Polymer Clay Crafts for Kids

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We Just Published Our First Book! There is so much rich culture pertaining to passover that you can really have a tremendous amount of fun recreating parts of the day as crafts to get the kids involved in the spirit of it polymer Clay Crafts for Kids. Last year I had my kids each make a Seder plate.

Afikoman Bag for Your Matzah – Play hide the Matza on Pesach. Make an Afikomen bag to put your matza in and hide it. Whoever finds it gets a prize. Cool Passover Seder Plate Ideas – Here is a collection of fun crafts to make great seder plates. Afikomen Bag Passover Craft Activity for Kids – Follow these instructions to make your own Afikomen bag to hold a special piece of Matzah. Baby Moses Paper Craft for Passover – Make this Baby Moses paper craft to celebrate Moses with your children. Baby Moses in a Basket Crafts Project – Find out how you can make this beautiful three dimensional baby Moses.

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Baby Moses in a Basket Arts and Crafts Bible Project – This is the perfect craft project for children that goes well with the story of Moses. Bedikat Chametz Passover Crafts Idea for Kids – A perfect Bedikat Chametz craft for children to display their faith. Cardboard Tube Moses Craft for Jewish Children – This Moses craft for children would be a great Sunday School or Passover craft. Charoset Dish Passover Arts and Crafts Activity – Here are a few children Passover crafts such as a Charoset Dish. Clay on Glass Kiddish Cups for Passover Craft for Kids – See this clay on glass page to give you ideas on making children cups using a glass goblet covered with Polymer Clay.

Elijah’s Cup Place Card Passover Dinner Craft – Learn how to make an Elijah’s Cup place cards for your Passover dinner table. Egyptian Pharaoh Masks Passover Craft for Children – The Jews were freed from Egypt by Moses. Make this Egyptian Pharoah Mask to celebrate Passover by acting out the story of Moses. Crafts Idea for Children – Your kids can make their own Elijah’s Goblet using a large plastic wine glass.

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Kiddush Cups Passover Seder Craft – Making their own special cups gets the kids excited about Passover before the seder, and they love showing off their work. Kids Passover Crafts – There are a lot of easy Passover craft ideas online. This website has quite a few for children to enjoy. Matzah Holder Crafts Activity Project – Children can prepare for Passover by making this Matzah holder.

Marvelous Matzah Cover Craft Idea for Jewish Children -In this tutorial, your children can easily make their own Matzoh cover. Moses and the Ten Commandments Paper Craft for Kids – A great Passover paper craft, this one is Moses and the 10 Commandments. Moses and the Red Sea Paper Craft for Kids – This is a great Passover paper craft for your children. Origami Pyramid Instructions for Passover – The Jews were freed from Egypt by Moses. Make this Origami Egyptian Pyramid to celebrate Passover.

Paper Pyramid Craft for Kids – The Jews were freed from Egypt by Moses. Make this Paper Egyptian Pyramid to celebrate Passover. Recreate the famous bible story scene of Moses parting the Red Sea. Crafts for Children – Here are several ideas and instructions for doing Passover crafts with yoru kids or students. Make a Sedar Plate, Afikomen bag, and a Sedar Placemat craft.

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Passover Cup Favor Craft Project for Kids – Make one of these Passover cup favor for each of your dinner guest. Passover Recipes and Crafts – Here are a few Passover recipes and crafts for kids. Passover Seder Placemat Craft for Kids – Learn how to make your own Passover Seder Placemats with your children. Passover Seder Place Cards Craft – These Passover Seder place cards will look amazing on your dinner table. Passover Seder Plate Crafts Activity for Kids – Teach your children about Passover by doing crafts such as making a Passover Seder plate. Passover Plate Arts and Crafts Idea for Jewish Kids – Find out the ways your children can decorate their own special Passover Plate. Passover T-shirt Pillow Craft for Kids – Learn how to make a special pillow for Passover made from a t-shirt.

Spring Passover Seder Plate Arts and Crafts Project – This is a fun Passover craft for children in which they design their own Passover Seder Plate. The Seder Plate Crafts Project for Children – Find out how you can easily make your own Seder Plate at home. We Just Published Our First Book! Below you will find pig Crafts Arts and Crafts Projects Ideas for your Kids. To make a piggy bank, much effort isn’t required.

Ask your parents to save you a frozen juice can. After it is cleaned, have your Mom or Dad cut a slit in the side of the can with can opener. Paint can pink or cover with pink paper and glue paper to can. Cut out pig pattern and glue to cardboard and cut out. Glue the head section to one end of the can and the tail to the other.

Here is a craft to make a paper pig with a stand that keeps it standing. First print out the following paper pig template. Then color it with colored pencils, markers, or crayons. Then cut it out and fold the stand with the directions on the template. Then stand your pig up and enjoy playing with him. There is no folding involved in this paper piggy craft.

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First print out the templates choose color or black and white. All you have to do is to print out the paper pig templates and then cut and fold. The pig will stand on its own. To make a paper pig mask, just print out the following paper pig mask template and follow the directions on the printed page. Here are a few step by step drawing tutorialsclick on the image above that you want to learn how to draw. 3 Little Pigs : Printable Three Little Pigs Toy Models – These are free printable paper model toy crafts.

Adorable Animal Bean Bag Toys – Make these cute bean bags wtih foam, beans or rice, needle and thread, pom poms, and googlety eyes. There are templates for a dog, bunny rabbit, piggy, or mouse. Bottle Bank Recycled Bleach Bottle Craft – Turn an empty plastic bottle into a little piggy bank in a few steps. Creation Mobile : Bible Craft Ideas for Kids – Make a mobile showing all of God’s creations such as a star, fish, pig and a bird. Cute Clay Pot Pig Crafts Project for Kids – Find out how to make a cute pig from a Styrofoam ball and a small clay pot. Cute Critter Clutch Felt Craft – Make a pig clutch from felt, tacky glue, stiff felt, markers and scissors. Egg Carton Pig Crafts Creation Ideas – Make a pig using only an egg carton, paint, paint brush, craft foam, wiggle eyes, chenille stems, craft glue, and scissors.

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How to Make a Piggy Bank with an Empty Plastic Bleach Bottle – This video tutorial shows you how to make a piggy bank from an empty bleach bottle. Make a Balloon Piglet Arts and Crafts Activity – Kids can make a pig from a balloon, matchsticks, sticky tape, felt, black markers and a plastic lid. Make a Luxury Pig Sty Arts and Crafts Activity for Children – Find out how to make a luxury pig sty from a cardboard, pop sticks and pvc glue. Make a Piggy Bank Craft Activity for Children – Follow these instructions to create a homemade paper mache piggy bank. Making a Pig in Balloon Modeling – Learn how to fold and bend up a cute pig balloon animal model. Making Origami Pigs Animals Tutorials – Pig origami model. Paper Bag Pig Puppet – Find out how to make a simple pig puppet using a lunch paper bag and a few other supplies.

Paper Mache Pig Mask- Make Your Own Little Piggy Mask with paper mache techniques. Paper Pig Model for Printing – Build a 3D model pig with our printed template. Paper Plate Pig – Make this adorable big from eight paper plates, an egg carton cup, toilet paper rolls, and other materials. Paper Plate Pig Crafts Idea for Kids – Learn how to turn a paper plate and a dessert sized paper plate into a pig. Pig Beaded Safety Pin Arts and Crafts Project – Make this cute jewelry from safety pins, seed beads and using the free pattern. Pig Crafts Pencil Holders Activities for Kids – Learn how to make a piggy bank and a pig pencil holder by following these instructions.

Pig Egg Crafts Ideas – Find out how you can turn hard boiled eggs into adorable pigs. Piggy and Froggy Banks Arts and Crafts Activity for Kids – Learn how to make these adorable piggy and froggy banks. Piggy Bank Craft for Kids – Learn how to make this unusual piggy bank from a Kleenex box, pink construction paper and two toilet paper rolls. Piggy Bank Craft for Kids – Make a cute piggy bank using the papier mache method. Piggy Craft – Find out how you can turn an oatmeal container into a pig in a few steps. Piggy Felt Badge Craft for Kids – This is a fun craft children will love to make over and over. Pig Pen – Follow these instructions to create a pig topper for your pencil or pen.

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Pig Pumpkin Carving Pattern Instsructions for Halloween – Here is a free pig template you can use to carve your pumpkin. Pig Toilet Paper Roll Craft – Find out how you can turn a toilet paper roll into a 3D pig craft. Put on Pig Animals Nose Mask Craft – Make an animal nose mask from a paper bowl and Crayola products. Oink Finger Puppets Craft – Learn how to make finger puppets of farm animals using Crayola products. Recycled Oatmeal Container Piggy Bank Craft – This is a great way for kids to learn about saving and recycling.

Polymer Clay Crafts for Kids

Roly-Poly Piglet – Make this cute piglet from pink and black polymer clay and toothpicks. Smashed Soda Can Animals – Find out how to make a pig, cow and a bear from a smashed soda can. Soda Pop Can Pig – Learn how to turn an aluminum soda can into a little pig by following these instructions. Suncatcher Pig Crafts Ideas for Children – Learn how to make a simple pig suncatcher using white glue, tissue paper and a margarine container lid. This Little Piggy CD Craft – Make a little piggy from a CD or DVD, felt, pom-pom, wiggle eyes, pen, craft glue and a pair of scissors.

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Three Little Pigs Costumes – Learn how to make these cute 3 little pigs costumes for Halloween. Three Pigs House – Make this craft from the tops of milk cartons and other materials. Please forward this error screen to 41. Please note: This page may contain affiliate links.

If you click a link and choose to make a purchase from the partnership site, I will earn a commission. Thank you for supporting Mad in Crafts! After I refinished the cabinet in our bathroom, I began shopping for new hardware. I searched online and  in stores nearby, trying to find hardware that I liked that would fit our budget. Watch this short video to see how I turned our generic drawer knobs into marbled beauties. I did some research on DIYing drawer pulls and found a great tutorial on Curbly for making faux stone knobs with clay.

I used a version of their technique and my Anthro inspiration to make some pretty marbled drawer knobs for almost nothing! I began by gathering up any polymer clay I had leftover from my Faux Geode Necklace and Miniature Sweets that worked with our bathroom colors. I was shooting for a cross between jadeite and marble, so I was sure to focus mostly on green colors. I conditioned an almost whole 1 ounce brick of translucent clay and a small amount of Premo’s Wasabi. You can see that I am working on a silicone mat. It’s definitely not a necessity, but it makes rolling and lifting the rolled clay much easier later.

I worked the translucent and wasabi clays together, twisting and doubling back on itself, until the two colors were mostly combined. Then I rolled out varying sized snakes of Bright Green Pearl, Spanish Olive, White, Pearl, and Turquoise clay. I rolled the clay all together and rolled and twisted and double the clay back on itself. I wanted a good marbling of colors, without muddying them together. I also added some pearlescent embossing powder to the clay.

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I am not sure whether it made a difference in the finally product or not though. After working the clay for a while, I rolled it up into a large ball. You can see all the striations of clay really well here. Next I cleaned off the ceramic knobs I picked up at a thrift store.

You can use your existing hardware, as long as it isn’t plastic. I used a juice glass that was wider than my drawer knobs to cut out circles from the rolled clay. The mat made lifting the circles up a breeze. I put the clay in the palm of my hand and pressed the knob into the clay. I worked the clay around the knob until it covered the main grippy part of the knob. I tried not to push to much on the front of the knob with my fingers, so I wouldn’t leave visible fingerprints. If I needed leverage to secure the clay, I set the knob on the table and pushed down.

Keeping the screws in the knobs made them easier to handle too. That way I ended up with a smooth surface on the front of the knob. After I had cut the clay and added it to all my knobs, I put them in the oven at 275 for 30 minutes. After removing the knobs from the oven and letting them cool, I gave them two coats of outdoor Mod Podge. Since the knobs would be in the bathroom, I needed to use a waterproof Mod Podge formula and the outdoor fit the bill. You could also use clear sealant spray or polycrylic. I think these drawer knobs are so pretty!

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The marbling is very natural looking, and they have a slight shimmer from the pearl clay. I saved SO much money by making my own cabinet hardware, and now I have drawer knobs that are one of a kind. Can you believe the difference that the gel stain and new hardware made to the cabinets? It makes such a dramatic difference the bathroom! I’ve gathered links to the materials I used in this tutorial.

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The last untraditional Easter egg tutorial I am sharing this week are these fun clay jewelry pieces. This is a great project if you are just getting started with polymer clay or if you have some scraps of clay you are looking to use up. You can easily turn a small amount of clay into fun Easter earrings and pins. I used a few small scraps of clay for this project, and I had plenty left over when I was done.

You can tell the scale from this photo, but none of those balls of clay are bigger than a dime. If you aren’t experienced with polymer clay, I highly recommend using the Sculpey cabochon mold. It is very easy to work with and will give you great results. To make my striped Easter egg, I rolled out thin snakes of clay and added them to the medium sized teardrop shaped mold. I made a zig zag design on the large egg with a few snakes of clay in the largest teardrop mold. Finally I rolled some scraps together to create a marblized egg in the smallest teardrop mold. I baked the mold in a 275 degree oven for twenty minutes, let the mold cool, and popped out my clay Easter eggs.