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47 0 0 0 13 6. There was little in her training as an educator that prepared Piera Gravenor to make decisions in the middle of the night in response to school shooting threats. But Gravenor — the superintendent of the Delsea Regional and Elk Township school districts in New Jersey — was woken up around look up my districts:30 a. Thursday by a call from police.

A teacher at a middle school in the neighboring Franklin Township School District had received a shooting threat via email. Franklin Township had already decided to shut down the district for the day. What would happen, Gravenor wondered, if the threat were credible and a student brought a gun to that middle school, only to find it empty? What would happen if that student walked less than a mile to her district’s high school instead?

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Gravenor, who decided to cancel school across her districts on Thursday — something she had never done before because of a threat. A 10-year-old boy was later arrested and charged with making terroristic threats and causing false public alarm, according to Franklin Township police. What a wasted day and nothing happened and all my kids are safe. Weeks after a gunman opened fire at a high school in Parkland, Florida on Feb.

14, killing 17 people, leaders of school districts nationwide are approaching copycat threats with an abundance of caution. They are often deciding that it’s better to cancel school across entire districts than take a risk. The Central York School District in Pennsylvania canceled school for three days last week while police investigated threats made by text message and social media against middle and elementary schools in the district. It’s a well-known problem that copycat threats — both credible and otherwise — can spike in the wake of a high-profile mass shooting.

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Immediately, that’s what you think of. They thought it would never happen there. We kept thinking it would never happen here. I think it could never happen here, but obviously it’s happening everywhere. Brian Kress, superintendent of the Blackfoot School District in Idaho, said it’s that realization that scares him the most.

It is my greatest fear, and it is something that I reflect upon often. Kress shut down all of his district’s schools on Thursday while police continued to investigate a shooting threat at Blackfoot High School. A 14-year-old male student was arrested Wednesday, but police were still investigating rumors that other students were involved. Blackfoot Police said in a statement Thursday. Working with limited information in the midst of threat investigations, school administrators are trying to strike a difficult balance between protecting their students and avoiding disruptions to their education. We felt that if we only closed down one school and the threat was a viable threat, that threat could move on to a different school. In the case of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting, law enforcement officials have faced scrutiny amid accusations that they ignored red flags or did not respond seriously enough to previous reports of the gunman’s disconcerting behavior.

He added that he thinks the heightened awareness among school administrators and law enforcement officers is a good thing. TIME may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. Offers may be subject to change without notice. IRRE partners with educational leaders to make transformative change through data-guided insight and evidence-based practice. IRRE creates purposeful connection with common data and a common language for collaboration in Douglas County, OR. Administrators, after intense calibration training, walk though classrooms with an entirely new lens. The tool allows you to collect data of what is happening with students rather than focusing solely on the teacher’s instructional moves.

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Look up my districts

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Redistricting Criteria Those who have the redistricting pen don’t have a blank slate for drawing the lines. Various rules and constraints limit where district lines may or may not be drawn. For additional resources on these criteria, see here. Federal criteria Two federal rules govern redistricting in every state. Constitution requires that each district have about the same population: each federal district within a state must have about the same number of people, each state district within a state must have about the same number of people, and each local district within its jurisdiction must have about the same number of people. The standard for congressional districts is quite strict, with equal population required “as nearly as is practicable.

In practice, this means that states must make a good-faith effort to draw districts with exactly the same number of people in each district within the state. Over a series of cases, it has become accepted that a plan will be constitutionally suspect if the largest and smallest districts are more than ten percent apart. Some states hold their state districts to stricter population equality limits than the federal constitution requires. Race and ethnicity The other major federal redistricting rule concerns race and ethnicity. Sadly, redistricting has been abused to dilute racial and ethnic minorities’ voice at the polls. The federal Voting Rights Act of 1965 was designed to combat tactics denying minorities the right to an effective vote, including redistricting techniques like those above. As federal law, the Voting Rights Act overrides inconsistent state laws, just like the constitutional equal population rule overrides other state laws.


Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act blocks district lines that deny minority voters an equal opportunity “to participate in the political process and to elect representatives of their choice. It applies whether the denial is intentional, or an unintended end result. There are three threshold conditions for a court finding that districts need to be redrawn because section 2 has been violated. These are often called Gingles conditions, after the Supreme court’s Thornburg v. The second Gingles condition tests whether the minority population usually votes as a bloc, for the same type of candidate. The third Gingles condition tests the potential competition: whether the rest of the population in the area usually votes as a bloc for different candidates than those preferred by the minority community. If so, this would mean that the minority’s preferred candidate would almost always lose — if the minority community’s voting power were not specifically protected.

Together, the second and third conditions are known generally as “racially polarized” voting. If the three threshold conditions above have been met, courts then look to the “totality of the circumstances” to determine whether the minority vote has been diluted, drawing from the U. Senate’s legislative report when the Voting Rights Act was passed. Most of these circumstances relate to the extent of historical or contextual discrimination.

In the 2010 cycle, section 5 of the Voting Rights Act worked a bit differently. While section 2 applies all over the country, section 5 only applied where a “test or device” was used to screen would-be voters, and where fewer than half of the eligible voters either registered or voted in 1964, 1968, or 1972. In the 2010 cycle, nine states, and parts of seven others, were “covered jurisdictions” under section 5. In 2013, the Supreme Court struck down the formula governing coverage for section 5. Though section 5 applied in the 2010 redistricting cycle to the jurisdictions shown on the map to the right, the only jurisdictions that are now covered are those that are separately “bailed in” by specific order of a federal court. No jurisdiction is currently “bailed in. In any “covered jurisdiction,” the government may not implement any change to any voting procedure — including a redistricting plan — without first submitting the change to the Department of Justice or a federal court.

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This is known as the requirement of “preclearance. A new plan will cause retrogression if it presents a diminished opportunity for minorities to elect their candidates of choice, as compared to the existing district map. If a “covered jurisdiction” cannot prove that minority voters will be no worse off under the proposed plan, then the Department of Justice will object to the plan, and it cannot legally take effect. The Supreme Court has spent a lot of time discussing the extent to which race and ethnicity can be taken into account when drawing districts, just as it has looked closely at race-conscious decisions in other areas of the law. The exact rules are still in a bit of flux. That said, the firm consensus is that it is OK to include race or ethnicity among other factors when deciding where to draw district lines.

In practice, courts often assess the impact of race and ethnicity by first looking at how irregular a district appears, and then trying to determine whether race and ethnicity, or other factors, best explain the irregularities. The more a district’s overall shape can be traced to other goals like those explained here, the less likely it is that voters’ racial or ethnic background will be the impermissibly driving force behind the lines. New case: NC: NC NAACP v. The information contained on this website is for informational purposes only, and should not be considered part of an attorney-client relationship. This information is not a substitute for legal advice tailored to specific circumstances in any given jurisdiction. For election info from the League of Women Voters, click here. A service of the Graduate Center, City University of New York by the Center for Urban Research in partnership with the League of Women Voters of the City of New York.

She represents the eighth congressional district. The latest addition to Gilbert’s ever-expanding Heritage District, the brewery and restaurant is in a new building on the north end of the district on Gilbert Road and Vaughn Avenue. Redistricting changes things Due to redistricting in the state, Dent’s seat will represent what will become the 7th congressional district in Pennsylvania, as opposed to what is now the 15th district. The Republican-leaning district, which runs from southeast Charlotte to Fayetteville, is expected to be one of North Carolina’s most competitive. Given the limited sidewalks and public spaces, Scott said, the plan would likely employ a decentralized approach to bike parking, which would also provide support for the four quadrants of the district.

That includes diesel engine maker Cummins, which is headquartered in Columbus, Subaru’s Lafayette plant, which is part of Rokita’s congressional district, and Greensburg’s Honda plant, which is in Messer’s district. As part of the California Voting Rights Act, more and more cities are moving to by-district voting. The vast majority of the district is based in Delaware County, but Lazer could benefit as one of just three Philadelphians in the large field. These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word ‘district.

Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Was selected to the Ohio All-State first team, leading the team to conference and district titles. Northern Kentucky ties to March Madness: You might be surprised by this list. The increase will raise property owners’ levee district tax rate to 9. Girls district 17-6A swimming coach of the year Hannah Dore had 20 athletes move onto regionals.

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Chace Benedict, Lake Minneola, D, Jr. Buzz: Helped lead Hawks to district title and first region tournament win. Their work, which appeared in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, supports an ongoing lawsuit demanding better boundaries and joins other mathematical efforts to analyze districting fairness. Duggan said the plan would help make the business districts more attractive and pedestrian-friendly.

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Syn City Build a city of skyscrapers—one synonym at a time. Learn a new word every day. It is still accessible to any browser or Internet device. Table contains page description and navigation. Read cautions about matching addresses to districts. Who Represents Me provides information about current districts and members of the Texas Senate, Texas House of Representatives, the Texas delegation to the U.