-homosexuality legislation in their home countries. 4 billion North America private equity fund. An immigrant from Ethiopia, Workneh is the Senior Editor for Huffington Post’s Black Voices, an initiative that seeks to elevate marginalized voices on a mainstream media platform.

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She manages both its editorial and social content, tripling reach in her tenure. One of the best parts of running a leading website dedicated to black culture? Born in Ethiopia and raised in the South Bronx, Erizku earned an MFA at Yale. Best-known for shooting the artful Instagram photo of Beyoncé announcing she was pregnant with twins in early 2017, he had already made a mark on the art world map in a series of exhibitions challenging the dominant white aesthetic. Read the full list at Forbes.

Ariana Austin and Joel Makonnen were married on Sept. 9 in a lavish ceremony in Temple Hills, Md. Makonnen is the great-grandson of Haile Selassie, the last emperor of Ethiopia. Few love stories resemble a fairy tale as much as the courtship and marriage of Ariana Austin and Joel Makonnen. Of course, it helped that the groom is an actual prince and the bride has a prominent lineage of her own. Makonnen, known as Prince Yoel, is the 35-year-old great-grandson of Haile Selassie, the last emperor of Ethiopia.

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Old World aristocracy met New World charm. The old and new combined on Sept. 9, in a marathon day of events that lasted from 11 a. Guests watched as at least 13 priests and clergymen helped officiate the Ethiopian Orthodox ceremony. The festivities began with a ceremony at the Debre Genet Medhane Alem Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church in Temple Hills, Md. In an incense-filled sanctuary, guests in stockinged feet watched as at least 13 priests and clergymen helped officiate the Ethiopian Orthodox ceremony between Mr. Austin, who just days before had converted to the religion.

Hours after the ceremony, the pair celebrated with a formal reception at Foxchase Manor in Manassas, Va. Their marriage had been more than a decade in the making. In the nearly 12 years since they first met on a dance floor at the Washington nightclub Pearl, in December 2005, Mr. Austin have pursued degrees, jobs and, at times, each other. Eventually, planning a wedding just became the next item on this ambitious couple’s to-do list. Yohannes Abraham served as Deputy Assistant to the President for the Office of Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs under President Obama and as Senior Advisor to the National Economic Council. White House staff develop and advocate for policy priorities, advance nominations, and manage crises.

It’s an honor to have the opportunity to join this community as a Fall Fellow. Bill Delahunt, Acting Director of the Institute of Politics. His willingness to share his White House experience with students will provide them a rare first-hand perspective on the challenges of governing. Intergovernmental Affairs and Senior Advisor to the National Economic Council during the Obama administration.

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He is currently Senior Advisor to the Obama Foundation. Abraham first began working for then-Senator Obama during his Iowa Caucus campaign in 2007. He went on to serve as Senator Obama’s Virginia Field Director in the 2008 general election, helping turn Virginia blue for the first time in 44 years. The Institute of Politics at Harvard University was established in 1966 in honor John F. Kennedy, America’s youngest president to be elected. Since its founding half a century ago, the Institute has used its programming and activities to ignite passion, appreciation and respect for politics and public service. If there is a subset of students that leave my study group more likely to pursue a career in public service, I will consider my time as a Fellow a success.

About halfway through her PhD program in bioengineering at the University of Pennsylvania, Mahlet Mesfin started thinking about connections outside the micro world of proteins to the macro world of science-society issues. For Mesfin, the intersections of science, policy, and society stretch back to her time as a graduate student at Penn studying traumatic brain injury. I also got more involved in my university community and advocating for the needs of underrepresented student groups, such as African-American students and women in science and engineering, which gave me my first experiences in policy. Her interest in policy led her to spending six months at the U. STEM in academia and girls in engineering.

Other countries look to the U. STI ecosystem to try and model it to meet their national goals. T funding and disinterest in soft power, it is unclear how U. PRESIDENTIAL SCIENCE ADVISOR JOHN HOLDREN AND MAHLET MESFIN LEARN ABOUT ANCIENT POLYNESIAN VOYAGING TRADITIONS ABOARD THE HŌKŪLEʻA AS PART OF THE U.

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However, Mesfin is confident that the role of STI and its role in diplomacy doesn’t have to be led from a governmental level. It is a well-respected organization with a convening power able to bring a number of governmental and non-governmental voices together. Mesfin sees a part of her role at the Center for Science Diplomacy as helping to continue to define science diplomacy in the context of current events. It is paramount that scientists have a seat at the table in relevant matters of foreign policy. I am excited to be a part of a team that is focused on these types of conversations. From top left: Maceda Alemu, Saba Alemnew, Eden Mekonen and Meron Begashaw. Every year Ethiopian American youth are selected to participate in this leadership and creative storytelling program, and EDF, which runs the program, said that its third cohort of fellows will spend half a year in Ethiopia working at St.

Children Ages 3-5 Not Enrolled in Preschool or Kindergarten (Regions of 10,000 Residents or More)

Paul Millennium Medical College, East Africa Gate, Selamta Family Project and International Leadership Academy of Ethiopia. Fellows are trained on the program pillars of leadership, service, and storytelling throughout the fellowship. Ethiopian Diaspora Fellowship aims to identify and empower the next generation of young Ethiopian professionals. Saba has provided revenue cycle review services for some of the largest health systems in the United States at Triage Consulting Group. Prior to that, Saba worked at the UC Davis Cross Cultural Center creating programs that highlighted key issues within the African Diaspora Community on-campus.

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Her programs led to institutional change including a mentorship program aimed at the retention of the African Diaspora Community on-campus. Meron held a number of health-related positions, including program assistant at The California Wellness Foundation working in women’s health and diversity in the health professions and an intern at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. She is deeply engaged in her Ethiopian community and serves in the young adult ministry at her local Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo church. Eden pursued a year of service with Public Allies Los Angeles where she served as the community engagement coordinator with the youth photography nonprofit, Las Fotos Project.

Prior to this, Eden graduated from Occidental College where she majored in Critical Theory and Social Justice and minored in Interdisciplinary Writing. Program Officer with the firm’s International Division. As a Program Officer, she provided financial, administrative, and operations support to multi-million dollar public health projects in Ethiopia, Madagascar, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Through this role, Maceda refined her skills in program management, strategic partnership development, financial analysis, and donor communication. You can learn more about the program at www. Editing Tadias While Pursuing Her Doctorate Degree: Meet Dr.

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Most readers of Tadias Magazine know Tseday Alehegn for her profiles of inspiring Ethiopians from around the world. But very few people knew that in addition to her tasks at Tadias she was simultaneously juggling many other responsibilities, one of which was pursuing her doctorate degree in Health Education at Columbia University’s Teachers College, which she successfully defended this week. Tseday Alehegn’s research topic for the Doctor of Education focused on mobile-health best practices and an analysis of programs using mobile technologies for chronic disease management, disease prevention and health promotion that she hopes will become a book some time soon. We congratulate Tseday on her accomplishments. Ethiopian-American singer Mélat performs at Antone’s in Austin, Texas, December 2016.

B singer Mélat Kassa is a typical American kid born and bred in Austin, Texas. Ethiopia who fled to the U. Kool and the Bee Gees in the mix with Ethiopian pop stars Tilahun Gessese and Teddy Afro when the family cranked up the stereo each week to to help them knock out Saturday chores. Mélat in a recent interview with The Austin American-Statesman. B underground in Texas and beyond. Mélat said in Facebook post Thursday regarding the feature by her hometown publication. Mélat recorded a song in the Austin360 studio for The American-Statesman artist of the month series.