French for Kids: the Ultimate Guide to Teaching Your Children French at Home

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We communicate with people on a daily basis, and what’s better than learning some important types of etiquette that could improve our daily interactions! I personally worked as an french for Kids: the Ultimate Guide to Teaching Your Children French at Home school teacher in Sharjah for a period of time.

It was so beautiful, so pleasing to the ears and I had taken it for granted! We meet our brothers and sisters day in and day out. So, let’s recall some fantastic communication tips from the sunnah. Your smiling in the face of your brother is charity.

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This is an instant ingredient to start any conversation positively and to remove any past ill feelings that could be present. Pay attention to the tone and volume: Beware of your tone and the volume of your voice. Your tone determines whether you will make your relationship or break it. Any undesirable loudness in your voice could put people off and make any further attempts to communicate futile. It will repel hatred and create love between you. Habituate yourself with saying the full and complete greeting and earn 30 rewards every single time you greet someone!

There are no two Muslims who meet and shake hands, but they will be forgiven before they part. Inquire about people: Ask them how they are doing and inquire about their health and well-being and that of their family and friends. They will feel loved and cared for. Remember not all are the same: Consider people’s different characteristics and differences while communicating. Keep in mind their age, status, temperament and other factors. Allah without thinking of its gravity and because of that he will be thrown into the Hell-Fire. Choose simple, concise words: Avoid complex language and sophisticated terminologies.

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Instead, try to stick to concise words and phrases that are of eloquence and seek to be understood. Stay away from argumentation: Being nice is easy when you’re dealing with nice people. But, practically speaking, this world has more to it than such people. Despite your best efforts, you are bound to walk into not-so-nice people. If you realize you are already in a dispute, be wise and argue with that which is better. And not equal are the good deed and the bad. End with the greeting: Before departing, smile, shake hands and greet people warmly with the salam.

French for Kids: the Ultimate Guide to Teaching Your Children French at Home

So that was a list of the basic etiquette from the sunnah on communicating effectively with people. Do share great ways you’ve discovered or tried in communicating effectively with others. I leave you with the best greetings: Wassalaamu alaykum warahmatul laahi wabarakaatuh! A student of knowledge at American Open University and a mother of three children. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting.

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Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. It is nice to see such a beautiful article on such a effective subject alhumdulilah. Jazaakallahu khairan May Allah accept it from you as an act of Ibadah and continue to purify your intention. Alhad to ALLAH that we are Muslims. This is a rewarding message and reminder.

It may makes me happy to know that am already always put to practice some of the Sunnah, while I will strive to adopt others. Jazakahllah Khair to the author and the channel. It is such a joy to read this article. Why cant I get through to them?

French for Kids: the Ultimate Guide to Teaching Your Children French at Home

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Thank you dear sister, for a wonderful and concise reminder! Where in the world are you living? WHen i was isolated and had problems communicating with people, i first joined a nice weekly halaqa that was family friendly, moms and dads and kids with a potluck, we woudl share and have kids playing running around between the moms and dad’s rooms. Thank you very much,i am better now. I live in USA, the problems i face is that people don’t understand me and i don’t understand them, but these days, i am actually trying to just sit with people if i don`t understand them i will ask them again.

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How do I feel about who I am? Low self-esteem is a negative evaluation of oneself. Make duaa to Allah swt to improve your social speaking skills. Duaa can be made for anything as long as it is halal and realistic, so do not underestimate the power of Duaa, and use this as an opportunity to even get closer to Allah swt.

Make sure you take advantage of the recommended times to make duaa. Make duaa to Allah to provide you with good friends and company. Make sure you always read your morning and evening adhkar. Put yourself in situations where you interact with people more so you can practice after you make your duaas. Have tawakul on Allah, ask Him for success, and go for it!

Read or listen to self-help books concerning the matter. Ask your close friends and family to give you advice concerning what you need to improve in terms of your skills. Ask someone who you know loves you and won’t hurt your feelings. I ask Allah to make things easy for you and bless you the good company that you hope for.

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Jazaakalaahu kheiran, it helped me alhamdulilaah. Pour your heart out to Allaah and make duaa for it truly can move mountains. You could try talking to yourself in front of a mirror to see what your problem spots are. You will be able to view yourself the way the others do.

French for Kids: the Ultimate Guide to Teaching Your Children French at Home

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Don’t give up mingling with people. Connect with a few sisters in town and then gradually build your connections from there. Start talking about everyday issues like the weather, kids, etc. After a few, simple, smooth meetings, your confidence with rise and you will be able handle more, in shaa Allaah. When you do talk to people, look at them and know that they too are slaves of Allaah.

This will make you feel confident. You say this is hurting you. If you feel sad for more than a day or two, I suggest you talk it out to a professional therapist who will be able to hear you out and give you suggestions best suited to the kind of person you are and the situation you are in. Also, you say you have three friends. I would like to remind you that each and every Muslimah around the globe is your sister and friend. This too was communication and I had no problem understanding you. As-salaam alaykum warahmatul laahi wa barakaatuh.

I can testify to the power of smiling at people, it goes a long way. I love how we can apply the tips to our modern lives today! Thank you very much for another educative post. It’s a welcome reminder, for as human we are always in need of constant reminder of our basic etiquuettes and duties as Muslims. When communicating with the opposite gender where should we have our gaze on. If that can be clarified that would be grate. Shukran Jazakullah Khair, this was a great article.

It is a remembrance for all of us to abide the etiquets of Islam and to keep us free of fitnah. May Allah reward you for sharing this information with us, Ameen. Allah give us the ability to inculcate these etiquettes in our lives. Alhamdulillahi Katheeran, this is quite an intresting and educative piece, and Jazakumullahu khayr, really you have tried and succeeded in changing the livse of many people including I. Jazaakil laahu khayraa for your kind comment.

My Content Coordinator was really helpful. Allah a great article ,the tips are very easy to apply to real life,sunnah is simple to practice alhamdulillah. We need more sunnah in our lives and alhamdulillaah, this is an awesome reminder! JAZAAKILLAAH KHAIR FOR SHARING SIS HIRA! But may Allah still reward u all my dear sisters!

French for Kids: the Ultimate Guide to Teaching Your Children French at Home

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Thanks a lot for reminding us. May Allah SWT accept your Sadaqah Jaariyah and reward you immensely. May Allah SWT give all of us the tawfeeq to follow the Sunnah in our lives. Nothing to comment, I give it 5 stars. Islam as a complete way of life. It realy added to my productivity. Wa Alaikum Assalam Wa Rahamatullahi Wa Barakatahu, Alhamdulillah the tips are well presented, needs to put into practice in full.

Sunnah and those who follow will never go wrong and on the other hand they will highly rewarded by Almighty Allah. By the days are moving those who put into action these points will earn the respect and dignity from others. We could do well to add these to our Productive Muslim Habitator so that we can keep track of what we have accomplished within ourselves. Jazak Allahu khairan for writing this encouraging article.

Allah if implemented, then this earth would be a good place to live in. Jazakillahu Khairan for this article, sister! May Allaah help you, me and all in our endeavours to follow the Sunnah. May Allaah help you in your endeavours. Another important thing, try to avoid speaking just for speaking or to show that you know. Only speak if you think you will be helpful to others. Mash Allah very well written and informative.

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I need in my life at the moment. Masha Allah , Its a pretty nice reminder. I shall apply in my practical life ,and I will teach this to my family,and I shall contribute to my friends. Allah accept it as an act of ibadah. Jazak Allah khair for sharing this wonderful message and reminder May Allah reward you abundantly and strengthen and increase us all in knowledge and understanding. Some Islamic Scholors say it is forbidden to greet non Muslims with Assalaamu alaikum. Beautiful and very pragmatic article, may Allah bless you.

I am from the US and I was wondering what your thoughts would be on incorporating some of the sunan you mentioned above in the corporate wold, as an example, here in the West. These were some really great tips. All the points listed are so important. I especially like points 5 and 6. Point 6 is very much needed now a days, and is one quality missing with our young unfortunately. Not everyone should be spoken to in the same way. Even their background and interests should be considered.