Kindergarten Math Worksheets

Kindergarten Math Worksheets

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Dynamic worksheets would be appropriate for many kindergarten children. Other Links: Although the activities are geared more to the preschool to kindergarten age group, adding one kindergarten Math Worksheets two less challenging activities when learning the numbers can be a welcome break for the kids and can be given as a bonus activity for those who finish their work early. Kindergarten Math Worksheets The Importance of Learning the Basics of Mathematics Learning the fundamentals of mathematics during the kindergarten years is crucial.

When children genuinely understand the basics of mathematics, they will have the confidence and capability to appreciate more advanced mathematics. Printable Math Worksheets There are two easy ways to print the free math worksheets. The first way is to download the PDF file of the math worksheet of your choice. Then you can print it using a free program on your computer.

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The PDF file format works great with many programs. Adobe Reader is a free program where you can easily view and print the PDF math worksheets. Online Math Worksheets All of our free kindergarten math worksheets are now available online. Kindergartners can now complete the worksheets even if they do not have a printer. Select the online icon above the math worksheet you would like to work on.

This will take you to our Kindergarten web app version of the worksheet. You can complete the worksheet using a computer or a tablet device. As always, you are encouraged to review materials to ensure they challenge and enrich the learning process. We hope you enjoy the worksheets on this page. In addition to the number sense and counting worksheets found here we have numerous kindergarten addition and subtraction worksheets available. Our preschool shapes page has additional worksheets suitable for the kindergarten child.

Children develop at different times so you may wish to review these preschool worksheets and first grade worksheets for additional skill-building practice. Please be familiar with these Terms of Use before using any worksheets from this site. In order to view and print worksheets from this site you will need Adobe Reader version 6 or later. You may download the latest version of the free Adobe Reader here. Printing Tip: If a worksheet page does not appear properly, reload or refresh the . Music Meets Math Worksheets 1-2 – Students will color one-five instruments in a set and practice printing the names of the instruments.

This worksheet reinforces instrument recognition, counting to five, vocabulary, and handwriting. Show That Number Worksheet 2 – Draw objects to match the number in each row. Add One, Add Two – Students will practice pencil control when they follow the directions and add one or two shapes to the picture. Count and Color Series II, Worksheets 3-4 – Students will practice counting to ten and improve fine motor skills when they color items to match each number shown. This fun robot theme worksheet makes identifying large and small numbers a lot of fun! Recognizing Numbers 1-10 – Find and color the numbers 1-10 on this worksheet.

Students will circle the largest number in each row and write it on the line. A Halloween Worksheet – Draw additional items in each row to equal ten. Larger and Smaller Numbers – Identify the larger or smaller numbers up to 15. Fill in the Missing Numbers – This packet includes ten, half-page worksheets in which children fill in the missing numbers to 20. Number Words Worksheet A and B – Students will match the number on the left with the number word on the right.

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Students will read each number word and write the number on the dinosaur. Let’s Count – Students will practice printing the numbers in order from 0-9 and 10-19 on two worksheets. 1 to 30 and color the picture. Missing Numbers to 10 – The first worksheet in this set instructs students to fill in the missing numbers to 5. The second worksheet requires the student to fill in missing numbers up to 10.

Counting with Kittens – Look at the picture then answer the questions about numbers to 5. Counting with Puppies – Look at the picture then answer the questions about numbers to 5. Fun With Fruit – Students will count the pieces of fruit in each row and then follow specific directions to circle, draw rectangles around, and count the various items. Count and Color – Students will follow the directions and color the correct number of boxes within 5. Happy Shapes – This fun worksheet reinforces shape and color recognition while counting to 7.

Circle Ten – Circle ten objects from each set. Halloween Count and Color Worksheets 1 and 2 – Students will count to 8 and build color recognition with these fun Halloween math worksheets. Counting Dinosaur Dots to 10 – Students will count up to 10 dots on each dinosaur and write the number on the line. They will then add the tally marks to show the total number of tally marks made. Count and Color Dogs – Students will count to 15, write the number, and color the dogs. Count and Color Dragon Spots – Students will count to 20 and make two pictures look alike.

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Counting to Thirty – Count the objects in each group, and write the number on the line. The materials found on this site are available for you to print and use with your child or the students in your class. The worksheets on this site are copyrighted and are the property of tlsbooks. By using this site, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Use. This page features 60 kindergarten number sense and counting. Free number sense and counting worksheets for the kindergarten child. You may print worksheets for your own personal, non-commercial use.

Nothing from this site may be stored on Google Drive or any other online file storage system. No worksheet or portion thereof is to be hosted on, uploaded to, or stored on any other web site, blog, forum, file sharing, computer, file storage device, etc. Over 20 Million kids use Splash Math! Why parents choose Splash Math for their Kindergarteners? What do parents say about us? Learning is so much easier with Splash Math! As you can see, she’s really into it and she told me many times that learning math is so much easier with this Splash Math.

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She’s having fun playing as well as learning math. Math is now fun for my child! I just want to say that we bought Splash Math Kindergarten and my daughter absolutely loves it! She wants to keep going and going when she plays it. Sign up for a FREE Splash Math account. Kindergarten Math Worksheets The worksheets in this page will help your children to master their key skills.

A variety of charts and interesting activities like addition and subtraction quizzes, drawing and coloring are also included. 100 and partially filled up to 20 for kindergarten children are exclusively available here. Blank charts up to 20 are also given as an activity. Counting and Cardinality Kindergarten counting worksheets emphasize the skills on counting numbers from 1 to 20. Count the pictures and match it to its number in words. Cut and paste the correct symbol. Operations and Algebraic Thinking: Addition Numerous kindergarten addition worksheets cover basic addition from 1 to 10.

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Count the pictures and write the sum. Count each group and add them. Count the fingers to find the sum. Single-digit addition facts from 0 to 9. Subtraction quiz can be taken as an additional activity.

Practice subtraction on a number line. Use number lines to write subtraction statements. Take up this quiz on horizontal and vertical subtraction. Find the missing minuend or subtrahend. Read the statement to answer the questions. Numbers and Operations in Base Ten Place Value Learn how to compose and decompose numbers using abacus worksheets. Numbers in words are displayed here as charts.

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Decompose numbers from 11 to 19. Measurement and Data Analysis Measurement attributes such as length, weight, height and more are described and compared here. Words like more off and less off are used to compare these aspects. Kindergarten tally worksheets on analyzing and organizing data are also included.

Circle the longest or the shortest object. Circle the object shorter than the other. Circle the animal which is heavier than the other. Which basket has the most things in it? Check the longest or the shortest object.

Compare the heights among the family members. Check the element which is heavier than the other. Circle the container that holds more liquid or less liquid. Additional measuring attributes worksheets are available here.

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There are over 150 exclusive skills for your children. Classify the data and count the objects. Also, draw tally marks to represent the data. Combine the data and count the objects. Geometry: Identifying and Describing Shapes Kindergarten geometry worksheets concentrate mainly on 2D and 3D shapes. Children become efficient in identifying, analyzing and comparing the shapes. Activities based on relating real-life objects to the geometric shapes are also available.

Color and study the basic 2D shapes. Color the 2D and 3D shapes. Cut-glue the plane and solid shapes. Draw real-life objects to the related 2D shapes. Match 2D shapes to related 3D shapes. Recognize and sort the 2D and 3D shapes.

Kindergarten Math Worksheets Kindergarten math includes many new concepts. From simple counting to basic addition and subtraction, our math worksheets for kindergarteners include all this and more! Shapes of Life Teach young kids to identify basic geometric shapes like circles, squares, triangles, ovals and rectangles. Count and Color A coloring activity is a fun way to introduce kids to simple geometric shapes. Add the Slow Snails’ is a cute addition worksheet that’s replete with cute pictures of little snails! Use this free printable kindergarten math worksheet to teach your child!

Count n’ Match This worksheet is a great way to test your child’s number recognition and counting skills. Can he match the numbers on the left with the correct number of dots on the right? It’s a Match Full of airplanes, seals balancing balls on their noses, kites and other things kids love, this worksheet is sure to be popular with your child. Wanted Posters Use your math skills and observation powers to identify the galactic bad guys in this simple but fun free math worksheet! Mouse House’ is a fun printable kindergarten math worksheet to help teach the little ones numbers from 1 to 10. They learn to count and write numbers.

It’s About Time With just a little practice, your kid will be able to tell the time on analog clocks without any help, and you will have one proud kindergartener! Shapes Mix-up This is a fun critical thinking and logical reasoning activity sheet with pictures of different shapes and sizes. Kids have to identify shapes that match exactly and color them with the same color! Plant a Garden Teachers can print and use this math activity for their kindergarten class and watch the little ones have a fun time as they learn! Bouncing Numbers How many kindergarteners do you know that don’t like playing with balls? Use this worksheet to teach kids number recognition and sequence. Sizing Things Up Game’ is a fun activity for kindergarteners to help them understand and classify objects under different sizes.

Shape n’ Color Hunt This worksheet mixes fun with learning as the little ones get more familiar with sequencing different geometric shapes and color patters! Number Fun’ will give kids the opportunity to order and count numbers as they trace and write the missing numbers in the worksheet! This worksheet requires kids to identify each different pattern and complete each sequence by filling in the missing shapes. From simple counting to basic addition and subtraction, math worksheets for kindergarteners include all this and more! Math Worksheets for Kindergarteners are Beneficial Math worksheets are an effective way to help kindergarteners practice new math concepts.

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It is important for kindergarteners to grasp these concepts well, as they form the foundation on which advanced concepts are taught later. Kindergarten math worksheets include math problems and sums on different topics. Math Games, Activities and Worksheets for Kindergarteners There are many fun ways to help kindergarteners learn and practice math. There are plenty of free, printable math worksheets that are easily found online that serve as a useful resource for homeschooling parents and teachers. While worksheets are an effective way to get kids to practice math, it is essential to ensure that the kindergarteners have fully understood the concept they are practicing. A good way to introduce new concepts to kindergarteners is by using props. You can use their toys, treats, or even fruits and vegetables to first introduce concepts to them.

This helps the little ones establish the relevance of each concept. Online math games are also a great way to help kids learn math. An ideal mix of fun and learning, these games will make your kids want to learn math. Welcome back to the stellar world of Math Blaster! Welcome to the stellar world of Math Blaster! Please enter your email address below.

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