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We Just Published Our First Book! A safety pin is basically a regular italy Arts and Crafts with a spring mechanism and a clasp so it can safely close.

You can also use safety pins to decorate your jeans, shirts, school bags and cushions. Paint the insides of any sturdy box a bright blue. Draw, color and cut out several fish from heavy paper or thin cardboard. Pin a small safety pin through the nose of each fish and place the fish inside the box. Make a fishing pole by tying an 18-inch string to the end of a 12-inch dowel or stick. Attach an open safety pin to the loose end of the string.

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To land a fish, a player must catch the hook of the pole into the nose pin of the fish. This craft is suited for groups of children working with an adult, so this would be a great Summer Camp or Art Class craft. The adult teacher or camp counselor may hold a stick of sealing wax over a lit candle, just long enough for the stick to soften a bit. Now the child should twist pin to smoothen wax and then hold still long enough for the wax to ‘set’.

Make Wind Bell Chimes with Metal Items – Make these Wind Chimes with a coffee can lid and metal items from around the house, such as nails, bells, keys, safety pins, and other items. Safety Pin Papoose Baby – Make this decorative pin with an adorable baby in a papoose, the way native americans used to carry their babies. Decorative Pins with Safetty Pin Backs – Make these felt decorative pins by sewing macaroni noodles on there in any design that you like. The safety pin on the back is what makes these pins work.

Airplane Beaded Safety Pin Tutorial – Use this free Airplane pattern to make beaded safety pin jewelry. Backpack Danglers Craft – As any kid will tell you, there’s no greater fashion faux pas than a naked backpack. So we devised these jazzy danglers to dress up even the drabbest canvas. Patrick’s Day Lesson – Beaded safety pin crafts are very inexpensive and fun to make. All you need is some beads and safety pins, and your creativity! To get you started, here are two patterns for St. Charmed Pins Building – Theses are so fun to design with safety pins.

Circle of Pins to Make – Ever seen a safety pin look so elegant? Because this bracelet takes a little longer to craft, it makes a great project for a rainy afternoon or a sleep-over. Coiless Irish Pins to Make – No more struggling with coiled pins! Larger sized “E” beads make beaded pins easier for kids. Everyone from age six to age sixty loves this bracelet! Easy Bead Jewelry -With this jewelry-making project, kids can make bead necklaces and redesign them daily.

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Easy Coiless Butterfly Pins Easy Directions – No more struggling with coiled pins! Larger sized “E” beads make beaded butterfly pins easier for kids. Easy Coiless Western Pins Easy Instructions – Great for camps, coiless pins make it easier for younger hands. Easy Coiless Flag Pins to Make- No more struggling with coiled pins! Many flag pin patterns available here.

Felt Turkey Pin -In the day before Thanksgiving or on the day itself, give guests and friends a special reminder with this felt turkey pin. This is a fun kids’ craft that can be done at school or at home. Make – You will need a needle nose pliers and something to spread the loop end of your large safety pin. I find that a metal fingernail file works well for this, or perhaps a small letter holder. Friendship Pal Making for Kids – These little dolls are a new twist on a summer classic, the friendship bracelet. Combine our cool colored metallic pins with memory wire bracelet forms for a punk look that’s also pretty. How To Make Safety Pin Bracelets Easy Instructions – They say that one can make a silk purse from a sow’s ear.

Girl Scouts Easy Coiless Trefoil Pins – Make sure to use coiless pins and making these SWAPs is easy! Jesus Fish Beaded Safety Pin – This Jesus Fish beaded safety pin is made from a few safety pins and tiny seed beads. Any color combination can be used for this pin, so you can make a pin to match any outfit. Love Beads Craft for Valentine’s Day – Charm someone special on Valentine’s Day with a piece of homemade jewelry. Love Pins Safety Pin -Make one for Mom or anyone else you want to show your love to. Bracelet Pattern Using Safety Pins, Beads, and Stretch Cord – Create a unique and lovely bracelet with safety pins, seed beads, bugle beads, and stretch jewelry cord.

Poinsettia brooches Craft for Children – Bring a smile of seasonal cheer to the faces of your friends by giving them Poinsettia brooches. This also makes a wonderful little Christmas gift for teachers, hairdressers, etc. Safety Pin Flag Pattern Idea – The perfect kid version of the famous flag pin. Pony Bead Irish Flag Pin Easy Directions – For St. Patrick’s Day or for thinking day, this pin is easy enough for kids as young as seven years of age.

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Pony Bead Flag of Italy Pin Making with Ease- Celebrate the country hosting the 2006 Winter Olympics or make these pins for thinking day. Easy enough for kids ages 7 and up. Power Bead Safety Pins – Make someone a pin and wish them health, wealth and harmony by choosing the right power beads for the job! Safety Pin Bracelet Activities – This come out really nice. Try designing your own, the possibilities are endless! Safety Pin Angel Crafting Ideas- Combine everyone’s two favorite crafts pony bead patterns and beaded safety pins for a winning angel project. Makes great ornaments or back pack decorations.

Italy Arts and Crafts

Bead Bracelet Making Directions- Learn how to make this cool safety bin and bead bracelt with this crafts instructions project. Safety Pin Bead Bracelet Activity – 50-100 safety pins. Seed beads in various colors Two lengths of stretchy cord or elastic. Safety Pin Freedom Butterfly to Make – Butterflies are a true symbol of freedom. Now you can make these patriotic butterflies from safety pins and pony beads. Safety Pin Jewelry Making Instructions- Safety pins were invented in 1857 to hold garments together.

Barbara Burnett, author and media director of Design Originals, makes an American flag friendship pin using only seed beads and safety pins. Safety Pin Pendant Craft – I came across something similar and wanted to see if I could use the idea in a pendant myself. Safety Pin Necklace -The necklace is a companion accessory to our funky coil bracelet. Safety Pin Sleeve Holders Craft – Use jumbo safety pins to secure your tee shirt sleeves for a cool summer look. Safety Pin Pony Tail Holder Craft – Here’s something you don’t see everyday! A ponytail holder made from colored safety pins. Safety Pin Butterfly Craft – Make beautiful metallic butterflies to clip to your backpack or your key ring.

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Safety Pin Bracelet -Here comes this year’s coolest fashion accessory safety pin bracelets. Safety Pin Tea Light Holders -Wow! Watch the light dance off these elegant candle holders made from colored metallic safety pins. Shamrock Pin -Start your “wearin’ of the green” wardrobe with this sweet St. India is one of the major exporter and supplier of handicrafts and gift products to the world market. The Indian handicrafts industry is highly labor intensive and decentralized, being spread all across the country in rural and urban areas.

Italy Arts and Crafts

The present day handicraft tradition of India is a perfect example of assimilation between the traditional designs and modern techniques. The fast growing demand for Indian handicraft and gifts products have made this sector a full-fledged large scale organized industry that is growing day by day. Indian culture promising everything – beauty, dignity, form and style. The variety is comprehensive and ranges from age-old stone carvings to modern handicrafts making use of glass flints and mirrors. There is a myriad of art and craft traditions in India that depend on social, economic and regional factors. The present status of the sector in India owes much to the rich crafts history and tradition of the past. Majority of the crafts from the past continues to flourish due to their utilitarian characteristics, availability to the common people and popularity in domestic and global markets.

The growth of these industries is due to their ever-increasing demand and the popularity of Indian crafts in the domestic market and overseas. 9 billion in the last decade. There has been a consistent annual growth rate of more than 15 per cent over a 10-year period, from 3. According to the provisional data available, the export of handicrafts has shown an increase of Rs.

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STATEMENT PRESENTING PROVISIONAL EXPORT FIGURES OF HANDICRAFTS DURING THE PERIOD APRIL- MARCH 2006 – 07 COMPARED TO THE CORRESPONDING PERIOD OF APRIL- MARCH 2005 – 2006. With 26 states, 18 languages and more than 1500 dialects, the country offers an enormous range of handicrafts from different states and regions. Saharanpur for its wooden articles, Ferozabad for Glass. The North-Western state of Rajasthan is known for its Jaipuri quilts, Bagru and Sanganer printed textiles and wooden and wrought iron furniture. A comprehensive range of handicrafts and gifts products is made all over India.

Although it is quite difficult to limit a particular place for a specific craft, the following places are well known for their unique crafts. The dynamism of handicrafts industry in India is unparalleled – be it the traditional Indian arts and crafts or a customized version of an overseas art form. Unlike in the past when the industry was battling to carve a niche in the market, there is a great demand for Indian handicrafts today that is being nurtured by different government and non-governmental organizations. The sector is economically important from the point of view of low capital investment, high ratio of value addition, and high potential for export and foreign exchange earnings for the country. The market is developing due to the huge demand of its products in terms of utility, cost and aesthetics. To centralize and better organize the sector, the government has also initiated the concept of ‘Towns of Excellence’ that are providing recognition to production areas where the handicrafts have been traditionally developed. Today, there are 35 urban ‘Haats’ all across the country, that allow for the allotment of built-up stalls to artisans on a fortnightly rotation basis at nominal costs.

The industrial revolution and the increasing productivity had slowed down the growth and the quality of arts and crafts, but for some decades now, the scenario has changed and machine-made products no longer attract the people. Presently handicrafts are being considered as vocational media and it is also opted for style statement and the leisure pursuit. Site developed and maintained by Webmasters at India-exports. Columns by Master Kali Harlansson of Gotland on history for the current Middle Ages, originally printed in the Carolingian Minuscule. Click on the link to the left to see the latest article, or use the menu below. Having actually won a couple of prizes for cordials, it seemed both useful and responsible to share the research and recipes. New recipes added as of December 1st, 2004.

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How do you write a letter in a medieval style? Acceptances from period texts of the Middle Ages, including some general forms and discussions of fealty. A detail of a small bird from the late 16th c. Ten counted-stitch versions of awards and badges from the East Kingdom of the Society for Creative Anachronism. An article based on handouts from a class on 16th c.

English “Jane Bostocke” sampler of 1598 and from two Italian and German samplers of the 16th century. A Book of Medieval, Renaissance and Heraldic Patterns for Needlework. The badges for the Order of the Laurel and the Order of the Pelican in counted stitch. Alphabets in cross-stitch based on these early medieval letter forms. A large triple-layer heraldic rose from an English cushion dated 1601.

Use two layers in red and white for a Tudor rose. Three simple counted cross-stitch border patterns from a 16th c. A counted cross-stitch center motif pattern with small birds. A free counted cross-stitch pattern “Keeshond in the Round”.

6 new backgrounds for subtle enhancement of your web page. 35 new graphics: 5 colors, 7 shapes. Vertical and horizontal borders, also buttons and bars, in 4 color variations. 30 graphics: 6 colors, 5 shapes. 12 tiles for backgrounds or borders. Various arts and sciences projects and recipe redactions. A plethora of useful weblinks for the SCA Pennsic War.

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In the USA it is observed in September on the first Sunday after Labour Day. Show your grandmother and grandfather how much you appreciate them by making them a home-made card, a picture frame, bouquet of flowers, or a plaque. This is a very handy gift to any person who likes to knitso if your Grandmother likes to knit then this would make a great present for her. This 3 Compartment Knitting Box it will hold three different balls of wool in such a way that they won’t get tangled. Find a rectangle box with a lid. To make the partitions, measure and then cut out, 2 pieces of cardboard so that they will fit tightly inside the box.

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These partitions will make the compartments in the box. Choose a great book for your grandma to present with this crafted bookmark and I’m sure it will melt hearts! You can make your own by following this easy guide! Encourage your children to let their imagination run riot with this colorful butterfly handprint painting.

Here is a really inspirational and unusual gift idea which kids can make – perfect for Mother’s Day or a favorite grandmother! You could also make a key ring or perhaps even a small pair of cufflinks so that Dads and grandfathers could be the lucky recipients, too! Our Card Making for Preschoolers craft can make ‘cards with words’ easy for Preschoolers who may not be able to write, but they can recognize and pick out letters! These can be made for any occasion or holiday and is a great way to teach children how words are built! E-mail is fun, but there’s nothing quite like a colorful, handmade card that comes with a stamp on it! Many people say snail mail is one of their favorite treats. When do you send friends and families cards?

Looking for a cool way to jazz up a picture frame? No one can refuse this special cup of love! This decoupage tray is a super gift which kids can make for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparent’s Day or any other special occasion! And how about serving a surprise breakfast in bed on it! This Easy Recipe Holder is a great gift for the women in our lives! It doubles as a functional craft AND a card for that special lady.

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Great for Mother’s day for preschoolers on up! Next time you bake a cake don’t throw away the egg shells – use them to create a lovely eggshell mosaic picture! Perfect as an Easter or spring craft. Need a great gift for family or friends? Show off your new school photos in a hand-decorated frame. This is a simple craft but it makes a cute gift that the kids can make themselves – perhaps for Grandparent’s Day?

And it is a super “Back to School” craft too, providing a special place for children to show off their best work. This Family Tree is a great Grandparents Day Craft for Toddlers on up. They can make the tree and you can write on your family names. Make it even more special by gluing on family pictures! This Fishing Handprint craft is a really fun fish craft for Preschoolers or Toddlers to make! This would also make a great Father’s Day, Grandparents Day, or Sunday School craft!

Perfect for Grandparent’s Day or Mother’s Day, you can make just one flower photo frame or fill up a vase or bouquet! Who doesn’t like getting red roses for Valentine’s Day? Make this fun craft for your Mom and she will love and cherish it. These adorable Foot Print Magnets are a perfect gift for a Grandparent or for someone special. These would even be fun to do with your baby, change the words to suit the occasion! Need a gift for someone who loves golf?

Receiving this picture frame and pencil holder will be as satisfying as scoring a few birdies and eagles! These are simple and fun crafts for even the youngest children to do. Being a member of a family is wonderful. Because your grandparents have lived a lot longer than you, they have many things to share: stories about what life was like when they were your age, or skills and talents you can learn from them such as cooking or fishing. Tap kid’s creativity to turn plain oven mitts and pot holders into handy kitchen art fit for gift-giving. This Handprint Bouquet craft is a unique and personalized craft to give or keep. Write your own message to the special someone who will receive this great work of art!