Kids in School Rule!

Kids in School Rule!

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Summer with the Kids

Check out the browser extension in the Firefox Add-ons Store. Down with School – Funny Poems About School When I first started writing funny poetry for young readers, I decided that kids spent so much time at school that the last thing they would want to read were poems about the place. School Daze A poem about a pupil daydreaming in one of those really long, really boring classes which seem as though they’ll never end. Before I’m driven round the bend. No, No, No Firstly, an apology, because if you’re somebody who counts the number of lines in each and every poem, this is a really long poem at 28 lines. It is, however, written in the form of a short poem with very short lines and lots of rhymes. Anyway, it’s a poem about the rules and regulations dictating what you can and can’t do in a library.

Preschool Observation

Desperate Measures A boy playing in the school orchestra has a desperate need to go to the toilet, but what can he do to get the attention of the teacher in charge? Then he’s sure to notice me. A Family Divided A poem about the first day in a new school, or perhaps the first day in a new class, when the teacher in a completely cringe-worthy manner, and in front of the whole class, asks the pupils about themselves and their families. So, who else lives with you?

Cruel and Unusual I was at school long enough ago that pupils who had been really naughty were caned and those who had been quite naughty were put in detention. Being in detention meant doing extra school work or the dreaded ‘lines’ when all your fellow pupils were enjoying themselves, or after they had gone home. The same six words one hundred times. Too Clever By Half Never, ever argue with your teacher, unless of course you’re cleverer than them. This is a poem about how to avoid punishment for missed homework and annoy your teacher at the same time. Follow its example with extreme caution!

Child Development: Birth – 6 Years | Dyslexia Help at the University of Michigan

You wouldn’t punish me, would you? As I didn’t do my homework again. I have to warn you that whilst this poem is quite horrible, the introduction to it is really, really disgusting. At the age of seven, I was sent to boarding school. The was nothing particularly wrong with the food at boarding school, but there was no choice of menu and you were forced to eat everything.

A bit old for school poems? Please forward this error screen to 198. Back-to-school does not have to mean back-to-worrying. Though safety inside school is ultimately the responsibility of the principal and school staff, parents can take a few basic steps to ensure a safe school experience. Emergency plans and phone numbers are usually included in school handbooks and posted in classrooms. Taking a few extra minutes to familiarize yourself and your child with emergency information can give him the confidence he needs to act quickly in emergency situations. Know travel routes to and from the school.

Sports Psychology: Improving the Mental Game in Children Playing Sports

Make sure you and your child know both primary and alternate routes. In an emergency, roads can be blocked and it’s important to have a backup plan. Know and follow school security and safety measures. These might include signing in when visiting the school, being escorted when walking through the building, or wearing a visitor pass. Following these procedures also sets a great example for your kids.

Kids in School Rule!

Talk with your child about safety. Talk about instinct and paying attention to funny feelings of fear. Make sure she knows how to contact you or a trusted neighbor who is likely to be at home. Inform school staff about health and emotional concerns. Talk with the principal about what you can do to increase school safety, such as organizing parents to form a neighborhood watch before and after school. Sometimes parent groups are highly successful in making improvements in traffic safety during drop off and pick up times. Get kids learning with these fun, themed activities!

Nutritious breakfast and snack recipes—with food activities for kids! Reinforce your child’s time telling skills with this award-winning mobile app! Get expert advice on reading, homework help, learning activities, and more. Victoria Prooday, OT finds today’s kids come to school emotionally unavailable for learning.

There are many factors in our modern lifestyle that contribute to this. I am an occupational therapist with years of experience working with children, parents, and teachers. I completely agree with this teacher’s message that our children are getting worse and worse in many aspects. I hear the same consistent message from every teacher I meet. As we know, the brain is malleable. I truly believe that, despite all our greatest intentions, we unfortunately remold our children’s brains in the wrong direction. The payment is waiting for you just around the corner.

We pay with our kids’ nervous systems, with their attention, and with their ability for delayed gratification. Compared to virtual reality, everyday life is boring. Parental emotional availability is the main nutrient for a child’s brain. Unfortunately, we are gradually depriving our children of that nutrient. The ability to delay gratification is one of the key factors for future success. She doesn’t like going to bed early.

He doesn’t like to eat breakfast. He doesn’t want to get dressed on his own. She is too lazy to eat on her own. This is what I hear from parents all the time. Endless Fun We have created an artificial fun world for our children.

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The moment it becomes quiet, we run to entertain them again, because otherwise, we feel that we are not doing our parenting duty. We live in two separate worlds. Why aren’t children helping us in the kitchen or with laundry? Why don’t they tidy up their toys? Kids used to play outside, where, in unstructured natural environments, they learned and practiced their social skills. Unfortunately, technology replaced the outdoor time.

The brain is just like a muscle that is trainable and re-trainable. If you want your child to be able to bike, you teach him biking skills. If you want your child to be able to wait, you need to teach him patience. If you want your child to be able to socialize, you need to teach him social skills.

The same applies to all the other skills. Train the Brain You can make a difference in your child’s life by training your child’s brain so that your child will successfully function on social, emotional, and academic levels. Don’t be afraid to set the limits. Kids need limits to grow happy and healthy! They are going to thank you for that later on in life.

You need to be creative to make them do what is good for them because, most of the time, that is the exact opposite of what they want. Kids need breakfast and nutritious food. They need to spend time outdoor and go to bed at a consistent time in order to come to school available for learning the next day! Initially make it stimulating and fun so that their brain associates it with something positive. From my experience as an occupational therapist, children change the moment parents change their perspective on parenting.

Help your kids succeed in life by training and strengthening their brain sooner rather than later! Victoria holds a Master of Science in Occupational Therapy from the Medical School at University of Toronto and a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Health Science from York University. She is founder and director of a multidisciplinary clinic in Toronto, Canada, for children with behavioral, social, emotional and academic challenges. They just need us to be faithful. And God can take that simple faithfulness and turn it into something wonderful in due time. And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.

How do researchers study conflict?

If this can help someone else, please Share it! You can make a difference in your child’s life by training your child’s brain so that your child will successfully function on social, emotional, and academic levels. If you’ve been encouraged or informed by something you’ve read here at Deep Roots, please consider liking my page on Facebook or subscribe via Feedburner. I worked in the school system for almost 25 years.

It keeps getting worse with behavioral problems and BORED kids. All they want to do these days are video games. You should know and it happened even with many wonderful, dedicated teachers like you! Thank you for your service and care! And NO It is not a typing mistake. My mother used to calculate mentally. Her generation learned calligraphy my younger son types.

Until technology is relied on heavily in education, students will be more and more bored. Speed and amount of stimuli from a machine can never be achieved by human’s verbal speech. I click a button there is an immediate reaction. In psychology we learned that the faster a reaction to a behavior the stronger it reinforces that behavior either positively or negatively. We cannot reverse the growth of technology nor keep up with its development.

IMHO we will weep not just mourn. Dalia, In my opinion, the point of the article is the opposite of the point you are making! I taught elementary school in California for 39 years. I great shift began with textbooks becoming obsolete. Unfortunately, many decisions in education in the U. John, Your last sentence is chilling, but unfortunately, a probable reality!

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Imagine this long-winded guy trying to explain something to students in real life! Glad you aren’t actually doing what you are talking about. Euthanasia will be considered in the future. It is, however, a marvelous and many-faceted process whereby readers interact with text to make ideas come alive inside their minds and provoke understanding. A personal thing, this reading is for every person, because each reader is unique and unquestionably, a promise of potentiality for our culture.

Kids in School Rule!

This is such a simple, declarative statement that I wish were both imperative and exclamatory! One of a baby’s first great manipulatives, a book delivers visual stimuli, promotes hand to eye coordination, promotes the recognition of symbols, and stimulates a young child’s cognitive development. As a parent or caregiver reads to a child, he understands context and makes meaning of the words and language used. Regrettably, my lovely students in many ways were stymied in this process of learning, but I do not believe that technology did it. Used in proper fashion, technological tools help make lessons inspirational!


Medical students, scientists, engineers, military strategists, and many other professionals realize the efficacy of technological tools. I share this link to a peer reviewed article. From my experience with struggling students, I feel that students whose motivation has been stymied at an early age have less endurance in the learning process. We need to help give the motivation back to them. And, yes, we need good books! We should not compromise the development of our children by doing away with books.

From the earliest age, children form their understanding of a book. Books must be in the realm of a child’s perception of real things in order for the written word to seem important early on. We would do well not to compromise the natural discovery of books for a child. I also take it one step further. I raised my boys doing as much as I could of the things she wrote, and my oldest was still so bored at school. He said school was boring because there was never any real discussion, just memorization.

But don’t worry too much what the children of today will be doing in old folks homes in the future, because, the Japaneese and others are putting all sorts of robotic pets and care givers into the care giving business. What is your opinion on the effects of using electronic technology in the classroom instead of hands on books? I would think it would result in the decline of cognitive development, and have read a bit about it, but I would like a professional’s input. There are many studies that say the rf radiation from the devices can cause many behavioral problems as well. Thanks for thinking to add that thought! Not even Apple representative could answer the question if they have ever thought of what health impact this would do. However, as someone mentioned, there is no way back as far as technology being in our lives for good, for better and for worse.

This is my 20th year in the classroom and possibly my last. This is a battle that is exhausting and time consuming for teachers. I believe in engaging meaningful work that is connected to the real world. However, the underlying message is that we should be doing a better job entertaining these children with more and more chromebooks in the classroom. I admire teachers, and those with a true teachers heart!

12 Quick and Easy Summer Activities for Toddlers

Thank you for all the blood, sweat, and tears! And as a teacher we are expected to entertain. This is true, and I have taken it to heart. That will be great having it in Spanish, Johanna! I am sure she will give permission!

Acho que é dentre o mais significativo informação para mim. E sou que bom ler seu artigo. I completely agree with Victoria’s analysis. I would like to add that technology should also not be used as a babysitter in the classroom. I find it frustrating that technology is given such a high priority when these kids can learn the latest and greatest in an afternoon. By the way, I don’t blame the teachers, they’re doing what they are told to do.

Much more extreme example, and not meant to be harsh, just for discussion, the Germans were just doing what they were told to do as well during WW2. Not trying to poke, just saying anyone, everyone, we all can find a way to break the norm, speak up, seek a new path or way. When we give up our say, and just follow what are we teaching? Technology whether we like it not is going to become part of our lives like we have never known. Our relationships, our dinner tables, our classrooms.

Some of this is going to be really hard to watch, and seem very dysfunctional and some of this will also be a way for people to experience life more free or open with the support of technology. Maybe for people hard of hearing or with limited sight. What we call technology or video games is not relevant, all of that is changing and evolving. Sure, some will hold on to the less technology path, but I think on a larger scale that will not be as common. 10 years a lot more of their world will appear and be what they feel more comfortable with. Not saying I like it that way, just saying hard to see not finding how to make it work as the way to try to address it. I personally hate seeing kids at a restaurant in front of a screen with people or adults there, and what appears to be a lack of interaction or simple verbal communication, or enjoying of a meal.