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Bu içerik Onedio üyesi kullanıcı tarafından üretilmiş, Onedio editör ekibi tarafından müdahale edilmemiştir. Siz de Onedio’da dilediğiniz şekilde içerik üretebilirsiniz. Herkesin genel sorunu olan İngilizce ve learn German by Skype with Preply çeşitli dilleri öğrenebilme konusunda size yardımı dokunacak 12 dil öğrenme sistemi.

Dünyada 195’den fazla ülkede, 9 milyondan fazla üyeye, 35’den fazla dilde, ücretsiz ve ücretli dil kursları sunan, dünyanın en geniş çevrimiçi dil öğrenme topluluğudur. Voscreen, farklı seviyelerde İngilizce bilenlere hitap eden, kolay kullanışlı bir uygulama. Bu video içeriklerini dinleyip, daha sonra alt yazıyı açabiliyorsunuz. Size, videoda izletilen sahnede konuşulan cümlenin hangisi olduğu soruluyor. 150’den fazla materyal ve dünya çapında 2 milyondan fazla üye ile öğrenmek istediğiniz dili ana dili olarak konuşanlardan öğrenebileceğiniz dil öğrenme topluluğudur.

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200’den fazla ülkede, 100’den fazla dili ana dili olarak konuşanlardan öğrenebileceğiniz online dil öğrenme topluluğudur. Aylık belli bir ücret karşılığında Çince öğrenebileceğiniz sitedir. Uzun yıllardır yayında olan site bir çok kişiye Çince eğitimi vermiş bu alanda kendisini kanıtlamıştır. 2010’dan beri aralıksız çevrimiçi Japonca eğitim imkânı ile özenle hazırlanmış dersleri sağlayan ücretsiz “oturduğun yerden” öğrenme anlayışını benimsemiş bir site. Onedio Gündem’i Facebook’tan takip etmeyi unutmayın! So you’re thinking of heading to Paris for a holiday but you’re not sure how far you’ll get with your limited French once you’re done ordering your first croissant?

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Never fear, the Internet is here. There are thousands of great free sites available to help you learn French. The only real trick is finding the best ones! Here’s five of the very best free online ways to learn French, plus a handful of other useful links for your perusal. As an added bonus, most of these are just as useful if you’re looking to learn another popular language, like English, Spanish or German. This little gem of a site combines the best of flashcards, sound-bytes, mnemonics and neuroscience to ensure you remember the words you’re presented with and therefore improve your working vocabulary quickly. It’s got a huge French section with beginner, intermediate and advanced words, plus specific vocabulary for certain situations.

If you’ve ever wished there was a way to just stare at a screen and automatically know a great deal about new topics, then you’re probably a fan of online learning. It’s well designed to allow learners to fully comprehend the important dialogue from everyday conversations. The app syncs to the website to ensure you’re always reviewing the most relevant lessons. If you’ve liked it a lot, there’s also the paid podcast for advanced learners. There’s basic French, short courses, interactive video tools, tests, cool French phrases and all sorts of other stuff. They’ve really put a lot of thought into the sorts of things beginners and travellers are looking to learn and the various different methods of learning people like to use.

Liberté, by Gretchen Angelo: Free online first-year college French textbook. Although there are endless resources to learn languages on the web, it is often difficult to find quality websites that offer structured lesson plans for free. You’ll probably be surprised how many you own. Here’s a list of many French radio stations, although I highly recommend Le Mouv.

Learn German by Skype with Preply

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Read public domain French books while listening to the French Libre Vox audio book recording. La Depeche uses simple language, so start there. What are your favourite free sites to learn French? Let us know in the comments! Stay informed by joining our newsletter! I have tried all these and still no luck. I have been immersed in the French language for five years straight.

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I still only know the few ones you hear in movies, you know the common ones. Preply is a great platform for getting good tutors help especially for learning International Languages. Please include Duolingo in the list . I was surprised they didn’t include Duolingo on the list. Thanks for sharing these steps for learning French. Very clear in words and Understanding. Journalism graduate who loves working online, writing and social media.

This is a list of ESL jobs for non native English teachers. If you are a non native English speaker who wants to teach English, get qualified and try one of these companies. I will be adding and removing companies from this list if they don’t fit the non-native requirements. Please leave a comment if you have information about these companies that hire non native ESL teachers.

Liulishuo is an audio only English teaching platform, they have an app as well. It looks like they accept non-native English speakers. Their hours are from 10am to 11pm Beijing time. Click here for the Liulishuo review page. Hoponchat is based in San Francisco and their platform looks interesting. They have an app that can be used to teach and give video lessons. Teachers can log in and wait for calls from students who are online.

There are no reports or pre-class preparation. They prefer native speaking teachers but it is not a requirement, they do require an ESL certificate of some kind and 6 months of previous teaching experience. They teach Korean children and adults. It looks like they also accept non-native teachers as there are many Filipino teachers working with the company.

4 USD per hour with Paypal. Click here for the Tutoring review page. Nicekid teaches Chinese children and teenagers from kindergarten to grade 12 via video class. ESL certificate but they will consider non-native teachers as well.

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28 USD per hour with bonuses with Paypal. KK Talkee is another Chinese company that teaches Chinese children. They give 1 to 1 lessons and the classes are either 25 minutes or 50 minutes long. Students try out teachers during a demo class and then they can decide whether or not to book regularly with them. They want teachers who are available between 6-9pm Beijing time.

I have read that non-native speakers are welcome to apply if they have a native level. Waijiaoyi is looking for native and non-native English speaking teachers to teach groups of 8-30 students of 5-16 year olds. They want teachers with experience and a university degree or an ESL certificate. USD per hour once a month and they offer incentives. They only teach Chinese children one to one.

They want teachers willing to work part-time and who have a bachelors degree. They provide all the material and most teachers average 15 hours per week. EtalkABC is a brand new company and they don’t have their website up and running yet. They teach Chinese kids aged 4 -16 in classes 1 to 1 or 1 to 2. ESL certificate and experience is preferred but not necessary. Vivaling is based in Singapore and they teach English, Mandarin, Spanish, French and German to children around the world. They want both native and non-native English speaking teachers with 2 years experience working with children and a certificate or degree in teaching languages.

First Future hires both native and non-native English speakers. I believe they teach adults and children. A degree is preferred but not necessary. Non-natives must have pass the IELTS or TOEFL exam. Teach Future a new company that looks like it could be a recruitment company. The do hire non-native English teachers though.

They teach 25 minute classes to groups of 4 students and require teachers to work at least 7. 5 hours per week during peak time in Beijing. English, German, Arabic, French, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Russian, Kurdish, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, etc. Students can see teachers schedules and choose when they want to have classes. The pay is set by the company based on teachers qualifications.

Kukuspeak  I had an interview with this company that underwhelmed me, but it is legit. They may have improved recently, they have definitely increased their pay. This company be a good option for teachers living in Asia as their schedules would match. 321-English is based in South Africa and they hire non-native English speakers. They do want teachers with a TEFL certificate and experience. Most of their students are from China and they don’t usually teach business English. They hire the best candidates so non-native speakers are welcome.

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Masters degrees are looked on favourably. They teach both general and business English. Click here for the review page of Ginseng English. It could be a good option for those teaching in Vietnam.

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Their classes are 45 minutes long and the students are university students and professionals who want to learn conversational English. They provide all the materials and curriculum. Tutor Supply is focused on teaching Chinese students. They pay well depending on your education and experience.

5 bonus for every extra student in your class. They are looking for both native and non-native teachers but your pay might be dependent on this. A certificate is not required, but they would like teachers with some teaching experience. Click here for the Tutoring 360 review page. Acadsoc teaches mostly Chinese students and it looks like most of their teachers are from the Philippines.

They offer a base rate salary with bonuses but I think the salary is low. They also teach French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Polish, Chinese, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai and Bahasa Indonesian. They do hire non-natives but we don’t know how much they pay yet. They offer individual and group classes.

They have a rating system and a teacher can be penalized for having a bad rating. You must teach 15 sessions per week of 45 minutes or more. ABC360 is a new company that is currently hiring. 16 an hour after 6 months. Click here for the comments and discussion page.

The also pay you for Skype lessons 340YEN per 25 minute class, 50YEN for recordings and 10YEN for replying to messages and editing conversations. USAsishu or Meiguosishu this company doesn’t appear to have the best reputation, so be wary. They also have a referral bonus system. They say they pay for your training but it seems like some teachers have not been paid. They specialize in business English and have both group and individual classes.

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They want part-time native speaking teachers from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia or New Zealand. They teach both conversational and textbook English. 50 for every 25 minute class. Click here for the comments and the Eigox review page. They not only teach English, but 15 other languages including Spanish, French, German and Italian. Their online platform is new and sleek. They mostly teach business English to employees of multi-national companies based in Europe.

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Working part-time is possible, you choose your hours and they find the students for you. Blazaar is a new company from Barcelona with their own platform. They are looking not only for English teachers, but also German, French, Italian, Russian, Arabic and Spanish. 12 USD per 45 minute class and there is no minimum amount of hours required. Click here for the Skyeng review page.

51Talk is another company from the China they teach kids and adults and the material is provided. 750 USD, but according to a commenter here pay depends on experience and nationality. South Africans are welcome to apply too. 6 for a 50 minute class.