More on Advice for travellers

More on Advice for travellers

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Nearby Gangneung will also host events such as curling, hockey and ice skating. The following recommendations are intended to advise national health authorities, health-care providers and individuals about preventive health measures for more on Advice for travellers to the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Travellers to the Republic of Korea should also consult the travel advice issued by their national authorities and discuss health risks and preventive practices with their health-care providers prior to departure.

The winter season in the Republic of Korea poses an increased risk of respiratory and gastrointestinal infections. Additionally, crowding of visitors indoors during the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games could increase the risk of spread of infections. In addition, there is a small risk of the importation of other respiratory infections not normally seen in the Republic of Korea such as measles, diphtheria and human cases of avian influenza. Mosquito and tick activity is low or non-existent at this time. The risk of vector-borne diseases during the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games is therefore considered very low. The risk of food- and waterborne outbreaks is, in general, increased during mass gatherings when large numbers of people eat from commercial outlets, many of which may have been set up temporarily.

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There are currently multiple ongoing outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases worldwide, including measles, diphtheria, influenza and mumps. Travellers to the Republic of Korea are advised to consult their health-care providers to ensure they are up to date with the recommended routine immunizations prior to departure. One important measure to reduce the risk of contracting seasonal influenza is vaccination. WHO advises travellers to countries with known outbreaks of animal influenza to avoid farms, contact with animals, entering areas where animals may be slaughtered, or contact with any surfaces that appear to be contaminated with animal faeces. Travellers should also wash their hands often with soap and water. Travellers should follow good food safety and good food hygiene practices. Exposure to cold conditions, whether indoors or outside, can cause a range of health effects, from light symptoms to serious or life-threatening health outcomes.

Hypothermia, when a person’s body temperature drops due to exposure to the cold, can be life-threatening. Seek warmth and urgent medical care if you or a family member experience any of the following symptoms: shivering, confusion, memory loss, trouble speaking, fatigue or exhaustion. The Republic of Korea has a well-established food safety system. However, it is advisable that travellers take precautions to avoid illnesses caused by unsafe food and drink. These precautions include ensuring hand hygiene through frequent handwashing or the use of hand sanitizer, especially before handling and consuming food.

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Travellers should be cautious about consuming uncooked food or food which has been kept at room temperature for several hours. Drinking safe water is also important to stay healthy. If available, bottled water is the safer choice for drinking-water but always check the seal to ensure it has not been tampered with. When the safety of drinking-water is doubtful, bring it to a vigorous boil. Therefore, the adoption of safe sex practices, specifically consistent and correct condom use, is recommended. For individual queries about travel, refer to national or specialised websites, ministries of health, travel clinics or practitioners.

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Please forward this error screen to 144. Pregnant women are in an altered state of health that requires practical consideration prior to travel. They are more at risk from malaria and the disease is more severe in pregnant women, with significant risk to both mother and baby. Most live vaccines are preferably not given to pregnant women. The association between infection with Zika virus and birth defects means that non-essential travel to areas with ongoing Zika virus transmission should be postponed by women who are pregnant or planning pregnancy.

Pregnant women should therefore consider their emotional well being whilst travelling and ensure that they have adequate support in place. It is essential that all early pre-natal examinations are carried out prior to travel in order to rule out any possible complications. If travelling in the last trimester, medical facilities should be able to manage complications of pregnancy, pre-eclamptic toxaemia, and caesarean section. It is also advisable that pregnant women know their blood group before departure.

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Pregnant women should also be aware that misunderstandings due to language barriers or cultural problems might make communication and therefore diagnosis and treatment more difficult than it would be at home. Medical Records Travel plans should be discussed with the GP or obstetrician well in advance of the intended departure date. Travellers should take a copy of their medical records including details of any pre-existing medical problems, any obstetric issues and blood group in case medical attention is needed while away. Insurance In pregnancy, travel insurance policies should be checked to ensure both mother and unborn child are covered, and if delivery may occur while travelling, the infant should also be covered. Failure to notify travel insurance providers of pregnancy may nullify insurance cover. Additionally, it should be remembered that insurance policies are only as good as the medical facilities available.

Air Travel Air travel is generally considered safe in uncomplicated pregnancy. However, women with high-risk pregnancies should seek medical clearance before travel. Most commercial airlines accept a pregnant traveller up to 36 week gestation. In multiple pregnancies, flying is generally permitted up to 32 weeks gestation. This can vary and travellers should check with individual airlines prior to booking.

Some airlines require documentation from a traveller’s doctor or midwife to confirm they are in good health, the pregnancy is uncomplicated and the due date. Flying during the first 12-15 weeks of pregnancy may be considered risky as miscarriage is more common during this early stage. Vaccinations Pregnancy does not prevent a woman from receiving vaccines that are considered safe and will protect her health and that of her unborn child. However, careful consideration must be taken to avoid the inappropriate administration of vaccines that could potentially harm the unborn child. A general rule is that most recommended vaccines should be used if the risk of infection is substantial because both the mother and the baby could be at serious danger if the traveller were to contract infections such as such as typhoid and hepatitis. However, a careful risk versus benefit analysis is needed for every individual, and the decision on whether to vaccinate should be made in conjunction with the traveller.

However, there is no evidence that any live or inactivated vaccine causes birth defects. Since there is a theoretical risk, live vaccines should generally be avoided during pregnancy. However, the use of live vaccines in pregnancy may be appropriate if travel is unavoidable and the risk of the disease is high. The risk versus benefit ratio of administering any live vaccine during pregnancy requires careful consideration, especially if travel is unavoidable, and the risk of exposure to disease is high.

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Expert advice should be sought before administering live vaccines in pregnancy. Inactivated Vaccines in Pregnancy Inactivated vaccines cannot replicate which means they cannot cause infection in either the mother or her unborn child. Most inactivated vaccines can be used if the risk of infection is high. However, the risk versus benefit ratio must be considered and inactivated vaccines should only be administered to pregnant women when rapid disease protection is required.

Where possible, pregnant women are advised against travel to known malaria risk areas during pregnancy. As with all travellers, bite prevention is essential in the prevention of malaria. Further information on mosquito bite avoidance. Malaria Medication in Pregnancy It is essential that pregnant women travelling to malaria risk areas are aware of their increased risk and are advised about the safest medication available.

Pregnant travellers should seek travel advice from their GP in the first instance to discuss their risks. Careful consideration must be given to the best antimalarial medication to recommend for a pregnant woman. Expert advice is necessary and a woman’s GP may refer her to a specialist Travel Clinic for advice. What advice are you looking for?

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