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This game uses modern browser features which your browser doesn’t support. For the best results, please get the latest version of Google Chrome. The game is now in your favorites! Join now to add this game to your faves. Something went wrong, please try again later. Description Smash some tiles and create a mosaic masterpiece of your very own! How to play Betsy’s Crafts: Mosaic Crafting has never been so simpleā€”or so much fun!

Pick a template, select a color palette for your tiles, smash them to bits, and then follow Betsy’s instructions to create a colorful mosaic creation to share with your friends. Tell us what you think about Betsy’s Crafts: Mosaic. Leave a review or share a tip. You need to be signed in to post a comment! New games are added every day! 2018 SPIL GAMES All rights reserved. NYC and air live on Monday, August 20 from Radio City Music Hall.

Mayor de Blasio Announces DOC Will House Incarcerated Individuals According to Gender Identity APR 16, 2018 – Mayor de Blasio today announced that the NYC Department of Correction will house inmates consistent with their gender identity. Sign up for news from City Hall to keep in touch with everything that is going on in City government. Select a common complaint from the dropdown, or search NYC311 for your specific complaint. Check the status of an existing NYC311 Service Request You can check the status of your Service Request using your confirmation number. Most confirmation numbers begin with C1-1 and you should enter them using the format C1-1-XXXXXXXXX. If your confirmation number does not begin with C1-1, enter it without spaces or dashes. No, once you submit your Service Request, you cannot change or cancel it.

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You can contact the agency directly through their website. Go to the Agencies list under NYC Resources to find links to agency websites. You can also submit another Service Request. Select a payment from the dropdown. Free, full-day, high-quality pre-K, where teachers are igniting learning in our children. All apartments with small children are required by law to have window guards.

IDNYC is the new ID card for all New Yorkers. Visit HRA’s portal to apply and manage your SNAP and Cash benefits online. Visit the online public benefits screening and application tool. I’m only kidding because Jared doesn’t sell this!

Also, I’d like to thank Jared Jewelery for funding my lifestyle. But also this isn’t an ad. WHAT DO N’T I GET ? OK I JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT IS TOO LATE BECAUSE IF ITS TIME TO EAT THE AVOCADO THEN WHY DIDN’T U? WHAT ELSE DO YOU HAVE GOING ON? JUST EAT IT WHEN IT’S READY? No silly, not a real one!

4 teens arrested after gun store burglary attempt turns into pursuit

Just an avocado version of one! And then when you don’t want to raise it anymore, all you have to do is eat it! It’s one of the best baby deals on the market seriously you should just stop holding back Cheryl and go for it! It’s not gonna break the bank unless you only have 17. 99 in your bank account bc tbh avocado toast has gotten so expensive. I usually never promote mixing water with avocado, but in some cases it is a ok in my book! One example is here, in this state of the art avocado hot tub.

Doctor Arts and Crafts

Kid’s Electronic Piano With Microphone 37-Key Kid’s Musical Instrument

About 3432355 trillion dollars, it is only for the truly avid avocado eaters. Also, it has the added benefit of acting as a delicious snack if you get hungry while pruning. Lemmen know if u end up purchasing this incredible tub a dub rub blub. In a short, and not very accurate synopsis, as a result of accumulating CO2 in the atmosphere, and an intensifying of the greenhouse effect, we are getting more severe storms. Severe storms are not a good sign hello duh, and the alternative fact that they are shaped like avocados does not give a good rap to this beautiful berry. There’s nothin like a good ole demonstration of friendship with yer best friend! Should we get a split heart?

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Lez get some avocado tattoos that form one avocado when we press our body parts together! Don’t tempt your friends by dressing up like avocados! Don’t sell your body as though it were a delicious berry avocado! It’ll just give you a stomach ache u silly silly tiny man! Be the millenial you always wanted to be! And as a bee he found love in a human! There’s nothing that you can’t do!

Doctor Arts and Crafts

Don’t be afraid of greatness or bees! Be trendy and be basic but be you! In this day and age, everyone is all about beauty standards THIS and beauty standards THAT. Yep that’s pretty much all I had to say about it! I’m no physicist, but I think I know what kind of effect radioactivity has on humans- it gives them super powers duh. So, while avocados don’t give off a lot of radiation, I think it’s definitely most likely enough to give you super powers! So eat thousands of avocados to get just the right amount of radiation!

LOTR, then myb u don’t get this. If you don’t know what LOTR is then I’m sorry for this LAME post. So just as a lil somethin somethin for everyone out there, here is a fun cool and fun website for that friend who JUST told you bout that super sad thing and you’re like sos what do I respond and your cool friend, me, says respond with www. You probably don’t even know the stats for how many children, dogs, and avocados go missing in New York City EVERY DAY. Next time, why don’t you THINK ABOUT It before you don’t know the STATS. Well anyway, here is just another lost avocado. It’s a Do because I appreciate public awareness for lost avocados.

Yah ok I would pay billions for something this great, but I’m angry that Millie Hall Shop KNOWS this and is taking advantage of me for it. Supply and demand ever hear of it huh huhhh? This dress must most likely be demanded by the masses, yet the price is STILL exorbitant? Penn State dining halls are having Avocados From Mexico themed day! To quote, “Students can enjoy a variety of mouth-watering avocado flavors for both lunch and dinner at all five dining locations on campus. I’m not one for celebrity gossip, but I do believe in accountability for actions and tweets.

What I don’t understand is who this guy thinks he is, thinking he’s better than the fruit of the Gods. Haha this guy is going in one direction, towards the dark and vengeful pit of death! Subway is my enemy, ever since the Copyright Infringement Case of 2015ish. However, Chipotle has never truly wronged me in any way or tried to date my sister or tried to date my mom or tried to point out that I don’t even have a sister, so we chill. Also, gotta love when they support the avocados! Shoutout to my two lovers: Michael and Santiago!

To quote: “Your avocado toast may be killing the monarch butterfly! If you’ve never been TRAPPED, HOPELESS WITHOUT HOPE in a butterfly sanctuary, then maybe you don’t understand my relief. You can read about it HERE! Nowadays, errybody is selling avocado toast.

Doctor Arts and Crafts

Like it’s not even just limited to brunch places anymore like plumbers have them and the government hands out avocado toasts and it’s kinda crazy how crazy the trend has gotten, especially since we are in an avocado shortage and people are not using avocados in their best way by just shmearing them on toast. Hence why it is important to appreciate originality when it comes to avocado recipes. Look, I understand the joke they were going for, but in these troubling avocado shortage-y times, there is darkness behind this joke. People who do Not properly save their avocados are contributing to this horrific shortage! In my How To ‘Cado tab, you can learn about all sorts of tools to keep your precious cado safe. Or why can’t you just seal it nice n’ tight in a ziploc?

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If there is a gallery somewhere, chances are that I am already in that gallery, taking in all the art. No matter how art inspired you are, I feel as though everyone can appreciate this truly magnificent work, shown to us through the eyes of the beautiful and avocado loving Ilanus Glazer of Broad City. When you are a baby, how annoying was it when people would ask you your age and favorite food and your MOM answered for you just because you lacked the ability to speak words. Now imagine you are a dog! How dare humans try to place a sign in front of your soft furry body to make you apologize for something that wasn’t even a crime!

I would bite you if you tried to steal my avocado and I would not be ashamed one bit. Just a quick shoutout to my lovelies that love me and my avocado so much! Above quote from the SKIMM emailed to me from my MOMM. OK OK so that’s not actually what is happening however it sure feels like it. We are in the midst of a terrifying avocado shortage.

A combination of drought, climate weirdies, and waaaay too much demand have brought this about. Yes yes Crime I tell you! Alex does not read avocadodoctor, so some might say this is pretty creepy! This guy might be the next Beyonce? Besides the fact that he brought his own avocado to the dining hall, he also affectionately loves avocados on his facebook page. Talk about MCM, whatever that means!

Both of these avocados never got the chance to really live. Let’s take a moment of silence to appreciate the lengths some avocados have to go just to make you happy. If you don’t already love Jason Mraz because of his angelic voice, you’re about to for his love of what we all love – avocados. According to ecorazzi, Jason Mraz is an avocado farmer for a local Chipotle!

Amazing special effects from 1937

His farm yields 30,000 pounds of cados per year! What ever happened to fresh avocados? Now we got these imprisoned, nasty avocado halves that take out all of the fun of avocados. I don’t have much to say about this, but I am filled with DISGUST. Do you know how engines work? You can read more about it here!

Doctor Arts and Crafts

How long does it take to get to Kids Foot Locker from Chili’s Grill & Bar by Bus?

The coolest part of the engine is the camshaft, which some call the “brain or heart of the engine”. Well, it’s because it’s made up of avocados like the one pictured above! Haha who knew your car was running on avocados! In the grocery store, you probably don’t really pay too much attention to where your avocado is coming from. If you have an unrefined palette, all avocados are the same as all avocados. You’ve never eaten an avocado from Mexico and actually tasted blood, yet why are these avocados called Blood Avocados?

Doctor Arts and Crafts

I’m just an avocado specialist, not a juggler! If only I had a classy jacket that very clearly had a pocket where I can hold my avocados, labeled with a beautiful drawing and the words “this is where I keep my avocados”. Not to discriminate against avocado desserts again, but I kinda have to. Angela for calling my attention to some really messed up stuff. This was posted on Facebook, an easily accessible site for millions of people, where anyone can see this recipe and go “Wow hmm I should make this! Well please don’t, don’t make this. Be safe and stop mixing chocolate and avocado because this isn’t amateur hour, okok?

Spanish Alphabet Loses Two Letters

I suppose many of you don’t know my full history, despite having thoroughly read my About page. Well, the truth is, at one point in my education at University of Coda Ova, my professor Dr. Professor Avocado Avocado sat me down and put his two hands behind his back. Speaking without using vowels, as he often did, he said “y hv chc”. I responded, not fully understanding this chic dialect.

Can you imagine walking into a grocery store for your usual pick up of several to a dozen avocados and the manager is sitting by the door, weeping, chanting ancient Mayan hymns, and blubbering about an avocado shortage? I can imagine it, and for many in Australia, it isn’t just a made up nightmare. For many Australians, this is what their lives have been diminished to. I looooove when a frand lets me know of other avocado-centric websites and blogs that exist because these people are my people. Despite all of the beautiful recipes, videos, and pictures on this facebook page, I do believe the most magnificent aspect is the name.

I happen to love avocados, but in a super low key way it’s not like I have a whole blog devoted to these beautiful berries. Well anyway, I love avocados on everything because there is no dish that they cannot make worse. Did anyone else know that the super bowl was today? Obviously I did because I’m like American you know you know ha ha.

Doctor Arts and Crafts

Either way, musta been a good time. If you’re like insane and rlly unamerican and did not see the commercials live but instead on a buzzfeed article or something idk idk, then here is the link to the best one you might have missed. There are so many horror movies out there that depict the reality of what it’s like to be chased by a serial killer or murdered by your own baby. But is anyone reporting on the horror stories that avocado users have to experience EVERY DAY? Now lemme guess: so it’s you blissfully bathing in avocados. Well too bad that isn’t possible.

AHHHH OH WAIT BUT IT TOTALLY IS! Lush, a soap company, now makes a bath bomb that is avocado inspired! I just got back to college last week and the only thing that was making me excited for school was the email I got from our package center saying a lil package was awaiting me upon return. Seeing as it was the beginning of the month, what else could it be but my avocados of the month!

Adding a Braille Touch to Special Occasions – An Activity for Mother’s Day

As soon as the package center opened up, I was first in line to pick up my goodies. If you are on this page on my avocado blog, then you know that AvocaDO’s and AvocaDON’ts is mine! And I started it way before Subway did. Although this is an old article, it is still poppin up on the front of Buzzfeed, therefore Subway is still stealing what is MINE!