Healthy School Lunch Recipes

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The key to successful school lunches is variety. Finding healthy school lunch recipes and ideas for vegan and vegetarian kids adds to the challenge. The recipes here will also be useful for those following dairy-free diets due to allergy or intolerance. In one cabinet, you can store the lunch boxes, sandwich healthy School Lunch Recipes, thermoses, plastic spoons and forks, toothpicks, and small plastic storage containers.

Put flat dry ice containers in your child’s lunch box during warm weather, or any time you are sending perishable foods. These are available wherever lunch boxes or camping supplies are sold. Vary the types of bread used for sandwiches. If your child’s school has a microwave available, your thermos offerings can include macaroni and cheese, soups, and leftover casseroles. Fruit packed into lunch boxes can come home uneaten unless you try some simple tricks.

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Raw vegetables become more of a draw when you supply a dip. Natural store-bought or homemade hummus is a great choice! Add wedges of pita bread, too. Cereal for breakfast is an unexpected treat when served for lunch.

Teamed with a banana, this makes a filling meal. Make wholesome homemade muffins for a change of pace. See recipes for Zucchini-Raisin Muffins and others in Muffin Mania. Bake them in the evening as a welcome alternative to sandwiches. Pack a wedge of vegan cheese or a container of coconut yogurt, plus fresh fruit to go along with them. Salads in pita bread or in wraps appeal to kids with more adventurous palates. Keep pita sandwiches fresh by wrapping first in foil, then in sandwich bags.

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Try cashew, almond, or sunflower butters, and no-sugar added fruit spreads or apple butter. English muffin, with favorite condiments, makes an easy and hearty option. Faux meats can be a boon for expanding lunch box variety, but use brands like Tofurky, which don’t rely on soy protein isolate. Vegan deli slices might especially appeal to teens. Pasta salad is an appealing lunch option. Use small shapes such as elbows, wagon wheels, shells, or tiny tubes, which pack well into containers. Add your child’s favorite veggies—steamed broccoli, peas, corn and carrots, plus olives and their favorite dressing can add up to nice lunch box fare.

Snacks packed for school, whether for snack time or as an extra treat for the lunch box, should be simple and neat. Explore natural foods stores for other simple snack ideas. Similarly, natural chips, rice puffs or crisps, and other crunchy snacks have less salt and fat than their supermarket counterparts. I’d have to cook for myself.

Soon everyone wanted what I was having, and I had the last laugh. I’m about to go out for the evening, so I’ll answer at greater length tomorrow! Glad you find these recipe useful! Perhaps you’ll continue to incorporate some of these after Lent as well. I hope you’ll be a frequent visitor!

Healthy School Lunch Recipes

I admire you for taking matters into your own hand where school lunch is concerned. I wish my kids had done that! Best of luck on you continued journey as a vegan. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE TIPS. In addition, one of my books, The Vegetarian Family Cookbook, is a comprehensive guide to every meal of the day, with tips for picky eaters and ways to complete menus, plus snacks, healthy desserts, and more. I wish you the best of luck going forward on your journey.

I dont know if you still answer in this but it was very helpful to me. Currently, I usually eat vegetarian food every weekdays. After a few months finding out the effectiveness of vegetarianism, i now want to become a vegan. And my family are also want to apply this vegetarian menu, especially my 4 year old son.

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Newsletter Sign-Up Sign-up to have our weekly newsletter delivered right to your inbox. 47 0 0 0 13 6. Pack a healthier lunch box by following these clever formulas. Our clever lunch box formulas will please even the pickiest of eaters, no added sugar or excess sodium required. Each one is built around a key nutrition principle: Mix a lean protein with whole grains and fresh garden goods, then add a sensible treat.

Our healthier ranch dressing—made with buttermilk, Greek yogurt, and a touch of mayo—doubles as a dip for both the pizzadilla and veggies. Unsweetened applesauce provides a sweet fix without added sugar. Smoked almonds and dried cranberries guarantee plenty of flavor. An apple satisfies your crunchy cravings, and chocolate kisses are perfectly-portioned sweets. Keep your numbers in check by recreating the handheld staple at home.

Look for deli meat brands with “lower sodium” or “no salt added” on the labeling, and go light on the cheese. Our healthier spin on the much-loved classic sandwich subs in one mini whole-wheat bagel. Here, rotisserie chicken, sliced almonds, and a hard-boiled egg make for a powerful protein trio. Save on calories and fat by opting for a simple oil-and-vinegar vinaigrette. Portion each serving into wide-mouth canning jars ahead of time, so you can grab one on the way out the door in the morning. We go from stacked to rolled by trading traditional white bread for a whole-wheat wrap.

Guacamole is a tasty stand-in that feels just as indulgent as mayo. Slice the wrap into medallions and skewer on toothpicks for less mess at lunchtime. Sign Up for our Newsletter Join our newsletter for free recipes, healthy living inspiration, and special offers. Food Collection and the Time Inc. Offers may be subject to change without notice.

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Meals eaten away from home are often too high in saturated fat and cholesterol and too low in fiber and other nutrients. Healthy school lunches are essential to reversing the growing trends of chronic disease in children and teens. Building a diet with fruits, vegetables, healthful grains, and legumes from a young age will help children prefer those foods throughout their lives. People who maintain a healthy weight throughout life tend to stay healthier and live longer. It is never too early to adopt a healthful diet. Busy families sometimes have trouble fitting in three healthful meals each day. Like it or not, snacking has become an important contributor to daily food intake.

You’ll want to take extra care to make certain your child’s snacks are every bit as healthful as the meals you serve. Healthy snacks are easy and quick to put together and eat, and offer important nutrients and energy in each delicious bite. Keep healthy beverages, such as water, juice, and soymilk, and snack foods, such as the ones listed below, on-hand at home and encourage your children to pack them into their bags with their healthy school lunch before leaving the house. This site does not provide medical or legal advice.

This web site is for information purposes only. 8 c0 0 0 0 0 0H7. J and think outside the lunchbox with these lunch box ideas. Browse our kid-friendly recipe collection of lunch box ideas.

You can even pack these easy and tasty recipes together with the children! Check out mom’s lunch box cheat sheet for some lunchtime tips. Tell us which ingredients you’d like to use, and we’ll make a suggestion. These lunch box ideas are sure to please kids of all ages and parents, too! 47 0 0 0 13 6.

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It’s time to redeem the midday meal: No more bland sandwiches, soggy salads, or boring soups here. These lunches are exciting, satisfying, and portable. Our definitive guide to a healthy lunch on the go—complete with nutrition-boosting tips, make-ahead strategies, and tasty pack-and-go recipes, will have you rethinking your lunch break. Hearty greens and colorful, textured toppers make salads fun and filling.

Whether you’re packing your own or one for every kid in the house, you may face real challenges when thinking about the midday meal. We know you want healthy options that keep you full enough to stay away from the vending machine come mid-afternoon, and the kids need lunches that won’t leave them raiding the pantry when they get home. For extra flavor, drizzle with any remaining All-Purpose Tahini Dressing you have on hand. We use old-fashioned rolled oats in place of breadcrumbs to sneak in some whole grains. This Italian soup packs 10g of protein in a meal that’s less than 250 calories. Layer up and refrigerate as many jars as you need—just add hot water at the office. A homemade dressing of molasses, olive oil, cider vinegar, and Dijon mustard keeps added sugar and calories in check.

C: smooth cashew butter, bacon, and a bright, crisp-tender carrot salad on top. Cashew butter’s smooth texture is ideal for sandwiches and toast. While it may be lower in protein than peanut butter, it generally contains half the sugar. It also boasts more iron, copper, and phosphorus.

Stripey tomatoes are a variety of heirlooms with pale, yellow skins with a pinkish-orange blush, occasionally with green stripes. Substitute a beefsteak or other large, firm tomato. Smart Packing Tip: To prevent soggy sandwiches, pack separate zip-top bags of tomato slices, arugula, and bread, and then assemble the sandwiches just before eating. Toasting the bread before packing also helps keep everything crisp. You can throw it together in just 10 minutes for a dish that’s low in sugar and calories. Brown rice noodles, mushrooms, and a hard-cooked egg make this vegetarian soup—and staff favorite—hearty and satisfying. And as an added bonus, it tastes nice chilled or at room temperature.

Include a cluster of red grapes and crusty Italian bread in your bag, and you’re ready to go. It is rich in B vitamins for an energy boost as well as a good source of fiber. Bulgur, quinoa, or whole wheat couscous are good substitutes if you do not have spelt for this dish. To build a satisfying lunch salad, you need a hearty base, protein, nutritional toppings with color, a salty or sweet crunch, and healthy fat. Our version has all five with chopped romaine, a hard-cooked egg, red onion, celery, Parmesan cheese, and a DIY dressing of mayonnaise, lemon juice, and fresh dill.

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The balance of sweet apples and raisins with fragrant curry elevates chicken salad to a new level. Prep Tip: Put leftovers to good use when preparing your lunches. Consider incorporating some of tonight’s dinner into tomorrow’s lunch. Slice leftover chicken or beef and serve it on top of pasta or salad greens, mix it into a grain salad, or make it into a sandwich.

Here, we’ve taken our Grilled Lemon-Herb Chicken and used the leftovers for this quick salad. Greek yogurt also contains more protein compared to cream cheese. Plus, our version of the traditional bagel sandwich is significantly lower in fat, calories, carbohydrates, sugars, and cholesterol. Prepare the chicken filling ahead of time and pack separately. Nutrition Tip: Fresh, whole fruit is your best option for sides and snacks during the day.

Change things up by selecting fruit that’s in season—you’ll enjoy diverse flavors plus nutritional variety as your choices change naturally throughout the year. An apple, chilled grapes, an orange, a banana, or mango slices offer a great source of fiber, keeping you feeling fuller longer. Ditch the can and prepare this homemade soup with fresh veggies. Buying in season is smart on so many levels: Produce tastes best in season, and it’s usually less expensive. Since we crave tomato soup beyond the peak of summer, this recipe calls for plum tomatoes, which tend to be flavorful all year long. Smart Packing Tip: Don’t skimp on soup toppings just because it’s lunch. Add a dollop of yogurt and a sprinkling of basil before packing this soup in your thermos.

Healthy School Lunch Recipes

They are one of the most potent sources of antioxidants, which help counteract heart disease, cancers, and other types of illnesses. Blueberries are also full of fiber and high in vitamin C. 2 cup chickpeas packs a whopping 20g of protein into this soup. Fresh avocado, grape tomatoes, kalamata olives, and a hard-cooked egg drizzled with tahini create a truly addicting combination. Tahini is the stuff of life in Israel, like olive oil in Italy or butter in France. Packed with fiber, protein, and nutrients like Vitamin B3, farro’s satisfying chewy texture will have you falling head-over-heels in no time. Chickpeas are a delicious low-fat, plant-based protein option that’s filled with fiber.

Canned tuna is a great staple of lunch-time fixings, and in this case it’s worth the splurge to go with a premium-quality tuna that’s packed in oil. Paired with hard-boiled eggs, briny nicoise olives, and dressed in lemony vinaigrette, this sandwich is not your typical lunchroom fare. The bread in this sandwich is meant to absorb some liquid from the filling, so it’s great to make ahead of time. Wrap tightly in plastic wrap or foil and enjoy.

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There’s nothing boring about this pasta salad, packed with sharp Cheddar, sweet corn, and smoky chipotle. Fresh summer corn is sweet, tender, and juicy—enough so that it doesn’t even require cooking. If your corn is a bit past its prime, boil it for two minutes. Prep Tip: Making stir-fry for dinner and have a half of this and that leftover?

We call for green onions, red bell peppers, and tomatoes in this recipe, but any leftover veggies will work here. Use leftover grilled or roasted chicken or buy a rotisserie chicken. Pack-Your-Own Lunch Station for Kids A creamy combination of white beans, avocado and cheese makes a protein-packed base for this easy recipe. Pizza Roll-Up Bento Box Lunch For a healthy lunch to go, this packable bento box recipe is a kid-pleaser! When you’re craving a sub but you don’t want all the carbs, these turkey-and-cheese deli sandwiches on cucumber “rolls” are a healthy alternative.

Hollow out a cucumber and fill it up with your favorite sandwich fillings for a crisp sub with less carbs and calories. Plus, you can easily pack these up for work, school or a picnic–no soggy bread! Here’s your new cookie jar staple. Don’t hesitate to make a double batch–they’re so satisfying they’ll be gone fast. Soft, chewy and no added sugar! These easy-to-make homemade granola bars are inspired by the flavors of a classic oatmeal chocolate chip cookie. But feel free to vary the mix-ins to your preference.

We tested several sticky sweeteners, including maple syrup and honey, but found brown rice syrup held the bars together the best. Find healthy, delicious lunch recipes including wraps, vegan and vegetarian recipes, and kid-friendly lunches. 3 or less per serving and are perfectly packable! White Bean Wraps A zesty slaw adds plenty of vegetables to this protein-packed recipe for an easy, packable lunch. We love bento box lunches because the compartments help control portion sizes and they’re great for kids too.

Try these easy bento box lunch ideas to shake up your lunch routine. Full of protein and fiber these quick salads are an easy way to spruce up your lunch. To make these recipes part of a complete meal, please refer to our serving suggestions included with the recipe. Try these packable lunches for Spicy Ramen Cup of Noodles, Taco Lettuce Wraps and more. Zesty Greek salad packed with tomatoes, cucumber and olives–plus chickpeas for a protein punch–gets tucked into a whole-wheat wrap for a healthy vegan lunch that’s easy to pack for work.

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It’s so flavorful and satisfying, you won’t miss the feta! Protein-packed quinoa pairs with creamy avocado in this refreshing grain salad. It’s the perfect make-ahead side dish to bring on a picnic or take to a potluck. Or pack it for lunch or enjoy it as a light dinner. Your co-workers will be jealous when you pull out this healthy lunch of roasted veggies and brown rice. This single-serving recipe for Cobb salad swaps chicken in for bacon, which makes it a great source of protein for lunch.

If you prefer another salad dressing, feel free to use that instead of our honey-mustard vinaigrette. School Food Gardens Healthy eating is a natural outcome of garden-based education. Guidelines for Food and Beverage Sales in BC Schools This page links to the Guidelines for Food and Beverage Sales in BC schools and all supportive resources. School Assessment Tool Healthy Eating At School: How is your school doing? Download the School Healthy Eating Assessment Tool and find out what is working well and where action can be taken! 1 Explore the challenges of nutrition education and lunchtime at school. 2 Learn how to successfully provide healthy food choices through meal programs, vending machines and fundraising.

3 Meet a few champions who made nutrition policy a priority in their schools. New PAC Lunch Program generates same revenues Find out how the PAC lunch program at Dorothy Lynas Elementary in School District 44 was able to generate the same amount of funds using the new School Guidelines despite higher food costs. Providing Healthy Choices Through a Daily Lunch and Morning Snack Program Trafalgar Middle School’s experience in School District 8 shows that meal programs can remain popular while providing healthier choices. School Food Gardens—Benefits to Students There is growing interest around the world for using gardens as a hands-on learning opportunity that can be integrated into a wide-range of subject areas.

Studies of food-producing gardens in schools cite many benefits. Wendy Aasen, parent, on involving everyone for success Check these ideas for getting students, teachers and parents involved in healthy eating at school. 18 Healthy Sandwiches to Pack for Lunch What afternoon slump? These sandwiches are stacked high with ingredients you can actually feel good about. Your lunch shouldn’t stop with a sandwich — try these other healthy lunch recipes.

Open-faced sandwiches are all the rage these days. It’s no surprise because they’re downright delicious. Bulk up your wraps with mashed chickpeas and all the veggies. Loaded with colorful veggies and layers of cheese, these subs are best when warm.

This is officially the greatest veggie burger we’ve ever tried. A life without burgers and fries is a sad life indeed, so we made healthier versions for those days when you need to eat a little lighter. Lettuce wraps don’t have to be a last resort. We replaced you with protein-rich Greek yogurt. A little bit of broccoli and a lotta bit of cheese.


We like our sandwiches bursting at the seams with goat cheese and avocado. Whip it up and make your coworkers jealous. There’s no such thing as too much tzatziki sauce. Throw a tasty sauce on some mushrooms and call it a day.

You know those sad tuna fish sandwiches your mom used to pack you for lunch? Yea, this is definitely not one of those. Get your daily dose of veggies in a single bite with this beauty. Caesar dressing isn’t the best for you, but this egg-less versions gets lightened up with Greek yogurt. Pink hummus, where have you been all our lives? Sriracha aioli is the condiment of our dreams. This guy gets cooked in brown butter because you deserve it after all the veggies you’re about to consume.

Why Did I Get This Ad? Good Housekeeping participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. They love pre-packed lunches because it is a break from the norm, and I love it because there is zero food prep for lunch that day and I can pre-make a couple days worth of lunches at a time. Over time, I’ve found some tips for making the preparation of healthy school lunches easier and since I get quite a few questions about creating healthy school lunches, I thought I’d share. If you have any tips for preparing real food school lunches or any meal plan ideas, please share them in the comments below!