‘Kid Nation’: Looking Back on TV’s Most Disturbing Reality Show

‘Kid Nation’: Looking Back on TV’s Most Disturbing Reality Show

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If you really like a song or a movie or a TV show, no matter how cheesy the conventional wisdom says it is, you should feel free to say so without guilt, and ‘Kid Nation’: Looking Back on TV’s Most Disturbing Reality Show defend your appreciation vigorously. That these continue to be issues of contention saddens me, and it’spartly our fault as critics and journalists for not doing a better jobof explaining what the stakes are. Get your EW TV news Subscribe to EW TV for the latest TV news.

All products featured were editorially selected. TV’s most varied, humane, and exciting drama took more chances this year than a hit show needs to, and became a deeper, richer series for the effort. I disappeared tomorrow, the quality of that show would not suffer for a second. The concept most alien to this show — displays of simple human emotions — is what kept The X-Files fresh and intriguing this season. We’re right, you’re wrong, back off. Garry Shandling is TV’s purest artist, quietly yet aggressively laboring over an unmatched portrait of show-business egotism. Very often, Larry Sanders is so funny I have to choke back a guffaw lest I miss the next punchline.

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And I can’t think of another sitcom that repays taping and repeated viewing as well. Representing a final flourish of ’90s irony, it’s a deconstruction of talk shows that’s now even better than David Letterman’s. Former Sanders collaborator Paul Simms has managed something Shandling has opted not to try: an iconoclastic sitcom that nonetheless adheres to the strictures of network TV. Dave Foley, as the radio station’s put-upon news director, is probably the subtlest actor in sitcoms, whereas Phil Hartman and Andy Dick thrive on reckless excess. Unappreciated now because the media celebrated Bart-mania years ago, The Simpsons continues to be the most reliable satire on network TV. The season opener, in which Homer and family left Springfield to work and live in a happy-faced, fascist corporate community was such a dead-on critique of the Disney empire, I swear I heard Rupert Murdoch chuckling. Overexposure has led to a widespread underrating of this still-excellently written, hilariously performed show.

‘Kid Nation’: Looking Back on TV’s Most Disturbing Reality Show

True, Lisa Kudrow’s Phoebe seems stuck in a dumb-chick rut, and David Schwimmer’s Ross is becoming dismayingly sappy. But that debut run of One also pulled off the show’s then-central conceit — keeping you engaged in a single trial over 21 episodes. In the year’s stupidest programming move, Fox canceled this strikingly original series after a scant four episodes. Less a dig at big business than a fulmination against all media culture, Profit was the funniest scary drama of the year. I laughed at the episode and at the protests — what, from writer-cocreator Larry David you expected warmth? So far, the David-less new season has been uneven but agreeably wacky. Moesha, she’s prime time’s most engaging teenager.

Beyond that, Moesha is a consistent pleasure, with punchlines that deploy hip-hop cadences with a cleverness beyond mere laugh making. Ralph Farquhar knows how to bring African-American life to television without disguising or cheapening it. The second-worst copycat, this time an insufferably pretentious X-Files variation. The ongoing theme — alien invasions in the time of the Kennedy administration — manages to be boring, trite, and tasteless all at the same time. The redneck routines that brought Foxworthy fame were pleasant, innocuous bits, but in retooling the comic’s flop ABC sitcom, the NBC version turns his material into marathons of joke-free vulgarity. The results are dumb, sure, but also lacking in Baywatch’s blithe goofiness.

Besides, how can they do an X-Files rip and not include an episode about the alien forms occupying Donna D’Errico’s maillot? GREAT PILOTS, MEDIOCRE SERIES Fox’s MILLENNIUM and ABC’s SPIN CITY. Carla Gugino out of the series still may not stop the rising sap quotient. MOST DRAWN-OUT UNOFFICIAL CLIFF-HANGER Ellen’s COMING-OUT PARTY.

Suggested first date for your character: Cruella De Vil. WHY JOHNNY CAN’T READ PEARL, THE STEVE HARVEY SHOW, MR. The show sank, but who can forget actors with names like Charisma Carpenter and Essence Atkins? CLARK, followed by a traditional decline in the ratings. SADDEST TWIST OF FATE MARK FRANKEL, who starred as the undead vampire chief on Kindred: The Embraced, died a few months after Fox canceled the show.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. CHEESIEST CASTING Knots Landing vet DONNA MILLS as Josie Bissett’s B-movie-starlet birth mother on Melrose Place. VERY FUNNY ACTOR IN A SEMI-FUNNY SHOW THOMAS HADEN CHURCH in Ned and Stacey gets laughs purely on the strength of his gonzo line readings. Let’s just leave Mommy alone in the car trunk, kids. No wonder no one’s watching UPN’s sci-fi series — it sounds like a show about jock itch. Get your EW TV news Subscribe to EW TV for the latest TV news.

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All products featured were editorially selected. Nor is it that the series purposefully uses an example triggering a similar response to Rip’s within viewers. Rip was leading the team, and the present, when the SEALs he trained are working to rescue him. Now, if you already think you know what you’re getting into here, you’re 100 percent right. These tough-as-nails Americans are gonna go over there and save their military brother, no matter what gets in there way.

‘Kid Nation’: Looking Back on TV’s Most Disturbing Reality Show

SEAL Team Six, and he’s the only black man present in the show. The overly stern orders given to the newbie, as well as the curt dismissals of Chase’s honest efforts, are acts we’ve seen before, as the uninitiated have to go through the gauntlet before becoming one of the boys. Far more intriguing is the choice to make the show’s main villain a Lebanese-American. Despite being raised in Michigan, this guy switches sides due to some egregious behavior witnessed overseas. That the series half-heartedly attempts to engage in a discussion with ways of life outside the military is poor consolation.

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The women connected to our heroes are the best source of another world, but, again, these are one-note characters you’ve seen far too many times in similar war stories: Mrs. Ortiz is pushing her hubby to leave the team, even when his brother-in-arms is captured. She just doesn’t understand that he has two families: one with her, and one with his SEALs. The series comes closest to finding significance when it’s willing to admit that the damage inflicted in one world can affect the other. Take the aforementioned scene between Rip and the teacher, which leads to a series of flashbacks explaining the former team leader’s downfall. Grade: C- Stay on top of the latest TV news! Sign up for our TV email newsletter here.

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He was one of Hollywood’s greatest actors, someone whose estate could have been worth hundreds of millions when he died in summer 2014. Instead, he endured beatings, humiliation and poverty at the hands of his eighth wife and one of her sons, both accused today of elder abuse and destroying a legend. This story first appeared in the Oct. 30 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine. To receive the magazine, click here to subscribe. No, I’m not,” he says, choking back tears. It’s July 2010, inside The Grill on the Alley in Thousand Oaks, and in the midst of an interview with one of the authors of this piece, the diminutive 89-year-old has been kicked under the table by his eighth wife, Jan, as confirmed by his stepson, Chris Aber, who also is at the table.

She kicked him real hard,” says Chris with a laugh. A flip cam at the end of the table rolls as Jan, theatrically seeking the source of what caused her husband’s pain, peers under the table for a moment and then turns to Chris and scolds him for confirming, in part, what the general public only would learn later: In his final years, Rooney was the victim of ongoing elder abuse. The alleged wrongdoing and how it went on for so long has been a mystery — until now. Rooney’s life was more abusive than he let on while he was alive.

Just weeks after Chris was served with a restraining order on Valentine’s Day in 2011 accusing him of financially exploiting Rooney as his business manager, the actor flew to Washington, D. Herb Kohl, chairman of the Senate Special Aging Committee, had read press reports that a conservator for Rooney was pursuing elder-abuse charges, and he invited Rooney to testify about what he’d been through. Rooney had a black eye, a missing tooth and other injuries as the result of an incident in January 2012 in which he later told acquaintances that he had fallen onto a big-screen TV. Senate testimony as coerced and unreliable. Mickey was a 90-year-old man who was in and out of it mentally and was easily influenced by other people,” she submits.

Only now will the public learn that the alleged debasement was not just financial but physical, too. Numerous family members and others close to Rooney say the small-statured actor frequently was abused by Jan, his wife of 36 years, who weighed twice what he did. THR also has learned that she was struggling with mental health issues during this time. One of the insiders is Hector Garcia, who was brought in by the conservator to oversee Rooney’s safety, including during periodic visitations with his wife after he moved out of their home. Days after Garcia began this job, he heard yelling and a thump coming from a second-floor bedroom and rushed inside.

There, he found Rooney on the ground with Jan standing over him. I won’t allow it,’ ” recalls Garcia. Chris, 56, who has yet to pay a cent, maintains his innocence: ” had to save face, so my attorney told me to make up a number, so I made up a number. Responds Augustine, “He was always in Hawaii, the wife was with the big diamonds — they were spending it fast and furiously.

You want to be a lifelong learner.

Rooney’s stay-at-home caregiver and extracted the star from the grip of Chris and Jan. Meanwhile, multiple legal entanglements still are keeping L. What is clear: One of the biggest stars of all time, who remained aloft longer than anyone in Hollywood history, was in the end brought down by those closest to him. He died humiliated and betrayed, nearly broke and often broken. Rooney testified to the Senate in March 2011 about the frightening elder-care abuse he had suffered but didn’t name names or mention physical abuse.

‘Kid Nation’: Looking Back on TV’s Most Disturbing Reality Show

These 8 Riddles Will Turn Your Mind Inside-Out

Rooney made his big-screen debut in 1926, in the silent era, and 88 years later still was at work — on the upcoming straight-to-Amazon Prime release Dr. Hyde — the week he died. For a nation emerging from the Depression and headed into World War II, the vibrancy and can-do spirit of Rooney’s screen persona proved irresistible. But as subsequent child stars — from Elizabeth Taylor to Macaulay Culkin, none as popular as Rooney — would discover, adjusting to the real world after growing up in a dream factory isn’t easy.

Friends say Rooney was ill-equipped to be an independent adult, which he was forced to become after the war ended and he parted ways with MGM, founding his own production company with a business partner. Lertzman, who co-authored the new biography The Life and Times of Mickey Rooney, tells THR that the actor was a “manic personality” who suffered from bipolar disorder. He also contends that Rooney attempted suicide “twice, maybe three times” over the years, with resulting hospitalizations reported as “nervous breakdowns. In the ’70s, as American movies grew more cynical, Rooney struggled to find quality work. Nichols Canyon home of his agent, Ruth Webb, known for hosting eclectic parties. At one soiree, Rooney’s oldest son, musician Mickey Jr. In a 1979 story in People, Chris said he and Mark “were both troublemakers when Mom met Mickey.

Mark now says of his mother, “She was always trying to be a singer, always after fame, always trying to date people. She had a history of troubled relationships. Rooney represented the possibility of something better for Jan and her sons — Mark says they were on welfare — though, at first, Rooney was so destitute he had to move in to their rental home in Sherman Oaks. Eventually, he got together some money and, recalls Mark, “took us to nice dinners, taught us a lot about etiquette and all that stuff, exposed us to a lot of things, you know, horse racing and golf. If they proved just one thing, I could go to jail.

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Chris, with wife Christina in April 2014 after his stepfather’s death. Around that time, Rooney’s fortunes turned around. The Tonight Show, which sent her a polite rejection letter. This is something I loved doing,” says Chris. Imagine going to Sugar Babies and being in the dressing room with all the girls undressing in front of you. Chris later married Christina and moved out while Mark stuck around.

‘Kid Nation’: Looking Back on TV’s Most Disturbing Reality Show

My Mad Fat Diary

10 highly successful big-screen musicals Rooney starred in with fellow prodigy Garland. In 1996, Jan reached out to family acquaintance Geraldo Rivera about Mark’s troubles, and the TV talk show host offered to pay for him to get treatment. Mark went off for a month to an upscale treatment facility in Nashville — Chris Farley was there at the time. One thing Chris said at one of the meetings was, ‘My idea of a party is a large pizza, a bottle of Jack Daniel’s and a gram of coke,’ ” recalls Mark. Soon after, Mark entered an after-care program in Florida.

I got a job at two restaurants,” he recalls. At one restaurant, he met a bookkeeper named Charlene Fevrier, whom he began dating and eventually married. He says he heard little from Jan and Chris, but “Mickey would call all the time, ‘When are you coming back? Mark says he wanted to visit home but claims that Jan blocked Rooney from providing the necessary funds. When Mark finally earned enough to return on his own, he says he was shocked by what he saw. Jan and Chris were running the show.

Mark says Rooney had a breakdown while in Australia filming 1998’s Babe: Pig in the City, after which his stepfather was prescribed strong medication. He says, “They put him on these brain psych meds and things, and my mom was administering them — and she didn’t know what she was doing. Adds Charlene, ” said, ‘I have to keep him high to be onstage, and I have to keep him quiet and subdued when he’s at home. Chris that his pensions — from SAG, AFTRA and Actors Equity — had been cashed out and he would have to work to keep his home and health and medical benefits. Chris denies this and says he committed no wrongdoing in connection with his stepfather. Carroll Ballard, who directed Rooney in Black Stallion, ran into him in Toronto that year, after Rooney had done “some kind of theater thing” that was “way below his abilities, and I think he felt embarrassed. Says Robert Malcolm, Rooney’s agent after Webb: “Mickey was a star.

By Katy Stoll • December 04, 2017

Jan had a great need for being at the center of things, and that made me uncomfortable. In 2004, Mark saw Rooney in Branson, Mo. Chris had booked Mickey and Jan for a gig. Mark says he found Chris “already positioning himself” to get access to Rooney’s money, having persuaded Mickey and Jan to move out of their “big and beautiful” home in Sherman Oaks and into a “really crappy rental home” in Westlake Village.

Moreover, recalls Mark, “He was on the phone shopping for new Porsches. Another episode disturbed Mark even more: “Chris came in and goes, ‘Mickey, I’d like you to sign this. We’re going to go for two months and we’re going to go here and we’re going to do this. And Mickey goes, ‘Ah, wait a minute, Chris, I don’t want to sign it right now. Why don’t you come back later?

And Chris says, ‘Just sign it, come on, sign it! Chris, no, I don’t want to sign it. And he goes, ‘Just sign the thing, you f—ing piece of shit! 11,000 a month, were deposited into an account accessible by Rooney, Jan and Chris, similar amounts were almost immediately transferred out of the account to others, like one named “Tiyana,” which is the name of Chris’ daughter.

Soon thereafter, say Mark and Charlene, Chris shut down Rooney’s production company and fired his financial advisers save for one, Cindy Smith, who, court documents later would allege, was siphoning off Rooney’s money, too, to fund a side business. Smith cooperated with the conservator in return for having her name removed from the complaint. Chris and Jan entered business dealings with two wealthy men who paid them — apparently without Rooney’s knowledge — for access to the star. Michael Schrimmer, a Glow-Stick entrepreneur from Chicago, paid tens of thousands of dollars for opportunities like accompanying Rooney to a dinner at Steven Spielberg’s home. Both men were involved in The Rooneys, a never-produced reality show pilot about the supposedly zany family life of the couple that was filmed in August 2009. 30,000 to fund it, with Schrimmer as associate producer.