Christmas Tree Suncatcher Art Activity for Preschoolers

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Sensory Bags are a great way for kids to expand their sense of touch, creativity, and adventure, and they are so easy to make! Now it’s time to take a look at christmas Tree Suncatcher Art Activity for Preschoolers the other great ideas for sensory bags out there!

Check out the categories and titles below to find something that suits your fancy. Which ones are your favorites, and what else can you put in a sensory bag? These are great ideas, but any ideas for adolescents 12-13 year olds? We use sensory play all the time but have never thought of adapting it in this way. So many great ideas so help children with sensory issues.

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Im sure the adults will have just as much fun as the children. Thanks for all of these awesome ideas compiled! Fill it with your choice of attractive, interesting goodies like colored water, glitter water, sand, rice, whatever. I work with a lot of kids who have oral sensory aversions that lead to feeding difficulties. I’ll let you know how it goes! Oh my gosh, what a brilliant idea, Sarah! I have some similar kiddos on my caseload, I’ll have to try it also and check back in.

Thanks so much for this list. My son has been diagnosed with sensory avoidance disorder so I am hoping to use some of these as therapy. I think the stained glass ones are pretty great for those who avoid touching because they look really cool too. There are recipes out there to make play dough, cookie dough, bread dough, etc. What a great idea with the cooking bags! I’m an early intervention specialist working with young infants and toddlers with a wide variety of sensory needs. Thanks for linking to Tuesday Tots.

I’ll be featuring this roundup this coming Tuesday so feel free to come and grab a featured button for your blog. Thanks for sharing at the Sunday Showcase. I’m pinning this to our feature board. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday! Thanks for including our DIY Sensory Bags Creation Station. We’re at it again, this time with Fall Sensory Bags! Pinning this to our sensory board.

Thanks for putting our idea on your list! I am wondering what bags you use. Often, the children at my daycare spend a lot of time trying to open the bag or step on it. I don’t stop them from trying to open it, I just like to make it sturdy with tape. What bags do you use, and if you encounter this problem what do you do?

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Duct taping all sides and corners of the bag — there are some great colors out there! I’m going to have to try one of these squishy sensory bags- I know my 14 month old would love it! Thank you for including my guess bags. MamaOT who provided this epic list of ideas for sensory bags. They’re pretty quick and satisfying little crafty projects, I have to say. Mama OT has a list of great sensory bag ideas here. I found a number of different recipes and ideas!

One of the best sites I found was this one with 40 different types of sensory bags to make. Googling, I also found some ideas about sensory bags. I thought it would be fun to do some holiday-themed ones, like for Halloween and Christmas. Check out this amazing list of sensory bag ideas from Mama OT. Check out this site for more sensory squish bag ideas.

I highly recommend giving them a go! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. It’s never been easier to make a pocketful of posies for spring. Your freestanding bouquet will make a great party decoration. Make elephant finger puppets that are animated with three of your fingers—two fingers for the legs and another finger for the head. These puppets are easy to make—just cut, fold and glue.

Turn a sheet of construction paper into a placemat with paper weaving. These simple to make colorful placemats will brighten your table. Select a color theme and get weaving! This simple folder is perfect for storing your handmade cards, and with multiple folders, you can arrange the cards by theme or occasion. When selling or giving your cards as a set, make a folder to match your handmade cards.


In this craft project, learn the British way of making a yarn octopus. For generations, children have been playing with sewing cards. In this project, see how easy it is to make your own sewing cards out of cardstock, then sew on them with colorful yarn. Adults can take the sewing cards a step further to make scrapbook and greeting card embellishments.

See how easy it is to make an Easter card by tracing your child’s hands. This is a fun project for kids of all ages. Even toddlers will enjoy this project since cutouts of their traced hands are used for the wings. Cut out these printable patterns for charming Easter egg holders. This easy craft project requires nothing more than computer paper, scissors and a printer.

Use the holders to display your decorated eggs or to liven up plain eggs. Here’s a technique for making marbled eggs that requires no special materials, and produces beautiful results with very little effort. Five-Petal Pentagon Envelopes – Make an elegant envelope wrap with rounded flaps that fold like petals to close into a five-sided pentagon shape. This unique petal envelope is a terrific gift wrap solution for small items like jewelry and scarves or to store keepsakes. Have fun making these delightful square and pentagon-shaped envelopes with half-moon flaps that fold like petals. Spring and Easter designs are included in the project. Use these envelopes as a gift wrap for small gifts or to store keepsakes.

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Whip a white washcloth into something sweeter with Aunt Annie’s quick and simple washcloth bunny project! Kids will love this little fabric rabbit that doubles as an Easter egg holder, and makes the perfect addition to any Easter basket. The project features stuffed felt animals—a chick and a bunny. Beginning sewers will use the overcast stitch to assemble the animals, while more experienced sewers can improvise with stitches and embellishments of their own choosing.

Christmas Tree Suncatcher Art Activity for Preschoolers

Save yourself time planning by checking out these fun weekly preschool theme ideas for each week this next school year

Patrick’s Day spirit with a shamrock banner. Make this easy paper flag banner using construction paper and the printable shamrock pattern. Hang the banner in a doorway, over the mantel, or in the window—anywhere you want to show your Irish green! Use the printable patterns in this project to create a small centerpiece for St. Make several of these cute little vases as party favors or as gifts for St. Make the heart and flower pendants and heart charms for yourself or to give as gifts. When strung on cord or a chain, they make perfect gifts for Valentine’s Day.

Make 3-D fish and, to catch them, a fishing hook and rod. The fishing game is enjoyed by kids of all ages and can be made easier or more difficult, depending on the children’s capabilities. Make a game set to keep and another to give as a gift. Make a garden in the middle of winter by cutting up seed catalogs. Cutting up the catalogs, making the garden, and playing with it will keep kids busy for hours.

Use the boxes individually, or stacked, as gift boxes, favors or for storing jewelry and other trinkets. Kids love to see their names spelled out! In this craft project, see how to cut out, sew, and stuff individual felt letters, and then join them together to create a bright and cheerful personalized wall hanging that’s perfect for the bedroom door, on the wall, or over the crib. In this project, Aunt Annie introduces you to the art of paper-cutting through the techniques of cut-apart and layered paper.

These techniques can be used to decorate greeting cards, stationery, boxes, gift wraps, or any paper craft project. It’s easy and fast to make these tasty treats, then wrap them up with ribbon and cellophane. Use these fancy spoons to add a special touch to a dinner party, make a unique hostess or Valentine’s Day gift, or brighten someone’s day! Make mocha coffee in a flash by using a chocolate spoon to stir hot milk into your coffee! Make a novelty box for Valentine’s Day in the shape of a heart. Choose from a variety of printable patterns for two sizes of heart boxes.

This is a cute gift box for small presents and will bring smiles and warm hearts wherever it is displayed. Make this delightful tissue paper garland that is sure to brings smiles. Drape it over doors, in windows, over furniture, along stairs. It is quick and easy to make. Make a special Valentine’s Day card with a pop-up inside.

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When the card is opened, a heart will spring out! This simple pop-up is easy enough for children to make and offers enough flexibility for the creativity of teen and adult crafters. The heart pop-ups can also be added to any handmade or commercial card. In this craft, simple to cut flags are decorated with hearts, then strung together with string or yarn to create a banner. Hang the banner in a doorway, over the mantel, or in the window, or use it to decorate a Valentine-themed bulletin board. No pattern required—just cut, glue and string!

Make a set of six invitations from a single sheet of letter-size, patterned paper! In about the same amount of time that it would take you to make a batch of identical invitations, you can create unique invitations to send to each of your guests! Half the fun of giving a party is selecting a theme and making the decorations. You can easily and quickly make party favors for any theme by decorating paper or foam cups with ribbon and images printed from your computer. Make triceratops dinosaur finger puppets that are animated with three of your fingers—two fingers for the legs and another finger for the head. Three fingers is all it takes to bring these paper animal puppets to life!

Make a fierce golden lion, a timid rabbit, or a funny bighorn sheep. This craft project goes over the basic steps for doing finger painting and gives tips to enhance your finger paint masterpieces. In this project, make two sizes of paper fish. Weave the tails together in two easy steps to make the fish become three dimensional. The fish can be hung from the ceiling or in a window, and with the slightest breeze will dance about to the delight of all. They make great gift package toppers, too! See how easy it is for kids to make birthday cards from simple materials.

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These cards feature fancy paper that the kids make, and are finished off with a hand drawn cartoon stick figure and a message balloon. Every card is unique and showcases the creative ideas of the child artist! It’s easy to design and make an oval-shaped box to exactly meet your needs. In this project, you will create a custom pattern for any size oval box. These bookmarks are simply made from artwork that you are willing to cut up and two pieces of clear contact paper. This is a great way to recycle your less-than-perfect artwork or preserve your child’s treasured drawings. Learn how to make paper snowflakes.

This project includes patterns for several different snowflakes, including Aunt Annie’s favorites. You will also learn about the symmetry found in every snowflake. Create a chain of paper angels by cutting folded paper strips. It’s just like folding and cutting paper doll chains!

The angels stand on their own and can be used to add some sparkle anywhere you are doing some holiday decorating! Take your homemade Christmas cards up a notch by adding a ribbon edge. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a decorative cut edge that is enhanced with a ribbon backing. You’ll also learn how to make a stamp from an eraser and use it to make plain and checkered backgrounds.

Use your fingers to fashion the modeling dough in fun shapes for Christmas using the ideas in this project, or come up with something new of your own invention! Quilling, the art of rolling narrow strips of paper into coils or scrolls, is a wonderful way to decorate boxes, tags, and cards. It can also turn a simple craft item into an elegant gift. This project includes Christmas quilling designs and examples of how to combine quilling with handcrafted items.

Christmas Tree Suncatcher Art Activity for Preschoolers

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Make simple and fun holiday cards in the shape of a pine tree, Santa, or an angel. These cards are easy enough for younger children and people with special needs to make. While the cards are very simple to make, they are easily enhanced with glitter, cotton balls, sequins, and other creative touches. In this tutorial, learn how to make new greeting cards by recycling old cards. A variety of techniques are presented that make it easy to create a card you will be proud to send.

Making recycled cards is a terrific group activity and is fun for crafters of all ages. A simple cone of paper can be made into an ornament in the form of a Christmas tree that everyone will enjoy. With just a few standard supplies, you and your children can make and decorate these little paper Christmas trees. Make cones from other colors of paper to create bell and Santa hat ornaments. In this project, use old sweatpants to make mittens for kids. This is a good project for new sewers. As an added bonus, the project includes instructions for making a scarf from sweatpants.

In this project, you’ll see how to take the classic drinking straw bead necklace and step it up a notch! You’ll use decorative paper strips to cover the soda straws before cutting them into beads. This is a great way to recycle your leftover paper scraps. Make a pop-up greeting card for a variety of occasions. See how easy it is to make a step pop-up mechanism, also sometimes called a platform or double-slit pop-up. Once you learn this technique, it’s a simple matter to create pop-up cards of your own design.

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Or make the turkeys for a diorama, to decorate for Thanksgiving, or just for fun! Here’s a race game that the whole family can make together and then play! It’s great for after Thanksgiving dinner fun or anytime the family gets together. The project also includes patterns and tips for creating game boards of your own invention for other holidays or themes. Make a turkey for displaying Thanksgiving dinner place cards. The turkey is made with an apple, a paper napkin, some nuts and candy, and wiggly eyes. It’s fun and easy to do and all your guests will be delighted with this colorful turkey.

Christmas Tree Suncatcher Art Activity for Preschoolers

Use printable patterns to make a greeting card for Thanksgiving with a turkey pop-up inside. The project includes black-and-white and colored patterns for two Thanksgiving card designs. There is also a printable pattern for separate turkey pop-ups that can be added to your handmade or commercial cards. Make binoculars from recycled toilet paper tubes and squares of colored cellophane for lenses. It’s quick and easy to make trick or treat bags in any size you like. All it takes is a stack of books and a sheet of paper to make the basic bag.

You can also create smaller bags for Halloween party goodies or to hand out to the trick-or-treaters who come to your door! Give your Halloween trick-or-treaters a colorful handmade bag filled with treats! They are great for Halloween party favors, too! Make super easy indoor and outdoor decorations for Halloween with Aunt Annie’s patterns for Halloween cutouts. The ghoulish shapes include jack-o’-lanterns, bats, spiders, cats, and ghosts that can be used to decorate windows, doors, bulletin boards, party rooms, porches, and more. The jack-o’-lantern cutout can even be used as a mask! Imagine quiet conversation on a patio or porch in the light of flickering candles.