Knock Knock Jokes for Kids

Knock Knock Jokes for Kids

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It was a holiday for kids. All the friends were going out to play when it began raining heavily. Just when they were resenting that their holiday is a damp squib, somebody knocked on the door. It was one more friend of my knock Knock Jokes for Kids wanting to join the gang of bored boys.

I asked and thus began the game of funny knock knock jokes for kids. Knock knock jokes can keep both adults and children engrossed for hours together. They also keep you alert and swift in your answers. Pun, of course, is a must in them! The jokes are not educational but they make you think. The first knock-knock joke, in its standard form, was published in a newspaper in the 1930s, although a variant of the format was introduced as a children’s game in 1929.

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There are a few jokes that are lengthier than this, but equally funny. There are thousands of knock-knock jokes you can choose from for your kids. You can also buy a knock knock joke book for more ideas. Once your child gets a hang of these jokes, you can encourage them to come up with their own jokes. Here’s a round-up of some of the kid-friendly knock-knock jokes for you. Who says kids are too young to understand jokes?

Check out our collection of jokes for kids of all ages. Let’s begin with one on animals. This one will teach them some manners. What stays up all night, watching everything around with its big, round eyes?

Activity ideas

Here’s a funny joke to get your kids to do something for you. Punch: Honey bee a dear and get me some water. Time for some logic with pun! Punch: Doris locked that’s why I’m knocking!

This one has no logic, but it is still funny! Punch: Oh don’t cry, it’s just a joke. Knock-Knock Jokes For 8 Year Olds9. Your eight-year-old kid would like this one! Knock some music sense into your kid with this joke. I didn’t know you could yodel. This one is a gentle reminder about the end of vacation time, may not be so funny for your kid!

Knock Knock Jokes for Kids

When it’s time to do homework, this joke is just what your kids need! Punch: Canoe help me with my homework? Here is a silly, cool joke with which to begin a school morning. Another one on homework, but not as funny. Punch: B-4 you go to school, do your homework! Here is one for when your child is in no mood to go to school. Punch: Dewey have to go to school today?

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Get into the weekend mood with this joke. The perfect joke to tell when your kid isn’t getting ready for school! Punch: Don Juan to go to school! Bring your kid’s mood up with this joke! Punch: Stay home from school if you feel ill. You’ll agree when you read these witty lines for kids.

A silly joke about love, but a funny one for your kids! Punch: You forgot who you love? Give your kid a peck on the check with this cute knock-knock joke! This one is not in the standard knock-knock joke format, but it is cute. Will you remember me in a year? Will you remember me in a month?

Will you remember me in a week? Punch: See, you already forgot me! Ask who your kid loves with this funny joke. Punch: I don’t know, why don’t you tell me! Tell your kids you love them with this silly knock-knock joke. A funny way to greet your grandkid, niece or nephew!

Punch: Howard you like a big hug! Special Occasion Knock Knock JokesA special occasion warrants a special dose of humor for the kids. These funny bits are just what you will need to keep your kids laughing on the important days. Another way to wish a kid on his birthday. Punch: Stopwatch your doing and have a happy birthday! Your kids will love telling this joke at a birthday party!

Working memory game.

Tell your kids this first thing on their birthday! Punch: Wanda wish you a happy birthday! You could make your little one tell this joke at a birthday party. Punch: A-door-able me wishing you a happy birthday! How do you wish someone on Christmas? With this funny Christmas knock-knock joke!

Knock Knock Jokes for Kids

Your kid can set off a carol with this one! Announce the beginning of the festive season with this one. Here’s how you tell your kids not to open their gifts before Christmas morning. Punch: Rabbit carefully, it’s a present. Punch: Tinker Bell is out of order! What do kids do all year?

They wait for Halloween to eat candy! Punch: Ben waiting for Halloween all year! Punch: Witch one of you will give me some Halloween candy? This is a cute knock-knock joke your four-year-old can tell during Halloween. Punch: Phillip my bag with Halloween candy! How do wolves wish you a happy Halloween? Punch: Yoo Hoo Big Summer Blowout.

This one is for the cold, freezing winter! Punch: Will you let me in? Tell this joke and your kid will know that you are watching. Punch: Icy what you are doing! Now this is how you teach your kids to eat.

Punch: Frostbite yer food, then chew it! When you are stepping out on a cold winter day, this is what you say. Punch: Guitar coats, it’s cold outside! This knock-knock joke is plain and white as the snow.

11. Read books

Patience is a virtue, impatience can be funny! You need to get the timing right with this joke to make it hilarious. Want to tell your kids why it is bad to interrupt? You can replace the cow with your kid’s favorite animal like a parrot, a dog or cat.

Teach your kid to pronounce the word Gorilla right with this! Punch: Gorilla me a cheese sandwich. From animals to insects, there is a knock-knock joke about everything! What is that bird with a long orange beak? What do you do when someone’s knocking on the door?

Punch: Goat to the door and find out. Here’s one that you can use to teach your kid about homophones. Punch: I herd you were home, so I came over! Well, try these on him and you’ll have yourself one. When ice cream is the topic of conversation, this joke can be funny! Punch: Ice cream if you won’t let me eat! Kids go nuts about this knock-knock joke!

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Another dessert joke, with a bit of soda on the side. Punch: Ice cream soda whole world will hear. This one just has water, no ice cream or soda! Here’s a sweet way to ask your kid a question! A funny joke about doors and doorbells for older kids. Punch: Figs the doorbell, it’s broken. Punch: Kiwi go to the store?

Other titles to explore for ages 4-8

Punch: Broccoli doesn’t have a last name, silly. Your kids won’t love it, but this is one of the best knock knock jokes you can tell at the dinner table! This joke is all about table manners! Here’s a joke that introduces a vegetable that looks like a top.

Punch: Turnip the volume, it’s my favorite song! Your kids may not like green leafy veggies, but they’ll love this joke. Punch: Lettuce go to the park! Talk about karate moves with this cute knock knock joke for kids. And another childish one for your kids.

Punch: Haha, you just said poo-poo! Tell your kid to do what you say, Pokemon-style! Why not use a Pokemon’s name to ask a simple question? Punch: Wynaut come out to play! Talk about taking your pooch to the vet! Punch: Arcainine needs to go to the vet! This is a knock-knock joke on Raichu, the cute orange-colored Pokemon.

Here’s one on Ivysaur, the Pokemon-dinosaur! When your kid is in time to watch Pokemon, you say this. Anybody home to tell a knock-knock joke? This is how you discuss TV time with kids! This is how you say you like a place with this funny knock-knock joke for kids.

Knock Knock Jokes for Kids

Punch: Dish is a nice place! Teach your toddler the alphabet with this funny knock-knock joke. Here’s a cute way of telling your kid that you forgot something! Here is a cute knock-knock joke your kids can tell their friends. Punch: Frank you for being my friend!

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This one is from the Wild Wild West! A childish question about knock-knock jokes. Here’s how you get your angry kid to open the door for you. This one may be a little lame, but it will surely put a smile on your kid’s face. Punch: I’m excited to see you too! When you want your kids to help you, try this knock-knock joke.

Punch: Needle little help in the kitchen. A funny way to give language lessons to the little one. Punch: No, it is to whom. Does your kid know his way home? A cute way to warn your children, without getting serious. Punch: Beehive yourself or you’ll get into trouble. Here’s one knock-knock joke about Alice in Wonderland.

Knock Knock Jokes for Kids

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Punch: Allison Wonderland is a fun story! Know a lot of knock-knock jokes? Punch: Icon tell more knock-knock jokes than you can. Knock Knock Joke Of The Year101. Punch: Orange you glad I didn’t say banana?

Knock Knock Jokes for Kids